Talya, Th'res


Talya gets lured back to Southern with booze where not even a hangover or a bluerider will stop her from numbing her feelings.


It is morning of the seventeenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Jedameth's Weyr

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"And as for not being a rider, it just means your lifemate wasn't on those sands. Which seems to make sense as this is your home.."

Jedameth's Weyr

It finally happened, the hatching that is. And Th'res was there just as he promised he would be, sadly he had to watch both his friends left on the sands. He saw Xanthee breifly before she ran off to her Mr Miner. Talya on the other hand took a bit more hunting to find, as the ex-candidate was already well on her way to catching up on the drinking she had missed out on. After bribing her with his own stash of booze the blue rider was finally able to get her home to Southern. Though they didn't get much of anywhere as she promptly drank her self in to a stupor and passed out in his weyr again. Dawn has now slowly started to creep into the room, where the young woman sleeps in the single bed of the weyr.

The hatching was a blur of dragons and eggs and candidates around her Impressing and then there was just straight to drinking, so the rest is probably a mystery. Then… Free booze is still free booze and Talya was lured. But apparently she no longer knows her limits with alcohol; she totally had a higher tolerance pre-candidacy! Among the bed covers there's a lump on the bed and a low long moan. Then a squeak. Then another moan. There are strange sounds coming out from the bluerider's beds. Regardless, Tal refuses to pop out from the covers, even as the sounds escalate to low curses and hisses and grumbling. The monster's waking.

While most of the permanent residents of the sparse weyr seem to be fine with the grumbling monster in the bed. The bronze firelizard who was happily sleeping in his little carved out nook above the bed is none to happy to be woken up. Strike expresses his distain to the early waking by gliding down and screeching at the hung over woman before going between. The smells of cooking meat and eggs are starting to drift from the little kitchen.

Surprisingly there is an answering screech from under the bedcovers, muffled though but just as angry as the bronze was before he disappeared. Hey, someone wasn't happy under there either. The bedclothes finally ruffle loudly and Talya digs herself out, hair a mess and eyes bloodshot. As she sits up there's a /very/ loud groan, and a hand slapping to her head. Not only because the thing is aching and the weyr is likely spinning but because there's a baby golden firelizard clinging to it. The talons digging into her scalp is ignored as she carefully pries the thing off. "Let go you stupid Beast," she snaps angrily. The smell seeping in makes them both suddenly quiet, a pleased chirrup from the little one and then another groan from the young woman. She gets up, wobbling on her feet, and just says aloud, "Food?" Cue zombie mode.

Th'res is standing there, lower half wrapped in a towel top half bare as he is cooking, he answers but doesn't look up saying "There is Klah on the table, as well as raw meat for your little one there." His hair is slicked back and still wet, while from the ledge the large blue is currently napping in the morning sun.

Talya, at most, was able to move Beast from her face/head to her shoulder like a proper little firelizard should be. Her bare feet pad towards where the bluerider is working up breakfast but it's a very unsteady rhythm, like she cannot get her balance. There's a wobble, an impatient hiss from her firelizard, and /finally/ she reaches the raw meat. The klah completely ignored, she goes first to feed the firelizard. The happy crooning coming from her shoulder is ignored as her bleary eyes finally focus on the bluerider there. "Thanks," is grumbled out. "Got anymore shine?" Aka did she end up drinking it all last night, because she can't remember. Her eyes stay on the bluerider's bared torso, studying the top half intently as if it might hold the answers.

"We will get back to that, but first you are going to eat and shower. I don't need you puking up all my good shine because you are suddenly a lightweight all over again." Comes the answer from Th'res as he moves about the little kitchen, getting down plates and things for breakfast.

"Are you saying I stink?" Talya's voice has a deadly little edge to it, her eyes narrowing on the bluerider. "I don't puke, either." Famous last words there. Okay, she probably doesn't smell pleasant, having been sweating during the heat of Igen and the hatching. "But really, I just want some shine and go back to bed. Thought that was some kind of agreement of me coming with you." Not that she'd remember details, only that she was unable to go hole up somewhere by herself. She grabs a little more meat to pass onto the firelizard because the gold creature decides she likes to be hand fed more than go and fetch it herself. Already getting spoiled. She even wipes her dirty hands afterward on her shirt, going back to staring at the bluerider while he is distracted getting stuff for breakfast. "Aren't you cold like that?"

Th'res shakes his head "Not really" he moves to the table and puts food down in front of her before he sits downs across the table and starts eating. Between bites he adds "And the deal was, you can drink and come home and pick yourself up." He reaches for the Klah and drinks looking at her and gives her a soft smile "And yes you do stink.."

Talya stares down at the food with a queasy look. "I don't remember making /that/ deal," she replies and then turns a scowl onto the man. Still, she sits down, albeit reluctantly. Not because he set food down but because she could only stay standing up so long with the hangover pounding behind her eyes. When the bluerider does look towards her, she actually averts her red eyes instead. "So I stink. You could have just left me there and let me deal with shit. I'd have been happily back to drinking by now, I've got a lot to catch up on." The food is still not touched, but the gold firelizard is looking at it hungrily.

Th'res stops his eating and puts his fork and knife down, saying very softly "But you aren't dealing with it, your hiding from it." His blue eyes stare at her as he watches her expression, the red eyes the self loathing. "You worked to hard to just slide back into that. Unless you would rather be proving all those people at Black Rock right.."

"This is how I deal with this shit," Talya replies back in a low growl. She actually picks up her fork, stabs at a piece of food, and lifts it up… to her firelizard. Let's stuff the beast silly and have her pass out in a little bit. If she's lucky. "I'm not proving anyone right, I doubt they had to deal with standing at a hatching and being left there while everyone around them Impressed a dragon. I just want to forget for a few days, is that so much to ask?" Her voice catches a few times when speaking and she sucks in little ragged breath. "Really, Th'res… I'll take that bath but I ain't going around people and I just need a drink."

Th'res watches and nods going back to his food saying "that is fine, you can stay here, hide out, take your time." He looks at her and says "Do you think you will go back to your old job?"

Talya pushes the food around on the plate with the fork, once the firelizard ate whatever was attached to it, bottomless pit that she was. She does not reply regarding staying at his weyr, remaining quiet. It does not last long, when he questions her about her old job. "Shit Th'res, I thought I'd be oiling a baby dragon and stuff it's stomach less than a day ago." She gives a shaky sigh and leaves the fork on the plate. She was hungry for something else entirely. "I haven't thought anything through, but going back to barkeeping sounds about as exciting as jamming my eye with this fork right now."

Th'res nods and reaches over to the little satchel that is under the table and puts the clear glass jar with the liquid she so wants on the table out of arms reach. "Well I would rather not see that, as I don't think I could take you seriously with only one eye." He drinks from his klah while keeping a palm firmly on the top of the jar "There are other jobs you could do you know…"

Talya immediately goes to reach for the moonshine when it is revealed, stopping short when she realized that he is not just handing it over to her. She jerks back, the movement causing a fattened sleepy gold to hiss in displeasure before she settles back around the girl's shoulders. "I could still look just as angry with one eye as I do with two, especially when you're keeping good booze away from me." She demonstrates this with a dark look at him, finally meeting his own eyes if he's looking her way. It doesn't last long. "I /really/ don't want to discuss career opportunities right now. Who said I even want to stay at Southern? I hear there's some plague going around and people are dying."

Th'res nods and doesn't actually hide the sadness in his eyes when she says that. He seems to fight with himself before he scoots the jar over to her, finishing his meal he gets up and places his dishes in the was basin. "I got drills and Thread this afternoon, stay as long as you want." comes his very dead pan voice, he quickly grabs his clothes and gets dressed before pointing to a folded pile of clothes and a travelers bag "That is all your stuff from Igen, and while the water isn't hot the make shift shower works rather well if you don't want to see anyone."

Talya may have caught the sadness when she glances over him, making her wince in return. She takes the jar from him in silence, quickly bringing it to her chest and hugging it to herself as if it were a lifeline. Only good way of fixing a hangover is to just keep drinking through the day, right? "Sorry, if anyone has died that you knew," she finally says in the silence to apologize for making him sad. Her dark eyes don't even look towards him while he's changing. Instead focusing on the bag he brought back from Igen with her things, a frown pulling at her face. "You didn't have to go through that trouble and give up your own space either. I won't stay long and keep bothering you, not like I'm in danger of anything." She may get really drunk but she wouldn't have fallen off a cliff or anything.

Th'res shrugs and looks over at Talya while he puts his jacket on "You don't bother me, you know that. And if you want a place to drink in peace this is the best one. you won't get sick, and you won't run into those refugees from Black Rock if you stay here." He picks up another bag looking at her now, he gives her a small but warm smile as he adds "Besides, maybe I want a room mate to keep me from working my self into an early between."

Talya finally gets up from the table, just a little too fast. The wince this time had to do with either the room spinning or firelizard talons digging into her shoulder's flesh. She takes the jar up with her, because there was no way she was going to let go of that now that she had it, and follows Th'res now. "Well, good for me having a spot to hide from Black Rock people." The scowl is back, thinking of who may be down in the caverns from that group. "But I'm not a rider. Obviously." After yesterday and all that. "I have no way of getting down from here if I need to," she explains with a slight panic hint to her tone. Being here with Th'res and Jedameth is one thing, easy access to escape. Even a day. But longer? "Why not ask Alyna to just become your weyrmate and then you solve two problems there." She doesn't even have to point out the whole lack of space and rooms issue for roommates.

Th'res winces now, when the greenrider is brought up "she doesn't want that, not in the way I do." He looks out towards the ocean which can be seen from the ledge "You can't tame the sea.. as the saying goes." It is pretty clear he tried at one point, and flamed out it seems from that look. He points to a hanging harness for rock climbing saying "If there is an emergancy you can use that to repel off the ledge, you still remember how to do that don't you?" He then points to that gold on her shoulder saying "and she can get either Zynth or Taliveth to give you a lift as they are my neighbors…" His blue eyes meet hers as he looks her dead inthe face "And as for not being a rider, it just means your lifemate wasn't on those sands. Which seems to make sense as this is your home.."

Talya notices the bluerider's wince, the tone, and gives a sad little shake of her head. "And here she was looking all excited to get back to you that day I saw her at Igen." There may have been some misunderstanding just who the greenrider meant back then, and Tal jumped to conclusions from when she was still at Southern. "No, I have no idea how to use that," she notes as her eyes follow to the climbing harness. "I guess I could figure out how if I set your weyr on fire." While she's seen Th'res strung up on it, she's never had the necessity to do so herself. The little gold gives a sleepy chirrup to Th'res, suddenly knowing she was being spoken about. Tal gives a huff at him, unable to really stare at her own firelizard. "She's less than a sevenday old. I doubt I could figure out how to send her with a message if I need to." As she looks up to meet his eyes, even if they slide to one side and focus on the side of hsi head instead, her hands undo the jar's lid. She lifts it to her mouth, takes a burning little swig, and then sets it down. "Maybe it is." Southern being her home that is. "Doesn't make it hurt any less."

Th'res nods at the hurting "It will get better. Some times you just got to feel the pain for it to go away." He shrugs more and finsihes gathering his things, and points to his own sleeping green firelizard in her spot above the kitchen "Worst case, Jade there will alert Jedameth to anything." See he does always have a plan before he leans over and gives her a quick kiss on the forehead as he heads out "Don't worry about it. Just rest and relax, that is what you want right?" He starts moving towards the ledge.

In response to his talk of her feeling the pain, Talya takes another sip from the jar. Just a little longer. That should tell him exactly what she thinks about /that/. The shine will hopefully start to sink in soon to dull everything. "You do have more of this stuff laying around, right?" Because it's going to be a long day of sitting around his weyr. "See Beastie, there's a firelizard you can learn from," she notes to her sleeping thing with a nod to Jade, but even all this planning doesn't seem to really satisfy her nerves. With the man all ready to head to work, and after the kiss on her forehead, she scowls after him. "Go on big dragonman, go kill some Thread. I'll just stay here like the little sister you want to coddle, but I can't promise your weyr will look the same when you get back!"

Th'res chuckles and gives her a wink saying "Oh you are so not a little sister type, nor is coddling what I want to do with you." See two can play at this making blush game. He quickly climbs on the blue and gives her a wave before they are off to work, Jade does get up with what was probably a mental push as she glides over to the counter where two more jars of that shine sit. The little green chirps at her as if to say "I hope you go blind.." before winging back to her perch.

Talya is blush proof. Not only because her darker skin than the bluerider, but it probably takes a lot more creativity to make her get flustered. Instead her eyebrows raise in surprise. "I think we have much different ideas on that, cause you could have fooled me!" she calls back after the bluerider as they both head off. She stands near the ledge, staring out at the beginning of the day before turning back with a huff. The weyr is given a good look around— where to start? She squints her eyes at the green firelizard and then starts in the direction. "Alright Beastie, I think it's bad to bed for you. I've got a lot to accomplish." Just how many can she get through before the bluerider returns? First a shower (because at least she can smell better).

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