H'rik, Ja'un, Xanthee


Three riders meet in the bazaar; an unwilling model gets a new knot.


It is afternoon on the twentieth day of the eleventh month of the fiftteenth turn of the 12th Pass.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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Central Bazaar

All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

Afternoon on a rather pleasant autumn day, although there are signs that another famous Igen sandstorm might be on its way, and a certain Whirlwind greenrider is browsing the various stalls in the bazaar, stopping at a leatherworker's work and carefully looking at the workmanship of a riding jacket in a dark forest green with black accents. Humming her consideration, she wrinkles her nose a bit and moves on to something else. She doesn't seem to have much in the way of a wherhide pants and a breezy blouse of emerald green, her knot is prominent on her shoulder, no small hint of pride still at being tapped into whirlwind. On her opposite shoulder, golden Selkie seems just as interested in the shopping at her humanpet, cheeping and commenting in her own way at various intervals.

Taking advantage of one of those slim gaps between the various duties that come with his knot, as well as the literal calm before the storm, H'rik has also made his way down to the bazaar for a spot of shopping. Less fashion-focused than Xanthee, it's a herb shop that he ducks out of, tugging his broad-brimmed hat down as he leaves. Ostensibly, it's because of the wind that whirls among the bazaar's stalls. Xanthee is spotted not far away, and the man pauses before heading in her direction, looking at the leathers on offer. "Afternoon, Xanthee," H'rik greets lightly, facing the stall as if he, too, is browsing its wares.

Ja'un has his own bit of reprieve from tasks, chores, and duties today so he has found himself bustling through the Bazaar before the inevitable descending of the Igen sandstorm. Loranduth high up above, lazily watching Ja'un's progress through the market from their weyr. Sand and its impact upon Ja'un's face is defended against by means of a thick canvas scarf pulled loosely over his mouth. This leather shop gets just a touch busier when the young man ducks into it as well. Not interjecting himself into the conversation beginning between the two other riders.

Alerted to the arrival of someone familiar when her little queen raises her head and trill's in the Weyrleader's direction, Xanthee turns her head at the sound of her name with a warm smile in the bronzerider's direction. "H'rik," she replies informally, maybe finally relaxing her formality in non-work settings now that she's reached full rider. But she does still tick off a lazy salute of two fingers pressed briefly to her temple, "Great minds think alike huh? Trying to get a little shopping done before the storm starts in earnest…Good thing drills were early today." Xanthee's sunny disposition hasn't much changed since graduating weyrlinghood, and she actually means that in a way that implies she likes drills, genuinely. Another familiar face draws a croon from Selkie, and the greenrider turns and spies a certain clutch mate among the wares. "Lurking about Ja'un?" she asks, teasingly.

H'rik is totally doing the informal thing right now. He probably needs to, in between the numerous occasions when he has to be super formal. He gives a grin that's only a shade guilty at the early hour of the Whirlwind drills. "I can't say I didn't pick the time to, er, better my own schedule for the day." He looks at Selkie for a moment, then gets distracted when Xanthee greets someone. The name seems to trigger something, and his hand goes down to his right trouser pocket. A beat, and then he touches the left hand pocket. Yeah, that's the one. His left hand is thrust into said pocket, resting there casually as he gives Ja'un a nod of greeting, expression friendly, but silent as he sees what the young bronzerider's reply will be.

"I am not /lurking/, Xanthee." Ja'un responds with a scrunched up nose towards the green-rider who impressed with him. That same jacket got a tug and a pull from this young bronzerider. Perhaps green isn't his color, because he lets it loll back into its display space. Its nice to be out of Black and Yellow for the most part. "The privileges that come with rank, Weyrleader." Almost 100 percent less snark for the man than Xanthee got!

"But that's your perrogative to do so," Xanthee replies with a smirk in H'rik's direction, "You may be forgetting, but I worked for Nasrin, I know with a schedule as busy as yours, you need to do what you can to get time to yourself." Picking up a belt with a rather gawdy and large beltbuckle, she represses laughter as she turns to Ja'un and holds it up to his waist, "Well good thing you're here, you're about the same size as Mal." Tilting her head from side to side, she hums softly before wrinkling her nose, "Nah…" she says and puts it back.

With not one but two people telling him that he's not in the wrong to use his rank to his advantage, H'rik can absolve himself of any lingering guilty feelings. And one of them isn't even his wingrider and obliged to tell him so! Well, they're not at the moment, any way. Trying not to smile too much as Xanthee starts using Ja'un as a model, the man retrieves something from his pocket, though it remains concealed in his palm for the moment. "I've been meaning to find you for a while, actually, Ja'un. How are you and Loranduth doing now you've graduated?"

Of course, this dragonrider really enjoys early morning drills to begin with. Leaves the rest of your day open for /activities/. "Your manfriend has a different complexion than I do, Xan. The colors won't look the same on me." He waffles his hands at the beltbuckle to get it /away/. "Oh. Finding me? Thats ominious, weyrleader." The young man's thoughts shift and range away towards what exactly he has done wrong to get so much attention from the Weyrleader. Suspicion does'nt hold on his face, but curiousity. "Am I in trouble for the food fight now?" An entire year later.

"Manfriend? More like soon to be weyrmate. We're just waiting till the spring to make it official with a party," Xanthee remarks in an offhand way as she rummages through some other belts, "I know that silly, I'm just looking for a size reference, so hold still." Grabbing another one, Xan ignores the batting hands and just repeats the process with the new one as Ja'un gets distracted by a convenient Weyrleader. Thanks H'rik! Ja'un's last is punctuated by a soft giggle as she shakes her head, "Oh yeah, that's surely it. A food fight you had in Candidacy coming back to haunt you now…" If the greenrider has any idea of what the elder bronzerider might be up to, she's not letting it show as she hems and hahs at her most recent choice.

H'rik looks puzzled at the mention of a food fight. Apparently, that wasn't on his mind at all. "Er, no," he says cautiously, before there's an amused smile. "Should you be?" But he has business to do, though Xanthee's casual mention of weyrmating earns the greenrider a glance. Eyes on the prize, H'rik! Back to Ja'un: "Actually, I've a new knot for you now that your weyrling one's long gone." His hand is held out, palm up to reveal a bronzerider's knot, and a badge for Whirlwind. "And an official invitation to fly with Whirlwind Wing." A smile lightens his eyes as he watches the other bronzerider.

"Ohhh…I am sure Eala is just waiting to catch me by myself and glare at me until I combust." MORE batting at the hands that seek to use him as a mannequin. Damnation woman, buckles are more important than the length of the leather anyways. "I am sure Mal needs everyone to be aware of the fact that.." Oh. Diverting information diverts Ja'un's attention from Xanthee back towards H'rik, who actually deserves the attention. "Its a bit of a surprise, H'rik. Loranduth was hoping you would be the one to come and ask us." Fingertips wiggle a moment or two before the younger Bronzerider reachs out to pick up his new knot.

Thanks again to H'rik and his perfect timing, Xanthee shakes her head at her current pick of belt and puts it back on the display she found it on. She doesn't seem to look surprised at all when the Weyrleader offers her clutchmate a Whirlwind knot, but there is a sparkle of joy in her emerald eyes as she fidgets in the long moment it takes Ja'un to finally accept the knot. But when he does, she cheers and claps her new wingmate on the back of the shoulder, "It'll be good to fly with you again, I'm sure Liowyth will be just as thrilled."

"Hopefully not an unpleasant surprise," H'rik can't help a little laugh, at Ja'un's attempts to avoid being Xanthee's mannequin. There's a broad grin at Xanthee's enthusiastic welcome for her newest wingmate. "Drills'll be just after dawn tomorrow - assuming the predictions are correct that the sandstorm'll have died out by then." What a welcome to Whirlwind that would be, your first drills in the midst of a storm. Then again, this is Igen.

"Not unpleasant. I've been wayward for long enough that getting into a wing is good. Its good!" The best to be able to fly in sandstorms when you need to..is..well. Fly in Sandstorms. Someone else knows now and exuberant bugling from far above echoes down amongst the bazaar. Easily ignored by how quiet it is once he reaches their ears. Except Ja'un knows who it is. "I will be there, Wingleader." Which apparently means more to Ja'un than Weyrleader, go figure.

It's apparent that Xanthee isn't going to find anything better than a new wingmate in this shop, so she smiles at the two bronzeriders warmly. "I'll see you both first thing then. Good choice by the way…" she adds nodding in Ja'un's direction to H'rik before she sashays her way out into the bustle of the Bazaar, tossing a backwards wave over her shoulder to the two men before disapearing into the crowd. Probably heading back to her weyr to batten down before the storm hits.

H'rik is totally happy with his choice, and the subsequent reaction from Ja'un. "See you tomorrow," he replies to Xanthee before she leaves, and then it's his turn to disappear. Ja'un gets a salute, H'rik slipping back to formalities as he realises he has to get into work mode. "I've got to be somewhere so - I'll see you and Loranduth tomorrow morning. Clear skies, wingrider." Still looking pleased, the Weyrleader heads through the bazaar and to the Weyr proper.

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