Xanthee, evka, & Zisiene


Zisiene's in the baths getting cleaned up. Reveka and Xanthee are gossipping.


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the fifty-eighth day of Winter and 34 degrees. It is a clear night.


Public Baths

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.
On the perch are Pikebutt and Chaosti.

It's a chilly evening, and in one of the pools is a small figure. There is still clouds of dirt driftiting up and away, all the while the this small figure watches the door. The hard edge of suspicion is now mixed with grief. Zisiene may have stopped her running, but she's still working through her recent loss. Eventually she does grab a handful of soapsand, and begins to scrub away the dirt and grime that has all but ingrained itself into her skin.

Walking in from the Bazaar, Xanthee is bundle up against the cold, wearing a thick woolen crimson dress over top of which is her usual battered riding jacket. This last is then removed slowly as she dreamily walks into the place as if she is lost in her own thoughts, eyes down and in front of her. She goes through the familiar motions of removing her clothes and grabbing soap sand and a towel and bring them over to the hottest pool where she places them on the ground, far enough away not to get splashed, but close enough to reach without leaving the pool. Over her light caramel skin, several minor scrapes and bruises, from the almost healed all to the very fresh. As she lowers herself into the hot water, she hisses loudly, eyes closing until she is up to her neck. Before even moving for the soapsand, she just lays her head on the edge and closes her eyes while she lets her body float just under the surface of the hot pool.

Reveka comes in from the cold shivering, a heavy duster coat around her frame, she looks pale. She's been sick the last couple of days, a fact that has annoyed her considerably because it's dampered her aility to perform, and her now almost nightly visits to Daenerys. Hoping to steam out some of her head cold (or what she thinks is a head cold), she's come to the baths to soak. She goes through the rounds too, noticing figures in the steam but not focusing on who they might be. That is, until she comes to the warmest pool and finds Xanthee, she spots Zisiene and waves, reminding herself to tell Willa she's seen the girl now. Willa had warned against trying to confront Zisiene about her absense or anything, knowing the girl had probably suffered a shock from the loss of Ravene. Turning towards Xan, Reveka puts a smile on her pale face and clears her throat. "Hey Stranger!" Hey! At least she sounds happy right?

The entrance of Xanthee is noted, but for now Zisiene is busy getting herself fully clean. There are still conversations she has to have, but for now getting clean is probably the best thing she can do. Done with the second scrub, Isie finally feels clean. Xanthee is given a nod, and the woman will remain where she is as she lets the heat of the water wash away the knots that she has acquired in her muscles over the time she's been missing. Nimble lifts his head from where he's decided to nap, and blinks at Xanthee. No threat, eyes close, and the blue 'lizard's asleep again in no time. Reveka's greeting to Xanthee has Zisiene looking up at least. Nimble's eyes unlid again, and this time the blue moves over towards Reveka. Hey he's not shy, and he has his preferred head scritchers of which Reveka tops his list. Scritches? Please? Pretty please? No? Okay.

Serah glides in from the Central Bazaar.
Serah haunts nosily.

Oh and who's voice is it that Xanthee hears? Opening just one emerald eye, she spies her Zingari friend. "Well well well Reveka." She says in the most knowing, sing-song voice. "Managed to crawl out from under my brother long enough for a bath? I bet you need it huh?" Oh Xan is the perfect picture of smug teasing in all it's puffed-up glory. Her emerald eyes dancing with mischievous mirth. "You do realize there's a book going on in the camp on how soon your pretty little belly starts to swell. I hope you are taking your herbs my dear." She flips over now and folds her arms on the edge of the pool then resting her chin on them, looking up at the dancer girl with a critical eye, although it mostly seems she is giving back the same as she had to take from Reveka during their Slumber Party with Amani at Southern.

Reveka blushes prettily enough at the jab at how much time she spends with Daenerys, she knows they're quite obvious. Her mother has been trying to speak with her over the camp rumors and she's been avoiding her, not wanting to hear the 'a proper girl waits for marriage' line. Those days were long gone for the Zingari, social stimga leftovers or no. She laughs after the bath comment and shakes her head. "Oh like you're one to talk, you're practically Mrs. Malosim at this point, why are you in the baths Missy? Hmm?" It's all playful banter as Reveka rids herself of her clothing and sinks into the thankfully hot water with a sigh, sniffling a bit. She eyes Xanthee when her friend turns her owb barb on her, laughing along until Xanthee mentions herbs. Wait. When had she taken those last? She's certain she'd taken them on time….maybe. She's been wrapped up in Daen and Performance, with little mind to anything else. Her mother's been on it about letting Reveka leave the home wagon so soon…but as a full recognized Zingari adult who's passed her tests, Reveka makes that decision, not her mother. She looks uncertain about the herbs, ut doesn't seem all too worried about it, so shrugs off the tease. "Where have you been hiding lately?" Reveka asks, though really, has Xan been hiding(off elsewhere) or has Reveka just been that wrapped up in Daen.

Also, loves for Nimble. So many, many loves.

Zisiene simply listens to the banter between the other two women. She has no excuse for her absence, so silence is her companion. At least for now. Nimble croons at the attention, and then moves over to be in easy hand's reach of Xanthee. Really, he's being neglected. He'd tell anyone that'd listen as much if he could talk, "Nimble," Isie says to the blue, usually that's enough to make him stop begging but he's just playing up the starved for attention routine.

"You know…I don't remember.." Xanthee taps on her chin idly with one slener finger, "Who was it again who set the two of you up? It's on the tip of my tongue…" Oh Xan could keep this up all night, but then Reveka calls her Mrs. Malosim, and a blush rises to her cheeks as she suddenly goes very quiet. Oh look, perfect time to duck under the water and wet her hair in preparation for washing it. When she surfaces again, the redness is mostly gone from her cheeks as she shakes out raven locks. Finally she answers the dancer's questions, "I'm here because I've been training every second day, with work shifts most days after that, and what little free time I do have is spent with my beloved."

Something in the way that Xanthee uses that particular term of endearment is telling, almost like it holds some secret significance. "Because with one clutch already hardening and another on the way.." Xan seems to suddenly have a lump in her throat that she swallows hard to dislodge before she continues. "Well, if it happens you know.." She can't name it, it's not yet real, she still has time. With a long cleansing sigh she reaches for the soapsand. Then she does spy the begging blue and she just sniggers, "Nice try, I have 3 greedy beggars of my own who take up even more of my precious time." She grumbles but she loves her trio.

Zisiene almost chuckles, but then Nimble's splashing into the pool to beg for attention from Isie. Really, he's just trying to make his humanpet laugh. Unfortunate for him all he ever seems to get from Zisiene is almost smiles, and not quite chuckles, "So, you and Daen?" this is directed at Reveka, and it's a pairing that Isie never would have seen.

Reveka rolls her eyes and shakes her head. She knows she has no end of the smug in sight with Xan. Yeah yeah. You win Xan, you win! (So much love, really!) "How is training going?" Reveka asks, acually interesed in her friend's life and not just the fact that she and Daen are caravan gossip right now. As the hardening clutch of eggs is mentioned and the most recent flight, Reveka grows excited. "It's always so thrilling when there's a clutch on the sands, all the candidates running about. I wish you luck Xan, really." She laughs at Xan's reaction to Nimble. Poor Nimble. At Zisiene's comment, Reveka's head swivels and she smiles, blushing. "Aye, sort of."

Uh-huh. The blush says more than 'sort of' to Zisiene, "Okay then," and she's happy to let it go at that. Xanthee's eyed, then Zisiene is grabbing the towel she'd set out for herself, "I have to talk with," she stops, takes a breath, then starts again, "I've got to go," talk with Willa, but she'll get dressed in clothes that don't scream 'destitute begger' before she does. She'll probably burn those rags that are on the floor in a heap, and begin work on a fresh set of rags. Maybe? The second person she has to talk to will determine that or not, and Javid is the person she's dreading talking with the most. But she's made up her mind. No more running.

Xanthee offers a little wave in Zisiene's direction as she departs, before turning back to Reveka as she measures a generous amount of soapsand into her hand and begins rubbing it into her hair working it into a lather. "Training's good. Kyara challenges me, but she's a great teacher so I have no complaints. I nearly skewered your new bedmate the other day when he snuck up on me, so I guess the self-defense aspect is kicking in." Then the conversation comes back to clutching and Xan sighs heavily. "Thanks. I know there's nothing I can do, either I get asked to stand or I don't, but…I want another chance y'know. After I so thoroughly fucked up my last one." She says emphatically, looking at her friend, a desperate look in her emerald eyes.

Zisiene dresses, gathers her things, and heads out. Nimble lifts himself out of the bathing pool, gives himself a shake, and follows after. Reveka, and Xanthee are given a backhanded wave as Isie departs.

Reveka is glad to hear training with Kyara is going well. She waves at Zisiene, not envying the girl the chat she must have with Willimina and Javid. But, attention then turns back to Xanthee who's moved back onto the topic of dragons…or their eggs, rather. "It is a lovely dream to have Xan, I hope you get it, I really do." She looks sympatheticly towards Xanthee. "Young and Stupid is as Young and Stupid does. We all make our mistakes Xanthee. You learn, and move on. Besides, what adventures you've had since then eh?" Some of Reveka's color is returning in the hot bath, and with mention of adventure, Reveka loves adventure.

Taking one last sigh to clear the talk of dragons and their eggs, Xanthee shakes her head to dissipate her thoughts back into the ether. Then she smiles at Reveka's talk of adventures, a small smile tugging at the corner of her lips. "I really have. Found my soulmate, my father, sisters I never knew I had, new baby sibling on the way too by the way." She gives a sly side-eyed look then at Reveka, "You've had you're own adventures though. And many more ahead I'm sure. And you better tell that brother of mine that he better get out to see me himself sometime, or I might go looking for him again and who knows what I might walk in on." A mirthful giggle bubbles out of her on her last.

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