Agertha, Th'bek


Kids are playing and one person's junk is another's decor.


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the fifth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore

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"And you're letting this go?"


Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Leaning against the side of her bond, Agertha watches as her older children play in the shallows of the lake. With their lessons over for the day and the day being a rest day for the rider, Agertha's been taking stock and cleaning house. The large pile of stuff that shows signs of being sorted yet again has a pair of 'lizards curled on it sleeping as the sun shines down, "Anni! Grys! Mind the dragons coming to bathe," is called as the twins seem oblivious of a blue trying to wade out into the lake.

Perfect! Th'bek notices the crescent shape in Kestrath's neck before spying her rider and his steps quicken. "Over here, we're going to meet Agertha and her twins." He calls to a boy of about seven who looks past the Weyrsecond curiously but doesn't quite get more vigor in his step. "Agertha!" Th'bek is flashing a hand in a boisterous wave. "Hello Kestrath, want some company for a time?" The boy takes steps just parting from his father's shadow. "This is Thesrov, he's visiting from Southern." Th'bek isn't a boaster, not really, but he shines especially at the introduction.

Annis looks up, and over at the sound of, "Th'bek!" she knows the man, not well, but she does know him. She's also fond of, "Is Tav…" her voice trails as she spies the boy, and she steps closer to Kestrath, "Well met Thesrov," Agertha says in the sudden silence of her daughter, "Grystan, come say hello," the boy reluctantly leaves the water to do just that, "This is Annis and Grystan," Agertha adds, then gives a small smile as Grystan says, "Well met. Wanna go play?"

Th'bek's poorly parted hair is swept to one side haphazardly. It can't all fit behind an ear. "Not at the moment, peanut, he's," the Weyrsecond draws an arm up and over to where the dark shape of Tavuqth adorns the Weyr heights near the entrance to open desert. "Right over there making sure we're all safe against Thread." Tav is a one man army. At Grystan's offer, Thesrov spins in place, swinging his center of gravity clockwise and then not before agreeing with a resolute and frank, "K." A tick of time later and he asks the other boy, "do you have any firelizards?" Th'bek watches, linen shirt at the shoulders creasing in the breeze. "Him and his firelizards. He wants one in the worst way. So how goes life, m'dear?"

Thesrov gets a shake of Grystan's head, "Mother does. Sharding spies the pair of 'em," meaning neither he or Annis can really get away with anything. As though to prove his point Rebel lifts from the pile of stuff to tail the two boys. Annis simply watches, something that's a touch out of character for her, "Oh," she answers Th'bek. Agertha gives the girl a look, then glances at Kestrath who is busily, and happily chattering away with the blue in that's now in the lake, "Life goes, and yourself?" the pile is given a disgruntled look. She's no closer to reducing that pile of stuff than she was when she started. Spring cleaning. It drives her 'mates half way to between when she goes through the weyr on such a tear.

"My mom does and my dad does and my other, uh, dad," Thesrov doesn't quite understand how to categorize Th'bek and L'xan, so he'll just have multiples and that'll be that as he starts to wade into the water and pick up a fistful of silt. "Ah ah ah, not too plastered, I'm too lazy to give you a bath tonight. I'll just dunk you in the lake." That might or might not be a deterrent. Thesrov connects his fingers and squishes the bit in his palm. "Come on, there's gotta be more to it than that." Clearly prying and eyeing the pile of things on shore. "Like what's all this?"

Agertha chuckles as she watches the boys, "Spring cleaning. Going through and getting rid of things that aren't being used any longer," so that her twins can bring in more junk. As Grystan nods at Thesrov, a large canine splashes into the water, "PupPup! Stop," the canine's gently taken Grystan's wrist into his mouth, "I don't have firelizards, but I have PupPup. Anni has Neko. They're littermates," the canine gives a soft growl, "Okay, geeze," and the boy follows to a shallower spot. Agertha simply chuckles at the canine's antics, "He may not like it, but until he's a stronger swimmer Pup won't let him get too deep in the lake."

Th'bek lifts his eyebrows as a set and curves his neck around to evaluate what sort of items Agertha and family might be releasing. "Heeeey, where's this from?" Lifting an old piece of leather that may have been a dragon's strap. Or really big belt. "And you're letting this go?" A framed picture of a tolerable still life is placed levelly in front of his eyes. "Did you paint this?" Thesrov, looks at the canine with silent trepidation for the large beast, but holds his ground as it appears to be attached to Grystan. "Some canines are good like that." Th'bek notices and sees what his son's up to.

Agertha chuckles, "That," the bit of old leather, "is an old chew toy for Neko and Pup," the painting is eyed, "Anni must have added that in. She does that. Never happy with her work," then there's a chewed up pillow large enough for the pair of canines to sleep on, "If I tried to keep the painting Anni'd just burn it," the girl does that too.

"Ah." The Weyrsecond states matter-of-factly at the long strip of coarse leather pricked with indentations of teeth. And probably old flaky drool. That get tossed back into the pile. "I won't tell the canines you're giving away their treasured mementos. But this, can I have? Or should I ask Annis? My weyr could use the color." Frankly with just a cot and a chair, Th'bek's weyr could use a lot more than a still life, but it's a start. Thesrov executes a high-pitched laugh at Kestrath, Th'bek thinks he's in mortal danger and his body takes a lunging step before he realizes the child's standing up, whole, and not at risk of grievous bodily harm.

Kestrath has ambled out to the lake. Her babies are out playing. Well one of them is, the other is standing next to Agertha. Annis gives a nod to Th'bek, "If you like it," she says, before she turns to watch the green flop down to provide shade for the boys to play in, "Kessi really likes to be a sun screen for us," the green doesn't have any preference, she'll provide shade for any child out by the lake. Agertha smiles, "Annis and Kestrath have a unique bond," the bit of leather is ignored by Neko, "That will likely get burned. The pillow, if I can rstuff it will see more use. That," the pile of out grown clothes, "Will go to stores. The twins have outgrown them, and it will be a while before Mia will be able to use them. I can't see the point in keeping that stuff around," Annis is busy moving over closer to Kestrath. Whether the green is being sneaky in getting the girl to play with Thesrov, or not is anyone's guess.

"Let's see now what I have," Th'bek delves into the pocket he keeps his currency. Often there's only lint. Today he comes back up with a 1/32 mark. "I'd go as high as a 1/20, but they don't make that denomination despite my request to the Crafthall." Probably a journeyman he'd gotten drunk with once. It's offered to Annis with an extra 'thanks'. "And if," juggling his itinerary for the next space of time, "these clothes fit Thesrov, can I take a few sets? I'd hate to have Selaine send over half his wardrobe when he visits. Hey, boy! C'mere." Thesrov rinses his muddy hand in the lake and jogs the short distance back.

Agertha gives a nod at the request for clothes, "I don't see why not," Annis looks up at her mother as the 1/32 mark is offered, at a nod to the girl Annis takes the proffered money with a shy, "Thank-you," once she's jogged back to where Agertha is. She's then running back to Kestrath's side to show her brother. Agertha picks up a couple of pair of shorts, and a shirt, "These look like they'd fit him."

"We're gonna go try on some of Grystan's clothes that he outgrew and we'll be back, promise. I'll even play in the mud." Th'bek propositions and Thesrov stoically follows. "Oh look, there's Valmai to tell you to hurry up so you can feed him supper." That prospect puts a little pep in the boy's step as they make a quick trip to the lower caverns to change and to temporarily place Rev's new picture. "We'll be back for more treasurers, Agertha!"

Agertha nods as she returns to sorting the pile of stuff, and watching her children, "Any time," is called after Th'bek.

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