Treista & Yorprith


Answering Southern's need for another weyrwoman, Treista of Telgar Weyr makes some final preparations before they move south for an undetermined amount of time.


It is before dawn of the seventh day of the twelfth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Treista and Yorprith's weyr, Telgar Weyr

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With dawn just breaking on a frosty Telgar morn, Treista is already up and puttering around her rather bare-looking weyr. Since it's unsure how long she will be gone, it was decided her furniture and anything too cumbersome to transport would go to the Stores, and the Headwoman had already removed all non-essential pieces.

It was strange to see the weyr this empty. It reminds Treista of when she first was installed into the weyr, about fifteen turns ago. Has it really been that long since they graduated to senior weyrlinghood?

« Don't tell me your memory is going already. » A resonant voice invades her thoughts on winds that buffet though their shared mind space, clouds rushing past as streams of golden sunlight peek through. Yorprith was sleeping, or so the goldrider thought, and even as she shoots a glance in that direction now, the pale gold is curled up in her couch, head tucked under one wing conveniently.

"I just meant that I can't believe it's been that long. I guess time passes faster when you do the same things for over a decade and a half straight," the statuesque woman replies out loud, a habit when she is in private only, running her hand through her short blond hair.

Shifting the bulk of her frame just a little, Yorprith lifts her head and regards her rider with an astute gaze. « You sound regretful, bonded. Have we not thrived here and helped the Weyr thrive in turn? »

Idealistic though her dragon's thoughts on the subject may be, Treista can't argue with them. It's true. From the moment Yorprith first spotted her, a head taller than most of the other girls gathered up to present to the gold egg, her life has become one of duty and pride in doing it well. But Telgar Weyr has always been rich, (or miserly, some outsiders might say), with queens, and that reduced her role to only a few crucial tasks on top of flying with the queen's wing. But those tasks were always done with the same thorough dedication that she had in her previous life as a guard at High Reaches Hold.

Weyrleadership praised her dependability and when she told them that she wanted to help Southern with their need for more than a single gold with a very young Senior Weyrwoman, they really didn't seemed surprised that Treista would want to go. They weren't about to lose one of their most hard-working juniors though without some negotiation, so after some time going back and forth with all parties involved, they agreed, as long as she came back to them once Southern hatched and raised enough golds to sustain them. Gold eggs are never a certainty though; her own Yorprith has never laid one in her lifetime, but with the excess of queens that Telgar boasts there was never a need. Hopefully that will change with the new venue of a gold-scarce Weyr.

"I'm not regretful," Treista finally replies to her golden lifemate as she wanders closer to Yorprith on her couch, reaching a hand out to caress the antique gold shoulder. "But I am excited for a change of routine, and being of use to a Weyr that has a great need. And we will be going down right at the beginning of summer I believe, so that should be nice…right?"

As if she needs some convincing, Yorprith lowers her head to level with her rider and trills softly. Treista knows the silent request too well and with a bemused chuckle, she lifts her hand to scritch at the smooth plane of hide between her faceted eyes, which rewards her with a grateful croon as Yorprith’s lids droop. « As long as we're together, nothing else matters. »

And that's it. All the tacit confirmation from her lifemate that Treista needs to know that, good or bad decision, the pair is in this together and will be able to face whatever the Southern Continent has to throw at them.

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