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In the making of this scene. And since it's Southern Barrier in Winter, that's an accomplishment!


It is sunset of the tenth day of the eighth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Barrier - Mirror Hall and Klah Bark

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Mirror Hall

Shadows dance and flicker from the stolen light of those who dare brave past the risky turbulence of the ice stream: stolen light, bouncing and reflecting at odd angles in this strange, winding way. Surrounding the path in surreality, sheets of translucent ice tower at every angle as the stream dives under the glacier proper and out of sight. The effect is having one's reflection constantly tossed back from all directions, a dizzyingly discombobulating phenomenon. Curves hide where this passageway leads, though a strange, far-off light seems to promise more room if only one continues to move forward. Careful of the step, here ice reigns supreme and only the most fleet footed walk without the devilish ice seeking to cause footfalls to stumble.

It is the fortieth day of Winter and 12 degrees. It's really damn cold out.

"This ain't even funny NIA!" Sounds like Rocio is coming from somewhere outside the mirror cavern. In fact, folks within ear shot can probably hear her stomping through crunchy snow as she makes her way deeper inside the cavern. Finally, she emerges into sight: "I'm freezin' my hind end off here! NIA!" From somewhere outside, Southern's sassy little green is enjoying the fact that her rider is on the losing end of a bet they made in the warmer climate of the Weyr. The greenriding huntress is dressed for the frigid temps and she is grumbling to herself until her very own reflection catches her eye. Again. And again… Mirrors everywhere! "Whoa. This is weird." She squints at herself from a few different angles.

"You're absolutely right," comes a rather pathetic sounding voice from a walking pile of parkas that was lurking further inside the the Mirror caverns. Whatever it was that caused Madox to end up trekking out to this sharding glacier in the middle of winter, the poor harper does not seem particularly enthused by the idea. But at least he had time to get more than adequately dressed for the weather, although if he were to topple over, he might end up looking like a struggling turtle that got turned over somehow. Still, despite the possibly three? actual coats he's wearing, the man still shivers as the wind blows through the caverns creating some interesting droning sounds as it does. "How'd you get roped into coming here?"

"Whoa!" Rocio spins around and looks like she's about to high kick some poor soul in the face. When Madox is spotted, though, she relaxes a bit a looks less menacing — if a 5'4, lean looking rider can even seem menacing. Hey, it's all in the attitude right? "I mean, shards. Sorry… uh. I get a little edgy when I'm freezin' to death." That grumpy tone is starting to return just before she pulls up her scarf over her mouth and nose to help contain heat and lessen exposure. "Believe it or not, I came up here to see the caverns 'cause I ain't been in 'em for Turns. I don't really remember it bein' so shardin' cold up in here." Igen. The desert ruined her. "What about you?" A hand gestures to the man. "What're you doin' up here? We should probably keep moving so we don't lose fingers and toes." She's only half joking.

Madox has been menaced by people much less intimidating than Rocio! Working with a class full of preteen girls can be traumatizing on a bad day. Words, they know just how to wield them like a knife. That being said, he'll take a step back and hold up his hands in the universal gesture of 'whoaaa!' and he's even gotten mittens on. Who has ever been up to no good while wearing mittens? "I'm pretty sure grumpy and freezing to death are always paired together." They certainly are whenever he's been anywhere that requires a proper winter coat and not just like, a sweater or two. "Apparently the fact that I'd never seen the sharding glacier or the caverns was a downright shame. And so, my ride decided we needed to make a detour, but then he got called away in an emergency and well, said he'd be right back…" And so poor Madox is here, stuck in the middle of a mountain made of ice. "So you just came here to see them? In the middle of winter? Couldn't have waited like… three months?" When it might start to warm up just a smidge.

"Well, here's the thing…" Yeah, she has a perfectly good explanation on top of her original explanation. "When I get dared to do somethin', I just gotta do it. It ain't in me to back down, ya know?" Rocio, wildly stubborn since Impression. "Niamyth said I wouldn't last fifteen minutes in the caverns and guess what? I LASTED FIFTEEN MINUTES NIA!" Does she really need to shout to her lifemate when she can just simply relay the message mentally? Why, yes. Yes she does. There's a very proud 'I Won' grin beneath her scarf as she jerks a mittened thumb in the general direction of the Hold's main hall. "You wanna maybe get outta the cold? The Klah Bark serves the hottest tea I ever tasted." Guaranteed to scald tongues and warm people up in less than two minutes.

How quickly can the human mouth form the word, "YES!" because Madox may be pushing for a world record on that. He really has no intention of becoming a harper-Popsicle since that's the least useful form for a harper with being all frozen and stuff, so he'll start hightailing it towards the entrance as soon as the words are mentioning, although turning around to make sure the greenrider is following. "They also have you know… Klah." Seeing as they're the klah bark. It'd be horribly misleading for them NOT to have Klah available. And his manners may have been frozen for a bit, but he is remembering them. "I'm Madox, by the way. Normally stationed at Southern." Normally, except when Tristam feels like torturing the poor journeyman. Or one of the Hold's harpers gets sick.

Rocio is, in fact, following Madox out of the frigid mirror cavern and offers her own introduction (as polite as she can muster given how sharding cold she is). "Rocio, green Niamyth's. Of Southern." She'll pause her next thought until they complete their trek inside the Hold and when they're sated at a table inside the Klah Bark. Or almost seated. The greenriding huntress sheds a few layers and hangs her winter riding jacket over the back of a chair, breathing into cupped hands to help warm them up. "Remind me never to take on a dare at the Barrier again, 'kay? At least a dare from Nia." Somewhere outside the dainty green is pleased as punch, even though she lost their little wager.

Madox fully approves the whole not talking so they can get their butts inside somewhere warmer sooner strategy, although 'warm' is relative when it comes to Southern Barrier. Even when they get to the table, the harper's still keeping most of his layers on for the moment, although the gloves are slipped off and he flexes those absurdly long fingers. Luckily, there's no signs of possible frost bite or whatever he may have been looking for. "Does she dare you often then?" For living in a Weyr, Madox has somehow managed to spend very little time around dragons. All that practice dodging searchriders! "I'd ask the same… but I keep vowing I'll never be back. Hasn't worked so far." He does look a little glum about it, but their waitress is coming around. "Do you have a vat of klah? Like this big?" Arms held out to practically cauldron sized for demonstration.

Right now Rocio sports some knitted fingerless gloves that were hidden beneath much, much thicker mittens suited for outside temperatures. Having shed a few layers of winter gear, she keeps this pair on to help retain a little more heat — yet, still grip a mug of klah. "She's a right pain in the ass." Niamyth, that is. Not the waitress. In fact, the serving gal is on the receiving end of a grin as the greenrider helps demonstrate how big of a vat Madox is talking about. "Maybe even bigger if you can manage it." Hands spread wide indicating large troughs— err, mugs. "So, this ain't your first trip to the Hold? Lucky you!"

So sad day. It turns out they won't be getting a container of klah big enough that a very flexible and determined person could swim in it. Something about 'health hazard' and 'absurd'. The waitress does agree that she can bring them each pitchers of klah and the largest mugs they have, which Madox nods and agrees to at least for his part of the order. The harper winces a bit at the mention of lucky as that rings very true, despite it seeming to be the worst luck. "Yeah… although I'm promised this stint is just for a few days. About oh… two turns ago I was up here for months after that whole murder thing happened." Since Stewards drop like flies on the Southern Continent, that might not be a very distinguishing event.

Rocio will be beyond content to have just a large mug of klah so she doesn't have to make a pit stop to the latrines every five minutes for the rest of the day. "Yeah?" Folding her arms on the table top, she leans forward and looks at Madox when he explains his history at the Hold. "Ah, okay. But, uh, which murder thing are we talkin' about here?" She asks because she was involved with the capture of a mad man stalking the Hold and Weyr several Turns ago. "Oh, wait. You said two Turns ago. Heh. Nevermind." Blame the lack of klah for her lack of focus. "This Hold brings back a lot of… memories. Some not at all good." Her gaze lowers to the frayed edges of her long sleeved shirt when a few of those memories creep to the surface.

"The one at the gala, shortly after the volcano and the smugglers and all…" Madox is just going to waves his hand at the details. The klah is arriving and he's got some pressing concerns of trying to immediately consume it, regardless of scalding temperature. At least his mouth doesn't seem too burned. He'll just cling to the mug for a while though. Have the klah. Love the Klah. BE THE KLAH. Or something like that. "But this seven, it's just boring old harpers lessons for me." No murders and apparently he's getting to skip out on all that 'fun' research stuff the other harpers are doing back at Southern regarding all the possible poisoning. There are silver linings to everything maybe. "The Hold is an interesting place." To put it diplomatically.

Siiiiip goes the klah. Rocio's fingers gingerly hold the mug and then hover around the hot surface once it's set back down on the table. "Want any sweetner or cream?" Because the waitress brought some over for her (hey@, Ro likes to have a little klah with her sweetner). A spoon stirs the hot liquid for a moment and she nods along as Madox talks about the research back at the Weyr. "Ain't that nutty? About the poisoning, I mean. Lucky for me, I ain't gotten terribly sick from anythin'." Perhaps she better knock on wood. "Hey, that reminds me… What are the odds that the jungle would have some kinda fungi that counteracts the poison? I mean, like a fungi antidote. Ya think somethin' like that exists?" He be Harper, so he might know.

Madox is really, really torn as he looks between the mug in his hand and the sweetener. It's a bit of a mini-existential crisis deciding between delicious sweet beverage and letting go of the lovely warm mug even temporarily, but delicious wins out. He can at least keep one hand on it as he mixes in a bit of sweetener and some cream for good measure. "Thank you and uh, nutty is one way to put it," Not the way the harper probably would, but he's not going to object really, especially since he's then broadsided with the next random question and the gears in his head are practically visible with their turning as he tilts his head towards the side, thinking. "Fungi… there are a lot of different mushrooms in the jungle, but the last time I went out, Sybri kept telling me 'don't eat that, it's poison.' for mostly everything." Which may or may not have been true. She could have just been pulling his leg.

"Hmm. Maybe it's more of a Healer-y question." Rocio muses as her gaze drifts across the Klah Bark, focusing on nothing in particular. "I mean, if'n ya eat the wrong mushroom you're in for world of hurt. Or death. That could be a thing…" So, yeah. She agrees with Madox about every other mushroom being poisonous… but. There might be one type out there that could do some good. She'll have to go pester a Healer about this idea of hers. Some more klah is sipped as she side-eyes the Harper, considering. "Ain't never a dull moment around here, is there?"

"Probably. Or a Farmer," Madox does his best to promote all crafts to his students before they go out and start choosing apprenticeships and other careers paths, so it's really just reflex at this moment to suggest the farmers as well. "Yeah, puking your guts out could be relatively tame result of eating the wrong one." He'll shake his head at the thought and try to wash out the idea with another huge sip of his drink. "Yeah. I think last night I walked in on a wager of some sort between two wildling miners, that turned into a drinking contest that turned into a wrestling match that turned into people running out into snow." There may or may not have been stripping before the wildlings ran out.

Rocio snickers at the thought of wildlings wrestling and then at the visual of people running out into the snow as a result. Sounds like a typical night at the Barrier! "Ohh, the stories I could tell you about this place. About Mister Renalde," The BEST Headman Southern ever had. "About the Coin Killer," The mad man that broke her face. "About Miss Bailey." A fellow survivor. "About the hidden room of pillows." Shhh! It's a total secret… All memories of her past, and all are memories that the Barrier holds for her. The mug of klah is lifted to her lips and she acts nonchalant while taking another loud siiiip.

It's not like the greenrider didn't already have Madox's attention, but the mention of the Coin Killer, and then Bailey and then… pillows? certainly has all of it now. He can drink klah on auto-pilot. Seeing as he's going to be here for at least a few more days and there's a whole other pitcher of klah in front of him, the harper will do his best to try and pry enough details out of Rocio so he might be able to find the secret room during his stay. Plus, stories about killers are usually interesting. And since fair is fair, he'll probably even offer to share a few of his own stories as well, although they're mostly less life threatening, but still plenty of drama!

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