Rocio, Niamyth


Niamyth thinks Rocio should start dating again.


It is evening of the nineteenth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Banrion na Foraoise, Rocio & Niamyth's weyr

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You need to just not.

Banrion na Foraoise

The warm, woodsy scent of patchouli lingers in the entryway of this small weyr and fades into sweet lemongrass closer to the center of a cozy living space. Toward the back of the weyr is a curtain that conceals a small washroom and closet containing clean linens and clothing. A full sized bed is neatly made with a simple headboard and two fluffy pillows lying upon a quilt made by the occupant herself, the intricate stitching and embroidery along the bed skirt revealing a hidden talent. One small night stand rests close to the left side of the bed with a single drawer and cupboard beneath that houses books and one single leather bound journal and stylus. A small desk and simple wooden stool reside in the back corner while two comfortable chairs surround a simple table with a crocheted doily made of thin and delicate yarn. Large rugs cover most of the stone floor, except near the doorway where a small area carved into the stone wall contains dragonriding gear. Niamyth's straps hang carefully from hooks on the wall while various glowbaskets keep suitable lighting throughout the small weyr. A few potted plants rest upon the desk and a few hanging baskets add a pleasant ambience to the little green abode.

« Ro. I’m afraid I’ve been thinkin’. »

A dangerous pastime…

« I know! You need to get out more. »


« You gotta find somethin’ else to do other than sittin’ in your weyr all night. »

Nia. It’s rainin’ outside and it’s pitch dark. I ain’t gonna camp out in the jungle, or help Rodric set traps, or do pretty much anythin’ right now.

« So? That don’t mean that ya gotta sit inside all by yourself! »

I don’t like where this is goin’…

« You should go to the Kitten and mingle! »

What! With who?

« I dunno. Folks. Wingmates. Guys. »

Oh… great. That’s where this is goin’.

« Ever since you and N’tael broke up you’ve been sittin’ inside night after night after night after night after— »

Shut up, Nia! One ‘night after night’ woulda been enough. And what’s wrong with that!?

« You should date. »

Dear Faranth, throw me ::between::.

« You should! »

Yeah right! I ain’t got time or patience for men right now.

« Want me to ask around? »


« I can ask Arcath if his rider is bored tonight! »

No. Not him.

« Then who? »

No one!

« You gotta get out more! Ya know you’re gonna be thirty next Turnday? »

What’s wrong with bein’ thirty?

« It’s, like, past your expiration date. »

No it ain’t! Go find somethin’ else to do, Nia.

« YOU find somethin’ to do! »

No, you!

« YOU. »


« What’s wrong with datin’? Ain’t like ya gotta weyrmate ‘em. »

I told you. I ain’t got time.

« Try before you buy! »


« That’s the spirit! If you go to the Tipsy Kitten right now, you probably won’t have to buy any drinks! »

I can’t even.

« Wanna go? The rain stopped… »

I’m going to bed.

« Half of Serval’s already there… »

Good night, Nia.

« I’ll tell ‘em you’ll stop by later… »

…tell them I’ll maybe drop by tomorrow night.

« YAY! »

Now bugger off.

« You love me. »

Not by choice.


« Okay, make sure you wear somethin’ nice— »

Good night, Niamyth.

« *twinkles* »

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