M'noq, Vani


Vani is passing time in the ‘Kitten, when M’noq comes by as part of his job. It is perhaps unsurprising that the conversation quickly devolves to work-related matters.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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"Not my job any more either."


The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

"Stupid rain," M'noq mutters as he slips into the Kitten, dripping. "Stupid cold, stupid rain. And you-" He points a finger at a Lynx rider at the bar, a young man perhaps not even out of his teens, already wobbly with drink. "You and me, tomorrow. PT at dawn. You'd better get to bed so you can sleep off whatever it is you've already had." The young rider ducks his head and darts out, leaving half a beer unfinished. M'noq sighs and shakes his head. "Shouldn't be my job to chase him out of here every night."

Vani is a little bit further down the bar, talking to a couple of barmaids, and enjoying something that really isn't beer. While she may no longer be employed at the 'Kitten, it doesn't mean she isn't inclined to swing by from time to time. Even though A'hali no longer has Infirmary duty, there are still nights when he is away and she has a hankering for some uncomplicated company. "Not my job any more either." She calls over the intervening stools with an unrepentant grin, and a mocking salute to the departing young rider. M'noq can make up his mind if she means as a Lynx rider, or a barmaid. "Rains not so bad." Of course she's been tucked up in the cheery beery warmth of the 'Kitten for a while so she can afford to be philosophical about it.

M'noq waves a greeting to Vani and tries to cover over a sigh, before wandering over and sitting next to her. "Careful, or I'll convince Va'os to transfer you back to Lynx, and I'll make you wingsecond. Then it will be your job." He's teasing. And maybe wishing just a little. "The rain is awful. I'd rather have snow. How are the weyrlings?" He pauses, mentally calculating their age. "Graduation is soon, isn't it?"

Vani shakes her head sadly. "That…" There is a pause. "That wouldn't work…" Why, she's not going to divulge. "But talking to Va'os might be an idea…" Clearly what happens after has been something that consumes her thoughts, now that she has time to sit and think about things. "They're going about as well as can be expected. The stupid ones are stupid, the bright ones are pushing." There is a shrug and sip to accompany her totally professoinal assessment. (Disclaimer: NO PC's are stupid, but feel free to invent Stupid NPC's). "I like water." Any water! Including the stuff that falls out of the skies.

Rain, I mean rain… not Thread. That stuff sucks >.>

M'noq shoots her a wry smile. "Fine, I know your weyrmate is in Lynx now." Plenty of good reasons why not to work too closely with someone you're in a relationship with. Here's where if he drank and had his inhibtions lowered, he would start talking about A'hali. Which would be a terrible idea, so it's good that he stays sober. "Send me a list of the stupid ones. I'll make sure not to take those when they get sent to the wings." He eyeballs her, then her glass. "Is that what you're drinking? Water?"

"It probably started out that way." She admits with a shrug, holding the glass way to admire the light through the liquid. "But between you and me, I think they might have added stuff to it." As they do in most distilling processes. She still drinks it anyways, professional curiosity or something. "Whats the shit list worth to you?" She asks, rubbing thumb and fingers together in that age old gesture of 'money', even as she winks. "According to P'quil they'll get there. I'm just not entirely sure how for some of them." There is a world-weary sigh for the concerns of her current rank before she watches her former wingleader through sooty lashes. "Yes." It's a simple agreement. "He is." And then she's going to have to hide that grin behind her glass. "I'm working on an extender for his pauldron…"

A bartender brings M'noq a glass of fruit juice, being familiar enough with the Lynx wingleader that they know his usual. He takes a drink, musing on the concept of money for information. "Just kidding. Mostly. I might stop by the training grounds to watch them drill, though. Just because a pair is not particularly good in weyrlinghood doesn't mean there isn't something salvageable in a wing." And Lynx is a good home for riders with non-traditional talents. Then, regarding A'hali: "The pauldron doesn't fit? I gave him one of the large ones." Of course, if it's just the leather bits, that's easy to fix for someone used to making riding straps for dragons.

M'noq ASKED! "I think it fits just fine… more than fine." And there is another very quick sip to hide the grin, the blush however cannot be hidden. "But he doesn't find it comfortable…" So she's doing her little bit to help him out, both literally and figuratively. BECAUSE SHE IS HELPFUL! There is a thoughtful pause, the blush and smile fading, but she doesn't share what thoughts occur to her in that moment, choosing instead to pick up the other thread of conversation. "We're about to start taking them between. If I recall…" There is a cheeky grin. "You're not so shabby at teaching that." She remembers. "And I need to watch how it is done before I'm allowed to do it solo."

M'noq really doesn't need to hear about the little games people play with bits of the Lynx uniform. Because he can easily imagine it, has probably done it before himself, in fact, but the last thing he needs is to imagine A'hali doing it. So he will just sidestep any comment related to that and move back to the weyrlings. "Ah, the betweening lesson is so nerve-wracking for everyone involved. Mostly, I wanted to make sure everyone was ready." He doesn't want any casualties. "You trying to pull in a teacher's assistant?" he teases, smiling slightly.

Vani frowns. "I'm not actually allowed to teach it by myself." It has nothing at all to do with her confidence, and everything to do with her inexperience and the RULES and such. "But I figure if I watch more than one person teaching, I can… accelerate the process." And then she shrugs, "Up to you. It could be that we get put somewhere else after this batch… or we'll master it the next."

M'noq considers that and then nods. "Sure, if you need a hand with the lesson, let me know when and I'll schedule around it. I'd say catch up with N'lim if you can't find me, but he hasn't been the best with passing messages lately. You could try sending it along with A'hali, too. It might be a piece of information he won't feel too reserved to tell me." A bit of humorless worry, there. "Are there any you think need more time before their first jump?"

Vani snorts. "I've never heard Hal say anything bad about anyone… Not even D'ex." Which is crazy talk (or not-talk as the case may be) as far as the greenrider is concerned. "Until he met N'lim." She concedes with a tilt of her head, Let M'noq make of that what he will. It's entirely possible she's had some kind of run in with the notorious N'lim before… and she may have made him disinclined to pass along any messages on her behalf. "Hal's…" There is a nibble on her lip, thoughtful concern lingering as she considers what she wants to say. "He doesn't say much." She agrees. "But that's how he survived. Slow and silent." Unlike her own quick feet and quick tongue. "It's easier to underestimate him that way." Another glance is shot through sooty lashes. But right! Weyrlings! "I have heard, that riders have means not available to the mere holder. Something about instant telepathy?" Caelisth will totally come knocking on Ravaith's mental door.

M'noq rolls his eyes at her sassy comment about telepathy. "All right, fine, if you want to trust a message regarding time to a couple of dragons." He's joking, mostly. Except as good as Ravaith's sense of space and distance are when it comes to mapping, time is generally "now," "not yet," or "okay, that happened," until it is forgotten. M'noq knocks back the rest of his juice and leaves payment on the bar, then stands up to get ready to head out. "You know, I took A'hali out a couple days ago for a running partner for PT. I didn't realize he doesn't actually… run? I may borrow him some morning again soon. Feel free to warn him about that, if you like. Or don't." He grins and gives her a half-salute, half-wave on the way out.

"It must be nice to finally meet someone you can outrun." Because Vani does run, and often… and sometimes for fun! "No, he's not a runner, but if you need some wood cut, knock on our door. He's built for that." Which reminds her. "So long as it is not the morning of the day you're giving him off…Or now. He's done now right?" VANI! There is a wink to show she isn't serious. "Or I can send a lizard." She's a girl with many communication options really. "Just not N'lim." Which is practically confirmation of her own thoughts of the Lynx Wingsecond. And then because he's moving away, she'll give him a salute before finishing her own drink and heading out into the wet autumn rain.

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