Evka, Xanthee


Xanthee comes to Southern for some much missed time with her bestie Evka.


It is afternoon of the twenty-second day of the seventh month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Nighthearth, Southern Weyr

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"Being a rider looks really good on you."



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

There's a stark difference between winter in Igen and winter in Southern, something Evka has had to learn the hard way. Southern's winters are wetter, and colder somehow, though it never gets any colder temperature wise than the desert. It just feels that way. So, she's spent some of her dwindling savings on a good set of winter leathers and they keep her warm now as she spends some time outside during a rare dry spell. Saetyroith, clean and freshly oiled, lays sprawled in the sand, napping happily as Evka looks out at the choppy winter waves. She's lost in thought, a habit quite common for her these days, having grown used to keeping her own council, particularly now that she has a growing dragonet to worry about. She's leaner, but more muscular than she'd been when she arrived. Daily PT will do that. She's near dancing fitness again, and she's been able to work some contortion back into her own personal workouts. More and more every day she's become more herself, once again becoming a strong, independent and vibrant woman. And it's in largess, due to the brown sleeping on the sands. She's got purpose now and thrives upon it.

Popping out of between over the beach, a golden firelizard does some lazy sweeps before she spies what she is looking for in the Zingari turned brownrider. With a soft trill of triumph, she disapears once more. Not too much time passes when a raven-haired girl with her locks plaited into two tight french braids that keep her thick hair from rebelling in the high humidity, wearing a battered riding jacket over some weather-sensible clothes. Selkie is perched on Xanthee's shoulder as she girl attempts a mixture of a skip and a run all the way to meet her bestie on the beach. "Evka!" She calls out with an excited squee accenting her words as she comes in for a barelling hug, although she stops herself from completely bowling over the brownling in her excitement.

Evka barely has time to register who's calling her when she's about bowled over by a dear, dear friend. "XAN!" She's up for a proper hug in about a millisecond. "Where did you come from?" Evka then holds her bestie at arm's length to get a good look at her. "Are you eating enough? Getting enough time with Mal? How's Igen?"

"I'm gonna have to get used to calling you that, it suits you though," Xanthee remarks with a smile. Chuckling at her rapid fire questions, the Igenite girl rolls her eyes playfully, "Yes to the first two and it's very much not the same since you've left." Pulling back from her friend to give her a good looking over, the smile on her face easily portrays that she's really happy with what she sees, "Being a rider looks really good on you."

Evka smiles widely at Xanthee's answers, chuckling at the last. She blushes a bit at the compliment and looks over to Saetyroith sleeping in the sands. "It feels good too." Looking back to Xanthee she smiles. "I miss you. How's it different?" She's curious for sure, though still steadfast in her decision not to return, doubly backed by her new rank as a Southern Weyrling.

Xanthee follows Evka's gaze to the sleeping brown before she looks back at her friend, "That's your boy huh? He's gorgeous! And you know how much I love browns." She hesitates a moment, "You seem more…settled than when you left Igen. I've very glad to see it." Sighing slightly before she can stop herself, Xan answers her last, "Well I don't have anyone to go shopping with anymore, and I'd rather not bore Mal to death with it. And I find myself wishing i could just head over to your yurt and drag you out to the Tea Room or the Cantina for a drink." She stops herself but bitting down on her lower lip, "But I didn't bribe a rider for a ride under the pretense I wanted to check out the obstacle course that the Igen Weyrleaders are all talking about, just to come here and make you feel bad. I'm keeping busy, and Mal is just the best so I really have nothing to complain about."

Evka looks over at Sae again and chuckles. "Aye that's him. His name is Saetyroith. I think I have a fair love for the color myself now." Another chuckle is emitted before Evka becomes a bit more serious, nodding at being settled. "There are things I've learned to cope with, and things I've let go. It's freeing, having to put things on the back brazier to sit while I care for Saetyroith. It lends some perspective." That and Evka knows that some things are more than settled finally. She does look a bit sheepish when Xan mentions not having someone to shop with anymore. "Well, I can visit more once were cleared for travel, but that's going to be awhile yet. I miss shopping and having drinks with you too Xan, shells, I miss drinks in general…" It's been so long since she's had a whiskey. Evka smiles at Xanthee's last and chuckles. "Well, let's do something then. Dinner? A drink? I might not be able to have liquor but klah and juice are just as good." She wants desperately to ask about other things, but she squashes those questions down flat. It's none of her business anymore and well, she shouldn't be asking Xanthee anyhow.

"Saetyroith," Xanthee echos, more to help her remember the name than anything, "A fitting name for such a handsome dragon." Sobering as well at Evka's next, she nods along with her friend until she finally smiles again, "I can't tell you how glad I am to hear all that. I was so worried for you when you left, but I knew it was what you had to do, even though…" she hesitates now and decides quickly that she isn't going to go down that particular line of thought at the moment. So clearing her throat against the rest of that thought she grins at her friend, "I only have a few candlemarks before I have to go back, the rider I came with is meeting some friends at the Kitten for cards, but sure. Klah and juice sound just fine, how about the Nighthearth? It's a little more private and they have comfortable chairs if I remember correctly." Looking over at the sleeping brown, she remembers something, "Oh, are you able to go that far?" The three time Candidate knows all about what happens before impression, but is woefully uninformed of after.

Evka smiles. "Aye, I'll be fine. I'll get him back to his couch and I should have a bit before he is in need of me again." Moving towards the brown, Evka places a hand on his head, hands moving around d his head knobs in a familiar scritching pattern. The brown slowly wakes, craggy beard like face opening in a wide yawn before he turns whirling eyes on his rider and then on Xanthee. Evka explains both verbally and silently what she wants and the brown rises, more than happy to indulge in activities that please his lifemate. "Let's go drop. him off and then the night hearth sounds lovely."

Trying to ignore the small pang that stings her heart when she sees Evka interact with her lifemate, Xanthee instead focuses on how happy she is for her best friend and it helps ease the tension there significantly. She gives the brown a respectful bow of her head when he turns to look at her, waiting while the two communicate. When they seem ready to go, Xan follows after at an easy pace, idly chatting and offering some bits of gossip from back home during their trek back towards the Weyr.

Dropping Saetyroith at his couch doeant take long, and perhaps sensing some of Xanthee's tension, Evka makes leaving him simple, saying her goodbye mentally and hurrying to the living caverns. Klah and such is gathered joyfully and carried to the hearth where Evka picks two of the plushest seats she can find and claims them. "So, how's being a Weyrwoman's assistant? Does Nasrin keep you busy?"

Thankful that the trip to drop Saetyroith doesn't take that long, Xanthee links arms with Evka for the rest of their trek to the Nighthearth. Slipping out of her battered jacket to reveal a blouse in forest green, with white embroidery around the V-shapes neckline, over a pair of form fitting soft hide pants in dark brown. Curling up on the plush chair, kicking off boots in the process so she can tuck her feet up under her, Xan blows softly on her mug of klah before answering the brownling's last. "It's pretty exicting actually. I mean it's mostly hidework, and taking notes, and helping with the stores and soon the tithes. But sometimes we get out of the Weyr. Went to Vtol Swamp Hold a few months back because Nasrin has to visit the Holds beholden to Igen, for goodwill and all that. While we were there, they offered us a chance to try out their mud baths. Apparently the stuff is excellent for the skin. And I gotta say, my skin had never felt better afterwards. But it was so weird to intentionally get covered in mud."

Evka eagerly soaks up the gossip and news that Xanthee shares, smiling widely when she starts talking about Vtol. "Oh I'm so jealous. I would love a good mudbath right about now. I'm betting it's good for the dragons too." Evka, always one to think of how to pamper one's self, is gladd Xanthee got to experience it. "I'm betting you felt fantastic afterwords too. It's never too late, or not time for a good pampering. Once I graduate, we'll have to get together again, kidnap Amani and be away for a few days." At some point during all this, Evka's removed her jacket to reveal a weyrling uniform (with some Zingari flair) and sensibly short hair that's just beginning to brush her shoulders again. She sips at her klah and sinks into her own chair, feet remaining on the floor. "How… how is the Caravan doing? I heard Willimina had twins?" She doesn't quite expect Xan to be in the up and up on the Caravan, but she can hope.

Xanthee looks properly humble about the mud bath when Evka expresses her jealousy, "I did feel pretty great afterwards, not gonna lie. But It was all part of the job. I'm seeing more places in the last turn than I have in my whole life. I'm honored Nasrin thought of me for it." Taking a bit of a deep breath to calm the giddiness she's feeling at just being able to sit and talk to her best friend again, Xan takes a sip from her mug of klah. "I don't get out to the Caravan Grounds as much as I'd like," Xan admits sheepishly, "With Daen in his own weyr, and you here, there's really no one there for me to visit that often. Mal and I try to hit up one of their entertainment nights whenever we can, and if we're not too exhausted to do anything beside crawl into our bed." She finishes with a wry smile. "But yes, I did hear that Willa had her twins, girls I believe," she relates with a bit of a wistful sigh that has the faintest hint of longing as well.

Evka is all smiles for Xanthee, and those only droop a moment when Daen is mentioned. What is done is done, and there's no going back, so she doesn't linger in the momentary lance of pain through her soul. Pain that has Saetyroith flickering in the background of her mind. She shoves it aside and shakes her head, sighing. "I hope he's doing well." Particularly after their son was moved from Igen to somewhere unknown by his foster mother. But that's all she'll say on that subject. As to Willimina having twins, well, that's another matter. Evka looks positively pleased and happy with that news. "Our poor Caravan second, he's so outnumbered now. Willimina must be pleased as punch. I can see why you wouldn't get down there much now, but thank you for the news." Evka sips at her klah some more.

If there's one thing that Xanthee's good at, it's sticking her foot in her mouth. She notices the moment her friend's smile drops and she fights the urge to slap herself in the forehead. "I wouldn't know. We're…both busy, haven't talked to him in months," she decides on vagueness over the whole truth, but Evka doesn't need to know about the argument that drove a wedge between the adopted siblings, especially since she was the subject. A clearing of her throat dismisses that thread quickly enough and she leans forward in the chair, hands clasped around the mug as she holds it to her lips for another sip. "I'm sure she is," Xan's only ever spoken to the Caravan Leader a couple of times, and therefore has no more news than that. "So…how's Southern? I see you've given your own flair to that uniform you have to wear, I wouldn't expect any less," she grins at her friend.

Evka chuckles, looking at her uniform and nodding. "I did it to my candidate robe too. Everyone thought I was nuts." She gives a toss of her shortened hair and runs a hand through it. "It's been an adjustment, but I love it here. THere's scenery, wildlings, places to think, places to explore. It's an adventure…." And it led her to Saetyroith, which is something Evka will never complain about. "And my tan has never been better. This place is just missing some Zingari flair, and I intend to provide it." Evka grins. Once she can perform again, she'll try to get some sort of entertainment night going.

Xanthee giggles easily at her friend and marvels at the total transformation in Evka, "You'll do it too, I know you will. This place could certainly use it." Shifting a little bit to settle more comfortably, Xan leans her head onto to back of the chair and just studies the brownling for a long moment and then exhales a soft sigh, "As much as I miss you to pieces, Amani too, I am so pleased that you've found yourself again." Her eyes brighten as she looks up and blinks her eyes to get them to dry, "And there I go," she chuckles as she fans herself with her hands. When she's finally under control again, she smiles, "So who are the assistant weyrlingmasters? N'iel, who'd been one when I was a candidate here, has just moved to Igen, I bumped into him the other day."

Evka is laughing, until she's blushing. "It was a long road, but I seem to be getting somewhere on it. I certainly feel more myself these days." She sips at her klah, studying Xanthee in return, smiling softly when the woman mists up a bit. "I miss you to pieces too Xan, but I'll be able to visit soon, so I'll be able to kidnap you now." She winks and grins. She hasn't forgotten her bestie and scheduled bestie time will be happening as soon as is possible. THinking on Xan's question, Evka finally grins. Oh this will be a juicy bit of gossip. "Well, we have Rocio as our Weyrlingmaster, and then one of the assistants is F'kan." She raises her eyesbrows in her best dun dun dun face and waits for her friend's reaction.

"Oh I don't know Rocio…" Xanthee trails off, mouth agape, emerald eyes blinking owlishly as she absorbs what her friend said last. "You've got to be joking!" She finally manages to spat out, "That's…just…" the girl sputters before shaking her head and taking another sip of klah as a distraction if nothing else. "I wonder who he had to sleep with to get that job," she mutters under her breath against the rim of the mug before she lowers it again. "So how is he? As a AWLM I mean…" she's trying really hard not to get flustered, but that brownrider is still a sore spot for Xan, the girl can hold a grudge.

Evka shakes her head. "Not joking a bit." She stays teasingly silent for a moment before leaning in over her klah, as if what she's about to say next shouldn't leave the immediate area. "I don't think he's sleeping with anyone….either that, or just one someone." She giggles. "Someone's gone and turned the man all respectable. He's a basket case if he comes even close to an inappropriate situation." Indeed, Evka had barely recognized the man and she mentions as much before sitting back and polishing off her klah. "As an AWLM he's alright, seems fair enough." Evka is amused by her friend's grudge holding it seems.

There's a mild scowl on the girl's face as Evka explains the change in F'kan. Xanthee is not entirely convinced as she stares intently down at the remainder of her klah, swirling it gently in the mug. "Well…I guess that's good for him…" she mumbles begrudgingly, "Amani's tried to tell me the same, but I just can't forgive him for what he did to me, during Candidacy and at my party, reformed or not." And on that, she'll not budge. Throwing her head back to get at the last of her own klah, she puts aside her mug onto a nearby side table, before turning back to Evka with a small smile, "Sorry, I honestly don't even think about him much anymorer. But if you say he's an alright AWLM, then I'll take your word on it."

Evka shrugs and smiles. "No one is asking you to forgive him dear." She sets her klah aside. "But I thought you might get a bit of a shock from that news, I was surprised myself." She shrugs and grins. "The way life changes, eh?" Looking around the living cavern from her chair, she debates another cup of klah. "Up for another cuppa? Or do you have to be getting back?" Not that Evka is rushing, she'd kidnap Xan here permanently if she could.

Xanthee sighs heavily, and shakes any thoughts of the brownrider from her mind, "It sure does. So much." She remarks on the changeable nature of life before looking over at the marked candle and considering. "I should be ok for another cup, the rider who brought me said he would send a flit after me when I need to meet him at the Weyr Entrance." Unfolding herself from the chair, Xan snags both mugs and walks on bare feet towards the klah cart, pouring them each a fresh mug, "Oh! So Mal took me on this tour of some of his favorite caves. Absolutely breathtaking they were, and so romantic…" she turns back to Evka with a bit of suggestive wink. Bringing the drinks back over, she hands Evka hers, she still remembers how the girl takes it, before settling down once more and just enjoying an evening of gabbing with her bestie until she is called away for her ride back to Igen.

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