Niyati, Sevreni


Acting on a prior hunch, Sevreni goes to look Niyati up for some new clothes.


It is midmorning of the thirteenth day of the eleventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Niyati's Room, Southern Weyr

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Niyati's Room

Windows overlooking the sea offer an outstanding view when the shutters of this nicely sized apartment are open and the theme of sea and sky has been carried through into the furnishings. A bed that borders on large takes up one side of the room, it's posts hung with white, gauzy material that obscures the view of the light blue coverings. Small tables at either side holding vases of flowers as well as whatever the owner sees fit to place upon them before sleep.

A small sitting area is arranged in one corner, consisting of long cusions upon a richly colored rug while smaller pillows have been scattered as backrests. A low table provides a surface for drinks, food, and work though yet another vace containing a fragrant floral arrangement dominates the space. Here, as in the rest of the room, wall hangings depect everything from plant and animal life to plays of color on fabric.

The rest of the room is open space that houses a large wardrobe as well as a long trunk and a stand containing a pitcher of water and bowl as well as a mirror. Dominating this space is a loom that could be merely for decoration but for the signs of use in the form of a half completed length of cloth.

A passing storm thunders overhead. Lightning flashes and thunder booms.

Morning, neither too early, nor too late. Heat? Yes, oh yes. The only thing needed to make the day picture-perfect is the lack of the thunderstorm that booms overhead. It rattles at the windows, shakes the Weyr, fills the air with a sharp ozone scent. Most have more sense than to walk through a storm like this. Luckily for Sevreni, she only had a route through corridors to go, and so arrives dry and safe. In the charged environment, her hair seems to have more life than normal, and dark eyes snap with some inherited storm-excitement. "Niyati?" she questions as she knots on the door; hearing an invitation, she wanders it, clad in very simple clothes easily removed for measuring. "I hope you're ready for a trial and a half," she greets the woman with a smile. "I've got a couple of ideas."

Niyati looks up from her beading frame and grins. "Oh, I do love a challenge," she assures before tucking the beading needle and standing. "I hope you don't mind shuttered windows," she says as she gestures toward the windows in question- each shuttered and then covered in panels painted in sunny, ocean scenes. "Come, let's sit and have at your ideas. The tea should be ready if you'd like some. I'm a bit of an addict." She pauses only to pick up the role of measuring ribbon before gesturing toward the couch and then sitting. "Ideas first, then we'll get your measure."

Sevreni treads into the room with a shrug. "Ingenious," her comment about the windows before making her way to the couch, stretching out long, lean frame on it. "I've not had new things in quite some time, so at a minimum I was thinking about a few things I can mix and match around. I'm not a dresses type, as you can no doubt see. A good skirt, that'll be nice, something slim-fit. Some work clothes for the Kitten, in a durable type of fabric, since I don't want to ruin my delicates and I'll have to have them washed often. Also… that swimsuit you sketched looked interesting."

Niyati pours two cups with tea and then takes up her sketch book. "Well, at least you know what you should be wearing. You wouldn't believe how hard it can be to convince some that they do, indeed, have their body type." She flips through the pages to show a few designs that are nearly the items described. "I think if we take some of the frills off the shirt and skirt and make them of a lightweave cotton they should be what you're looking for. I do have the bathing suit made, as it happens. Patterned materials are such a joy to work with and I couldn't really wait to put those little crystals on it." She gives a glance to the windows and then flashes a smile. "It doesn't really make up for the thunder, but it makes the shutters bearable."

Murmuring her thanks for the tea, Sevreni holds out one hand for the sketchpad, obviously wanting to see them a little closer. "I dislike little bows and ribbons," she mutters in-between. "Frills are even worse. I remember, my mother once made me a dress that not only had a bow on the butt, but a frill as well. She meant well, but I spent most of the day looking like a cupcake. After that, we had a meeting of minds on the subject of frills." There's an arch of brow. "This suit is quite bare," she comments, frowning a little. "Oh well. It's Southern." Translation: hot and muggy. If it won't make me sway all over the place?" She motions to her front. There's enough there at least. "I'd want to be able to surf in the top as well. Could you make a matching pair of shorts, perhaps just in one of the colours of the top?"

"I don't do frills unless the client asks for it. Really, in this climate folds and flares are much more practical. Bows… well, if you can't make it decorative enough in fabric, embellishments aren't going to help you." Niyati may be a little bit of a design snob in the way that one can be a klah or ale snob, no malice just very opinionated. She does chuckle at the mention of the bathing suit's form. "I'm making a cover to be worn out of the water, but I'm very sure. The bands on the top and bottom are there for stabilization. You're meant to look good and not overheat, not to toss everything out for view. Oh, the shorts could be easily done. I have plenty of that purple in a bolt of plain cloth and I'll make cover for it, besides." She stands for a moment to take the suit in question out of a box that had been tucked under a table and pulls it out for view.

Design snob indeed. Stifling a chuckle, Sevreni nods. "This red-purple? It's quite an interesting shade; I've no idea how you managed to dye it, but yes, I'd like some of it in the form of a pair of shorts." Her fingertips tap on the sketching pad as she looks down at herself, thoughtful. "I normally wear a full coverage suit, but.. oh!" There's an example already made! Putting the sketchpad down, she casts a critical look over the suit now on display, and eventually reaches out to delicately feel the material of the straps, test their firmness, and that of the bottom strap.

"With a mix of local flowers and berries. It's amazing the shades that can be mixed here." Not that Niyati is going to get started on /that/. "The band is thick enough on top and bottom to imply fuller coverage, so you're not just in a few patches of cloth. I've done full suits but this one has a bit more modesty where it counts. Give the strap a tug from either end," she suggests. "It's elastic enough but won't give under the pressure of waves or water weight in the fabric and tying the straps round the neck means it can't fall off your shoulders."

Sevreni takes the garment to test it slowly and meticulously, feeling the stretch in each strap, then finally inspecting the knot tied behind the neck. "I'd have to tie it pretty tight, but that's fine. I think it'll serve just fine." Scandal, that a woman of her age is wearing something like that? Not a bit worried about it. "Are you talking about one of those sarong-type wraps? It'd look nice as well. What did you have in mind for the skirt and a top to go along with it?"

Niyati nods. "I could do an over the shoulder cover but I think the point is to cool off." She turns a few pages in her book to the drawings of the shirt and skirt in question. "I thought simplicity would be the way to go with these, too. No hangy bits to get tangled into anything." Again she hands the book over. "I have the material for those, of course. If you want different colors it might take a bit longer."

"Hm." Taking the sketchpad, Sevreni looks down at the design sketched on it. "I like that it's sleeveless; I work a lot with my arms, so I hate being constrained in tight fabric there," she says first. "The embroidery now… that's interesting. I like the shape of it, but can you make it more or less the same shade as the skirt you've got sketched here? I like the fullness as well; will the material fall naturally enough that when I stand still, the effect of it is sleek unless the skirt spins out?"

"I can. I like to keep a variety of floss on hand, you never know what you might need." Niyati nods at the question of the skirt. "There's a little bit of a gather at the waist so that it falls in the loose pleats so it has exactly that effect. The fabric is also a loose weave so it's not quite so stifling. You won't be able to see through it at all, but I don't believe anything should be worn here unless you can guarantee a breeze will move th rough it. Leathers adise, of course. Briefly."

Sevreni's mouth tucks into a small smile at that; "Given the amount of hot wind some riders generate, it's best for us all that it be contained somehow and not be free to flow, hm?" She turns the page and her eyebrows lift. "Now this," she says, tapping the side of the burgundy and coal outfit, "is gorgeous. I really love the combination of colours, and there's something about the embroidery over it that makes it look just a little fancy. I like the design too; it's feminine without being overly pink and fussy." There's a small pause. "As winter arrives, will you be able to do me a coat to go along with this?"

"I have a heavier fabric that would be lovely for that," Niyati answers, chuckling. "True enough. Good thing they can take it between and not roast the rest of us." She taps the page and notes two dark points along the shoulder of the garment in question. "You can also take the outter tunic off if you want something less embelished. There are a couple of buttons along the shoulder seem that you can undo if you turn one inside-out over the other. If you need something dressy but still need the ease of movement of a sleeveless top, you have it."

Another small nod. "That'll be a good idea, having something that can be dressy, and casual when I want it to be." The Pern equivalent of day-night gear. Handing the sketching pad back, she sips at her tea, murmurs a compliment, and sips again. "I'll need a couple of sets of work clothes as well; I'll trust your discretion there, so you don't need to show me anything, just make it from more durable materials, please. I already have enough trouble washing my hair as often as I do, I don't want my clothes to fall apart either. Given that I work mostly in the evening though, something a bit heavier wouldn't be a problem."

Niyati takes the book and grins. "I try to make everything sturdy enough to be worked in should the need arise, formals aside. It shouldn't take long to get the work clothes done. In fact, you'll likely have those before the rest. We'll just need to do your measurements and then I'll get to work. I'm just finishing up a formal dress so you've come at exactly the right time. If I don't miss my guess, though, you'll be able to take the bathing suit with you."

Sevreni nods and stands, moving things to one side before eyeing the place. "Where to?" When Niyati indicates the spot, she's not shy about pulling along a small chair. That gets settled in place, she undresses perfunctorily, folding her clothes over the chair's back. Long and lean, she's got the physique of a tremendously active woman still, and measurements are soon done. Taking the bikini with her - it seems as though it'll fit - she slips back into her clothes, gets everything together and waves her goodbyes, likely for a nap before late afternoon deliveries.

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