Divale, Doji | Lukoith, Raktraeth


Doji and Divale are out by the lost oasis for different reasons. Raktraeth and Lukoith find something to face off and rough house over…


It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Lost Oasis, Igen Weyr

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Lost Oasis

Lost Oasis
Blocked from view in the south by one of the largest sandstone formations jutting from the desert, this lovely oasis is truly a hidden jewel in the sand. Leagues away from any trace of civilization, it boasts a tranquil blue pool of fresh water and shallow stream fed by an unseen spring beyond a dark crevice in the bluff. Trees spring up against the rock, providing merciful shade and filling in the narrow recesses surrounding the water. The height of the outcropping funnels a near-constant light breeze through the place, cooling the air considerably in comparison to the desert beyond.

However, for all its beauty, there is an unaccountable air of fear and uncertainty about this oasis. At night, the otherwise friendly wind can cross the space with a low, unnerving howl, and creatures passing in the shadows do so in nervous, unseen movements. This has, unfortunately, been a place of grisly discoveries for Igen Weyr - most likely due to its out-of-the-way nature. Sweep riders have observed no renegades, bandits, or criminals of any other stripe in the area thus far, adding to the mystery here.

Sure, there are certainly other places on Pern a tree loving dragon could go when he needed to get a good dose of things arboreal, but Raktraeth is also an Igen dragon. The behemoth brown has found one of those few corners of the desert that actual harbors more life than usual. It's awkward finding a spot big enough in the rocky outcropping that shelters the greenery, but he's managed. Even if it does mean his tail is draped in the pool nearby! Much harder to spot at the moment, is his rider. Doji's currently nestled up under his wing, riding jacket removed for the moment to be used as a make-shift pillow in the shade his wing can provide.

There is one who might know where there’s plant life hidden about the desert, but trees? Not quite as simple. Shadow passes above but it’s no eerie phenomenon or ill omen eclipse; it’s just Lukoith, making a broad and wide sweep before dipping his wings to turn back. No doubt Raktraeth has been spotted and that’s enough of a lure to draw the dark brown. Landing may be trickier, but he’s not there to oust the massive behemoth from his perch and grudgingly he’ll settle where they won’t be jostling for room. « Why are you here? » Lukoith’s voice, smoke and bluntness in guttural tones, will reach for the younger brown. Divale is still in the process of lifting her goggles and unbuckling herself from her straps; whether it’s to converse with Doji or because she does have “business” here is the real question.

Stealth is kind of hard on a practically cloudless spring day. The shadow passing, as ill fated as it may or may not be, is noted and ignored for the most part until the older brown lands and starts asking questions. The sharp scent of evergreen reaches out through the smoke, along with a few pine needles for asking such an obvious question. « Looking. » At something that is definitely NOT a pine tree. It's a tall skinny palm tree that's nearly as tall as Raktraeth is when he's not busy trying to stick his snout underneath the fronds as he is right now. Doji straightens up as soon as its clear they have company, shrugging back into her jacket and giving a hasty salute towards the wingsecond. "Morning." Or afternoon? She's blinking up at the sky like she's trying to figure out what time it might actually be

Lukoith’s answer comes in the form of a low throated rumbled sound, as the brown turns his head and tilts it, predatory like but silently contemplating. Wings rustle and there’s the unsettling click and scrape of talon against sand and rock. Non-verbal comes the press against Raktraeth’s mind: Looking for what? “It’s a bit late for that,” Divale remarks, as dryly as ever, once she’s dismounted and made a few slow, cautious steps forwards once Doji has emerged. Her gaze drifts out over their surroundings; she’s no stranger to this place or part of the desert. The salute is returned, albeit belatedly, as her eyes fix the younger brownrider with a searching stare. “Odd place for a nap.”

Raktraeth could very easily explain what exactly he's looking for, but where is the fun in that? There's a bit of a rustling from under the palms as he moves his snout around and the pine scent just grows stronger and stronger. Doji may have straightened up, but she hasn't gone so far as to emerge from the safety of the shadows. Rukbat's rays are not kind to the redheaded rider, but she's only tinged slightly pink, perhaps just from heat rather than sun. "I guess it is." She'll concede that after blinking at the sun again. Both late and odd. "It was a rest day. And his turn to pick." She nods her head back towards the brown behind her, who lets out a contented rumble.

Had the answer been so freely given, then Raktraeth isn’t Lukoith’s son! Smoke meets the scent of pine, while shadow and eerie twilight threaten to vie with sunlight. He’s got the older brown’s attention! « Trees. » It’s not so much a question as it is a statement. Is he close? Igen’s sun and climate aren’t kind to Divale either, though she can generally tolerate exposure a little longer than Doji. “How fortunate,” she murmurs, keeping her gaze fixed on the other woman for a few more seconds before turning her attention away. In fact, she turns to walk a little away, only subtly pausing for a breadth to see if Doji follows or not. “All of the world to venture to and he picks here? We’re not even far into spring.”

There's always the possibility, considering that whole double clutch situation, but given his stature… it's pretty likely Raktraeth is Niatskivhiath and by extension Lukoith's. No denying it. And as the older dragon inches closer, the sunlight shines through those evergreen limbs just a little bit brighter. « Trees. » Or at least one. He nudges the poor palm closer towards Lukoith in case his sire wants to take a peek himself. And Raktraeth shuffles one of those nutfruits underneath his front claw at a poor attempt at slight of hand. Doji does follow, maybe out of habit or just curiousity, and shrugs. "We've ventured other places on other rest days. The weather was nice this morning, so a straight flight seemed good. What brings you out? I thought Arroyo was sweeping this area this seven?"

Not going to work! Lukoith’s curiosity swiftly wanes over the tree but when he senses that Raktraeth is trying to hide something? Oh, the brown is all for that! He won’t even ask; moments like these don’t require such pleasantries! At least to him. He’ll forgo with any sneaky tricks or dealing and the moment there’s a chance… he’s darting his foreleg in, in an attempt to snare the nut fruit for himself all snake-like. If Raktraeth is up for a “friendly” scuffle too, Lukoith won’t deny him that! Divale casts a darted look over her shoulder, likely sensing the chance in the brown but not overly concerned (or masking it). Then her gaze returns to Doji, neutral as ever as she dips her head in a slight nod. Logical explanation! As for where she’s going? It’s obvious enough and half of the other woman’s answer right there; Divale’s foraging. “You’re not wrong,” she mutters. “Arroyo is cleared to sweep this area. It’s not a free day for me, but I had a rare window of time. Decided to venture out here to see if anything of worth has cropped up yet for harvest.”

Raktraeth does have an advantage being that his claw was already on the nut fruit and when there's the darting from the other brown, the younger dragon will just flick the object up instead of trying to hide it further. This game is definitely a-foot or rather, a-air, and Raktraeth rises up to his haunches so he can better bat at the nut fruit further in the air if Lukoith doesn't manage to snag it. And a scuffle, well… Trae can handle a bit of a scuffle. He's got bulk on his side. Doji cautiously eyes the two dragons, not quite willing to give up watching them in case trouble does break out, but she's listening. "Were you looking to harvest whatever it was they found?"

Lukoith will definitely make a grab for it once Raktraeth has sent it airborne! Let the games begin? He won’t back down, either. He’s determined to just lay claim to the nutfruit, despite not really wanting the fruit itself. At least there’s little out here their rough-housing play can destroy? It’s likely the only reason Divale isn’t trying to put an immediate stop to it. “The nutfruit from the palms? No. I actually dislike the taste of them, though many seem to enjoy it.” she remarks casually. “I’ve come for something else, entirely.” And maybe, if neither of them are so occupied, she’ll be in a good enough mood to bring Doji along on her impromptu lesson. Never hurts to learn of some early-season edibles or useful healing aids, right?

Doji? Pass up a lesson? NEVER!!! And the only thing destroyable around will either be the nutfruit, the tree, or each other. Hopefully the boys can behave for at least a little while. Only time will tell.

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