Katryana, Kelati, Talya


A chilly night in the candidate barracks brings a few together to chat.


It is sunset of the twenty-fifth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Candidate Barracks

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Candidate Barracks

Perhaps the safest place in the weyr, these barracks: the stonework here is old, perhaps as old as the weyr is itself, for the uncanny cleanliness of ancient stonecutters marks neat corners and perfect arches. Richly-lit by glowlight, tapestries reflect scenes of yore from the walls - dragons flaming, holders farming, and one particularly well-made that depicts the impression of a dark-haired girl to a light-toned gold dragonet, dripping and fierce. The barracks themselves are open-air, with not even a curtain to divide the space of male from female. Bunk-bed style cots line each wall, hammocks strung along the middle for those unfortunate enough to lack the privacy that an adjoining wall brings. There are privies in the back and locker-style item storage in the front, and one especially large table next to a book-case filled with basic Harper texts.

It's a bit chilly, it's cloudy, and it's raining still. At least the rain is not pouring down, but Talya seems to have been outside in the rain long enough to have had the rain sink into her clothes. She shivers in her overlarge jacket, clomping into the candidate barracks looking moist and miserable. A queen firelizard perches on a soggy shoulders, chirping for attention after a long day of hiding around indoors away from her working human. "Food or warmth, Beast. I think I'm choosing warmth for now…" There's a wet trail left behind as she makes her way to her bed for a change of dry clothes.

"Definitely choose warmth," says a nearby voice that seems to be disembodied at first. It's coming from Kelati's cot, so it's presumably Kelati; she is completely underneath a blanket. She also sounds a little slurry and ill, but it's impossible to say what she looks like besides a blanket. "You can go without eating a couple days."

Talya swings her head over to the talking blanket, pausing just a moment in wringing the water out of her hair. "Tell that to my firelizard, they think it's the end of the world. Go hunt a tunnelsnake or something." The last is said to the grumpy queen on her shoulder, not her fellow candidate. Not that Kelati can see… She does shoo the gold off so that she can change, getting a hiss in return. The wet clothes is discarded into a messy pile on the ground and then she pulls her blanket off her bed, rubbing it vigoriously into her skin to warm up. First warm, then dry clothes. But the young woman just slumps to the floor at the end of her bed, using a post to lean against with a groan. "You know what warms up nicely? Whisky."

Kelati the blanket monster rolls over from her back to her left side without actually revealing more than a little bit of the top of her head, and mumbles, "I've heard that. Wish I had some, even though I don't really drink," She'd be able to be helpful to everyone else that way! It's the part where her family owns a bar, so drinking never really appealed. "Right now I'm not even sure I could drink water but. My firelizards like hunting. They could get some for yours if she's bein' lazy."

"You okay there, Kelati?" Katryana asks from her place on her own bunk, popping out from behind the book she's currently nose deep in. Now that she's a bit more tuned in, Talya the Blanket Puddle is given a very suspicious squint. Just looking at the other candidate has got her shivering and slinking further under her sleeping furs.

"What is it with the people in here not really drinking?" Talya just shakes her head at them, even if they cannot see… The Guard-turned-candidate has few people to really sympathize with her in these horrible candidacy rules. "Nah, she's being a brat because she wants some of that tasty wherry they're serving in the caverns. Probably sick of fish or small game she gets herself." She rolls her eyes at said gold firelizard that has settled in to the middle of her cot. She huddles closer into her blanket, refusing to get up from the floor even if it's cold. She's still drying out. Her eyes gaze from Katryana and then to Kelati, belatedly asking, "You sick?"

"Yes," says Kelati-voice, and then, "No. I mean. Yes I'm sick, no I'm not okay, I grew up in a bar so alcohol doesn't appeal as much to me." She generally doesn't talk about her past, but between feeling miserable from a headache and having her guard down, and having it be immediately relevant, that makes a little bit of a change. "Not like I object to the principle of drink-" At which point she stops talking to shiver and make a soft moaning sound.

Katryana flips a page, eyes going back to her book despite continuing interaction with others. "I was a kid and then I was an apprentice. Not much time to drink… licitly? What's the opposite of illicit? Is that a real word?" She crinkles her nose at her book, as if it may contain answers. Unfortunately, it's a medical textbook, not a dictionary. "You should go down to the infirmary and get some willow bark tea or something, Kelati. Great for headaches. Are you drinking enough water?" As for firelizards, she strokes the little bronze beauty sprawled out beside her, "Mine is spoiled, I think. He came home with a fish, once, and put it on my cot. But mostly I have to feed him."

Talya lifts a brow at Katryana from the confines of her blanket. "If you say it with confidence, anything can be a word. Though you're one of the smart ones here, I am surprised you don't know." Tal has no idea, but she gives a soft chuckle at the younger candidate. It gets cut off quickly at Kelati's response and she lifts a hand out from the blanket burrito to push it away from her face and study her lumpy form. "Don't be sick," she says sternly, as if that will make the candidate feel better. "These eggs can hatch any day, and I think being sick is not a good thing. I definitely do /not/ want to be sick right now at least. Listening to the Healer in the room is a smart idea… though the caverns are cold to go wandering. You want us to call a weyrlingmaster or something?"

After opening her mouth again, Kelati manages a, "Legally?" takes a breath, and then, "Don't want to drink anything, doesn't stay down. It'll pass. Happens," she seems to want to say 'all the time' or something along those lines, but pauses and rephrases. "It's a — headache, I get sick headaches every now and then. Not dehydrated though, s' the weather." She's peeking over the edge of the blanket now, blinking slowly.

"Intelligence and knowledge aren't necessarily correlated, though they have a tendency to be," is Katryana's reply, punctuated by the turning of a page. 'Legally' as an option is considered but she shrugs a shoulder. "Willow tree bark tea, three to four cups, or a few ounces of a tincture. Great for headaches." The words are repetitive in a way that indicates that she's probably just reciting by route rather than actually trying to just convey the relevant information. "Photo-sensitivity?" is inquired of Kelati as she lets the book fall to her lap, sympathetically. "I'd be a blanket lump too. And Talya's right. It's getting really close to the Hatching, based on my estimations." She did the math.

"Is Willow tree bark anything like fellis just not as strong? Or inhibit a person?" Talya is curious at what the Healer can tell her regarding this. Having pushed the blanket away from her head, she now is using one hand to pull her wet hair out from the warmth of the blanket, draping it outside of it. Probably was not helping her warm up to be wrapped in with wet hair. "I mean, I doubt we can go out groggy and drugged up to the hatching grounds, even if it will help a headache. Though now would be a bad time for the dragons to start humming." She goes quiet, as if waiting for said hum, then sighs deeply. "I don't know if I want them to hatch or not to hatch. If they hatch, this will all be over… if they don't hatch, I keep thinking 'bout doing something that will get me kicked out of standing."

"It's not, no," Kelati, having had it many times before, answers instead of letting the professional do so. "I just can't keep it down right now. Definitely with the, I think that means when light hurts?" If she ever actually went to Healers for things, she likely would have heard the word before. As it is, it sounds logical enough. "Pretty sure dragons humming'd just make me sicker. It already feels like the ground is moving. They have to hatch, though, I mean, it's inevitable that they're going to hatch …"

Katryana shakes her head vehemently to fellis, letting Kelati relay information with an amused grin at the burrito. "Occasionally can cause a bit of stomach upset, too, so that wouldn't sit well. If you're used to it, you know the best thing you can do is rest and sleep it off." To Tayla: "I'm not sure what standard operating procedure is for something like that." Her book is flipped closed with a thump, giving up on getting any more reading done. "I'm nervous," she declares. "For the Hatching, that is. At least my robe is finished." Down to the wire, much?

Talya purses her lips in concern over at the Kelati-lump. "At least it's nothing contagious, and at least it's the end of the day to get your rest up." Though Talya doesn't seem completely convinced, looking in the directions of the entrance of the barracks, as if expecting something to happen. "Having your robe done is a good step. I had mine done early this time around, actually doesn't look like it will fall apart. But the whole hatching thing… I don't know, this whole time I kept thinking I could just walk out. I guess there's a point of no return where you can't do that anymore, right?" She groans and knocks her head back against the bed post. The sound makes Beast jump with a hiss, still waiting for that dinner on her bed.

The hiss also makes Kelati let out a low whine, nestling further into her blanket-burrito-hidey-hole. She also murmurs out a, "Mmmhm. Sleep. Not contagious, never managed to give anyone one before …" After a little sigh, "I probably should be nervous but I'm not, it's been enough times." Her voice is becoming steadily slower and quieter, though; maybe the pain and queasiness is finally breaking enough she cans tart to fall asleep?

"I suppose second time isn't 'enough times'… I'm not so much nervous, more just undecided still." Talya knows this is probably the worst time to be undecided, considering the eggs could start rocking at any hour. "Get some rest, Kelati. Promise we won't be loud and keep you up— right Beast?" Another hiss from the unsatisfied gold, not happy to not be getting her dinner. She sighs and looks back to the hidden candidate. "Or at least try. Anyway, maybe your… er, however-many-time is your lucky number this time around. With no headache." They could all hope for the best case scenario.

"Mmhm," breathes Kelati again, and that's the end of any sound from her — she does manage to fall fast asleep, breathing very softly. But she does actually keep breathing instead of suffocating under that blanket.

"It's my first time," Katryana admits, her feet shuffling self-consciously under the covers. "I mean, I'm really young, I guess. So it's not really a surprise. But all of these stories about Standing and Standing and still being back in the Barracks makes me nervous. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to Stand again if I don't Impress this time. Shards, I'm not even sure why I agreed this time, except I was upset when I was asked to." Air is pushed through pursed lips, hissing as her chest deflates along with the rest of her into her bedding. Kelati's rhythmically breathing lump-self is eyed, and the girl drops her voice a bit to not disturb her slumber. She flops to her side, considering the Guard-candidate with open, guileless eyes, "Why did you choose to Stand again, Talya?"

Talya stares at the candidate burrito for a long moment before Katryana's comments finally sink into her head and she turns her eyes that way. "I didn't think I'd Stand again," Talya admits, then makes a motion over herself as if that was an answer to the girl's question. "You never know when the time comes and they ask you." That did not really answer her question, and when she stands it is almost as if she isn't going to answer… but then she's dropping the blanket onto her bed, in nothing but her underthings. It's time to put on dry clothes. "I guess I was upset too, thinking about how much easier things to travel it is with a dragon around… you know, get up to ledges I can't get to easily, or having a pair of wings to help me not fall off cliffs…" She pauses at that thought, her eyes narrowing at her clothing selection. "And I remembered how excited I was to be asked the first time." Her current attitude says that it has passed. As she throws a loose dry top on, she regards Kat curiously. "Why were /you/ upset?"

Katryana continues wiggling until somehow she ends up on her stomach with her head perched on her arms at the foot of her bed and her knees bent, feet bouncing in the air. "I mean, you don't really have that much time to do that sort of thing. At least not for a few Turns." She doesn't mean to tear apart the logic of the older teen, but it happens anyway, but it's not said with any kind of malice or ill-intent. A bit of confusion, maybe. A flush spreads across her cheeks as the shirt is thrown on, not quite recognizing the other girl's state until then, but the question posed snaps her back to reality. There's a moment of silence — longer than is comfortable — before she finally answers, "I was supposed to be promoted. I fucked up. I was irresponsible. I was told I'd be stuck at my current rank for at least six months, despite reaching the proper age. I… it wasn't fair. If I'd been promoted, like I was supposed to be, I don't think I would've said yes." She sighs and faceplants into her covers, giving herself a moment to mope. Teenagers, man.

Talya gives a dry laugh at Katryana's blunt observation. "I'm only a few Turns older than you, and still had a few more Turns ahead of me. Still, if I'm left standing on the Sands this time around, I really don't think I will be doing this a third time. Two sounds like just enough torture. Those that can go for more… well, they seem to have grown up here and it's just a part of life." Some loose pants are thrown… onto the bed, deciding that she doesn't really need to get dressed unless she really wanted to go get a late dinner. Instead, she finally settles onto the bed after scooping her gold up into her lap and and places the blanket over her shoulders. She stares at Katryana with raised brow at her cursing, as if noticing something new of the girl. "So… whatcha do? And would you have really turned down Standing at least the once even after being promoted? I had just gotten a promotion myself, and better to know I don't have that exam to go back to, just go straight to full Guard."

At first, the younger teen just stays embedded in her bedspread, exhaling forcefully. Slowly, though, she peels herself off, weight shifting to just fall onto her back, vibrating the frame of her cot in a way that makes her wince before realizing she's not got a bunkmate to disturb. Oh, wait — her firelizard hops in the air and squeaks discontent before disappearing between. Another moment of laying there, she speaks quietly, usual spunk subdued, "I wandered off during Threadfall to look at dragon injuries instead of helping with triage like I was supposed to. At Igen. During Threadfall, like a sharding idiot. I didn't hurt anyone, but I could've. It was not well-conceived and the punishment was fair." Her tone doesn't quite match her words. The second question gets more thoughtful consideration. "I might've. If you haven't noticed, I'm apparently pretty dedicated to my craft." The tome she was reading is reached for and hugged to her chest, and she takes a deeeeep whiff of old-hide-smell. Mmmm, books.

Talya is silent as she waits to see if the other candidate will share her story. She is comfortable, and petting Beast seems to have calmed the gold down from her hissy fit earlier. She must not be starving if she didn't just leave and go find food herself, afterall. As Katryana explains what happens, Tal just looks her way and studies her. "I mean… dragon injuries, people injuries. You should help whoever needs it right? I guess I can't blame you for doing that, but yeah, probably against the whole craft thing and I'm sure you could've gotten hurt over someone else." She doesn't really do comforting very well, and she knows it. She shrugs her shoulders under the blanket helplessly. "My mother was a Healer, and she was dedicated too. It's like something about Healers, once they really get into it… she was disappointed I never had any interest. But hey, it's the one craft that's useful and you can continue after Impressing." Maybe Tal can be comforting! She even gives Katryana a helpful smile, which look smore like a grimace.

"See, that was my argument." Oh dear, Katryana's very passionate about this. "And that's what I did; I helped apply numbweed to a minor injury, nothing I haven't done before. I just needed to see wing anatomy up close. And there's so much Healers could learn from Dragonhealing techniques, if more people cross-crafted. But no, my Journeyman says, no dragons, no getting distracted, no breathing is he doesn't say so!" A strangled, frustrated exclamation escapes her and she has to close her eyes to breathe. And honestly? Talya's attempts at comforting actually work. Some of the stress fades from her body as she flips to her side again. "Yeah, that's true. I think that's the only reason I'm still here. Well, not only reason. But I don't think I'd still be here if I couldn't possibly continue doing something in my Craft in a few Turns, once out of Weyrlinghood. I mean, if I Impress." A big if.

"Your Journeyman is an ass," Talya points out helpfully. "If he's ever here and you point him out I'll… shit, I don't know. I used to bartend at the Tipsy Kitten and I'd have said I'd spit in his drink, now I'll just spit on him. How about that?" It seems that Tal's mind is set on this idea and she gives a few stern nods towards Katryana. "Remember that. Or maybe you'll wind up with a lifemate and you never have to worry about him again, and the dragon can spit on him. Or something." The thought seems to amuse the Guard-turned-candidate and she snorts a laugh. "I guess we'll know soon enough. I got a feeling you're set Katryana— they were idiots, not like you wandered to have a drink somewhere. You'll go back and show 'em. Or maybe you'll just be the best fucking Dragonhealer out there. Me? I'll just be happy to be alive at the end of it all." She falls back onto her bed, taking Beast with her and cuddling into the blanket.

"He's brilliant," Katryana retorts sulkily, though it's a bit half-hearted. She stares at the bottom of the bunk above her and sighs again. "We'll see soon enough, won't we?" Her muses are contained, though, when she looks over and sees Tayla has been swallowed by her blanket. "G'night," she offers to anyone listening, cuddling her book and letting her breath fall into a rhythm.

Talya might disagree about brilliant or jerk of a Journeyman Healer… but then again she wasn't an apprentice to any Craft. As soon as her head hit the pillow though, it sounded like she was drifting off. "Mmmhmmm, soon," she murmurs from her pile of blankets. Beast has resigned herself to being used to snuggle up with, helping keep the young woman warm and company as she falls into a nice good sleep, for once.

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