Talya, Th'res


Picking up some moonshine supplies leads to a spontaneous sparring match… and a little more

(spoilers) There may or may not be some making out


It is afternoon of the sixteenth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Jedameth's Weyr

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Jedameth's Weyr

Someone at some point has spent probably a substantial amount of marks to get the arch of stone around this weyr's entrance worked into an elaborate carving of floral themes, twining and flowing up and around. Sadly, time and the weather have not been kind to the carvings, and some are substantially faded; others barely visible at all. Enough remains to tell of what this once looked like, but there would be a lot of work to be done to restore it to its former glory. Which someone currently is doing as there are new marks on the walls of stone where the current owner is attempting to restore and finish it. The weyr itself is unremarkable, clean but utilitarian, the furniture simple but serviceable.

When you look up at the ceiling you can see that there has been a good number of clear crystals attached by brass fittings around a lamp with a copper wide base designed to spread the light over the ceiling not down into the room. They make look like a hap-hazard placement but when lit the light of the lamp spreads out and fills the room with rainbows and bright spots that mimic the stars. The creator has gone to great pains to actually include constellations in the design.

Why is it always so HOT at southern? Even on a spring evening it is still in the upper nineties for temperature, but it isn't so bad if one lives on cliffs near the ocean. The cool breeze flows over the ledges and into the weyrs there cooling down from the hot day. Th'res having just figured out how to fix his indoor shower, which is really a few barrels that collect rain water or are refilled from time to time then rain over a small boiler to heat it up, is currently moving on to the next task of his weyr cleaning. He starts moving objects around to the edges of the room so he can hang a heavy punching bag to start his nightly work out. Jedameth on the other hand is no where to be seen currently.

Talya's Guard duty seems to be occupying the most of her time. If not that, then there were plenty of side activities that involved drinking, swimming, or catching up on her physical fitness after a long turn at Southern of mostly just bartending. Breaking hands didn't really help the muscles, after all. These were not one of those days when she picked up where training left off. Jedameth's arrival that day provides a good opportunity, and reluctantly she requests a ride up to a certain bluerider's ledge. From outside the weyr comes the sounds of dragon landing, followed by the unfamiliar sounds of a young woman trying to loudly shush two firelizards that suddenly cannot keep quiet. Someone certainly fails at being stealthy with these two flying stomachs! "Th'res? You in?" As if she wouldn't trust Jedameth to lead her right.

Th'res is currently working the bag with a quick flurry of punches so doesn't immidately hear the entreance of the bartender turned Guard. But his green Jade is all the early warning he needs as she hisses to quiet the two loud new comers before going back to sleep. Th'res turns and blinks for a moment as he is in his swim shorts and that is about it right now, ears blushing slightly before he clears his throat "Hey Talya, what.. what brings you here" the croon from the ledge tells him who is behind it..

Talya's face lights up as she enters… at the punching bag. Sorry Th'res. The punching sounds made her steps more sure, instead of lingering in the archway of the weyr, and she barges in even before the poor man replied. The two firelizards, thankfully, seem to drop down to her shoulders when they get scolded and quiet down. Beast gives a proper hiss to Jade in reply, just to be sure the little green knows that while she's still a hatchling, she doesn't apprectiate being told when to be quiet. "Sick of using the guard's sparring area?" Talya asks instead of replying, her dark eyes turning from the punching bag and then onto the man. Bare. She looks him up and down and then rests her eyes on his face. "Oh, uh, out of 'shine. I figured I got a day off tomorrow and would be a shame to have to go scavenge at the bar like the normal Weyrfolk." Her eyes slide away from the rider and back to the bag.

Th'res rolls his eyes "oh that would just be horrid… sure I got a batch brewing right now so should be done in a bit." He motions towards the curtained off area where his still is, before going back to his rhythm of punches and elbows "I still use the guard barracks, but not all of them like it that the short guy gives more bruises than he gets." He is also swinging full force as he connects to the bag. "you can wait if you want, unless you want to throw down?" there is a bright challenge in his eyes, as well as that look like he has been over working himself and is wound up tight like a top.

"Only shine available is still brewing huh? Just my kind of luck," Talya notes with an odd tone that may imply it's good luck… or bad luck. Hard to tell. When Th'res gets back to swinging, Talya's eyes shift between him and the blows he's landing on that new punching bag. "Yeah, some of those guys really get their shorts all up in a bunch when someone smaller defeats them. Or the new little girl. They're just overcompensating for something, if you ask me. You should still go down there and knock them about a few times a week, I enjoy it when they're all in a bad mood in the afternoon." Talya grins toothily at her friend and then approaches. Cautiously. Her firelizards don't seem to like the punching around much, shifting uncomfortably and squeaking as she approaches. She gives them a shooing motion but until she gets involved, they probably won't budge. Clinging flying monsters. "Is this even a good place to throw down? Will hurt when I throw you down to the ground." Someone is still confident.

Th'res shrugs and looks at the thick rug on the floor "no worse than if you dropped someone in the bar. Just don't try to break anything and we should be fine." He gives her a wild grin as well as stops swinging at the bag saying "you need to warm up? or is the great guard above us mere mortal fighters" he is teasing her now trying to goad her.

Talya tilts her head down to regard the bluerider's rug warily, for his sake of course. But the goading works and she seems to bristle at the man even if her face is still flashing that toothy grin. "Great Guard /recruit/," she corrects him with a jab to her chest. "And even so, I'll wipe that look off your face without breaking a sweat!" She balances on a foot at a time to kick off her boots even as she's cracking her knuckles in preparation. No boxing gloves used during sparring with the Guards afterall. "Already had my post-day warm up, I was just here to loosen up with some booze. But I'm still ready to go." The firelizards sense danger, but it isn't until she shrugs her shoulders do they jump up with discontent cries and go find somewhere else to perch. Because Tal's removing her shirt entirely. At least her pants fit and aren't of the baggy variety (aka likely Th'res's). Still, she has her chest bound, because it's hard to have them out and about everywhere now that she's in the guards.

Th'res takes the bag down from the hook in time to see Talya take her shirt off. And yes he does blush, ears turning bright red but he is focused now on the task at hand. "I hope we do break a sweat, it would be nice to get a good work out in so I sleep better tonight." He stretchs slightly and then pulls up his guard waiting for Talya to get ready he says "Don't worry about me taking it easy on you."

"Why are you not sleeping well?" Talya's voice has a hint of concern, and her dark eyes are focused entirely on his blush with a wider grin. Ah yes, she knows exactly why he's gone a bit red. And she stretches her arm over behind her shoulders to streeetch just a moment before shaking them out, hopping on her two feet. "I hope I don't let you down then, gotta get you exhausted old man." She teases as she gets ready, arms not up in guard but also no longer relaxed at her side. "And I definitely don't expect you to go easy on me, either. I may have learned a few things in my last few sevendays with the guards." Okay, someone should not suddenly be an expert after a month… but Talya can wish.

Th'res chuckles and while he keeps blushing seems to openly watch her stretch before shaking himself back to even unfolding "If you say so.." is the last thing he says before he starts throwing body punches at her. It is true he might of slowed down a bit from a full days work, but he is also been gaining more muscle making his punches slower but when they connect they are harder than before.

Talya doesn't even have time to cackle at the man when he shakes himself after getting a good look at her. She doesn't seem to even fidget with his own looking. She seems thrown off at his first punch, but she still at least manages to block. And block. And block some more! With each hit, there is a grunt in reply, the grin quickly wiped off /her/ face instead as she can't seem to get in a solid hit of her own, purely on defense. At least she's quick, if barely, and can at least hold her own against the man. When there's suddenly an opening, she swings hard, twisting her body weight into the strike just like he once taught her.

Th'res can see the blow coming, and rolls with it slightly, she still will connect and he will give a good grunt of pain from the contact. But it allows him to give her a return punch, unfortunately it is right under her wrapped chest so there is that moment of awkward movement as he pulls back but he grins saying "good to see you haven't let those guard ruin everything you knew about fighting."

Talya's abdominal muscles at least take a good brunt of the blow, even if high. "Not sure if you were trying to be slick with a feel there or just going for a boob punch," she grunts out, not yet worked up to be huffing. There's a bit of a wince as she pulls back, putting some space between them. "I get a free kick to where it hurts if it… for either." Her eyes narrow dangerously down the length of the bluerider, but the grin that quirks up on her face says she was teasing. Maybe… maybe for the former. Then she is moving back in, trying to go on the offensive this time. Her slighter frame at least gives her speed, if not power. "Thought I'd forget what you taught me?"

Th'res chuckles saying "Well you have been busy, with people and things." He still blushes at the talk of a boob punch "No dear I love you to much to do that to ya." Instead he moves in closer for more lower body shots trying to get up under her guard.

"I remember the important stuff," Talya says in regards to being busy, giving the bluerider a sweeping look. To his denial that he was aiming for either, she just gives a hum. The banter does not last long, having to go back to defending. She tries to use what he did earlier, moving with the strike, taking less of the blow even as she huffs out a breath. Before he can pull back for another strike, however, is tries to unbalance him, sweeping a leg out under him now that they are in closer range.

Th'res has been really lacking in foot work lately, but he makes up for it in quick thinking. As she sweeps his leg he does start to go down but as he falls kicks out to tangle her legs as well in hopes to bring her with him to the ground. He is breathing a little heavy but still seems to have plenty of fight in him.

He's going down! Talya's eyes widen in surprise as her move seems to have worked! She did not think that was going to work, but then internal cheering is interrupted when her own legs get tangled by his own. Her grin was widening in success, and then… nope, she gets swept up and taken down hard. Just because she's on the ground doesn't mean the fight is over though. At least she doesn't think the fight is over. She twists, trying to free her legs, maybe even tangling them up all herself, while moving to pin down the bluerider with her slighter frame. Smaller then him, definitely, and much easier to flip aside than the man.

Th'res grins as the match continues, he twists with her grappling her trying to pin her arms behind her. He maybe stronger but she is quicker so it is harder to do now that they are on the ground together. He is wildly grabbing and moving now trying to get a decent hold…

Talya is like a slippery fish, she definitely does not want to get pinned down by the him and neither does she want to /not/ pin him down in return. Which means grappling. Except that he has more strength and likely wider hands to grab. She manages to stay away… barely. But is caught, and then held down, and all she can do is glare at him in return. "The ground is slippery," she says be way of excuse of her failure in catching him instead.

Th'res chuckles, but is also panting hard with a wild eyed grin saying "we could always move to the bed if that would take away your excuses." But as soon as he says he is back to blushing and starts to ease up on his pin.

Talya's isn't quite out of breath as Th'res is, but there's still a fierce look on her face as she wriggles and tests his hold… and then freezes. Her brow arches up at his slip of words and she has grin back in amusement as the blush starts up on him. "Then it'd be a /bouncy/ problem, unless that is your intention. But I could still win even in that scenario." Which scenario? Bouncing and wrestling or bouncing… The hold is loose, and she waggles her brows up suggestively at Th'res, hoping that it'd throw him off even more. Because if it does, she will take advantage of his fluster to twist and pin /him/ to the ground instead.

Th'res does let up now as he stutters "well.. I mean…" And then she has flipped and pinned him to the floor sitting on top of him, she might feels something else poking up at her. To bad he is at that point of been going for so long keeping things bottled up he just blurts it out "Shards I love you…" and then turns officially a new shade of red, just ask the weavers.

Talya is the winner of this match, and she will not allow anyone else to tell her otherwise. She's grinning stupidly down at him when her trick works, her grip perhaps a little too tight on him. And then he goes and says stupid things… If he wanted to try to shock her to try to knock her back down, he could have succeeded if he wasn't so flustered himself. Her hands loosen their hold but she doesn't look away from the man. The grin is gone into something else, a little skittish. There's still no blush. Then her eyes narrow and she lets go of him… only to sucker punch him in the side with a weak laugh. Not too hard, just a jab. "I know, you idiot. You say that enough to me, best friends and all. If you think you can throw me off with that, you're wrong." See, saving face for the man.

There is a time to be timid and save face, and then there is a time to press the attack and just go with it. Th'res has been the former for too long and it has cost him but right now, in the heat of the moment his heart racing he just does what he has wanted todo for a long long time. Even as she swings and hits him he curls up and grips the back of her head and kisses her soundly, will he get stabbed? Maybe but at the end of the day he at least took the leap, once he breaks that long kiss he says "No Talya, I love you. As more than friends."

Talya's hand was raised for another strike or for defense, probably both at his sudden movement. What she did not expect was for her head to be snagged (how does one defend that if it was a blow?) But it's not a blow to defend against. At first she stiffens in surprise against the bluerider, and then lets gravity take effect as she falls against him, kissing him back. When he pulls away there's a sound made at the back of her throat that could have been a growl. Or maybe a groan at his admission, when she worked so hard to help him out of it just a moment ago. "Really Th'res? Don't make what's good weird and just shut up." Because Talya doesn't want to fight anymore. She's wrapping an arm around him, hand going into his hair to pull him up, this time pulling /him/ into a harder and more thorough kiss.

Th'res pulls her closer to him as well, for someone who hasn't really been with the opposite gender he seems to have the basics down really well as he pulls her closer to him. His body is hot from both the work out but also the flood of emotions the young man has probably hidden away for a great many turns. For someone who works hard his touch is surprisingly soft but firm, as he moves his hand from the back of her neck to cup her face while his free arm wraps around her waist to settle at the small of her back. He, while very much eager, is obviously taking his time enjoying this moment of bliss.

Talya, unlike Th'res, has been around plenty of male bodies before, but everyone is still different at the end. Her adrenaline with the sparring match is doubly heightened with this sudden change of direction and it's obvious her heart rate is going wild as he pulls her up against him. It doesn't help there is little clothing between them to begin with. Her hands remain solid points, one tangling in his hair and the other resting at their side. With the basics pretty much solved, she doesn't hesitate to deepen the kiss and lead the way into it, only to pull back when she forgets the first rule: breathing. Panting, her eyes open, dilated pupils making them darker than they naturally are as she looks down on the bluerider.

Th'res is flushed faced with his own bright blue eyes fixed on the woman he holds. With the endorphins flooding through his system he is breathing heavily now, his own body seeming to finally take control over the now well overloaded brain. His hand trails down from her back to her hip, he slides it down to try and tangle fingers with her hand that is at there side. The look on his face is pure and genuine, probably not something she might be used to from a partner but as always there is a true look of longing for the young woman. She can feel his heart racing as his other hand trembles slightly as he runs the back of his fingers down the side of her cheek in caress.

Breathing hard, a nice sheen of sweat that was both from the heat and their workout, Talya remains quiet as she studies him. The look is definitely not one she's ever been familiar with, and it is enough to bring some semblance of control back to her. She blinks a few times rapidly and shifts on the man's lap… which probably had an unintentional affect. "You're pretty good at this," she finally breaks the silence, voice pitched low. "A natural, I would think. Unless you've had practice." She leans her head subconsciously into the caress, her eyes fluttering close and then opening back up with a groan. "I could really use a drink now if you think it's ready." She's not quite ready to untangle herself, however.

Shifting helps, seems her movements finally has gotten the red headed mans brain out of neutral, "No, no practice." comes the softer answer from Th'res. He seems to have to force himself to blink as his eyes dried out from staring at Talya. Clearly torn now about being a good host and staying tangled with the dark haired girl that always seems to be on his mind. There is a soft rolling sound of glass on stone, that ends with a small jar that is half full bumping against the now tangled pair. Was that a bright blue tail that just disappeared around the corner of the entrance to the weyr?

Talya finally yanks her eyes away from the red headed man at the sudden sound, giving an actual jump in surprise at the break in their more quiet surroundings. She stares after the direction where the blue dragon must have gone outside (thank you for the privacy Jedameth) and then down at the blessed jar. She looks absolutely shocked by its appearance, then looks to Th'res… and laughs. "I love that dragon of yours." She leans her smaller body onto the man… skin contacting skin where hers is exposed. And nabs the jar where it rolled. She is not hesitating in opening it to get a dose of the strong liquid.

Th'res actually chuckles a little when the womans admission of affection for the dragon, "He does have quite the following it seems." But right now he doesn't mind the change of focus, because as she leans into him his instincts react again using his now free hand that was on her cheek to wrap around her shoulders holding her closer enjoying the contact. Which also serves in the way he takes the jar from her and enjoys his own swig from it.

"He's very easily loveable," Talya admits in regards to the dragon, though the blue dragon is not long in her thoughts. She gives a heavy content sigh, whether from the embrace or from the pleasant way the alcohol burns through her body who can really tell. Being brought up closer again to him, it's only natural for her lips to find various spots along the man's jawline and neck to test out different reactions, barely grazing with her eyes flickering back up to see what comes out of them. "So are we done here?" Her question is between ghost kisses. "Am I officially the winner of this match?" Perhaps she just wants to hear him say it.

Th'res doesn't even school his reactions to the touch, for once the man lets all those deep stone walls crumble way at her touches. His body shivering and quaking at every new touch either from her kisses or the slight shifting over her skin on his. "Well that depends, if I concede does that mean you are going to leave?" his hand traces abstract designs down her exposed back, only to travel back up and run his fingers through the hair on the back of her head, tips lightly touching the scalp.

Excellent. The power that Talya gets over causing said reactions seems to encourage her even more, shifting to the other side of the neck and she gives a hmm in thought at his question. "Well, I got the day off tomorrow." Pause. "But I did finally get my shine." She avoids giving a direct reply, focused on the task at him. She gives an involuntary tremor at his own touch on her back, not quite as in control as she prefers to be in. She gives him a nip on the neck in retaliation. "Maybe I should get going and leave you to…" There she trails off. Whatever fixing up he was doing to begin with.

Th'res sighs happily at her work, and then a gasp as she bites him, which only makes the intimacy grow as he tilts his head slightly so she can keep going. "To what? Working out frustrations? Day dreaming about you? such a cruel woman.." the last is said teasingly enough as he takes his other hand and traces down her spine and the out line of her backside.

Oh, he wants more? Well, now he can't have any. Talya pulls back just enough so that she can down at him. "Who ever said I was nice? Since when?" Both her brows go up high, and the hand tracing down her backside makes her arch into him with yet another sigh. "You know I ain't going to stay up here, stuck on a rider's ledge with no way down when you're off on drills and fighting Thread, right?" Because even then she still can't shut off that part of her brain that thinks this is a bad idea and probably can ruin a good friendship.

Th'res nods but now lets his fingers do the walking, exploring her body lightly as if comminting her curves to memory. "I could build you a lift be a nice work out everyday going up and down like that." He lets out a heavier sigh as he stops part of his worshiping fingers to take another small sip from the jar. "I wouldn't want you to disrupt your life for us, as much as I would want you to stay and be mine. I would rather see you happy." Probably why he always lets her have the booze when she wants them, as well as anything else he gives her.

Talya huffs a soft laugh at the very thought. "That sounds like a miserable way of annoying your neighbors, and I'm pretty sure they don't like me already." Well, one in particular. "Not to mention having to stay in the Guards' barracks, at least the majority of the time." For work. With some effort, she finally starts to untangle herself from the bluerider to get up as her brain comes to an abrupt halt. On her way up she makes sure to snag the jar with her, holding it tightly in her hands. "Stay and be yours, Th'res? I ain't really sure what is going on here entirely, besides just… feeling good. I mean, you're my best friend and I care about you," she quickly amends wincing at the sound of her words.

Th'res lets her go, though will let his touch linger on her as long as he can. But once she is up and expressing her self he nods, "That is true, about annoying my neighbors. Besides I know you could never really be one to want to depend on anyone, or ruin a good friendship." He pulls his legs up so he can stand and start walking over to his still saying over his shoulder in a lightly teasing voice "Or jeopardize your shine supply either." he checks the batch now and starts to fill a couple of jars, wrapping them in cloth he pulls out a warn leather bag placing them in side. "Just thought it would be nice to share the first time with someone special is all."

"Maybe I once did want to depend on someone, someone I thought I could trust, what feels like a lifetime ago," Talya admits with a shrug of her shoulders. She watches him get up, opening the jar once again before taking another hefty swig of it. Was it only half empty or almost empty? That stuff is going to burn and start to act quick in her. She closes the distance between the two of them, though out of curiosity of his still even if she gravitates towards leaning into the bluerider. A little bit of skin contact here and there. She isn't up to getting her shirt back on, at least. "First time… You know it'd be /my/ first time too right? I once thought it'd be with someone special, too." She runs her free hand over her hair, jerking it to one side with an unamused huff. "And I can't say I really cared much about it anymore until recently."

Th'res nods, as she comes over to be curious, "Yeah well knowing riders don't marry, I guess I finally excepted it. Though still wanted it to be on my terms, not just leave it up to a flight like most others." He doesn't shy away from her touches, though it is clear that some of those walls that keep him in check are quickly rebuilding "I mean especially since I am not about to have a kid or two running around just yet.." He shakes his head at the thought then hands her the bag "I made it with sour fruits this time for a bit more bite, let me know what you think?"

Talya tilts her head to study the man now retreating into himself again. "Can't have it all Th'res, though riders seem to be able to have happy and stable lives still. Just maybe with… other riders. Or more experience weyrfolk." He goes on building walls and she goes back to being self-deprecating. She says nothing about the fact of kids coming out of the discussed situations, her lips just press in a thin line. She probably thought about that side-effect enough to pull away from the bluerider back there. She exchanges the almost-empty jar for the new bag of shine, plenty to last her for a while. With her free hand she reaches for him instead, her hand seeking his hand. "We good?"

Th'res lets her take his hand squeezes it, "Always. Don't worry about it, sorry to put you on the spot like that." He gives her a warm smile, because he still has some of that drink in him too. "I am sure you are used to it by now though, being beautiful and all." He will stand there holding her hand but adds softly "Though I still ment every word, you are special, just because you refuse to see it in yourself doesn't mean the rest of us turned a blind eye."

Talya gives his hand a squeeze back, still staring up at him. Which is how he has a clear view of her rolling her eyes at him. "You really think too highly about me, even with that. No one wants a no-name holdbred girl like me… especially since I threaten the with a punch to the face if they so much as try anything I don't want." As she once threatened Th'res. She gives him a smirk and closes the gap between the two of them, the spread of the warmth of the shine definitely starting to drop her inhibitions. "I'll take things into consideration." She drops her eyes back down to his lips, remembering being on the floor only moments ago. "Maybe you can try to convince me again in a different way… when I'm more better prepared." Because someone is probably going to make a trip to the Healers later. You know, for non-baby making juices.

Th'res just shakes his head and reaches up with his free hand to cup her face again "You have a name, and are wanted. You aren't that little vagabond anymore. You are a guard of the Weyr, and a potential rider. That alone makes you stand out more that most." He leans in and kisses her on the lips again, it is soft and warm, his lips lingering on hers before he pulls away be fore he adds "and would it really be so terrible if you let someone love you?"

While he's trying to be all sweet and kind… Talya unfortunately can't help but laugh at the 'potential rider' thrown in there. "Was. Almost. That's a heartache I'm not sure I'm ready to experince again." Not that there was a clutch on the sands at Southern again, and she still had her promising future of trying to become a full Guard to look forward to instead of just a recruit. She doesn't shy away from the kiss, and in fact leans into it. There's definitely some crack in her control. But his words help pull her back to reality and she slips away further. "Maybe. Or maybe I'm still not ready to trust that and suffer that heartbreak again." She hoists the bag of shine over her shoulder as she starts backing away towards the entrance of the weyr, thankfully everything had been pushed aside to make escape easier. "Jedameth will take me down right?" Because the blue had a mind of his own, and maybe… just maybe… he thought to go elsewhere in hopes of the weyr situation to turn out differently?

Th'res nods and bends over to toss her shirt back to her because flying like could cause her some serious issues. "Sure, Just leave the marks for the shine on the dresser when you go." He gives her a smile and adds "Thanks for the work out, it was fun." He will stand there and watch her as she goes because no harm in looking right.

Talya catches the shirt with her free hand, because she may have forgotten that, though she doesn't put it on yet. Instead she stops at the dresser and stares back at Th'res with an incredulous expression. "Marks?" She places the bag instead on the dresser, her eyes narrowing. "Didn't bring any with me," she says simply. Her hand reaches into the bag instead and pulls one jar out. "I'll take one then, on the house. So you can sell the rest." Free of her burden, she throws on her shirt and turns to the ledge to head out, giving him a wave of her hand over her shoulder. Or maybe it's beckoning her firelizards from their perch, now that her shoulders are not bare and safe from their talons.

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