H'rik, Zaria


H'rik summons Zaria to the Council Chamber to make her an offer there is no way she would refuse.
Happened earlier in the same day as All the Disapprovals


It is morning of the sixteenth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Council Chamber, Igen Weyr

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Council Chamber

Once disproportionately grandiose, the recent regimes have scaled the gaudy aura of Igen's council rooms down to better match the fit of the work executed within these walls. Spartan still, with foreboding stonework and a heavy wooden door, the innards of the room are swallowed by a giant round table, an ancient creation of fire-hardened wood carved with the three dunes of Igen. Comfortable chairs surround that monolith to authority, all similar but two, grandiose things left as memories of a past mentality. The walls are lined with elegant old tapestries, depicting scenes of ancient Igen glories.

It's a new day at Igen, and as ever, a new day brings lots of jobs. H'rik in particular has plenty of them, but there's on ein particular that he wants to get done this hot summer's morning. Wendryth reaches out to Azrith, his mind's mist glowing with the sun's golden light as he bespeaks the blue. « AZRITH! MY RIDER REQUESTS THE COMPANY OF YOURS! HE AWAITS IN THE COUNCIL CHAMBERS! MAKE HASTE, FOR IT IS OF MUCH IMPORTANCE. » Wendryth is on his ledge, overseeing the Weyrbowl; H'rik is inside, away from the already oppressive heat. he sits at the round table that dominates the council chambers, a knot on the bit of table just before him.

Just what every rider wants, a summons to the Weyrleader first thing in the morning. As soon as Azrith passed on Wendryth's important message, Zaria lept to from where she was sitting in the Living Caverns, only rattling her half-finished breakfast on it's tray slightly. The entire trek to the Council Chamber is spent subtly adjusting the sleeveless tunic she is wearing smartly tucked into wherehide capris, an outfit meant to look smart but also allows for the opressive heat of the desert. As she pushes all the thoughts that seem to be crowding her mind as she questions what this could mean. Once arrived, the redhaired wingsecond makes her way to where he is seated and snaps him a full, at attention, salute, "Weyrleader H'rik. You sent for me?"

H'rik stands when Zaria enters, and her salute gets one in return - though not as full on as the Wingsecond's. "Wingsecond Zaria, thank you for coming so promptly. Please, take a seat." He'll pull out the chair a little down from his, before he returns to his seat. A closer look at the knot on the table would show that it's that of an Igen Wingleader; H'rik glances at it as he sits down, but resists the temptation to start fiddling with it. He'll rest his wrists on the table, leaning forward in his chair slightly.

Zaria only relaxes once she is told to take a seat and then she will bob her head in his direction and settle into the seat, but sits ramrod straight with her hands folded on over the other in her lap. "No problem Sir. I was just in the Living Caverns." Her hazel eyes flick down to the table top in front of him as he gets settled and when she sees the Wingleader's knot in front of him, she can feel vtols fluttering in her stomach but her entire demeanor is held professionally. "So what can I do for you Sir?" she says evenly as her eyes move back up to his face.

Don't touch the knot, H'rik. Leave it where it is! He focuses instead on Zaria, and manages to keep his eyes off the item that's on both of their minds. Might as well get down to business! "You transferred from Ista into Sandblast's Wingsecond role - you come highly commended from your home Weyr. You and Azrith both. How are you finding Sandblast?" He's being ever so polite, chatty in a slightly business-like way while keeping a friendly expression and tone of voice.

Zaria clears her throat slightly as she listens to H'rik list her professional accomplishments, trying to retain her professional mien. When he reaches his question, it only takes her a moment before she replies, "It's been good Sir. A bit of a challenge since the wing seems to attract a certain sort." Like the misfits other Wings don't want. "But I've never seen a challenge I didn't like Sir." With an awkward chuckle, the red-haired bluerider attempts a small joke followed by a nervous little cough as she continues, "Rhs'tak is a great Wingleader, he handles all the different personalities well and is great to work under." Zaria winces slightly when she realizes she used 'great' twice in succession, but tries to cover it up quickly.

H'rik can't help but smile when Zaria talks about Sandblast's unique collection of people. "I'm glad to hear it. He's done a damn good job with Sandblast." Ah yes, that mention of her enjoying a challenge. Now H'rik can't resist temptation, and glances at the knot. He clears his throat. "I'm afraid I had a thought to move you out of Sandblast. Hopefully you won't miss Rhs'tak too much?" Is that a hint of a tease - just a hint! - in the Weyrleader's smile as he fixes his attention back on Zaria once more.

"Out of Sandblast?" Zaria asks with a bit of a blink of surprise. She'd only transferred into it three months ago, that seems a little quick. But then he looks down at the knot and her own hazel eyes follow it and then raises back up to take note of the bronzerider's smile, schooling her expression as best she can to one that remains professional. "I think I will survive Weyrleader. I don't mind being of use where ever needed."

She hasn't broken! H'rik looks faintly impressed by that. And reins in his smile to look more serious. "Well, Arroyo could certainly use you. H'terk and Hridaynath are going to be recovering for some time. Which means the Wing could use a new Wingleader." Now, finally, he picks up that elaborate knot, holding it up before him but not yet offering it to Zaria. "I thought you might like a new challenge?" The second in only three months, too! Now, his hand falls, so that the knot is held out to her.

Externally, Zaria's eyes grow wider when he mentions Arroyo and picks up that knot, processing his words. Internally those vtols in her stomach have invited their whole swarm along. When he talks about giving her a new challenge, and the knot is held out to her, she can't help the wide smile that spreads to her lips as it takes every ounce of her militaristic training not to whoop with joy when it he makes the offer. "I would love that Sir!" is her, boderline, overly excited response that she quickly dials it back with a cough before she continues, "Arroyo's a mid level flight which I'm very familiar with from back at Ista, so it sounds like a perfect fit for me. Thank you for considering me Sir."

Yep, H'rik is gonna smile all over again! With, perhaps, a little relief evident that Zaria's accepted the knot. "I rather thought you might." And he can't help but chuckle as she gets her enthusiasm in check, the Weyrleader nodding at her talk of her Istan experience. "Perhaps it will feel a little like home, then." The knot is off his hands now, figuratively and literally, and he relaxes back into his chair, observing her more casually now that he's got this duty out of the way. "Just don't let B'taar give you any trouble. Kukonth's a good bronze though - he'll talk sense to his rider if he's getting wound up." Just dropping a tip there, that's a freebie~

Zaria is now gently fondling her new knot but quickly realizes what she is doing and stops hastily before he can notice. With his comment about the bronzerider, she merely raises one ginger brow up her forehead as she gives him a crooked smile. "He's Wingsecond right? A bit of a traditionalist is he?" Her hazel dance with the barest touch of mischief as she considers this and then shrugs, "I've dealt with that type before, I'm sure we'll get along fine." Or not, who can really tell? But she won't let on to any apprehension she may have at dealing once more with males deciding they know what females should and shouldn't do.

H'rik notices Zaria's behaviour with the knot, but he's polite enough not to make any mention of it. "He is. And…a little." Seems like Zaria's not going to struggle too much with him, if her response is any indication. "He'll get used to it." H'rik seems rather satisfied with this whole situation, if his casual lean back in the chair says anything. "Do you have any questions for me, while I've got you here?" He offers.

Zaria nods thoughtfully at his words as she replies with a confident, "Yes he will." and that's that but she does make a note to seek out this bronzerider in short order and introduce herself to him once her new knot is in place. At he asks about any further questions, she takes a moment to consider it but then shakes her head, "I can't think of any at the moment. But I had better go, my day has just gotten a lot more busy, and I still need to finish my breakfast." She pushes herself up to her feet. "Thanks again Sir." and she offers him another precise salute.

"Feel free to let me know if you do want to talk," H'rik says, and then he straightens up to look more Weyrleadery when Zaria stands. "Enjoy the rest of your breakfast," he smiles as he gives a salute back to the newly-minted Wingleader.

Zaria bobs her head one final time in his direction before she turns smartly on her heels and heads out of the Council Chamber, barely keeping her steps even until she is out of sight of the Weyrleader, where she pumps her arm in victory once before half-walking, half-jogging back to the Living Caverns, her mind already starting to re-arrange her to-do list for the rest of her day.

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