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When Mama comes to visit life always gets interesting!


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Tavil's Room, Lower Bowl

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Tavil's Room

The door swings inward from the crafter complex into this spacious office. A large wooden storage unit with carved doors rests to the left of the entrance, while a tall set of shelves stand to the right, in effect sandwiching the door and leaving folk nothing to do but walk farther into the depths of the room. A staircase sweeps upward along the eastern wall, with shelving and nooks for storage carved into the wall beneath the wide stone steps. The northern wall is dominated by stout masculine furniture, and a hearty wooden desk is set in the northeastern corner of the room. A large painting of a trail leading through growing fields is hung on the wall below a pair of draybeast horns. Buttoned leather is stretched taut over a chair built for a large man's comfort and set behind the long desk. Ample light is provided either by the shuttered window in the wall beside the chair, or the opaque glass bowl full of glows resting upon a stand on the corner of the desk. Hung from the ceiling is a large brass chandelier that holds candles enough to light the room on the darkest of nights. Draybeast horns were used again, this time as table legs for a small decorative table set to the left of the desk. A silvered frame sits atop the small table. Within the frame is a sketch of a tall dark skinned young man holding the hand of a small dark skinned little girl. Directly in front of the desk a pair of chairs rest at an angle to one another. Four sturdy hooks are set into the western wall at even intervals between the chairs and the bookshelf, providing a handy spot to hang tools, jackets, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

Tavil is sitting behind his desk, writing out another report to send north with the next ship to be sent on to Lithorak. The harvest is well underway, and the hamper full of muddy clothes upstairs would show that while the slightly cooler weather has been a relief, the constant rain is making things unpleasant for the Weyr's farmers. A glowbasket forms a pool of light around the desk, illuminating the work area for the resident Journeyman against the gathering dusk outside.

The rain and resulting mud in the fields makes it incredibly difficult for a woman to present a picture of cleanliness. Only long candle-marks spent bathing and primping will produce a fresh faced Jazene to Pern at large. Which is just where she’s been all this time. Now though her clean turban is wrapped about her head to keep damp hair off her neck, and a lovely white dress sheathes her body. Though bare feet give away the fact that she’s only been out again as far as the Complex brazier and tables. As she makes her way to Tavil’s office she brings with her a fresh mug of klah and a surprise. “Tavil?” She balances his huge mug and her own in one hand and opens his door without waiting.

Tavil looks up from his writing, a huge smile breaking out on his face as he catches site of her. "Well hello, love," he says, setting the stylus to the side and carefully moving the hide he was writing on out of the way. "You even brought me some klah. If I had any doubts that you loved me, Jazzy, they're gone." Mirth rides his voice, and he stands up, moving towards the door to hold it open for her and then make sure it shuts securely behind. "Feel better after your bath?" he asks on his way across the room.
“If I knew bringing you Klah was all it took,” Jazene remarks with open amusement, “I’d have brewed the pot myself.” She slips her fingers around her own mug once he has the door for her, freeing his mug for the taking. “I think I washed an entire field off me today. The erosion of the fields is caused by the workers alone I think. We trek it back with us every evening.” Along with huge wagon-full loads of produce. “You look clean and already dry. How do you manage to clean up so fast?” Following him across the room she settles into one of the chairs across from his desk. “More reports eh? How many of those things am I expected to learn how to write?” This is asked when she notes the ink still drying on hide.

Tavil does indeed take his mug, and takes a long sip from it before he even shuts and locks the door. "Oh, it's not all, but it's a huge part of it," he says with a wink and a chuckle. Before she settles down, he catches her with his arm around her waist and pulls her in for a warm, gentle kiss before settling down behind his desk. "No hair to wash," he says with a chuckle, pointing at his shaved-smooth dome. "And this time of year? A ton of 'em, especially down here. We're getting some huge yields out there, babe, and the size of the individual produce is amazing. Lithorak's talking about coming down next harvest just to see it for himself." Tavil grins at the idea of their old mentor, and Jazene's foster father, paying them a visit.

Jazene’s lips still tingle from his kiss and her soft loving smile tilts her lips and dances in her eyes. “Perhaps I should shave mine. Save me all the bother of having to get mud and leaves out of it, eh?” Of course she’s teasing. She’d no sooner cut her hair than he would be likely to allow it. Mention of Lithorak brings forth a chuckle before she sips from her mug. “Well the yield is about what you’d projected it would be. Isn’t it? After all to feed a Weyr this size they plant all the terraces available.” Something they will be here to take charge of next year. And she hopes to possibly increase the amount coming in by at least half. If her ideas work anyway. “It would be nice to see him again. Everything down here does seem to grow bigger doesn’t it? It has to be the climate.” A firm knock on the door draws a curious look from Jazene. First at the door and then at Tavil. “Are you expecting someone?”

Tavil laughs aloud at the idea of Jazzy cutting her hair, shaking his head. "I still remember what you did to that idiot Loetrin when he tried to cut off one of your locks in class that one time," he says with a chuckle still in his voice. "It would be good to see him, that's for sure. And yeah, the yield's right about where I thought that it'd be, but seeing it in writing and seeing what we're actually bringing in is two totally different things!" He looks up curiously at the knock on the door, then looks to Jazzy even as he's setting his mug down and standing up to go and open the door. "Not at all, I wonder who it could be…" He stoops down to look through the peephole, then quickly moves to unlock and open the door. "Jeyneba!" he exclaims happily, moving to the side to let Jazene's mother in. "You're the last person I'd expect to see here after Varizel's last visit. How are you?"

Jazene rolls her eyes, but can’t stop the smile that quirks her lips. “That was different! I wasn’t the one doing the cutting.” This is said as though that makes all the difference. Which in actuality to her it really does. “Still you’re right. I wouldn’t look right without my hair. My turbans wouldn’t fit right. And you’d have nothing to run your fingers through.” She winks at him saucily before sipping her drink. Turning to watch him cross the room and peek through the peephole in the door. Her mother’s name on his lips is almost enough to make her dump her drink all down the front of her dress. She narrowly saves it and sets the mug on the edge of his desk with a clatter. “Mama?”

Jeyneba breezes into the room like she owns the place. The only way Jey knows how to be of course. Reaching up to pat Tavil’s cheek on her way into the room. “I heard all about that you poor dear! How dreadful! Should have buried that man in the far fields long ago.” She waves the same hand airily about as she moves on into the room. “Jazene! My darling love! Come! Let me see you.” Taking her daughter by the hands she looks Jazzy over from top to bottom. “You look radiant! Are you pregnant already? If not you should be.” This announced she embraces her daughter in a hug. “Come, come! Sit down both of you!” Jeyneba releases Jazene and drifts away to turn and smile at Tavil once more. “And as for you young man! Why’d you send that old oaf home to me for?! Well you’ll have to find me a room eh? I’ve left him for good this time.”

Tavil is, if anything, used to Jeyneba's ways, just chuckles as he shuts and locks the door once again when she comes in. "You don't have to tell me twice, ma'am. I think he's done coming down here, though. Lithorak told me that he really lit Varizel up after that little stunt." Once Jazzy gets a hug, he moves in and wraps his arms around Jeyneba in greeting, giving the older woman a loving hug before settling back down behind his desk and taking a sip of his klah. "Well, I wasn't going to keep him down here, ma'am!" he says in response to the question directed at him, calmly letting Jazzy handle the question of pregnancy. "You can stay upstairs, Jey, until we can find you a place of your own. I'll just sleep next door."

Jazene is too stunned for words at first. Watching as her mother strolls into Tavil’s office in her usual flamboyant way. Mention of children brings a stinging blush to her cheeks as she shakes her head negatively and sinks back into her chair the moment of her release. Afraid that standing right now would result in her falling over in surprise. Wait. Did Jeyneba say /left/ her father for good? Jazzy sighs as she’s heard it before.

Jeyneba either doesn’t notice her daughter’s lack of a voice, or doesn’t care. Most likely the former. Intent as she is on Tavil and returning his hug. “Such a fine young man!” She pats his shoulder when he releases her. Allowing him to retake his seat even as she cocks a hip and settles the backs of her wrists on her hips. “Well I wasn’t going to listen to his caterwauling another day. Let alone the rest of my Turns!” She shakes her head firmly at that. “Arranged marriages are /not always/ what they’re cracked up to be.” Ask her. She’ll tell you. Or is she already? “You should have paid someone to drop him between child. Lithorak was all in a fuss and fit to come check on ya’ll himself!” One hand leaves a hip and slashes through the air. “Can’t be having that this time of year up there! What with that boy of his ill. So,” both hands sweep out, “here I am. And as I knew you’re fine.” She slants a sly glance at Tavil, “Not using your room eh, boy? Good. It will do nicely.”

Tavil looks over at Jazzy, waving a hand in front of her eyes. "Still with us, babe?" he asks, far too amused by all this. He's heard it all before from Jeyneba, too, but he's also learned that it's easier to just play along with her until she changes her tune again. "I don't think I would've had to pay anyone, ma'am. There're plenty of folks that would've been willing to make that trip for me," he says with a slight chuckle and a sip of his klah. "Have a seat, won't you? I can go get you some klah, or I've got water, juice, and wine if you'd rather have something else?" He chuckles at that sly glace, grinning. "Oh, not since Jazzy showed up down here, not at all. I'll just have to get my clothes from the dresser, ma'am."

Jazene actually blinks when Tavil waves his hand before her eyes. Drawing herself up in her chair she casts a disgruntled look his way. “Of course I’m with you,” she retorts with a sniff. “I’m just rather surprised that Mama decided to visit.” She looks up at her mother and smiles sweetly. “I’ve missed you.” And she has a little bit. “Truly I wish you /would/ give papa the boot and be done with him.” Jazzy has no love for her paternal father what so ever. Though mention of her foster father brings a smile through. “Of course we’re fine. Tavil would never let anything bad happen to me.”

“And don’t I know that,” Jeyneba points a finger at her daughter and grins. “I known the two of you would be a pair since Tavil laid eyes on ya when you turned thirteen! Oh girl!! That Gather was a hoot it was. Watchin’ him try an’ dance with his date while checkin’ ta see who’s /you/ was with.” The pointing hand sweeps to her chest as she chuckles. “After that I knew it was more’n just you, my girl, what had a crush.” She takes Tavil’s advice and drifts to the remaining chair to perch. Fluffing out her dark skirt as she sits. “You still got clothes upstairs?” This is said to Tavil as she raises her eyes once again to him. “Keeping up appearances? For who?” After all it isn’t as though /she/ wants anything but Jazene to be happy.

Tavil just chuckles as he leans back a little in his chair, Lithorak's report long forgotten at this turn of events. "If you're saying that I'd ever pick a fight for your daughter's honor, Jeyneba, I certainly don't know what you're talking about," he says with a wink. It's true, though, he never started a fight, he just finished them when other guys had funny ideas! "Not so much keeping up appearances, ma'am, as keeping the room uncluttered. Jazzy's room is just the next door over," he says pointing towards her suite, "and there's a doorway upstairs between the two," which will be getting a very heavy, very thick door tomorrow. "I really am glad you see you, ma'am. Wasn't sure you'd be coming down after that last… incident."

Jazene reaches for her own mug and downs a long sip. Wishing it were something far more potent than redfruit juice. Her mother has never been one to be shy at all. Which normally never bothers her. The topics at hand though leave her with a blush she isn’t sure will ever fade. “Oh Mama,” she says exasperated but still loving, “I highly doubt Tavil gave a whip where I was or what I was doing at any point back then. He and I have discussed it. And he didn’t feel that way til’ I came to Southern.”

“You think so eh?” Jeyneba looks from Jazene to Tavil. “Been fillin’ my girl’s head up have you? Alright then.” She smirks and settles more comfortably in her chair, resting an elbow against the back of it. Sitting near sideways as she is. “Life with a good woman should be cluttered.” She sniffs and glances at Tavil. “A doorway between the rooms eh? Best be putting a door up. Or walling it off someway. I don’t want ta be embarrassing ya’ll when I drag me one of these fine men here up there now.” Because Jeyneba can’ show ya how it’s done ya’ll! “Why don’t you break out the wine Tavil dear? I believe Jazene will take whiskey at this point from the looks o’ her.”

Tavil was already digging through his desk drawer, and digging out two cups, a skin of wine, and a bottle of whiskey. "Wine or whiskey, Jey? Jazzy?" He chuckles a little, already opening the whiskey and pouring some of it into his klah. "Now Jazzy, that's not true at all. I always kept an eye on you, and who you were seeing," he says with a wicked grin, remembering one poor boy in particular. "Don't you worry, ma'am. I'll see the woodcrafters about a new door tomorrow morning. I am going to have to keep my office down here, though, I hope you understand. The furniture came with it, and I'm not sure I'm allowed to relocate it. The upstairs is yours until we find you a room though, Jey." He grin broadly at the idea of the older woman bringing someone home, chuckling at the thought. "I know some folks I could introduce you too."

“Whiskey would be nice,” Jazene agrees with her mother before chugging the last of her juice. Setting her empty cup on Tavil’s desk with a smile. “Thank you.” Her laugh surprises her but she feels herself relaxing a tad even before he pours her drink. “Sure you kept an eye on me. But only because you didn’t want me hurt any more than you’d let your sisters be hurt.” It’s a fact of life that he hadn’t given her a second thought. And she’s accepted it as her due for their perspective ranks at the time. “Have you brought clothes with you Ma? Or will be you raiding mine?”

Jeyneba smiles that she’d called it right on Jazzy’s drink. “He most likely wanted ta keep you for himself and couldn’t.” She remembers her own trek through those very Halls. And she’s proud that Jazene had been strong enough to become her own person. Unlike she herself had been back in those long ago days. But things were done far different than even now. “I’ll have the wine myself, Tavil. Just a bit mind you. I’d not like to sleep in too late and miss tossing in on the harvest you’ve got going down here.” She turns to Jazene then, “I brought clothes enough. They’re out on the landing.” She actually brought about everything she wanted to keep in the world. Which amounts to two clothes cases and a satchel.

Tavil pours Jey's wine into one cup and places it in front of her, then splashes some whiskey into a new cup for Jazzy and offers it to her. "Why didn't you say you had your luggage out there, Jey?" he asks, taking a sip of his fortified klah before standing up and heading for the door. Out he goes, only to come back in a moment later with the luggage, which he promptly takes upstairs. "Don't worry, there's plenty of harvest for anyone that wants to give a hand. Jazzy'll tell you how great it's been bringing it in in this weather, too!" he says as he disappears up stairs. There's a thump as the luggage is set on the bed, then the rattling of drawers. Footsteps heading for Jazzy's room show his progress, though he's soon returning downstairs. "There. I've got a couple set of fresh clothes next door," he says as he settles down. "I'll move the rest either as I need them, or tomorrow night after dinner. Any chance of Reyna and her family coming down for a visit sometime? How're ma and pa doing?"

Jazene had assumed she'd be sharing her wardrobe with her mother. As she hadn't mentioned luggage. So she's as surprised as Tavil. This is the first she's "left" her father and brought belongings with her. Normally it's scream-toss shit-and storm out. So this is indeed unprecedented. She smiles and accepts the new cup with the whiskey. "Just so great I can hardly contain myself." Oh yes. That's a lot of sarcasm. "The rains have made it nigh on impossible some days. I think I brought more mud home on my backside yesterday than was truly warranted."

Jeyneba smiles serenely when Tavil rises to retrieve her belongings. "Oh I'd have mentioned it before I turned in." She doesn't figure they were going to walk themselves upstairs after all. Though that would be a neat trick. "Your letter said something about terraces on the side of one of these mountains. It's a wonder you haven't slid to the bottom by now." She's incredibly curious to get out there and have a look of her own at this odd convergence of fields. "Retrieve your clothes at will my boy. It's your home I'm just intruding." A drink of her wine is tasted and she smiles to find it's to her liking. "Reyna. Such a good girl." Married off like her Daddy bid her of course. "I've no idea if her husband will allow her away. And he's 'oh so important' you know." She waves a hand in dismissal of the very notion. "Your parents are missing you something awful. But they're healthy and well. Did you know Tiril is sweet on someone? He won't tell anyone who and it has your mother fit to be tied."

Tavil snerks at Jazzy's sarcasm, then arches an eyebrow as Jey talks on about home. "Tiril's found himself someone?! Shards, I'll have to make a trip home just to rib him about it," he says with a grin. "I'm glad they're doing okay. We've written back and forth a few times, but it's always good to have another person confirming what they're telling me." Besides, ships, and thus letters, take time, don'tchaknow. "We'll take you out to the fields with us in the morning, Jey. The terraces really are something that have to be seen to be understood. You still know how to ride a runner, right?" Because it's a looooooong walk.
Jazene smiles happily to hear that Tavil's brother, well one of them anyway, has a beau. "He won't say who eh? I suppose we'll know when he's good and ready to tell us." Though she has a fair amount of curiosity about it. There are only a pair of Turns between herself and his youngest siblings after all. Being that there are a pair of them. "And what of Alvar then? Still chasing after Yamene?" She quiets as Tavil speaks up. Content to sip slowly on her whiskey. Enjoying the slow burn through her veins.

Jeyneba is more than happy to bring tidings of Home to the pair of love birds. "Perhaps you'd best afore your mother stakes him out on the Hall lawn. She's jittery to find out who he's sweet on of course." Jazene's query receives a shake of her head, "Alvar has been left in the wind I'm afraid. Yamene was posted to Benden." And so the saga shall continue on what happens next there. "I'm not sure he has the brass you've got my dear. To go chasing off across the oceans after a woman." But she could be wrong. "I'm looking forward to seeing the terraces." Her laugh tinkles through the room at his question though. "If I ever forget how to ride a runner whittle me a rocking chair and tie me to it. I don't deserve my knot anymore."

Tavil snerks a little bit at the news of Yamene, grinning. "Alvar'll be up there after her. He's been sweet on that girl since he was 13 and she was 16. Benden's not near as far to go as Southern was," he says with a chuckle. "You know they were meant to be together. She didn't kill him after that stunt that he pulled with the ink in class with the Harper." And oooooh, wasn't that a sight to see. "I'll remember that, ma'am," Tavil says with mock seriousness. "Either a runner or a rocker, you've got it."

Jazene figures that Tavil would know better than her mother on whether Alvar will give chase to his sweetheart. "I always thought she was quite interested in him. Seemed like they spent more time together than I did chasing after you," she looks at Tavil and grins. "Lucky for her /he/ at least had a clue." She sniffs and sips her drink. "What was it you told me when I began lessons. You were nigh born on a runner?" This is asked of her mother with a grin. "Made me learn before the other kids my age were required to."

"That's because I had my own runner at the time," Jeyneba retorts on the end of Jazene muse about learning to ride. "I did love that old mare." Long since passed away of old age of course. She'd had that runner all its life, from the time she was a girl. "You think he'll be gone by the time I get back? She posted out about a moon after Jazzy up and left." The memory of the ink gets a laugh. "Litherak didn't have the heart to punish him. She'd done singed his ears plenty. But no, she didn't kill him. Far from it." She slides a glance between them and smiles, "Facik was sorely upset to see you go my dear." Mention of one of Jazene's classmates and a nice boy at that. Too shy for his own good if you ask her. "Though I believe you've made the better bargain."

Tavil just sits there and grins as he sips at his fortified klah as the memories flow past in the conversation. "Facik is a whiny little punk," is his only contribution to that part of the conversation, rather fastidiously ignoring Jazzy's opinion of his ignorance. "Well, Jey, we've got plenty of runners over in the stables for you to choose from tomorrow morning, and plenty of dirt for you to come and play in. Unless you'd rather be the one doing the supervising? Faranth knows you outrank me, and I'm getting tired of settling idiotic fights between the 'hands."

Jazene has no idea what Tavil’s brother will be up to when her mother decides to go back home. And so she shrugs her shoulders in answer to Jeyneba’s query on that mark. “Facik isn’t a whiny punk, Tavil. He was just fastidious about the rules.” So much so that he’d gotten on her loves nerves quite often. What with his constant complaining when Jazzy herself skipped a class to finish some work or other with Tavil. She had gotten away with a lot more than some and she’d known it. Instead of holding a grudge for their grumbling she simply accepts their jealousy. “The workers respond to his diplomacy though,” she points out when Tav complains of settling quarrels.

“I’m here to work as our harvest is past,” Jeyneba smoothly fits into the conversation as it flows. “Not to usurp your new foothold here Tavil. You’ve got to keep tight reins on things or folks will think you haven’t the backbone for it.” Her hand flutters upward only to slash down and to the side quickly. “Nay I’m here to observe and report your good work.” As for the runners available in a Weyr she doesn’t comment. Reserving her judgment for when she has a look herself. “I believe children that I will retire to Tavil’s room and see the two of you in the morning. Bright an early eh?” She rises from her chair and leans to plant a kiss on Jazzy’s forehead. Walking ‘round the desk to do the same to Tavil, before she glides across the room and up the stairs with a fanfare wave if there ever was one.

Tavil manages to land a kiss on Jey's cheek as she leaves, grinning at the older farmer. "Sleep well, ma'am. There's a blanket in the bottom drawer of the dresser if you need it." Not bloody likely with this heat, but who knows? Looking over at Jazzy, he grins, then downs the rest of his klah. "A surprise and a pleasure to see her here, especially without Varizel's ring on her finger." Oh yes, he had noticed that. "You feel like taking a walk, love, or would you rather just head next door and get some sleep?"

Jazene watches her mother slip upstairs and notes that her glass and the wineskin go with her. Not at all surprising. She knocks back the last bit of her whiskey and looks at Tavil before she sighs. “First time she’s supposedly left him and been without it. I have to wonder what’s become of it.” With any luck Jeyneba has shoved it down Varizel’s throat. But Jazzy knows better than to hope for that. “I could do with a short walk before bed if you’d like.” She glances up at the stairs and then back at Tavil, a soft smile playing about her lips.

Tavil tucks the whiskey bottle back in his desk, leaving the cups where they rest to be taken to the kitchen in the morning. "I think it might just stick this time, if we're lucky," he says as he stands, then shakes his head. "Have I ever mentioned how much I… dislike your father, Jazzy?" he asks as he check his pocket for his key and then gestures her towards the door. Out they go, and he locks it behind him before they head down the stairs and out into the bowl. "I'm just glad that you took more after that lovely woman than your father, babe."

Jazene slides her cup onto the desk next to his as she rises from the chair. "We can only hope that it does." She would like to see her mother happy. And that will never happen with Varizel in the picture. "I know how much you dislike my father. You made it abundantly clear last time he visited." There's a visit that hadn't gone over well at all. And Jaz is quite happy there has been no recurrence of it. She slips in front of him and out the door. Waiting while he locks it behind them. "Do you think I took after her? I always thought Master Litherak had a lot to do with how I turned out." She certainly isn't a flighty as her mother. Then again Jeyneba may well have more fun that she's ever had. She falls into step beside him at the foot of the stairs and strolls happily with him out into the bowl.


** Lower Bowl**
// Cobblestones sweep as far as the eye can see, a unique feature to the lower section of the bowl — but necessary, perhaps, as the stepped western bowl drains off into this high-trafficked area. The shallow bowl is bounded by craggy-black bow wall with entrances pockmarked - and some boarded over in an effort to prevent entry from un-renovated caverns. Directly south, the wall neatly crumbles away to roll southerly into rollicking fields of soft hills; a glance of the stables can be seen through the gap, nestled against the entrance bridge that spans westward.//

Tavil chuckles darkly at the memory of that particular visit. "Hey, he's the one that called ma a whore to my face. He totally started that one," the big man says with a shrug of massive shoulders. "You're not exactly like her, by any means, no. You've got her work ethic, and a bit of her sense of humor. Of course, Lith probably gave you a good dose of that same work ethic, too." He grins in the darkness at the thought of the old Master, sighing a little as he looks around the moonlit bowl. "I like it here, Jazzy, I really do, but I miss home sometimes. I think I will go back for a seven or so once we're done with the harvest. You wanna come with? Maybe we can give my brother the kick in the pants that he needs."

Jazene remembers all that had happen just a little too well and shivers a bit even in the humid heat. “At least he hasn’t been back. And if our luck holds he never will.” She’d not mourn to never see the man again. “It wouldn’t do to be exactly like my Ma. She’s a bit.. much sometimes.” Though of the two parents Jeyneba is by far the one that Jazene actually loves at all. Talk of her work ethic is shrugged off as she slips her hand into his while they stroll along. “I prefer it here to be honest. Far less drama even with Mama’s visit.” Because that is bound to be drama of some sort or other. “You’re going back already eh?” Her lips twist at the idea but she shrugs her shoulders. “I reckon we’ll have to wait and see how things are here. Whether we can both go. You might have to make the trip alone.”

Tavil notices that shiver, and gives her hand a little squeeze when she slips it into his. "Hey, he's going to stay away from here, I just about promise you that. You're right about the drama, though. Everyone just seems to want to do their job and get on with life. It's a rather pleasant change, to be honest." At her reaction to the announcement of his trip, he just chuckles. "I got brothers that I gotta put my boot to their asses, get 'em in gear. Shards, I already found the girl I love, they oughta go do the same. We'll try to make it so you can come. You know Ma's gonna want to see you too."

“Life here seems fairly cut and dry. Get your job done and get some rest.” Jazene rather likes that about the Weyr actually. Folks have a chance to enjoy themselves on restdays and the like. And thus far no one seems to be overly interested in their personal lives. “I know that you have to make trips back to see your family Tavil. I’m just not all that sure how often // I // care to go is all. Papa is back there and so are the rest of ‘em.” So many folks she’d like to see while avoiding the others. “I haven’ figured out the particulars on how to avoid some people if I were to visit. But I’d love to get to see your mother.” Jazene has always loved that woman and never got to see enough of her.

"You're right about that, but you forgot one thing: eat. Work, eat, and rest," he says with a chuckle. "I was thinking, when harvest is all done with, the next time we get a clear day maybe we could go down to the beach for a bit, and relax and lay on the sand." He nods at her reluctance to go back to Nerat, not disagreeing with her reasoning. "I don't think your old man'll give us any trouble, not after that reaming that Lith gave him. I rather suspect he'll be trying to avoid us, instead. I'll stick close to you, though, and you know he won't do a thing while I'm around." Because that? That would be idiotic.

Jazene laughs softly and looks up at him, “Do you ever think about anything other than food?” His idea to head to the beach is met with a far happier smile. “You can lay on the sand. I’d rather play in the water. But that sounds like a lovely idea. Too bad we can’t take Mama to see it.” Likely her mother will be off and away again before harvest is through. But who knows for sure? When the talk turns back to the north her smile slowly fades. “I would hope that he’d leave me alone now,” she says of her father. Her voice hold no real conviction though. “I’ll go with you love. When you decide to go back to visit. I’d like to see your family too.”

Tavil pulls his hand from hers, but only to wrap his arm around her shoulder and pull her close to him for a hug. "I think about you every moment I'm awake, love," he says with a happy tone in his voice. "If you want to get in the water, I'll happily get in with you. You know I don't mind swimming." When her voice turns sad again, he shakes his head, pulls her to a stop, and gently turns her to face him. "I won't leave your side, babe. We'll stay with my folks, and anywhere you want to go, I'll go. I'm not going to let him get anywhere near you, I promise you that. I know ma'll be thrilled to see you, to see us together, and maybe we can talk Tiril into telling us who it is that he's so smitten with, eh?" he says with a smile, looking forward to that conversation.

The arm slipping around Jazene’s shoulders is a welcome weight. One she leans into and slips her arm along his back to hook her thumb in the waist of his pants. “Good,” she breathes happily, “because you are always on my mind too.” She loves him even when he’s laughing at her for falling waist deep in a muddy puddle. Which has happened once this harvest so far. “It just seems like playing in the waves helps a little to cool me off when there’s a breeze.” His promise to stay with her when they go home for a visit earns him a happy if still hesitant smile. “I really do want to know who has Tiril all secretive.”

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