Xanthee, Daenerys


Xanthee is having a very interesting dream that wakes up Daenerys on the bunk below.

Implied sexual dream


It is before dawn of the seventh day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Candidate Barracks, Igen Weyr

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"What. The. Actual. Hell."


Candidate Barracks

Hopes, dreams, and fears are contained in these cramped quarters, full of small cots and smaller trunks; thin ragged curtains barely provide privacy between the bunks, shining patches in the material suggesting one too many mending attempts. The minimal floor space is kept clear of debris and personal possessions, wide enough for a single broad table often used for study in the art of dragon care. It is a cramped space despite it all, when dragoneggs lie upon the Sands: there's no helping the worn surroundings, when use is at an all-time high. Near the entrance, one cubby exists, large enough to contain a bit of luxury for an adult overseer of the candidates, and a desk — for once in reasonable shape — is set to the left of the entrance, conveniently placed for the monitoring of comings and goings.

It is still several candlemarks away from dawn and all is quiet in the Candidate Barracks, or mostly anyway… While most of those finding themselves sporting a white knot slumber the deep sleep of the truly exhausted, way back in the furthest corner, the raven-haired occupant of one certain top bunk seems to be restlessly caught in a rather entertaining dream. Xanthee is curled onto her side blankets half off her, revealing a long, short-sleeved tunic of the male-variety being used as a night gown. Her hands are curled around what looks to be half a piece of rock, a geode to be precise, fingers caressing it absently. A soft flutter of murmurs and moans are coming from her, giving a small hint to the nature of the dream she is having. Suddenly a soft giggle erupts from her as her lips curl into a sleepy smile and she flips back onto her back, rocking the bunk noisily. "Oh Mal…You know that drives me wild…" she mutters softly with another giggle as she wiggles again while turning onto her other side.

Meanwhile, beneath that bunk is a boy — her brother, no less — who gets woken up by the noise and movement. For long moments, he simply lies there,eyeing the bottom of the bunk above almost balefully. Whatever is that girl up to up there? Daenerys wonders, squinting as he curls his long legs closer to his body,perhaps preparing to kick it and wake her up — but she settles just then and he relaxes in preparation to go back to sleep.

Oh but Xanthee is far from settled now as the lusty sounds coming from her get louder, as she tosses again with a pleased chuckle. "Yes Mal! Oh keep doing that…" her voice is louder now as she flops onto her stomach and starts to writhe a little bit against the bunk, hands gripping her pillow as she sighs and moans and starts to breathe a little heavier, soft whimpers of a certain Miner's name from her lips…And unfortunately, the weyrbrat seems not to be waking through any of this.

"What. The. Actual. Hell." Daenerys snarls in irritation — then pauses, a slow smile crossing his face; this has the makings of something truly amusing. And begins to chuckle, for he now recognizes what's going on up there, and will be certain to tease his sister about it soon; but for now, he's going to have to wake her up so she doesn't have to completely embarrass herself. Craftily, he slithers out of his cot, only to lean into the upper bunk and shake Xanthee's shoulder forcefully. "Baby girl, you keep that up you'll have the whole Barracks up asking you embarrasing questions. Wake up, kid, he's not here." No, really, Xan, goes the shake of the shoulder wake up now.

When her shoulder is given that shake, Xanthee turns back onto her side facing Daenerys, a sleepy smile on her face as she sighs loudly and stretches languidly before her eyes start to flutter open and she gets a bit of a shock to find it's her brother's face she's starring at and not her boyfriend's. "Huh?" is all her slowly waking mind can manage as she reaches up an rubs at her eyes to try and clear them, blinking the sleep out of them. "Daen?" she whispers hoarsely, "What is it?" she's waking up… but it's taking a minute.

Well at least she hadn't tried to wrap herself around him like a barnacle. Daenerys chuckles softly, tugging gently at her raven hair. "You were dreaming, girl. About Malosim — rather… vividly." He raises an eyebrow at her, his own eyes half closed with sleepiness, still. "Damn near rocked the bunk onto the floor. What exactly were you two doing, kid?" He asks, then holds up a hand, laughingly. "Never mind, I really don't need the deetails, I would never be able to have sex again in life."

"Dreaming about Mal?" Xanthee seems to be confused a moment longer before her emerald eyes grow as big and round as saucers and if it wasn't so dark, The hot blush that now burns on her cheeks would be clearly apparent. "No!" she squeaks before she buries her face in her pillow, muffling a string of curse words that come bubbling out of her as she hides from the sheer embaressment of being heard having one of those dreams, and by her brother no less.

"Yes." Daenerys laughs mercilessly, then pats the poor girl on the shoulder for her embarassment. Who doesn't have those dreams now and again? He's certain he's had a few of them since being Searched and denied themost reasonable outlet for his own cravings. "We've all had 'em, girl, no need to be embarassed about it." He might even have a teensy bit of sympathy here; after all, she's gotten used to being with Malosim, so having an enforced dry spell must be torture.

Xanthee peeks up from the pillow, her cheeks still warm but with an embaressed smile on her lips, "I can't believe I did that in the Barracks no less! Thank you for waking me up before I woke anyone else. Thank Faranth you picked a bunk way back here." She reaches out and gives him a squeeze to his arm. "Always looking out for me, you're the best big brother a girl could have." And then she gives him another squeeze, a more sympathetic one. "Any word on when Reveka, and the Zingari, will be back to the Weyr?" She hadn't reached out to her best friend since Daenerys told her about the dancer's condition. Her caravan had already left and that wasn't a conversation she wanted to have over flitter-mail.

Daenerys grins wryly. "And now you know why I did that. I'm sure I've dreamed of her often." Perhaps he's been quiet enough to escape notice, perhaps he hasn't; it doesn't matter. People expect young men to dream of sex. "Well, someone has to, you silly chit." But he's grinning with affection at her, not at all loathe to look out for his adopted sister. "It should be soon…" Daenerys sighs, lightly running his fingers over the back of Xanthee's hand. "And I'm going to go see her when they get back." He looks over at Xanthee, thoughtful. "I'm tired of doing things via flitter-mail.

Xanthee smiles warmly at Daenerys as she nods her head a little bit with a sigh. "Well tell me when you do. I'll go see her after you do. I need to make sure she knows I'm there for her too." She squeezes his arm again, emerald eyes intent on the long-haired man. "I'm here for both of you. And I support anything you guys do." Another long and somewhat deeper sigh as she drops her gaze before speaking again, "I feel somewhat responsible for what happened, I should not have meddled so with you two. I'm sorry Daen." Her words have lost all their teasing and mischief, and now she speaks in an echo of a much older and wiser Xanthee yet to come.

"You didn't meddle, not really. You just… suggested. What happened after was all on us. And I'm not especially upset about it, you know." Daenerys chuckles softly. "After all, you didn't force us to hit the sack together, nor to do so enough times to ensure she got pregnant. That was our idea, and merrily did we instill that plan." Gently, he brushes a kiss across his sister's forehead. "Thanks, love. I'm glad you're on our side. We'll need the support — especially her, I believe."

Xanthee smiles softly at her brother and wrinkles her nose distastefully. "Ewwww Daenerys. Never, ever talk to me about you and Reveka's bedroom activities." she shudders as she cringes, "Well…I think those mental images have driven away all thoughts of my beloved. So maybe I should thank you for that?" Maybe she should, if it will help with the dull ache that lives in her heart knowing Mal is so close but they promised to keep apart. It's what's best. Her hand reaches up and clasps the piece of polished Ocean Opal that hangs from a leather cord around her neck. "I am totally on your side. And if I need to knock some sense into someone, you just let me know." Cause she kinda knows how to do that now.

Daenerys snickers, somehow proud to have destroyed any chance of Xanthee even considering thinking about it. "Consider it payback for waking me up. And also, you're welcome, kid." Isn't he just the best big brother, ever? Of course he is, if one wants their entire brain befouled by things they would pay good marks to have scrubbed out. His eyes fall on that opal, and he admires it for a moment. Malosim has good taste, at least. Daen doesn't comment on it, however, instead eyeing his sister wryly. "Mmm, I know you can, love, and should I need that — I will ask." It's unlikely, but hey! He might need her to chase off that one girl who seems a bit… predatory.

Xanthee looks fierce for a second longer before her expression softens. "I kept meaning to apologize for bailing on you and the tuber peeling the other morning. But…You know how much my mom's on my mind when I'm a Candidate. It's like she's watching over my shoulder expectantly and I don't want to let her down." Xan's tone is wistful but then her brow furrows, "But what is wrong with that Talya girl? She needs to learn how to read a room, seriously." her voice is a bit prickly now.

"Oh, I know." Daenerys doesn't seem even slightly bothered by her 'bailing' on him — sometimes a girl's gotta make a run for it. He heaves a shrug, and considers the smooth wall of their shared bunk. "Yeah, it's like they're just begging you to get the dragon, isn't it?" Well he remembers his own father's disappointment — if gently masked, for the sake of his son — at Daen's failure to Impress. He snorts softly, remembering how often Talya'd put her foot in her mouth, even in the short time they'd had. "It was a little bit… tense, there. Talya's an awkward one. Maybe she's not used to thinking before she says something."

"I'm almost glad she isn't around to actually see me out on the Sands. But now I have Ha'ze I guess, but he's probably hoping I don't get chosen, so no pressure from that direction." Xanthee says with much of her inherited sarcasm dripping in her voice. "But I'll have Mal in the stands rooting for me at least. And that's enough." She takes a shakey little voice even though she is trying to put on a strong front. Her voice drops to barely a whisper. "I really hope my dragon is out there this time Daen." there is probably no one else that she would make that admission to but her brother, except maybe Mal, and he's not here. As for the final word from the raven-haired girl on the subject of Talya, she shrugs her shoulders once, "Well, we'll see. I hope that's all it is, as well as being in an unfamiliar place…maybe I should see if I can find her and apologize…give her a second chance." her tone is thoughtful as her eyes look over Daen for his opinion on the matter.

"You and me both." Because those waterworks? They make Daenerys want to go punch things until Xanthee gets the thing that makes them stop. But one can't go around punching dragons; he'd get eaten, or damaged permanently, somehow. He'll have to settle for offering his sister a shoulder to lean on, and the fervent hope that she finds her draconic lifemate. His desire for a dragon is not nearly as strong as hers is, but he tries, in his own fashion, to understand it. "I'm rooting for you, too, you know." He's just gonna skip the 'stay-positive' speech, since they are often the most useless speeches; there's only so much forced positivity even the most upbeat of people can tolerate. "She'll learn. After all, I did, and I was a hard case to teach." Just ask, oh, half the Weyr what Daen'd been like as a youngling. It was like training a cat — exhausting and possibly not even worth it in most cases.

"And you're going to hold my hand on the Sands right? I didn't have anyone to do that with the first time I stood." Xanthee turns her green eyes on Daenerys then with a softly pleading look, even while she stifles a yawn with the back of her hand. "Yeah, Talya will learn. I just hope she doesn't learn the hard way." Cause Xanthee is very familiar with the hard way of learning, and she has properly learned her lesson now. "So the Weyrleader gave me a task..well..Wendryth gave me a task and it was relayed through H'rik to me. I'm supposed to figure out a way to bring something nice smelling onto the sands for the Senior queen. I'm still trying to figure out how to accomplish it."

Oh, he'll likely be clinging to Xanthee like a barnacle, but whatever, Daenerys is gonna try and Look Cool out on the Sands. And then there's that pleading look. Dammit, the girl knows how to make him feel super protective, sometimes. "Yeah, I will." And cringe internally while he's at it, because all that Cool Attitude will be all down the drain when she notices him white-knuckling it out there like a schoolgirl.

Oh, he'll likely be clinging to Xanthee like a barnacle, but whatever, Daenerys is gonna try and Look Cool out on the Sands. And then there's that pleading look. Dammit, the girl knows how to make him feel super protective, sometimes. "Yeah, I will." And cringe internally while he's at it, because all that Cool Attitude will be all down the drain when she notices him white-knuckling it out there like a schoolgirl. "Sometimes you gotta learn the hard way. Hard-headed people especially." Is that experience he speaks out of? OF COURSE IT IS. He's had to take that softening of the butt due to his hard head a time or two! "Wait, what. We get quests, now? That's new." Daenerys begins to laugh. "So you gotta manage to get, what, a bunch of flowers snuck onto the Sands or something?"

"Well that's the thing, flowers aren't going to last long at all. I was thinking some incense. I know the Zingari sells some don't they?" Xanthee asks her brother as she snuggles into her bunk again, yawning louder now, "And apparently Wendryth didn't do that the first time he sired a clutch, but he gave a quest to Fergus too, to carve a 'daring deed' out of wood. I guess I'm lucky I didn't get something like that." She chuckles sleepily as she curls her hand around the geode and pulls it close. Who sleeps with a rock anyway? Xan apparently.

Daenerys gently begins tucking Xanthee's covers around her, noting she's practically falling asleep while trying to work out All The Things at once. "Mhm… I can send out to them for some. Big bowlsfull. But only if you — " And he taps her nose gently, playfully, " — go to sleep, baby girl. And no more shenanigans." What, people don't sleep with momentos of their girl-or-boy-friends up in here? Daenerys doesn't care, he's keeping his momento of Reveka, and nobody's gonna convince him otherwise! He's also not ever gonna tell on Xanthee, ever.

Xanthee smiles sleepily at the rare treat of being tucked in, her eyelids closing all on their own as she mumbles sleepily. "I can just go see em when they are back…." another large yawn cutting through her words. Snuggling into her blankets she nods her head, "Ok Daen, sleep now, got it…" and she does, because soon the raven-haired girl's breathing settles into the steady rhythm of deep sleep.

Daenerys might possibly be chuckling to himself when he slips himself back into his own bunk, having settled Xanthee back into the rhythm of sleep. Perhaps he'll sleep now, too. With a yawn, he curls up on his own bunk and is soon back asleep, dreams of dragon babies getting up to awful mischief dancing in his head.

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