Renalde, Jedi, Z'bor


Renalde is making people work, and both Jedi and Z'bor manage to not get caught in the second wave of it.


It is afternoon of the first day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Clearing, Southern Weyr

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The rise from sea to Weyr is made serene by a charming road winding sand-trodden from beach below to stonecut entrance above. The path wanders among a surprisingly green valley where purple flowers bloom in charmingly unfettered profusion. The meadows themselves are often in high demand as picnic areas, for dragons are not allowed to land in the narrow valley itself. No trees nor cliff lies near to shadow the clearing, however, and the intensity of sun can be unbearable for those not familiar with the humid drench of Southern's summers.

It is the first day of Autumn and 101 degrees. It is partly cloudy and everything is wet still from the recent rains.

You know what? It is hot out in the Jungle, hotter than the weyr where it is at least drier. Out here surrounded by trees and bushes the humidity is oppressive. Somehow though, Renalde manages to look completely unaffected by it. His clothing is starched and pristine even as the score of weyrfolk around him sweat through their clothing hauling in loads from within the forest to lay to rest in the back of a wagon. A clipboard receives marks upon it as each bag is placed in its place.

One, two, One, Two, One Two… Z'bor's boot shod feet smack the ground and send up poofs of dust from the road as he runs up it, his muscles straining and his breath coming in deep, measured huffs. Ozriath, his eensy weensy green, bounds circles around him, much like an overly excited canine. Z'bor has to concentrate on not laughing as he tries to comunicate to his lifemate and run at the same time, hen settles for a smile instead. They reach the clearing soon enough, and here, Z'bor gives himself his reins and really takes off, his boots pounding out an eratic tattoo on the ground. Ozriath however, bounds around him a few more times before wandering off in the direction of Renalde, her curiousity piqued.

What was Jedi doing today? Probably something that includes the words "I solemnly swear I'm up to no good"! Or well, some variation of them. Either way, she comes trudging out of a different point of the forest than the cavernfolk, and pauses when she spots the work going on. Flee in the other direction? Ah, but then there's a Renalde to sweeten the pot, and a Z'bor who she doesn't really know too well. What more bait does she need? "Hello!" Boy she sounds cheerful despite the humidity.

Renalde flicks off a tick on his list as his eyes rise up. The dragon is eyed first, but dismissed. So long as he doesn't step on any of the people hauling things from the forest it does not require Renalde's attention. Then towards the running rider. If he looks Renalde will nod once in his direction before being distracted by a particular red-head appearing. "Jedi." Is his cool reply, "What brings you down to the jungle on this rather hot day?" He steps away from the wagon a pace or two, though he remains positioned where he can oversee the work being done.

Z'bor continues his run, part of his daily Serval routine. He give Renalde a curt nod as he runs by, pat pat pat. Ozriath watches the worker bees for a moment before looming her wedge shaped head over Renalde's shoulder to inspect what he is doing. She's a curious thing, this tiny tiny green. She turns her head when Jedi approaches and moves it so that she can sniff at the newcomer, obviously not shy at greeting anyone. By the time Z'bor comes back aorund, Ozriath is hovering over the other human pair, examining everything with an attention to detail, though she's managed t stay out of the way so far.

"Well aren't you absolutely beautiful, Ozriath." Jedi compliments after checking with her own lifemate regarding the green's name, happily complying in giving her some eyeridge scritches if she wants some. "You remind me of another green I know's around here somewhere.." Oh right, she was talking to Renalde and Z'bor! Ahem, don't mind her doting on a dragon that's not hers. "How's it going, Renalde?" She doesn't directly answer his question, but she's not quite avoiding it. "Z…'bor, right?" Making sure she has the right name to the right rider! Although since he's not one of her wing it's less of a fiasco if she doesn't have it right. Hopefully.

If the dragon is interested in the bags of whatever-it-is that are being carted in from the jungle Renalde will help her by holding out the clip board just a little bit further away from his body. Really, everyone should have a chance to participate in weyr running if they're so inclined. Her artful doge isn't lost on the Headman, but he isn't about to pry into what takes her into the jungles. Instead, he flicks a glance at his workers before returning it to Jedi. "Well enough. Getting work done while the sun shines." Dryness colours his tone, as it is clearly evident what they are doing.

Z'bor stops running, his breath now coming in ragged pulls. "Nice.. to .. mee.t.. you Jedi." He grins lopsidedly and leans over on his knees to take in huge breaths. Ozriath however, loses herself in the offered eye ridge scratching and rumbles happily, her tail sweeping behind her. Z'bor looks over eyeing the workers and Renalde's list checking. "Busy day Headman?" He asks, trying to be jovial. He stands erect, and joins Jedi next to his rumbling green.

At least the lack of a spear means that she likely wasn't off galavanting and trying to slay felines again, or some other such tomfoolery! Jedi's all too happy to keep up with the skritches, murmuring endearments at the pretty little green. "A pleasure to meet you too." Her eyes flick from his dragon to him, and then to Renalde. "What's on the agenda today? Anything particularly interesting? Other than just…this." Handwave. Since Renalde's being (in Jedi's mind!) obstinate, she'll just keep asking questions. Apparently it's as close to flirting as she's going to get for now!

Since it has been established that Renalde lacks the ability to flirt, it is probably a good thing that Jedi limits her flirting to innocent questions. "Do you have water Z'bor?" Renalde steps backwards and reaches into the wagon to produce a skin of water which is handed over to the rider. "It is much too hot to be running as hard as you were without some." A worker edges around Renalde and the headman steps back out of his way as the sack is loaded into the wagon. "Jump in after it," the headman instructs the worker, "And begin stacking them properly. It is about time to head back to the weyr proper." Then he will turn his attention back to Jedi, shifting his whole body so that it is facing her. "There is always work to be done my dear. All of this must be placed into the stores. Are you offering to assist?" Because Renalde will draft anyone with idle hands.

Z'bor gratefully takes the skin, carefully drinking down his fill. "Thanks mate." He says informally. "I really should have brought some with me." Ozriath angles an eye at her rider and huffs, apparently, she'd told him the same thing. But, as there is affection aimed her way, Ozriath leaves it at that. She gives Jedi an affectionate bump to he chest with her muzzle. Z'bor wipes the sweat from his face and stares up at the glaring sun. "Hey Oz, what say you should we go cool ourselves at the beach?" He goes distant at the sound of Ozriath's mind voice and comes too a few moments later. "Well, thanks again Headman, but we should go. Nice chatting all!" He waves at Ozriath, who gives Jedi one more affectionate nudge and then bounds after her rider, tail swaying.

"See you around, Z'bor." The redhead calls cheerfully after the departing greenrider. Then she turns back to the headman. "Normally my answer would be yes, Rena." Jedi replies with an apologetic smile crossing her lips, once Z'bor's out of the way. Ah, there's the flirting. "But Lli's alerted me that Th'seus needs to see me about something." She pats his arm lightly with a wink. "Another time, I promise." Llioramasith settles down on the path, and Jedi walks over to him. "And you can hold me to it." She says with a wink, before climbing up and strapping in. A flex of muscles, and the brown launches himself into the air, and they're gone.

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