Doji, Xanthee


….the tannery has to be one of the least pleasant, but at least Doji and Xanthee have each other for company while waiting in line…


It is sunset of the thirteenth day of the third month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Tannery, Igen Weyr

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"Who knew there'd be such a rush?"



Nestled in a distant corner of the bazaar, you might be able to overlook the turn that leads you to the heart of the tanners quarters, but anybody with a working nose can't miss it completely. Vats of various odiferous compounds and hides in all stages of preparation dominate this open aired courtyard. Despite the smells, business must be done and various crafters can always be seen going about their daily duties.

One of the curses of being bonded to a behemoth brown means going through possibly literal mountains of hides to make sure you always have a pristine working set of straps and a spare or two as well. This is a fact of life that Doji knows all too well as the brownrider trods the very familiar path to the tannery with a rolled up bundle of considerable size slung over her shoulder. Once she actually arrives at the leatherworker's domain, her face falls slightly at the sight of just how busy it happens to be this fine spring even (or it would be fine if the gentle breeze wasn't wafting up the smell of ammonia from the vats nearby). Doji gives a sigh and just shuffles over to take her spot in the queue, although awkwardly trying to find some way to hold the burden that's not going to leave her back aching. Right now it's mostly just getting shifted from one should to the other and then back again as she waits.

Of all the places in Igen Weyr to be, the Tannery wouldn't be at the bottom of Xanthee's list. But here she is, dressed in one of her more conservative dresses, dark green with long sleeves and skirt edges with golden embroidery. She has a matching scarf over her head, one end crossed over her face covering her nose and mouth, though the fabric is too thin to make a real difference as the wrinkles to the bridge of her nose attests. Seeing the queue formed, she sighs slightly as her shoulders drop, she was really hoping this would be a quick trip on her way home. Nothing for it though, so she trudges dilligently and gets into line, right behind Doji in fact. When she recognizes the brownrider, she tilts her head to one side, "That's quite a bundle you have, you need a hand?" she asks helpfully.

Doji is appropriately enough, given the location, dressed in a pair of well worn leathers, although her flight scarf is nowhere to be seen. Whether even that would help with the smell is a bit debatable. The rider startles slightly at the sound of the voice to her side, although once the bundle starts to slip, she hastily manages to catch it by wrapping both arms around the tube before it can slide too far. She's holding it, at least for the moment. "Uhhh…" There's a quick glance given to the dress and fancy embroidery the other girl is wearing before Doji shakes her head. "It probably wouldn't be the best idea. Wouldn't want to get you all dirty." Keen eyes might even note a faint dripping onto the ground in between Doji's boots. Not a lot, but a steady and slow drip nonetheless.

"Oh," Xanthee blinks and then looks down at her own dress, "Yeah, you may be right…" she drawls while leaning out a bit to get a betting look at the length of the queue, the young woman sighs heavily, "Who knew there'd be such a rush?" she asks to no one in particular as she crosses her arms over her chest to wait somewhat patiently. Eventually her gaze wander back to Doji and her suspicious looking bundle, taking notice of the dripping with a hiked raven brow. "Dare I even ask what you've got there?" she wonders with an owlish look of curiosity in her emerald green eyes.

"It's a nice dress though," Doji will tack on as an afterthought while she finally admits that gravity has won this battle and sets one end of the bundle down with the other leaning against her leg. "Guess folks are trying to get fancy new leathers before spring gather season really starts?" She'll shrug as she gives that guess for why the sudden rush. As for her own burden, Doji blushes a little bit even as the line moves forward and she nudges it forward with her foot. "It's some hide… from Trae's dinner. He's wanting yet another pair of straps…" which then trails off into more of a mutter about how his current pair are still perfectly practical.

"Oh, thanks," Xanthee says with a smile, though it's still covered by the scarf over her mouth, "I'm just glad the weather is warming and I don't have to be quite so bundled up." With a nod of consideration at Doji's guess, she shrugs casually, "That's certainly possible. Need to get a new dress or two myself for the season," she quips, more as a mental note to herself. When the brownrider explains the bundle, a soft giggle is offered, "Never ending strap making…I hear it is the bane of riders everywhere," she says playfully, eyes dancing. "How's if your lifemate besides his desire for straps then? In fine form I hope."

Doji bobbles her head as she nods along with that. "Definitely, although it won't be too much longer until we're boiling under the summer sun and wishing it was winter again!" Is this a sign that Doji's getting old? Standing here griping about lines and weather! Doji just shrugs a bit at the strap making. "It is, but you don't want to be the one that has worn out straps. Seems like every older rider has a story about a score coming this close" she holders her finger and thumb barely apart, "To severing their straps and having them plummet to their death. A few even have scars that could possibly back the stories up." There's a bit of a smile at that as Doji's aware at least half of them are tall tales. "Raktraeth's doing pretty well. He's happily settled up on the lakeshore trying to absorb every bit of sun he can. Oh, and we're learning some techniques for catching folks with wing injuries." As much as Raktraeth might grumble about extra work, he is built for it.

"Maybe, but I love the heat," Xanthee replies easily, she's a desert girl through and through. On the subject of straps, Xan nods along with Doji's words, one hand reaching up to adjust the scarf over her raven hair as it was slipping a bit, "I think I've heard some of those stories myself, that has to be a terrifying thought sometimes, that your safety is dependant on some strips of leather and some buckles." She can't help a little shudder at that thought, hugging herself tightly. Quizzically, Xan tilts her head at the idea of catching for wing injuries, "You mean, catching in the air? During a Fall?" she whistles softly under her breath, "That's gotta take some skill."

"I'm glad that I can always hop over to someone cooler if I really want to," Doji starts to reach up to tuck away some of the hair that's started to stick to the back of her neck, but halfway up to her head, the hand pauses as she remembers that sticky, dripping hide she's been carrying and down the hand goes again. "I mean, it's not all about the leathers. Neckridges can help stabilize a ride if straps get severed. Plus, there's a couple different critical straps so if one falls, you're not completely doomed." She does nod an affirmative at Xanthee's last. "Yeah. Bad injuries like that don't happen often, where a dragon can't land mostly by themselves. But doesn't hurt to be prepared. So… how's life as an assistant? Learning anything neat?"

"Yeah I can see that," Xanthee replies when Doji clarifies on the point of there being more than just the straps keeping a rider on their mounts. When she goes on to explain about wing injuries, she nods along, obviously interested, "Being prepared for anything seems to be a good strategy, especially when seconds count and there are lives on the line." When the questions get turned back on her, Xan nods enthusiastically, her smile hidden by her scarf evident in her mirthful eyes, "Just about everything! I mean, a lot of it is hidework, especially during tithing season, but I'm learning how much actually goes into running a Weyr. Lived here my whole like, grew up in those caverns, and I never had a clue what a delicate balance there needs to be to keeping things running smoothly."

And ever so slowly the line creeps forward, so Doji will scoot along with it. A little sand isn't going to hurt that hide anyways, right? It's Igen. There's sand everywhere! The brownrider nods along as Xanthee explains a bit of what she was doing. "I'd see Nasrin in passing in the archives every so often…" Which means the pair may have been in the same place more often than not. Not like Doji would know since half the time she was so engrossed in her own reading material a herdbeast could run through the inner caverns and she'd barely notice. "Yeah? I'd mostly just paid attention to the infirmary records, but those alone were impressive. A delicate task of making sure you have enough for any emergency, without so much so that it'll start to go bad. But you never know what emergency might crop up."

"Yes! There is a lot of that kind of thing going on all over the Weyr," Xanthee exclaims as she shuffles forward with the rest of the herd queue. "Making sure we have enough but never fully knowing enough for what? Beacause, like you said, emergencies aren't exactly known for being scheduled." There a long sigh then, "There are so many factors at play, and everything has to be considered at all times, it's just…" the girl looks almost at a loss as she searches for just the right words, but finally gives up with a bit of a shrug of her shoulders, "Really neat to be involved in it all and feel like I'm doing my part too," she concedes with thoughtful tilt of her head.

"Have you spent much time talking with the farmers?" Doji pipes up as she scoots just a little bit forward again. At least the line is moving now, as opposed to the nearly standstill when she first arrived. "It seems like they need to be prepared for future weather as much as anybody might. When to plant tubers and when to plant spinach and what not…" She waves a bit of her hand. Despite growing up in Keroon, she still knows just about nothing when it comes to farming or herding, although any type of fabric fiber she can identify! "It's good that you found a task that makes you feel useful instead of just drifting along. And less tuber peeling."

"Only briefly when tithes have come in," Xanthee replies of talking to farmers, "But that's certainly true, another example of a being able to correctly predict certain factors." As they are getting closer to the front of the line, the fumes from the various vats as getting stronger as well, so Xan adjusts her scarf against it. "So far anyway. And I don't know if I considered working in the Tea Roon drifting, it was good work for a couple turns. But this is good for now, it is very fullfilling…" she trails off a bit with a nod of her head. "Eventually I want to stand again, so there still some tuber peeling in my furture I reckon," she answers with a playful groan.

Doji nods. "Maybe you should talk to them more. See what they're planning for and worried about? It might be different than what the Weyr's been focused on." Different perspectives are always good. But Doji does wince a bit at the mention of future tuber peeling. "Well, at least you're a seasoned hand at it now. And you'll probably be able to step in and save some poor first timer their fingers. And it sure beats the mucking." She shudders a bit. At least muck piles are probably going to stay a thing of Doji's past unless serious injury befalls her or Raktraeth. Eventually though, all lines must end. It looks like it's finally the brownrider's turn. Before she picks up the slightly worse for the dragging hide, she does give a wave to Xanthee. "This was nice," aside from the smells, "We should catch up again some time." But no more chitchat! The journeyman looks a bit grumpy and the folks piling up behind them in line even grumpier. The rider steps up to try and barter one fresh-ish hide in exchange for… something.

"I will remember that next tithing season," Xanthee remarks with a considered bob of her head. As for the tuber peeling, Xan just has to laugh, "I was a seasoned hand long before my stints in Candidacy. It was the Aunties favourite punishment when one of us 'brats got into some mischief or other," which was a lot for this particular one. "But yeah, I like to impart my wisdom on the first-timers," she says with a touch of teenaged ego. An eager bob of agreement over Doji's suggestion that they should catch up again soon, Xan offers the brownrider a wave, noticing the grumpiness of the journeyman and the line making her feel a little self-conscious. Good thing she's next, because Xan is eager to escape the stench and get back home for the night.

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