Xanthee, Kyara


Mentor and mentee catch up a bit in the baths, but things end with a note of prickliness.


It is late afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Public Baths, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 27 Apr 2018 06:00


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"…Don't burn the candle at both ends trying to fit everything into a box that keeps growing every day."


Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Even though it's autumn, Rukbat's rays are still hot enough to bake the desert and today is a hot one. With the added drama of an all too familiar dark cloud on the horizon, Xanthee decided that an early bath would be better than later since there's nothing worse that walking, freshly brathed, into an Igen sandstorm. Wearing one of her more conservative long tunic dresses, this one a dark magenta, with embroidery around the scooped neckline. Sitting up on her shoulder and glancing around imeriously is her little gold Selkie, who is also in need of a good scrub of her still growing hide and a good oiling, so Xan does something she's gotten quite good at in the last few months, multi-task. As she wanders to a nearby bench to shed her clothes, her emerald eyes scan the baths to see if there may be anyone she knows around.

There may not be anyone familiar in the baths, but there will be shortly. A certain red-headed greenrider pushes inside, a clean change of clothes and her toiletries kept carefully separate from her firestone dust-layered leathers. Her jacket is absent, her skin smudged here and there with the dark stuff. Kyara doesn't look aggravated by her state, just resigned as she makes her way further back among the pools. "Afternoon, Xanthee," she greets with a wave of her free hand, dropping down onto a bench across from the girl with a little grunt and a wince. "It's a good call coming in here now, considering." Everyone knows what that dark smudge on the horizon means.

"And a good afternoon to you too. I thought so, there's nothing worse that getting sand in freshly washed hair." Xanthee pipes up with a swish of her head that sends her raven locks tumbling down her back and set's Selkie to sqwawking before she takes off to circle her humanpet. This gives Xan the chance to shed the rest of her clothing before she grabs up some communal soap sand and a towel for afterwards before she slips into the nearest pool, hissing softly at the heat of the water. "So firestone bagging? or tossing?" Xanthee will guess when she sees the dust covered state of her mentor.

"A little bit of both," Kyara replies with a grin, stripping away her own clothes and setting them in a neat but inside-out stack in a nearby cubby. Her own sweetsand and towel in hand, she sets the latter at the edge of the pool and slips into the water herself, sighing with satisfaction as she relaxes back against the side. "You'd think after all these Turns of it, I wouldn't get sore anymore. But there's always some muscle that likes to pretend it's been neglected…" She rolls her shoulder, then tilts her head back to wet her hair, turning it a dark copper. "A bit of this, a bit of someone else's hands, and I'll be good to go," she notes, and looks to Xanthee as she lifts her head once more. "How go your duties with Nasrin?"

"Sounds like a fun time with the weyrlings." Xanthee jests with a little giggle as she sinks further into the water, her head dipping back as well to thoroughly wet her dark hair. At Kyara's mention of someone else's hands, a dark brow hikes up speculatively, "Anyone's hands in particular?" she asks with all semblance of innocence before she turns to whistle to Selkie who was still circling. On cue, the little gold dives into the bath, far enough away not to splash the two women, and then swims over to Xan who is scooping a small amount of soap sand onto her fingers. As the gold perches on the edge, Xanthee works the sand gently onto her molten colored hide, the water clinging to her small form working it into a lather. At Kyara's last she grins, "Great! Sooo busy of course, but I'm learning so much. It would be a lot better if those sharding noises stopped now, that's got everyone on edge." she relays with a sigh.

Kyara gives a rather coy smile coupled with a faint blush, an uncommon expression on a woman so typically up-front with so much else. "R'xim," she answers, figuring it's only fair since she knows who Xanthee's beau is and has for some time. Working sweetsand into her hair, she nods approvingly over news of how things are going for Xan in her new role, though mention of the noises currently plaguing the Weyr inside and out brings about a lift of burnishes brows. "I've heard them a few times. On my late watches in the barracks. They haven't been loud enough to wake anyone, fortunately, but they're always enough for me and Lia to go investigating when they crop up. We never find anything. I hear some of the Miners and Smiths have been pulled in to help figure out what's causing them. The sounds from out in the desert, however… I admit, I'm curious. I'd like to take a watch on the western road just to hear, if it were practical." She pauses a moment to rinse. "Have you been hearing them?"

Xanthee smiles brightly as she manages to make the greenrider blush, "Awwww, look at you, you're smitten!" the younger woman gushes as she finishes scrubbing Selkie down and with a snap of her fingers, she points at the water and the little queen obeys by slips back into the water, flicking her tail to propel her jsut under the surface. Now it's Xan's turn with the soapsand and she starts with her hair. Kyara's question is met by an uncertain shake of her head, "I'm a pretty heavy sleeper anyway, and really my mind's so full, I doubt I'd hear any knocking or tapping while at work. Seen the reports though and heard all the gossip in the caverns of course." she says in a matter-of-fact way as she works the soapsand into a lather. "And you mean the screaming that's reported out in the desert? Yeah, I don't particularly want to hear that one myself."

Kyara can't help but laugh softly at Xanthee's first, though certainly doesn't deny it. "'Smitten' is…probably not the first word I'd choose for what I feel with him, though it's not wrong. Getting to where we are has taken a lot of patience. 'Devoted,' yes. 'In love'…yes, but I won't say it first." Not this time. On to other things, however. She scrubs at her arms now, taking particular care with her smudged forearms and hands. "I doubt it's human screaming," the greenrider opines, "not that I'd know for certain, considering I haven't heard it personally. But that desert holds so much we don't see on the regular… There must be some animal prowling around out there. It's the thing that makes the most sense to me."

Xanthee actually bites her lip against a squee of delight as the greenrider talks about her beau, her eyes dancing at the older woman. "But I bet it was worth the wait wasn't it? Love always is." Says the not even eighteen turn old in her wisest voice. At Kyara's assertion at not saying it first, Xan scoffs, "I said it first to Mal. He wasn't ready to say it, but I was, and it didn't scare him off or anything." A happy sigh accompanies that memory as she twists her soapy hair up into a loose coil on top of her head as she gets to work on the rest of her. "Could be an animal alright, I also heard that it could simply be caused by the wind as well. There definitely seems to be more plausible theories about the sounds in the desert than the ones in the Weyr though. That knocking, tapping, whatever you wanna call it, has got people baffled. The Weyrwoman even called for the Weyrminer and Weyrsmith to investigate. I should ask Mal if they've come up with anything."

"Says the wizened old auntie?" Kyara teases back to Xanthee first, a coppery brow raise in counterpoint to her smirk as she rinses one arm and starts in on the next. "It was very worth it, yes. And I'm glad it worked so well with you and Malosim. I…just have reason to be careful. Although…" she says with a sigh, "patient though I am, if we last, I may end up just doing it anyway. He has his own reasons that it may be difficult." Compared to Xanthee and her Miner's young love, Kyara and R'xim have had many more travails in their respective lives…including more damages, especially where the bronzerider is concerned. "Wind can do some very interesting things, certainly," she agrees as the topic shifts to the mystery of the noises again. "And I do seem to remember hearing Malosim's name in meetings. Talking about who's investigating what and where."

Xanthee takes Kyara's teasing in stride as she works to scrub at her neck and shoulders, well aware that the young love she shares with her Miner has been rather idyllic, even when dealing with difficulties like being apart. Kyara's words bring a thoughful look to her face as she listens, "Well, the aunties in the caverns always used to say how patience is rewarded, so hopefully that will be the case for you and R'xim." she is happy to drift away from the subject though and back to the strange sounds, not able to stop the puffing of pride at the mention that her beau is part of the investigation, "Then I will definitely have to see what he has to say about it, if I'm not asleep by the time he gets home. I'm finding it harder and harder to stay awake once I get home. My mind just shuts off and I am done." she says emphatically as she sinks into the water briefly to rinse out her hair before surfacing once more.

Kyara lifts a brow at Xanthee's last assertion, waiting on the girl to surface once more as she scrubs sweetsand over her shoulders. "I hope you're remembering to take time for yourself, Xanthee. If you're not, I'm going to cut back on the training," she warns, though it's half-hearted. Still, it's sincere. "It's all well and good to push yourself, but if you're nothing but worn out at the end of the day, what's the point? I may have to push weyrlings to nearly that point, but when you have a choice in the matter, always tend to yourself and your relationships first. It's part of being healthy, just as much as what you eat and what you do are."

Xanthee looks rather chagrined at the idea that Kyara might cut back on their training, her eyes dropping to the water as she trails her hands just underneath the surface. "Mal's had to remind me about that as well. Dragged me all the way to Telgar to get me to relax a couple sevens ago, and it definitely helped. But there's just so much that I want to do y'know? I've never felt this driven or excited about what I'm doing, everything from my training with you, to my job, to Mal even." After a pause while she ponders, she finally shakes her head, "I'm am tending my relationship with him though. We have rest days and most evenings we spend at least some time together. It's good." she says although her tone is hesitant, as if she's convincing herself. "Oh, and we're planning a trip to Ista to meet his family soon, so more time to relax coming up." she grins sheepishly in the greenrider's direction.

"Xanthee." Though Kyara's voice is quiet, her tone is firm, something she's got down just about perfectly after her time dealing with weyrlings. "You can't say you fall straight to sleep when you get home most nights, then say you spend time with your boyrfriend most nights; I doubt you're talking to him in your sleep." The corner of her mouth ticks upward into a knowing smirk. "I'm glad he's managed to drag you off a few times. And I know how it is to want to do everything, but the sooner you can learn to walk that line between 'tomorrow isn't guaranteed' and 'you still have Turns ahead of you', the better. Keep that drive, keep that excitement, but don't burn the candle at both ends trying to fit everything into a box that keeps growing every day." She holds the girl's gaze a moment longer before rinsing off in earnest and then just taking a moment to knead a few sore spots. "Make the most of that trip to Ista. It's gorgeous there. Especially those beaches."

"So I don't fall right to sleep every night, and sometimes he's even home before I am, so that is usually enough to keep me up." Xanthee does some heavy duty backpeddling on what may have been some liebral use of hyperbole. "And we get mornings together too. It helps a lot that we live together. And sleeping together counts as spending time together." that may be a stretch, but Xan will still claim it. At the advice doled out by the older woman, she nods with some resignation. "I'm still trying to find that balance that's true. And I'm not really taking on anything else at the moment, I know my limit for right now, it's just getting used to it as my new normal." She gives her mentor the most confident smile she can muster, although it's tinted with a smidge of irritation that so many people seem to suddenly know what is right for her, as she whistles sharply for her little gold who sticks her golden head from out of the water an arm's length away. Becknoning the firelizard with a tilt of her head, Xan will head to the edge to pull herself out of the water, quickly wrapping her form in the towel. "I'm really looking forward to it actually. And I think I'm going to take your advice. I was going to head back to the Archives for some more work before supper, but I'm going to head home instead, maybe take a nap, and get food with Mal when he comes home." She tries to keep her words jovial as she slips her tunic dress over her form, slipping the towel away underneath it, but her words are clipped even as she calls back with, "Enjoy the rest of your day Kyara."

Though Kyara can sense that she's probably irked her student a bit, it doesn't faze her. She's used to far worse reactions from weyrlings whose lives she actually has to keep a leash on, and Xanthee isn't one of them. She can get irritated at Kyara, but she doesn't have to listen to her outside of their lessons, either. "Clear skies, Xanthee," the greenrider answers, watching her make her way out of the baths for a moment before continuing with the last of her own. Then she'll go about following her own advice, making her way home and to R'xim for the evening before the sandstorm blows in…unless she's called down to the barracks for some reason or other. Sometimes, work does chase a person down no matter what.

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