Rocio, F'kan


F'kan catches Rocio as she tries to sneak out in the aftermath of her green's flight, so they take to the time to actually talk.

mild innuendo


It is before dawn on the eleventh day of the fourth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyr Entrance, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 21 Jun 2018 04:00


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"So that's it? Not even a thanks for the good time?"


Weyr Entrance

No standard weyr-arch for Southern, no, not when an open-air bridge could curve so gracefully into the exterior of the bowlwall, the concave swoop of the weyrbowl itself nestled against the far high-rise of the rivercliffs. A pocket of white marble is delineated in gorgeous architecture at the termination of the bridge, a staircase switching back to a terace above; the stone buildings of the guard compound rise in a vivid vein against the rough-hewn darkness of the cliffs it settles against. The classic arcs only possible by ancient stonecutters show through, Southern's ageless beauty to be admired by all who trespass her walls.

It's not exactly a Walk Of Shame, but that's sorta what Rocio's doing at this weeee early morning candlemark. Okay, well, it's not really a WOS but more of a gonna-slip-out-asap thing to avoid any awkward conversations. At this point in her life (29 Turns young, btw), Ro doesn't exactly linger after Niamyth's flights. Right now it's dark but this area of the Weyr is lit by glows along the pathway and Rukbat's light is juuust starting to glow upon the horizon. Rocio is still wearing that skin tight (bright) pink dress, only this time her sky high matching pink heels are hooked upon two fingers as she trudges barefoot out of the Tipsy Kitten. The storm has stopped, the air is cooler — thank Faranth, because it sorta helps perk her up a bit.

Since this is the first time in his relatively short career as a rider that his brown has managed to catch himself a green, F'kan is new to this whole post-flight deal. When he wakes from a post-coital daze to find himself alone in the small room, he's not quite sure what to think. He supposes it's for the better, his heart already lurches slightly at the thought of next facing Devana and what he will say to her. With early morning drills on the horizon, he wastes no time getting dressed, taking note of any mark that may have been left on him, worrying about evidence of the dragon fueled lust. Heavy boots in hand to reduce on noise, he creeps down the stairs and out the swinging doors. Thankfully the weather has gotten more pleasant in the interval, and he takes a moment to take a breath of fresh air. Wandering blue eyes catch sight of the retreating Weyrlingmaster, and since his good sense usually comes from Quaverilth who is certainly somewhere very happily curled around Niamyth, he calls out, almost in a stage whisper, "So that's it? Not even a thanks for the good time?" he teases slightly, maybe feeling a little residual smugness from his brown. "I'm just not sure how this is all supposed to go, it was his first time…y'know…"

Rocio seems to be wrapped up in her own little world at the moment as she normally is after a flight, which is why it takes her a moment to register that someone is, you know, talking to her. "Huh?" she blinks and then catches sight of F'kan drawing up to her. "Ouch!" Hopping onto her left foot, she lifts her right and rubs the bottom since she quite obviously stepped on a sharp pebble or something. "This was…" Her foot then plants on the ground again and she straightens, cheekbones tinging red. "His first? Oh." A hand lifts to run through her mussed blonde hair, then roots in place as she starts to feel bad about how she handled this particular flight. "Shards. Yeah, um. I'm sorry." Her hand lowers and she shifts her weight onto one leg, knee slightly bent. "Really, I just assumed that you had done this before… Wow. I'm sorry." She said that already. "It's supposed to go a little smoother after your first." Now it's her turn to clear her throat ever slightly before light colored eyes lift to regard F'kan.

F'kan's reflexes make him jerk forward as he sees her hopping, but as soon as he sees she needs no help he relaxes again, shoulders rising and falling in a simple shrug. "Yeah, not really his fault poor fellow. I couldn't quite keep myself out of trouble for a time after I Impressed. Did Werylinghood twice actually," he confesses with a lopsided grin as he puts his boots on the ground in front of him and begins to slips them on, his face conveniently hidden when he says his next. "Although if the previous Werylingmaster looked half as good as you do in that dress, I may have been better behaved." When he stands again, there's a faintly roguish grin on his face and he holds up his hands against her apologies, "Don't even worry about it. It's fine this way. I have a pretty serious girlfriend, Devana, and I'm a little nervous about seeing her after this. She says she won't have a problem, but you know, reality versus expectation.." he trails off not sure what else to say.

He did weyrlinghood twice? The question runs through Rocio's mind and she's considering that now's not the right time to ask for the details of that particular escapade. She watches as the brownrider leans a little to put on his boots and for a (very) brief moment she considers kneeing him in the groin, BUT now's not exactly the right time for that either. "Uh huh." is all she says about his comment for her dress. "It itches like a bastard." A slight wince follows when he mentions a 'serious girlfriend' and Ro shakes her head a bit. "Yeeaah. That's kinda why I usually high tail it oughtta there. Makes for less awkward talk about weyrmates and such. Ya see, I don't exactly have that problem." A beat, "But, y'all do and I feel bad about it." Now that his boots are on, she starts walking along the pathway again. "It's gotten to the point where I just leave so there isn't a panicky fuss, and I didn't even think that this mighta been a first for you. Lesson learned."

It's like F'kan's mouth has a mind of his own, but he seems to be catching hold of it fairly quickly. No more comment is made on the dress and he merely nods with her next words, "Well it's good to know that's an option at least, getting out as soon as possible after I mean…I wouldn't want to offend anyone, but yeah, lingering sounds uncomfortable." When she starts walking, he follows since they're going in the same direction, "But really, how would you have known? There really wasn't much time to communicate this kind of thing." Yeah, talking of any kind wasn't high on his list of priorities in the moment.

"Well, hey. Don't base what's good for you on how I handle things." Rocio says with a forestalling hand. Her gaze lingers out in front them and her pace is average — not too fast, not too slow. Her main priority is to get to the baths and change out of this damn dress. This damn pink dress. Niamyth approves of said attire and the sprinkle of fireflies that manifest in Rocio's thoughts says it all. "I've been doin' this for quite a while. What works for me ain't always good for someone else." She considers how long she's been out of weyrlinghood and how many flights Niamyth has had over the Turns. Sweet Faranth, she's going to be 30 next Turnday! "Ya kinda just learn from experience."

"Oh I'm sure I'll figure out something right for me," F'kan admits as he falls into an easy saunter next to the greenrider, "Just gotta hope now that he's managed to catch once, Quav won't take several turns before he does again. It was never lack of trying on his part, although the times we were restricted from flights were rough but that was my stupid ass being stupid, so now he's just playing catch-up is all." The way the brownrider brings up his own faults is in an almost nonchalant manner, just stating the facts but not trying to conceal them either. He's spent too many turns as the subject of gossip not to assume everyone knows about F'kan the Fuck-up.

Rocio lifts the heels that are hooked by two fingers to see if she scuffed them or if they suffered any other damage while she was… standing on the bar counter. There's a vague memory of that, almost like she was drunk and can't remember all the exact details of what she did or how she paraded herself in front of everyone. In truth, her mind wasn't exactly clear and it was filled with Niamyth's thoughts for the boys that chased her. Which meant Rocio was eyeing their respective lifemates. Her lips purse and she nods soon after F'kan makes another brow arching comment, "Sooo." She wavers, not certain she really wants to know. "Why exactly did you have to repeat weyrlinghood?" Asks the Weyrlingmaster.

So she doesn't know? The suprise for that is clear in the way F'kan's blue eyes widen as he turns his head to look at Rocio with a self-deprecating chuckle, "I'm sorry, I assumed you knew. It wasn't a secret or anything. I got caught sleeping with a Candidate just a few months after I graduated. She got kicked out just days before the Hatching and I got booted back to Junior Weyrling into a class that included many of her friends, like Amani." The look on his face says just how much fun that was but he dimisses it with a shrug, "It was never my work during weyrlinghood that got me in trouble, just letting the little head do all my thinking for me if you know what I mean.." Cause surely a seasoned woman like the Weyrlingmaster would be aware of how men can get in trouble when their minds are in their shorts.

"That all happened durin' a time when I didn't exactly give a care about anythin' goin on around me." Rocio admits, although Niamyth might've mentioned something to her. Gossip queen that she is! "I was goin' through some stuff on my own." Her slender shoulders lift into a shrug and she cants a look up at F'kan. "So, you've changed since then I hope? I assume y'ain' sleepin' with anymore candidates now that you gotta girl." A beat, "What's her name anyway?" Maybe she knows who it is.

The brownrider won't be so indelicate as to pry into Rocio's troubles though he does give her a sympathetic look. "Well…" F'kan drawls, "No, no more sleeping with candidates." He's careful with his words, he wants to be truthful, but if she didn't catch the gossip about the second incident that got him in trouble, he's not going to bring it up. "Her's name Devana, she's a wildling. Her group's at Southern Barrier at the moment." There's no mistaking the goofy grin of a man most smitten when he speaks her name, blue eyes brightening as well.

Never fear, Rocio will send Niamyth on a gossipy hunt for information should she desire to find out the details of F'kan's past. For now, however, she'll be content to just know him and his dragon as her lifemate's latest flight winner. "Devana." The name doesn't ring a bell. A grin follows after he mentions that the girl is a wildling, though. "Nothin' wrong with that. I had the biggest crush on a wildling that Impressed some Turns ago." There's a fond smile for A'kehm, who she's now good friends with. Her expression begins to sober at the thought of F'kan having the flight conversation later in the day and she doesn't envy him one bit. "It's tough bein' a rider that's in love with someone who ain't bonded. I knew a bluerider who was weyrmated to a Harper once, and they struggled with the same thing." Flights.

"Yeah, I've never met anyone like her," F'kan states plainly, with a touch of awe in his deep voice. "In Lynx, we've been trying to get closer with the wildlings, trying to connect with him them. They are so different from us in so many ways. I was just telling M'noq that there's a Wildling candidate right now, Treivyshe, and he says he might be able to get me a meeting with his clan." When mention turns to weyrmating someone unbonded, his smile falters and a thoughtful look takes over. "Well, that's not an option for us right now. Her clan doesn't know about us, and it has to stay that way unfortuately." Clearing his throat, he turns the questioning on Rocio, "So what about you? Just a free spirit, not to be tied down?" he takes a wild guess.

Rocio's honey colored brows rise and she looks a little impressed at the work Lynx has been doing. "Huh. That's kinda neat." And she really ought to get to to know the current candidates, but it's a little difficult to find extra time these days — she already lost out with Niamyth turning all glowy this sevenday! T'is the life of a greenriding Weyrlingmaster. "Wait, her family don't know y'all are seein' each other?" She snorts at the thought and shakes her head, half smirking as she does. "You're just a glutton for punishment, ain't ya?" And when the questions turn on her, she pauses a moment before answering. "Ain't found the right person yet." She lies. "I require a special kinda guy." Okay, that's not a lie. "Someone that can handle this." Her. And Nia's flights. "Someone that I can trust, someone handsome. Someone that's taller than me…" Because her previous boyfriend was the same height as her! IE: short. "And, hey. If ya found someone that you can trust to love ya back, then by Faranth don't let her go."

"You have no idea," F'kan comments on being a glutton for punishment, but there's a playful smirk on his lips as he shrugs his shoulders, "And yeah, the work I've been doing with Lynx is great. Although I wonder if it's exactly what we should be doing me and Quav. M'noq's been prompting me to do some thinking about what I want to do besides just being a wingrider," he explains eroneously, seems the brownrider is in a chatty mood after the evening's events. Actively listening to Rocio, his blonde head nods in agreement, "Oh I hear you there, about finding the right person. I was sure I would be a bachelor for life, and being a rider, that's certainly an option without missing out on companionship. But when Devana almost skewered me with one of her arrows when we first met, I knew she was different, and that I was hooked." ahhh, what a sweet story. "And the more I think about it, I think she will handle this just fine. She may feel the need to reclaim me as hers, but who am I to stop her?"

Okay, Rocio has to snicker at the idea of F'kan getting skewered by an arrow. She happens to have a love for archery since she was a pretty damn good huntress in her previous life. Life before Niamyth, that is. "Well, then maybe now's a good time for you to find out." She then points in the general direction of the inner caverns where she plans to be for the next however long. "I've gotta date with the baths." The Weyrlingmaster straightens a bit and then pivots toward F'kan with a bit of a smile. Niamyth is probably still hanging around Quaverilth — so, good luck separating them! "I'm sure I'll be seein' ya around. Have a good one, 'kay?"

Well shard it! F'kan was going to head to the baths himself, but he definitely feels that would be awkward, so instead he mentally changes his target to the Nighthearth after a brief check in with his lifemate, "I might as well rustle up some klah, Quav's not budging at the moment, and I can't really begrudge him that. Although I could really do without the utter smugness from him." His easy tease of his brown is good-natured of course, he's really kinda proud of his lifemate. "Sure, and you too Weyrlingmaster. Clear skies." And he'll even sign off with a tick of two fingers to his temple in a casual salute before veering off in search of his first mug of klah of the day, the first of many he predicts.

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