Chel, Freesia, Pim, Terrian


Chel and Freesia try to girl Pim up, but she resists. Especially when Terrian shows up.


Central Bazaar, Igen Weyr

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A bright, sunny day means a good day to be selling something, and the Bazaar bustles and hustles with its usual pace, snaring any fresh travelers. The wanderings of those left homeless and jobless somewhat crowd up the corners; most stalls won't allow the loitering of the refugees nearby. In fact, one stocky fellow who seems to have been born out of his incredible mustache causes a small ruckus as he tries to shoo a stringy woman by waving an unlit cigar at her. "Go on!" He demands with a thick accent and ruffle of those magnificent mouth hairs, "Scatter! Or I'll call the gua— GUARDS." It gets louder, more than warning than as he particularly seems to imagine anyone coming to aid him. A few other refugees crouch nearby, and Chel, a few stalls over, straightens up from where she'd been leaning over, holding a feathery earring up to herself experimentally.

Pim is wandering her way through the bazaar, looking not like a guard at all. Maybe she's not on duty, maybe she hadn't even actually been recruited yet. She's not saying one way or the other. But there are only so many women gunning for the guard and the fact that she's one of them has caught the attention of the sorts of people that Do Not Want. Her attention is drawn to the yelling, though possibly not for the right reasons. "Unless you got somewhere else for them to go, maybe you should shut your fat mustache!"

"Excuse me?" The man bristles, right down the last hairs of that illustrious formation. "She's blocking the way for actual customers!" More likely, he thinks her a thief; the woman's wringing her hands within scrappy Igenite robes and eyeballing a few of his nicer displays. At all the commotion and attention this is bringing, she balks, darting away down a side-street. The three men who had been watching her from the corner peel off with narrow glares. "No common decency anymore…" mutters the vendor, attending back to his things. From that tiny ways down, Chel dares to bring the feathery earring up to her mouth, holding it below her nose in imitation as she scrunches up her mouth and wiggles the accoutrement in pretend indignation. The jewelry seller smiles, then regrets it, batting a warning hand at Chel who sidles backwards quickly into traffic to avoid the hit.

Fearless or possibly not very bright, Pim doesn't look at all ruffled by the bristling of the mustache man. She just glares at him until the woman in question books it, then her gaze is sent along anyone else that might dare question… whatever she's annoyed about. She has her own muttering, too, as she starts to relax and go back to her wandering, "Why's it always the mustaches?" Which is around the same time she almost runs into Chel. She manages to sidestep but only to bounce off of someone else and trip over her feet as she's shoved away again. "C'mon, show some respect, for Faranth's sake!" she yells after the busy guy hurrying on his way.

A quick pointed finger from the woman at the stall has Chel turning, shifting an instant too late out of Pim's way. "Ay, ay!" She whistles a couple of annoyed shots after the man as well, but her temperament soothes quickly over. A sideways toss tries to return the jewelry to the maker, though the feathered thing isn't inclined to fly particularly straight on its own. Not noticing, Chel ducks around to Pim's side, cocking her head to look her up and down, "You okay? Don't have your Bazaar-legs yet, hmm?" A crook of her finger attempts to lure the other girl back towards the stalls, where less traffic is pressing them constantly around.

Freesia is walking through the bazaar when she witnesses the collision and subsequent fall. She rushes to the side of the other teenaged girls, ready to offer help. "Are you both ok?" She asks, looking down at Pim and then back up at Chel. "Oh, hi." She addresses Chel, smiling at the other woman.

"My Bazaar-legs are just fine," she says with an unspoken 'thank you very much' tagged right into her tone. But the tone is much less antagonistic than it was with Mr. Mustache. It might have something to do with the fact that Chel does not have any similar face hairs. Pim moves toward the stall rather than continuing off on her way, saying, "I'm fine. I didn't hit you, did I?" Ping pong Pim is a bit of a blur now. "I'm fine," she repeats for Freesia's sake, glancing at the other woman and then past her as though to see if anyone else is paying attention to them.

A grin strikes across Chel's face at Pim's insistence over the legs, and she doesn't interject — perhaps because Freesia's appearing in her periphery. "Hey, I'm fine, I didn't even go over." It's to both women that she runs a demonstrating hand over her front, tugging her tunic into place; she's barely ruffled, see. "But while you're here," this, particularly to Freesia, along with an indicating nod, "Ogle this. Tell me what you think." And she leans over to run a couple of fingers across a pair of those dashing feathered earrings, now that the lady vendor's just managed to get them back into place. Assuming she's occupied Freesia, Chel breaks off to watch Pim, then glance in the direction she was presumably headed with a question on her face when returning.

Freesia nods at the young women's reassurances that they are fine, and takes the bait as Chel gestures at a pair of earrings. "Oh, those are lovely." To the vendor, Freesia questions, "May I pick them up?" Poor woman, she will have to lay them out yet again. At the lady's nod, Freesia lifts one of the earrings for a better look, grinning. "These are nice! You would look very good in them," She says to the barmaid.

Not exactly the sort of girl that goes all soft for jewelry, Pim doesn't seem super interested in the wares of the stall. Her attention does draw back from where she was looking to glance at the earrings and then at Chel, who is offered a raised brow for the question-y face. And since she's apparently not going to answer, Pim instead dusts off her leg and arm, which don't actually have any substantial dust on them. "No wonder they don't take us seriously when we're standing around playing dress up like this."

"Y'think?" Immediately, Pim is less interesting, until Chel realizes how eager and girly she sounds and flushes it out of her system with a shrug and a sniff. "They're different, y'know." Then the old gold that shimmers today below her ears, worn but of some class. At 'they', Chel spies over at Pim, exchanging an instinctual frown for a more bemused smile. Dipping next to Freesia, she loops a finger around the most spectacularly, ridiculously, colorful ensemble of an earring she can find: something truly in Igenite's colorful spirit. Wielding them, she leans back and holds the earrings up in the air, squinting to align them with her vision of Pim's figure. "Careful," she warns without an edge, "You'll start to sound like 'em."

Freesia nods her head brightly at Chel, grinning. "Yes, they would." Freesia has no shame in getting excited over earrings, and she gives Pim a flat look with an indecipherable message. "You should try it, it's fun." She says encouragingly, resuming her smile. She nods at the earrings Chel attempts to pair with Pim, "Those are nice too. So colorful."

"Oy!" Terrian's voice rings out over the sound of the bazaar, a bit sharper than his typical southwestern-drawl. Between the crowds slips a medium sized puppy who comes up to the women and sits on the ground wagging her tail easily. Terrian makes his physical apperance a few seconds later, eyeing the puppy and not the women just yet. "You got a sack of balls girl," this directed to the puppy who looks up at him with a me? type of expression. "aye, runnin' like that. Special' seein' as it got you kicked this mornin'." Out comes the string from his pocket and he kneels to tie it on the neck of the oh-so-not-sorry creature. Letting the string coil up Terrian stands to see where his new charge has led him. "Ma'am's," though his eyes remain on Freesia for just a second, as if trying to place where he might have seen her before.

"I didn't say they weren't pretty." Pim is fashion impaired, not dead. She also seems to take exception to the idea that she could be anything like 'them.' But it just makes her frown rather than say as much to Chel, and the same frown is flickered over at Freesia. "I can't wear earrings." Well, she has the holes for them already so she must not meant that she's physically incapable. Arms crossed over her chest now, Pim glances over at the sound of a voice that's just familiar enough to draw her attention. And then her eyes narrow at its source and her attention reverts abruptly to the other women. "On second thought, I think earrings are fantastic."

What frown Chel has is merely for the earrings being unsuitable for Pim. Setting them gently aside, she skims over the remaining product, glancing once or twice idly at the movement of the crowd. She nearly misses the canine's entrance, and it coincides with her finding something of interesting, so that she ends up turning to address the dog and only lopsidedly chucking a pair of muted purple stone earrings at Freesia. "Job, or?" Tugging on her ear, she quickly asks Pim over the can or cannot of earrings; it's difficult to tell if she's holes or not from looking at her from a polite distance. Attention jumps from her then to Terrian, "Sir," and his companion, "M… a'am." Offered a bit humorously. "Is she looking for something in a feathery arrangement today?" The canine, that is, she jests, as the actual vendor of the earrings bobs her head respectfully to the new human arrival.

Freesia catches the earrings and is looking them over when she suddenly cries, "Aw, how cute!" Freesia's voice is loud enough to carry to Terrian as she exclaims over the newly arrived puppy. She begins to crouch, just as Terrian arrives to claim the canine. She pauses, mid crouch, "Oh, may I pet him?" She asks, finishing the crouch and rocking back on her heels. "Or her." The earrings are held up from the ground for Chel to take back, as Freesia is easily distracted by the canine.

As Freesia begins to bend down to pet the dog Terrian is bending also, putting a hand in front of him. "Nay ma'am. She's workin'." Looking back upwards Terrian ignores the joke from the barmaid without a second thought and turns his attention to the girl suddenly interested in earings. "You're Pim aye?" Terrian's cool voice asks the girl he's seen enough times. The puppy is sligthly put off by not being allowed to pet, but recovers quickly enough as her tail raises a small cloud of dust.

"Job," repeats Pim in answer to Chel's question. "Could get in the way," is the brief, vague explanation. She doesn't seem particularly interested in the dog and only glances at its person again when he says her name. "Aye," is her only answer to Terrian, giving him a brief, critical sort of once-over. It doesn't leave her very impressed, judging by her expression. Which could just be a petulant sort of act on her part.

Freesia makes a disappointed face and raises herself to her feet. To get over her disappointment, she picks up a simpler, but still lovely pair of earrings. She holds them up for Pim and Chel's inspection. "What about these? You can wear them when you're not on duty, right?" Everyone has free time at some point, even if it's only for a gather day.

She notes the name, notes the answer, and Chel squints a bit critically at the pair Freesia holds up, but her attention always returns eventually to those bits of dangling feather. However, as she's contemplating them for another time, a traditionally garbed Igenite slips in, tapping the young barmaid on the shoulder. They lean together, exchanging bits of and pieces of conversation interspersed more with a couple of quick hand gestures and pointed looks. Nodding, Chel turns to those gathered, "Freesia," she demands, "Your new task is to find something Pim will take. Try those tooth ones in the corner. They never sell." The vendor yips a noise at Chel, but she slips with too much ease into the moving Bazaar crowd and disappears.

"Ain't never off duty with some jobs." Wait, was Terrian not invited to this conversation? "Might be more prudent to stay away from female touches." His slow voice rolls out though his eyes don't once even touch on Pim. Is he trying to be helpful? "Not sure I be knowin' your name ma'am." This he asks to Freesia, giving the woman a full once-over from toe to forehead.

"They're nice," Pim allows, though she's quick to add, "Don't bother trying to find anything for me. Really. I'm not interested." Or she is and just won't admit it. Either way she notes waspishly to Terrian, "I don't need your advice on how to conduct myself. What was your name again?" She should probably know that if she's going to talk like that to him, after all.

Freesia nods at Chel and waves a hand at the woman's departure. "Ok, I will." Freesia checks out the tooth earrings and holds up the earrings disbelievingly, "Uhm, how about these?" Freesia wrinkles her nose at the idea, but gives Pim the opportunity to review the earrings. "Oh, I'm Freesia," she says, shifting the earrings to one hand and extending her other hand for Terrian's.

"Terrian. Dog is Novak." Pim's antagonism rolls right off him and he leans a hip against the cart seller to eye the new earings that Freesia has picked up. "Ugly as sin." Is his drawled out observation before he's reaching out one rough hand to envelop Freesia's. "One've Rosie's aye?" An eyebrow ticks upwards to see if he has got the woman's spot in the bazaar correctly.

"I'm not going to say yes to any of them," Pim assures Freesia, sounding just slightly apologetic. She doesn't say she won't like any of them, though. Because that's not true. She's just not going to admit to liking any of them enough to buy them. While she mostly tries to ignore Terrian for now, she does eye the other woman a little more critically, or curiously, at the mention of being one of Rosie's.

Freesia nods her head at Terrian, not a hint of blush on her cheeks. She gives Terrian's hand a squeeze and release before turning back to Pim. "I'm Freesia," She repeats, smiling at the other woman. She takes a moment to set down the earrings before extending her hand out to the other guard. "Those ones are hideous anyway," she whispers, grinning. "Maybe we can find another pair a different day," She suggests, picking up on Pim's disapproval in conjunction with Terrian's arrival.

Terrian curls his hand back into a belt look, hooking his thumb though the loop to allow his whole arm to hang upon it. "Good woman, Rosie." Terrian remarks, his eyes turning away from the women to scan the bazaar with his deep brown eyes. The puppy decides this is a good time to test her boundries and rises to her feet, sneezing once as she causes a pile of dust to poof off of her coat.

"Perhaps," says Pim to Freesia, noncommittal but with a brief, apologetic smile offered to the other woman. Also her hand and her name even though the latter has been tossed around already, "Pim." Still she ignores the puppy. Apparently Pim is immune to cute things. Especially in the company of male guards.

Freesia nods her head at Terrian again, though she neglects to comment. Freesia doesn't exactly flaunt her profession, as evidenced by her modest dress. She nods at Pim, noting the names and faces for later. "Something for gather days only," she assures the female guard, still smiling brightly at her. "Well, I must get ready for work, so I'm going to head back to Rosie's." Since the cat is out of the bag, she may as well say where she's going.

Terrian simply remains leaning against that stall for a long moment till his eyes finish their perusal of the bazaar. Then they'll turn and settle back on the ladies. "Be well ma'am." The words roll off his tounge slowly and he pushes himself back up to standing fully on his feet.

Pim might not have seemed all that super excited about Freesia but now that she's making to go, she's looking a little disappointed. Maybe it's just because it means she has to either acknowledge Terrian's existence or leave. "Take care," she says after the other woman and finally glances at the guard. "Don't you have a job to do or something?"

"Doin' it. There's a lot of watchin' what goes into guardin' I'm learnin'. Up 'n at 'em Novak." Terrian says to the pup who prances around as if she doesn't have a care in the world. "You lookin' to join them women what are tryin' to be guards?" There is no judgement in his voice, just curiosity.

"I'm not looking to. I am joining them." Important difference, according to Pim. "And we aren't trying to be guards. We're going to be guards." She gives Terrian and challenging sort of look, like she expects him to try to tell her otherwise. And she already won't have any of it.

Another one of those rolling shrugs pours over Terrian's shoulders. "Ain't gonna be easy. Got some people what really ain't got no desire to see skirts in the house." He takes a few rolling steps away from the jewlery owner and then flashes a look behind him. "You gonna come walkin' along or just stay flappin' your jaw there?"

"Only skirts you all gotta worry about are your own," Pim grumps back and doesn't really look at all like she wants to go walking with Terrian. Clearly the only reason she does finally push away from the stall is because that's the direction she wanted to go anyway. "And stop talking like you think I don't know what I'm getting myself into. Probably know better than you."

"Mayhap." Terrian allows as he picks his way towards where the food sellers congregate. "Why're you wantin' to be tryin' it?" For the first time Terrian's slightly bored tone puts on a hint of wanting-to-know-more.

"Why are you so damned nosy?" asks Pim without actually offering up any proper answer to his questions. At least until she says, "My reasons are my own. And I don't like you enough to share them with you. Any of you." It's probably nothing personal. But she does finally take this moment to veer off and disappear herself into the crowd of the bazaar.

Dark eyes follow the girl till she disappears into the crowd and then beyond. Looking downwards at the dog Terrian shrugs (he seems to do that a lot) again. "You and me both. Twitchy ain't they?" He might actually whistle as he goes back to his walk, dog at his heel.

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