Kelati, Miel


Miel comes across Kelati gathering plants on a river bank; some polite conversation is had, with a teeny bit of mystery…


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen River Bank, Igen

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Igen River Bank

The river bank just beyond Igen River Hold is largely free of the tidal swamp that encroaches on the muddier, more southerly edges of the wide river. Sandy soil begins to mingle with the rich loam of denser earth here, giving a more solid footing to any piers that find anchor near to the water and beyond. Desert trees and grasses take root all the way to the river's edge in some spots, mingling with the greener vegetation of looming swampland further downstream.

As someone who has been a missing person from Igen Weyr's bazaar for nearly five turns, it's probably hard to imagine why Kelati would be anywhere in Igen's coverage area. But sometimes one's work, one's art, comes before attempting to avoid family. When an oil she can only get from grasses found in this area runs out, Kelati has to come get more somehow, and attempts to trade have gone sideways for the time being. In the end she was stuck persuading a friend with a dragon to bring her to Igen River Hold, where she is … collecting riverbank grasses and putting them in clay pots, while trying very hard to Not Be Noticed. Since it's a weird thing she's doing, that's probably not going to work very well. Especially not with three blue firelizards attempting to disrupt her every step of the way.

Kelati’s work is definitely going to draw the attention of one passerby — kind of. Miel was on sweeps across this region and it would be Ivaenth who would spot the woman at her gathering. As they’re on the end of their rotation, the green’s demands to investigate are heeded and they will land somewhere off and far enough away not to immediately disrupt Keltati. She’ll have a few more minutes of peace, if she hasn’t clued in by then (or by seeing one BRIGHT and NOT proddy green in the distance.) “Afternoon!” Miel’s greeting is as warm as the spring air.

Having been Searched once already, Kelati's instinctive reaction to seeing an Igen chromatic dragon would be to completely freak out. Thankfully, she doesn't quite yet notice, so Miel is able to sneak up upon her without much difficulty. Even if it is inadvertent sneaking. When she hears a voice — an unfamilliar one, to boot — she turns over her shoulder with a muted but friendly smile. "Hello," is tossed out offhand, light and airy. She won't shy away from friendly conversation, even if it is hard to make small talk by a riverbank.

No Search to fear! Igen has no eggs on the Sands… yet. Give it a little while longer though and maybe Kelati WILL have something to fear of a random sweep rider stopping to “chat”. Ivaenth isn’t a green who gets into just anyone’s business and is happy to settle herself comfortably while Miel makes all the first contact business. “What’s got you this far out from the Hold?” ‘Alone’ is only lightly implied. Small talk is certainly difficult given the location, so she keeps it nice ’n simple.

At least you can say no to Search, and Kelati most certainly would be doing that unless she was lied to about which Weyr it was. Candidacy wasn't that bad, but avoiding her family is a different kettle of fish. (Who puts fish in kettles, anyway? What does that phrase even mean?) "Working," is Kelati's answer, matter of fact. She's not mentioning useful things like what her work is, and so it kind of looks like it's … pulling grass at the root and putting it in clay pots … "Gathering supplies for work, really."

It’s one of those sayings mired in obscurity! Miel isn’t so dense as to question outright why Kelati is uprooting grasses. Foraging is just one of those Things that most Pernese grasp, right? “Healer?” she’ll venture instead to pry from the other woman, but not too intrusively. It can be a simple yes or no answer!

"Mm, no," Kelati answers, confirming that it can be a simple yes or no answer: she then furthers the evidence that she actually likes talking to people by elaborating further. "I make — soaps, skin oils, hair products, that kind of thing?" The uptalk comes with another head-raise away from the grasses and back to looking at Miel. "Different people call me different things, soapmaker, aromatherapist but I'm really not that one because I don't have any healer training whatsoever, I just know which smells can influence moods sometimes, smell-good-things-girl, et cetera. So long as I know someone means me …"

“Huh!” Miel sounds genuinely intrigued and maybe impressed by the answer that Kelati actually gives her. If she was hoping to bore the greenrider away, well… MISSION FAILED! Because now she’s definitely intrigued. “There has to be a better title than just soap maker since… that’s not all you do. Skin products and hair products — do you mean like sun protection?” Because one closer look at Miel will reveal that her and the sun, definitely Igen’s sun, probably don’t get along. How she survived here and Ista without being a constant lobster, well…

Maybe she's just such a constant lobster everyone expects her skin to be that color, and if she had sunscreen she'd be a few shades lighter! Kelati purses her lips, thinking, and hangs her head a little to admit, "I'm not sure how to do that," as if it is the largest failing of her entire life. It's more complex chemistry than she's ever been able to figure out on her own, anyway. "But," she perks a little, "I do know how to make salves and lotions for sunburn; it makes it feel a lot better? Plus it's nice smelling and cleansing. Helps with the, er, when sunburn peels."

Miel laughs when Kelati admits to “failure” and then perks right back up. “I thought you said you weren’t a Healer?” she teases lightly. “I’ve got the salves and lotions.” Her nose wrinkles a bit. “For exactly that. I’d always assumed it was a Healer-knowledge thing. Not that I’m discrediting your work!” Speaking of, she gestures to the basket and grasses Kelati has already gathered. “Want some help? Seeing as I’m interrupting with my curious questions…”

"I'm not," Kelati insists, a grin now forming. "I've barely ever even spoken to Healers. It isn't a hard thing to learn from other sources, and some people have natural gifts for making certain things. A knack. Chops, the caravan I was with for a while said — " A weird phrase, but understandable enough in context. "I'd definitely take the help, yes, it's the bluish-green ones, I need the roots as well as the blades, and they go in …" From her shoulder bag comes another pot, which she offers to the greenrider. "You must not be a Healer either, then."

She does have a point there! And Miel knows it, to judge how she grins so broadly. “Guess you’re right.” she muses, hardly batting an eye for the strange turn of phrase from the other. “These one’s here?” A question asked as she kneels down, pointing to the correct plant in question as she does. “Does it have a name, this? And what’s it do?” Kelati’s query has her chuckling, “Faranth, no! I’ve aided a few needing comfort but not in the sense of a Healer. Now, though? I’m a greenrider. Name’s Miel. I’m Ivaenth’s rider.”

Nodding, Kelati affirms, "Those." Miel's got a good set of eyes and is quick on the uptake, it seems! "If it has a name, I don't know what it is. You'd have to ask a botanist, I suppose?" And Miel probably does know more Healers than Kela does. "The person I was buying it from just recognized what I wanted based on a drawing? As for what it does, it's just very smooth when ground up and combined with a carrier. Plus it smells nice?" Or at least she thinks it does. "And it helps purify things. It's cleansing.'

Miel has a knack for details, at times. It comes from her line of ‘work’ that she used to do (and now only does on the rare occasion recreationally). “Mhm. Well, so long as it’s not poisonous?” It’s a joke! Honest. But she’ll set to work on harvesting some of the blades, but likely slower than Kelati’s practiced hands. “You just showed them a drawing? That you made?” Do tell! As for what it does… the greenrider is just going to blissfully assume that the girl knows what she’s doing here. “Do you have a name?” More teasing, if not a gentle prod.

There's a moment of pretending to think very hard about whether or not it's poisonous before Kelati laughs. "It's not. It's harmless. I mean, I wouldn't recommend eating large quantities of it, and I never recommend eating lotion, but. I believe it to be harmless. It was not my drawing, it was from a book." She can draw, sometimes, a little, usually just plants, but the book was far more useful and informative. When asked her name, she hesitates, and then says only, "I do, yes."

Laughter again from Miel, “I’m not going to eat it! I’m not that stupid.” But she’s aware enough to know not to play with some plants with bare hands! Her head cocks a bit to the side when Kelati doesn’t immediately give her name, but the greenrider merely shrugs. “I won’t push you.” Since she seems relatively harmless? If not on the immediate radar of slight suspicion on Miel’s part! Still, she will remain amicable and pleasant enough company until duty draws her away again. Name or no name, Miel will do her best to set something in her memory of their meeting. In case their paths are ever to cross again!

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