Doji, I'dre


I'dre visits Last Call and finds Doji reading… and of course interrupts her to ask a fellow wingmate a few questions…


It is late evening of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Last Call, Igen Weyr

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Last Call

From the bleak treachery of the wide ledge outside, the bar's interior is a veritable paradise. Nothing here matches: there's five shades of brown found just in the leather of the random scattered chairs, and all the tables are painted different mottled shades of earthen tones. Nothing symmetrical to be found here, no order, just a long bar along the far-edge of the weyr-converted, nestled into the nook that would normally be a private weyr's bedspace. The bottles that gleam behind that reclaimed counter of scarred and burned skybroom are rare and precious, with most of the joviality in the air coming from the tapped keg standing in the middle place of honor behind the bar. The decorations are sparse, entertainments few: dragonpoker and darts and fellow patrons provide the typical bar atmosphere, while a niche in the corner stands ready with stool and gitar-rack for the stolen Harper or musically-inclined rider. A weatherbeaten shingle hung precisely over the middle of the bar declares the house rules.

A bar probably isn't the best place to be reading a book, but Doji is at least trying and making a pretty good effort at it. The brownrider has been up here for a while, ensconced in a much battered but still comfy oversized chair in a corner with a massive book in her lap. As the night goes on, more and more folks trickle in and even the rowdy dart game going on a few feet away isn't distracting her, until she reaches for her drink only to find an empty glass. There's a frown as she peers at that mysteriously empty vessel, but she's not untucking her legs to get up and get the next round just yet.

No, a bar is not the typical place for reading but Last Call tends to be the exception to a lot of things; and that includes usual bar activities. It’s also quieter at times, thanks to the ‘rider only’ clause. One of the late coming patrons is I’dre himself, still dressed in his jacket to ward off the ‘chill’ of autumn. He’s never frequented Last Call, even after receiving his full knot and he takes a moment to glance about the room. It must be acceptable, as he doesn’t immediately turn around and leave. He gazes towards the rowdy game of darts, part wistful and part wary but it is to the bar he goes first to order and claim his drink of choice. Then? Then he’s about to intrude on someone’s space! That someone being Doji, once he recognizes her. “Hey,” he greets, not a stitch of formality to it but at least a semi-welcoming half smile is there! “Mind if I join you?”

It's probably best to be wary of drunks throwing sharp objects, but at least they're tossing away from this particular corner. Doji quits blinking at the drinkless cup and instead blinks up at one of her newest wingmates since he's standing right there. "Why would I mind? Bars are for being social." Or so she was told when Raktraeth managed to drag her from her weyr and up here while he goes to chat with a very snazzy looking visiting green. "And I guess congratulations are in order? For making it out of weyrlinghood?"

Let’s hope the darts remain on the right targets! I’dre looks slightly uncomfortable despite the bar setting and Doji’s truth about it being a social spot. He’s no stranger to social activities and usually frequents these very places! Maybe it’s that they’re all riders here and he’s still adjusting to that line of thought. He’ll never again be able to follow old circles and bad vices (well, not as easily). “Guess you got a point there,” he admits with a smirk, setting himself down in the nearest available chair. He lifts his glass up in a slight mocking toast. “Thanks.” Why does he sound unsure? But he’s smiling faintly again and changing the subject by nodding at that book she has. “Some light reading again?”

"Always," Doji answers at least truthfully even if she is turning a bit red and tucking the book away beside her in the chair. She halfway goes to return the toast, but well, empty glass which she just places back on the table next to her. "It's weird going from weyrlinghood to full rider. Seems so sudden. I didn't know what to do with having free time again." She still doesn't quite know what to do with it, which is why she fills it up with more work even when she's at a bar.

“You needing a refill?” I’dre’s not one to overlook her empty glass and offers to be gentlemanly in that respect. Otherwise he’s content to lean back in his seat, drink still in hand though his arms cross loosely over his chest. “Not that our days are really… devoid of anything. But I get what you mean,” he adds the last with a humoured chuckle. For a moment, conversation between them lapses as I’dre doesn’t immediately press for more; at least there’s other sounds and voices to fill that gap, including a raucous set of laughter from that corner with the darts. It draws his attention for a moment, before he’s glancing down at his drink. Only then does he speak up, somewhat hesitant. “So… last we spoke you were going for Dragonhealer? How’d that go?”

The offer was really the last thing needed to actually get Doji out of that comfy, comfy chair. "Yes," she does need a refill, but she gets up and takes the glass to the bar herself. It's only a moment later she's back with a glass of what is probably rum and a hint of ginger. "Of course there's always going to be drills and sweeps and Threadfall. Or well, sometimes sweeps might get replaced with other things." It doesn't take that long for her to get settled back into her seat. As for the last question, she smiles. "It went? Also a bit weird, like moving from weyrlinghood to rider. Keep looking over my shoulder expecting there to be someone evaluating my every move." But now she gets to be the one evaluating, at least sometimes.

I’dre looks as though he’s going to protest Doji getting up, though in the end it’s only his brows that lift in a questioning manner but he remains unmoved to interrupt her. When she returns, he’s already finishing another shallow sip of his own drink. “Not the worst of routines… except Threadfall.” He grimaces slightly for that, mostly for the risk they all face and the fact that he and Mhiruth are not in a conventional Wing. He scoffs lightly for her opinion on being a full Dragonhealer. “Yeah, I guess that would be weird when you’re so used to it, for so long.” Another lapse to silence on his part and then he takes a steadying breath. “I’m considering going for it.” he announces lowly to her. “Dragonhealer Trainee…” In case it wasn’t obvious. “If I’m going to be stuck in Mirage for the foreseeable future…” Why not, right?

Doji winces at the second mention of Threadfall. "Yeah, but it is unavoidable." For about 35 more turns or so at least. She does give a nod of agreement about it being so weird. Both weyrlinghood and trainee periods. And another nod when he mentions sticking with Mirage. "It will probably make it easier for Nasrin and Diem. Since the rest of the wing is either dragonhealers, pregnant or injured… Dragonhealing would probably be the best path for you to fit into our duty rotations, as irregular as they might be. And Mhiruth, he seems intrigued as well?"

“Mhiruth has always had a gentle side to him, beneath all the aloofness.” I’dre is quick enough to speak praises about the blue. It could be a slight reflection on himself too, as there are instances where a rider and dragon are one and the same in many regards. He grimaces, looking mildly uneasy. “Yeah… Yeah, I thought the same thing. I know my being in Mirage isn’t — well, it’s never really been done before. And it’s not like there isn’t stuff to do but…” It’s not a fighting Wing and he’s starting to grow restless. “Say I do go ahead as a trainee though, do we have to become full Dragonhealers? Or would they frown upon me since there’s a fifty-fifty chance I may leave at some point…. y’know. If I’m cleared to?”

"Maybe he's a little like his father?" Doji smiles just a bit at that, although Raktraeth's nurturing side has always been fairly evident. As for the whole not being done before, she shrugs. "It's not completely unheard of, although usually it's been younger riders that would be placed in the Queen's wing once the rest of their class all graduates? But since the Pass started, that's mostly been alleviated by just Searching older candidates, although I guess there could always be a Stands impression that would have it happen again…" As for the last question, she just shakes her head. "No, it wouldn't be a problem. And nobody would force you to become a full Dragonhealer if you don't want to. Even with the crafts, not every apprentice will make it to journeyman and that's okay. And if you switch wings before you finish your training? Well… most other trainees are in the fighting wings. I was in Whirlwind until after I completed my training."

I’dre tilts his head as if to think it over before shrugging his shoulders. “Probably?” he agrees and yet leaves it to her to confirm; he doesn’t know Raktraeth too well! He wouldn’t consider Mhiruth nuturing and more just… neutral to everything. “Well, I mean. I’m not young.” In fact, he’s older than Doji by a few Turns! Though she holds the cards in experience as a rider. He grimaces, “I dunno. There were some young riders in my class. I’d look on them as young siblings…” Which probably led to some clashes that got him in trouble. He’s just really bad at conveying ‘I care’ without turning it into some huge aggressive fight. Her answer to his last question has his shoulders dropping in visible relief. “Well… I guess that settles it. So long as I won’t be wasting anyone’s time… Guess we’ll just see if I’m any good at it? I’ve no prior experience except that ONE time.”

At some point, Mhiruth at least will get some one on one time with his dad. You know, when Trae doesn't have more important things like talking to that green who is at least putting up with the behemoth tree. Doji gives another nod to I'dre. "Right… but some weyrlings need a bit more… seasoning? Than others. Normally they're young, but age isn't everything." Somehow Doji as the youngest in her ginormous class managed to end up being the weyrling wingleader. And as for the last, she smiles again after taking a sip of her own drink. "Knowledge is never wasted," That's a value that's pretty core to this particular rider. "And there are plenty of dragonhealers that weren't healers before, since most riders weren't healers before." The healer craft would be pretty upset if all their apprentices were getting searched and Impressing at rates high enough to supply all the dragonhealers.

“I guess.” I’dre’s tone is edged with a touch of sullenness but he’ll cure that with another shallow sip of his drink; he’s nursing it, for once! Frowning slightly, he lifts his gaze back to her when she mentions how knowledge is never wasted. His expression alone hints at a withheld counter argument, but he never voices it. Uttering a low, thoughtful sound, his lips curve into another smirk but now he comes off as bemused. “Healing on a dragon is definitely very… specific skill set. So, basically, you’re telling me there’s nothing really to worry about? That if this is something I actually want, there’s nothing really there to stop me?”

"Unless you want to stop yourself?" Doji shrugs and also curls her legs up into the chair. "There's certain things that would be useful for any rider to know. Like how to catch a dragon with an injured wing. Mhiruth might be a bit too small to catch any of the larger bronzes, but there may be a time when he's the closest dragon to a major score." And time would really be of the essence in those situations. Don't want to have a dragon pancake since that's even harder to recover from.

Blinking for a moment, I’dre begins to laugh for Doji’s first comment and in a way that it’s obvious he’s amused by some personal inside joke. “Heh, maybe?” he quips as he begins to sober, finishing the last of his drink in one quick shot. Grimacing at the kick-back, he’ll set the glass aside and turn his attention back to her. “Yeah, there’s that and a lot more… I mean. I’ve seen how some of the dragons react when hurt.” It isn’t pretty and I’dre’s expression reflects that. “Guess we can’t always call on a gold to settle the problem, huh?”

Doji doesn't quite realize what exactly she said was funny, but she's used to jokes going over her head (or in the case of other riders, unexplained, unheard side jokes). She just shrugs and takes another sip of her own drink. "There's definitely more. And with Igen only having two queens at the moment… there's definitely some times when they won't be available immediately. Especially if one," Or even BOTH knowing Igen lately, "have eggs on the Sands. Usually the rider can help settle them, but if the rider is too injured to help…" She grimaces. Those are the difficult ones.

There is a lot to I’dre that is a mystery to many, except for those who know him well or he’s entrusted with some of his past. Someday Doji may learn but by then this missed joke will be forgotten. “Do you think Igen’s going to clutch a gold egg soon? I never thought about it until now, just how much is put on Zsaviranth and Rajakhelath.” His eyes darken with understanding to those ‘difficult’ cases when the rider is too injured and the dragon is near-to or already berserk in pain and panic. “… that’s mostly why I want to help. One more pair of hands, even if I’m inexperienced.”

"One would hope?" Doji is frowning as she swirls the remaining drink around in the glass. "But Zsaviranth isn't favoring any of the current eggs." And considering they're all rather pastel except for the one very, very green egg, bets on a gold are a very long shot at the moment. "We'd all probably breathe a little easier if there was another gold. I don't know how Southern is managing with only one queen at the moment." Darn Ista, hording all the golds! "And an extra pair of hands is always appreciated. Especially with dragon injuries, it's really hard for just one person to apply bandages some times."

Someone needs to tell Ista how to share! I’dre doesn’t comment further on the gold situation, save to smirk and nod his head in agreement to Doji’s comments. “We’ll see, I guess with future clutches…” It’s the only thing they really CAN do! Chuckling dryly, he exhales heavily. “That’s mostly what I’ve been helping with. Bandages, I mean. Either preparing them or kind of just being the extra body needed in controlled situations. I’d like to be able to do more.” There’s a firmness to his tone then, that makes it clear that he’s serious about this and all the more convinced from his chat with Doji. “I’ll be right back.” he mutters, collecting his empty glass and motioning with a nod towards the bar. Refill time! If she’s close to finishing, he may offer to get her another too, if she allows him (and it’d save her the trip!). Otherwise, he’ll be gone only a short while, before returning to the table, new drink in hand and… the rest of the bottle to go with it.

Too bad the golds just wanna have fun… on the beach or something. Doji gives a rather affirmative nod to the waiting and seeing. "Can't count your weyrlings before they hatch?" Apparently tonight is her night to talk in platitudes and proverbs. "And that's the best place to start. You can watch while holding. And then ask questions afterwards." As for her drink, she is still less than halfway through and hangs on to that glass to nurse it a bit longer. No refill needed yet, although the bottle is eyed curiously upon his return.

“Is that how much of the lessons go down? More practical than not?” I’dre will ask once he’s returned and in the process of settling himself back into that chair. There’s an appreciative sigh as he finally relaxes. Most of his guards remain up, but he’s softened a bit around the edges. Catching her eyeing that bottle, he grins and lifts it. There’s only a small amount of whiskey left at the bottom; at best, he could probably squeeze two more glasses out of it! “… talked him into giving me the rest for a decent price. It’ll save me the trip?” he muses. “Do you like whiskey?” Because he’ll share, if so! If not, well… win win for him!

"Usually. It helps that dragons are usually pretty healthy and you've already had basic anatomy and care covered," Doji explains a bit and shifts in her seat so she's facing more towards I'dre. The revelation of what is in the mystery bottle gets an ah and she swishes her remaining drink around. "Probably wouldn't mix too well with the rum. But whiskey is good." She's just not looking for quite that amount of punch tonight. "Rule number one of dragonhealing, Never ever ever ever ever give a dragon or firelizard anything fellis."

I’dre smirks, “One blessing in disguise. Instead it’s more horrific injuries that mostly come on through…” Oh how fun? She might not be looking for too much punch in her drink tonight, but he’s not against it; and he’s probably got a far better tolerance than she does from a few Turns of youth-fuelled binging. Sure, he was “dry” for over a Turn but… “Probably not a good idea, no. Some drinks have mixed alcohol but unless you’re on late shift tomorrow?” Not recommended. Even by this veteran party-boy. His brows furrow and while he’d normally be surprised to be looped into a ‘lesson’ of sorts, the rule is enough of an intriguing surprise that he goes with it. “Huh. Not even a drop? Why is that?”

Doji's face goes a bit white. "Not the most horrific." Those just go straight between, but she'll try and shake that particular thought off. Bars are supposed to be for socializing and relaxing. At least they have managed the talking part tonight, even if they're mostly on work subjects. "I do have a morning shift. Just trying to be here until I can talk my dragon into letting me go home." She hasn't been talking really hard, but maybe an hour or two and she should be safe. As for the whys of that rule, she holds up an empty hand in half a shrug. The other hand is too busy holding her glass. "Their anatomy is different than our's. Blood and ichor is one of the biggest differences, but for some reason even a little fellis is fatal to dragons. There's probably as many guess why, but the only clear thing is that it is." And since healers tend to keep the fellis under close watch due to how toxic it can be to humans, normally not a problem.

I’dre looks regretful for making Doji pale like that and there’s even a bit of grimness to him too when he catches on the hint she drops. “Yeah,” he mutters, looking down hastily at his drink. “Yeah, I know.” All too well of what other horrors there are waiting for a rider. Between to him is a blessing, but only if the rider goes with; he’s seen and dealt with the outcome of a rider sans their dragon on too personal a level. “Raktraeth found a green to cuddle?” He can’t help but lightly tease on the first assumption that comes to his head. There’s no further questioning about the fellis, only a quick nod as he tucks that information away. “I’ll remember that. I know fellis is dangerous enough for us, so…” It won’t be something he’d forget.

Doji will be all too happy to just let that subject drop with just a clearing of her throat and a quick sip of her drink. Maybe someday she'll put together the bits of I'dre's past or he'll enlighten her, but now is not the time. As for Raktraeth's motives, she smiles slightly. "That's only part of it. He could have cuddled a green on his own ledge. About once a month or so, he decides I simply can't spend another night in my weyr reading and so…" She waves a hand. Here she ends up. "Although usually he arranges it for an evening when one of my clutchmates also is available. I think you've already spotted his ulterior motives tonight."

Likewise, I’dre leaves that one topic to drop too, though he isn’t indulging in more of his drink quite yet. There’s still plenty of time left to the night and he could very well have the later shift! Blinking, he seems genuinely intrigued. “He talks you into being social? Huh.” Maybe he feels he’s dodged a BIG bullet there with Mhiruth; little does he know that the blue is just very good at gentle suggestions and very (very) patient to get what he wants. “Heh, guess that’s not so bad but not at all what I expected! Figured it was just a pretty green. Mhiruth’s never… well. I wouldn’t say shown interest? But he’s never dropped me off somewhere and stranded me.” Yet.

Doji knows her dragon means well, most the time, and so she just shrugs. "At least he's stopped doing as many complete bait and switches. Normally leaves that for nights when he knows there will be a gold flight." Because yes, her dragon has tried to lure her out of the weyr on what turned out to be false pretenses. Or maybe he just got distracted and forgot what his original ruse was. "If it were just a pretty green, we probably could have stayed home." Although Vedziyath and Raktraeth aren't quite as inseparable as their riders are, they do get along well enough usually. "And Mhiruth's young. There may be seasons of the turn he's more inclined to 'show interest' than others." Don't get Doji talking about spring time. First couple sevens of spring, her own lifemate might just try to chase every green that rises.

“Oh, he chases!” I’dre clarifies with a crooked grin. “Usually only once the green has started blooding. He’s just not one to go cuddling or anything like that. I think he leaves the smooth talking to me — which is awkward a lot of the time.” Not that he’s against a fling, but still. There are lines! To which he doesn’t elaborate, as he figures Doji understands, being a rider of a male dragon herself. His nose wrinkles a bit, “At least I don’t have to worry about the golds too.” He’ll even raise his glass a bit to that, before knocking back some of the contents. Glancing to where she’s stowed that book from earlier, even if he can’t see it directly, he adds: “I’m not keeping you, am I?”

"Some will always do that. Just so interest once the flight is actually happening," Doji can't begin to explain all the ways male dragon minds might work, so she won't even try. As for keeping her, she waves a dismissive hand. "No. If I hadn't started talking, I might have ended up stuck here longer. But… I think I just saw someone come in… Nice chatting with you!" And no offense meant, I'dre, but she'd rather be stuck in a bar with a certain greenrider than a new wingmate.

I’dre takes no offence! He gets it and he’ll see Doji off with a knowing smirk and even a mocking salute as a farewell. If he knew her better, he might wink just to get that last teasing bit in there but he only makes himself more comfortable in her absence. Eventually when he is down to his last drink, he’ll join the group by the darts and take a hand at a few rounds (spoiler alert: no one gets stabbed by a wayward dart) before the night is done.

It's all fun and games until someone pokes their eye out!

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