Doji, Agertha


Agertha startles Doji, and talk of strange noises is had.


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass. It is the eighty-eighth day of Autumn and 80 degrees. The night is clear, the wind stirring.


Living Cavern

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Living Cavern

Brightly lit by a regimented march of strung glow-globes, Igen's busy living caverns are cut of the same exotic limestone design that frequents the bazaar without. Tapestries line the tops of the walls, one for each of Igen's wings, past and present; beneath them, skybroom tables litter the floors in scattered profusion. Some of the wicker chairs have seen better days, but most of the worst offenders have long-ago been replaced. The seemingly random placement of furniture, however, at closer inspection yields a sort of cross-shape of negative space. The northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns are owned by the kitchen's buffet, food-laden thrice daily in regimented shifts by busy bakers from the curtained southern entrance to the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside; westerly lies the large doors leading down into the bowels of the weyr itself.

Being plagued by creepy noises might be all the rage at the moment, but not everybody is walking around like a zombie that hasn't gotten quite enough sleep and might be mainlining klah. Doji is unsurprisingly too focused on a book to be concerned about rumours. Although trying to pour a glass of water with her nose still in a book looks like it's probably not going to end up too well…

Not everyone is walking around like a zombie because of the noises, some are walking around like they're half asleep for entirely different reasons, "Like some help?" Agertha asks as she sets a plate loaded with food down on the table. After all, that water would probably taste better if it didn't end up on the table and floor.

Any hope of Doji miraculously not spilling the water vanishes as soon as she jumps at Agertha's words and lets out squeak of surprise. Not a lot of water was spilled, but now she's left with tough choices of trying to decide what to put down in order to grab a rag to clean up. "I uh…. Can you hold this?" The this being the book. The now much lighter pitcher is set back on the table, but the archivests normally frown on getting their volumes anywhere close to water.

"Oh, sorry," she didn't mean to startle Doji, so Agertha grabs a rag and begins to clean up the water. Perhaps not what Doji had intended, but then, neither was the spilling of liquid what Agertha had intended. Oops, "Everyone seems on edge," and someone lives under a rock right now, well everyone does but Agertha's been a little out of the loop.

"Ohhhh, uhhh, well…" Doji blinks as she's left hold the book and not able to grab the rag she expected. "I was gonna…" But nope, Agertha seems to got it, so she'll at least shuffle out of the other woman's way. And between living under a rock and constantly having her nose in a book, Doji's not much help about this. "Are they?" But as she actually takes a brief second to look around at the rest of the people in the caverns tonight, a few things start to click into place. Not a fully picture yet, but gears are visibly turning.

Agertha gives a nod, "Seems so," is said as Agertha finishes cleaning up the mess she's partly responsible for, "I thought a fellow Arroyo was going to jump between when I asked how his day had gone," apparently Agertha has a knack for walking quietly that she wasn't aware of, "Ramia's sleeping through the night," but Agertha's still waking up at all hours.

Doji makes sure to tuck the book carefully under her arm before she grabs the nearest mop to finish cleaning up the rest of it. "Yeah… some of the cotholders have been a bit jumpy when I checked in on them during sweeps. Said there was a strange whooping sound in the desert at night, but no signs of anything really unusual. Aside from the starcrafters saying there has been stronger winds than usual lately." She can mop and talk! "Sleepy through the night is good?" She's assuming it's good at least.

Agertha gives a nod, "Generally speaking, yes," on the sleeping through the night, then there's another nod, "Haven't been doing much of anything myself," well that's obvious, "Whooping sound?" out in the desert actually doesn't help much, "Wonder what could be making that noise?" and were she cleared to fly, Agertha would likely be heading out to investigate just because she's all too curious at times.

Doji normally speaks in specifics, but she'll give a nod about generally being good enough while she finishes up her mopping and sets it back where she found it. "Whooping," she confirms. "Like uhh.. Whhoooo-Oooop!" it's a bit sedated of an attempt to mimic the noise, but what she's comfortable enough to do in such a public space. "They're gonna send some crafters to check it out soon."

Agertha gives a nod, "That's probably the best thing to do," she'd likely get herself stuck somewhere, after all Agertha's not very cordinated when she's more asleep than awake. A fact that is evidenced by the food she's now trying to eat spilling onto the plate before getting to her mouth, "Well," stated softly, and sounding more like an expletive than it probably should.

Doji nods as she attempts take two at the whole pouring water thing. This time since both hands can be utilized and she's actually watching what she's doing, it's a success! Yay basic motor skills! And yes, Doji can't judge at all about the whole fodo spilling thing. "There are forks, over there." Helpful hint, totally not judging.

Agertha chuckles as she waves the fork she'd been trying, and failing, to use, "Alas, I'm still working towards getting back to a more normal sleep pattern," well normal for her anyway, "Maybe I should go try to sleep instead of eating," but she's hungry, "Or I could just take this back to my weyr, and eat when I wake up," she's thinking out loud right now, so there's no real need to answer or respond.

"They have some meatrolls made up usually…" Doji glances over to the normal section where the 'grab and eat on the run' food is laid out as opposed to the other 'stuff you need to probably sit down to eat'. And then her stomach begins to rumble and the brownrider blushes a bit more than she had been with the whole spilling stuff thing. "I guess I should probably go grab some of those. Thank you. For the help!" And off she runs. To get the quickest food available to shove in her face before heading back to work. Or maybe it's pleasure reading. Either way, pages await!

Agertha nods, and follows suit. Meatrolls are usually finger foods anyway, and that's probably her best bet right now. Agertha's heading out the door, and to her weyr once food has been procured. A back handed wave given to Doji as she exits.

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