C'sei, Veresch


There are congratulations in order and the talk of many other things.


It is before dawn of the thirteenth day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Standing Stones, Igen Weyr

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"You? Now I'm kind of sad you didn't search me."


Standing Stones

It is perhaps a pity that the Standing Stones lie in quiet isolation, half-forgotten in the Weyr's easternmost corner. Or perhaps it is inevitable: the grandiose beauty of these red rocks is ill-suited to Igen's coarse grit, and maybe only their loneliness allows them to survive unmarred. Whatever the reason, it cannot be denied that the Standing Stones, a lonely jumble of ancient boulders, have a glory about them. The tumbled field of pillars and arches has been shaped by eons of wind and water into strange shapes, twisted and rutted. The going is treacherous: only the Weyr's half-feral herd of caprines navigates the terrain with any ease. To the northwest, the lakeshore glimmers; to the east, rough-carved steps lead towards another ancient pile of rocks - though the Star Stones are less haphazardly placed than their Standing cousins.

It's dawn, the sun creeping up over the horizon to make its mark on yet another new day. Faenwyth flies somewhere up overhead, enjoying the cooler morning weather before the heat truly sets in, keeping a watchful eye on her lifemate below. C'sei is perched on one of the pillars that's collapsed onto its side. A smoke hangs out of his mouth, half burned as he watches the increasing light of day come to being. His clothes aren't riding leathers, but PT garb. It's probably counter intuitive to inhale a bunch of garbage smoke into your lungs post-exercise, but the greenrider hasn't been to known to make the most reasonable or healthy decisions in his time at Igen. Still, he seems at ease out here in this quiet moment of isolation.

There are few people that come here so early in the morning for anything but exercise, and fewer still who don't have a dragon to drop them off. Veresch chooses to go at it the caprine route, with powdered fingers and feet as she slowly gets in her weekly climb. It's not extremely tricky, barring that little overhang space right near the top, but she's still breathing rather fast as she crests into the space where he's in. She's definitely not dressed in her candidate best, but there's the knot in an impromptu rope bracelet around one arm. As she smells the smoke she pauses, peeks, and gives a half-smile before she climbs the rest of the way. The rest of the smile only arrives when she's standing easily, and there's a flourishing bow complete with, yes, a salute at the end. "Wingrider, sir." Then, happier and quieter, and more warm, "Alec. How are you?"

It's quiet, the sound of a person making their way over the ruined rocks is something that creates at least a little echo in this place. From his crouch, he pulls the smoke from his mouth and blows out as he turns to see who's about to invade his privacy out here. His mouth twists into a smile, the sight of Veresch familiar once he gets a full eye of her. "Sore. Started my day early." He answers, lifting his shoulders in a shrug. Glancing significantly the knot she wears, "I heard some of the candidates mentioning your name. Congratulations." The glove returns to his mouth and he sucks down some more of the smoke and flavor.

Veresch makes her way closer, choosing to approach from upwind so that she doesn't have to sit in smoke. "Thank you." Decorously, she sits at least a few inches away, and not the shoulder-to-shoulder that has a hug in the offing. "Just think, there might be my own kind of Herself on the sands, as imperious and demanding and lovable." Her smile turns a little skewed as elbows settle on her knees and she chooses to look out over the Weyr proper rather than the almost endless stretch of the sand-filled northern bowl section.

Faenwyth is high up enough to not be able to participate in this conversation, but she probably has a remark that only C'sei is hearing right now. He smiles, closed mouth and averts his eyes skyward for a second. When he looks back Veresch-way, he surely notices the couple of inches of distance. But there isn't a comment offered for it. "And yet you're still willing to stand and not running in the opposite direction." There's no one else at Igen who knows how difficult his green can by at times than him. "How are you settling in with the others? I searched a couple of them this time."

Those inches are there for propriety, or at least the acceptance of rank, or something. They will be gone as soon as she doesn't have a white knot. For the moment she rakes her hair back from the breeze and proceeds to use that very same knot to tie it into a low ponytail, spitting out strands of hair. "Well, I figure if I want to run away I'd have to run so far that it might as well not be worth it. Besides, all my friends are here." That includes you, Mr. Rider with a Catty Green. "And I would miss out on the experience of touching the egg. I already want to go and hug that furry one that looks like a bunch of felines as if it's my own personal precious." She peeks sideways between whipping locks of hair with a shamefaced smile. "Most of them are fine. There are a couple I want to give a right good kicking." She pauses, semi-amazed. "You? Now I'm kind of sad you didn't search me."

"You don't have to run that far to avoid the sands." But C'sei isn't invested in making her quit or anything, he blows out a puff of smoke before finishing up and crushing the thing out on the rock besides him. "The mother might get upset if you start hugging her eggs, I'd suggest a more moderate approach. Like just putting your hand on one." He'll even go so far as to demonstrate just how that would work, the ass. "Yeah, me. Two guards… One really obnoxious man and a woman. The woman is less obnoxious." He flashes her a quick smile, "She's a fickle mistress. Who searched you, did you catch their name?" Sometimes those things go so quickly, names aren't exchanged.

Veresch shoots him a Look. "Thank you," she says at her very dry best, and there's a hand that moves to push at his shoulder. "I'll carry that little bit of wisdom down on the sands with me. And yeah, it was R'xim… I mean, the Weyrsecond. One of them. But him." Her nose wrinkles. "I know precisely the guy that you're talking about, I think… Ryker, yeah? The other one might be Ealasaid, if she's a blonde. I don't know everyone's names, but those are the two guards that I know of. Eel is nice. Ryker makes me wish I was still allowed to defend myself with anything but words." She gives a glum sigh. "Watch, he impresses the biggest bronze of the batch, and then he'll be like all those asses in Hogback."

C'sei laughs low, allowing his body to be moved by the force of her push. "It's good advice. It'll stop the gold from devouring you alive." He makes little hand movements that are supposed to be indicative of that fate. "Right, Ryker. Yeah, he's definitely a total asshole. I told him Faenwyth thought he'd make a great bronze or brownrider." He glances at Veresch and smirks, eyes rolling skyward again. There's a high probability that she never said that. But as long as no one tells Ryker that, it'll be fine, right? "And yeah, that's the other one. She seems decent."

Veresch reaches down to massage at her calves, rotating ankles to keep them warm and mobile after the climb. "I think it's entirely possible Faenwyth doesn't bother saying nice things to anyone but you," she mutters. "I mean, I don't hear her, but I'm pretty sure. But if there's one guy that deserves a kick in the junk from a wher, it's him. And Eel is a sweetheart. A very dry, defensive kind of sweetheart, but I think she misses things as badly as I do. You know, most of the candidates are so excited to be here at the Weyr because it's new and scandalous and everything, and they almost see it like a kind of working holiday? I think it's why some of them stay here afterwards. I miss…" She sighs, fingers tangling together. "Oddly, I miss Ista again. It happens sometimes. I miss my friends, and I miss the freedom here, but most of all I miss the beaches there, and … you know."

"You think Faenwyth says nice things to me?" C'sei asks, sounding almost a little challenging and amused in that as his shoulders relax and he drags his finger along the ground. "I only know either one from a few brief encounters." Her description of candidacy moves him along into a quiet state as he listens. "Not everyone has lived at a weyr before. Some of them might even be glad to just have a clean bed to sleep in at night." He casts her a side look, an eyebrow lifting up before he nods his head. "You can visit again after the eggs hatch, unless you walk away from the sands with a dragon. Then you'll be able to visit whenever you want, once you're done killing yourself in weyrlinghood."

She meets his sideways glance with her own. "I've been working on things in the bazaar since you left," she says quietly. "It's not all that much better, but we got the food situation sorted out, or we're working on it at least." C'sei, though he won't know it, was the inspiration for a lot of her work in the Bazaar. "Bedding space will come as it may. I don't have up to date information, but I've got people looking after things for me." She straightens and leans back into the morning sun. "R'xim asked that I start doing things for the Weyr as well. I'm a sucker." She snorts softly. "Well, if she's not saying nice things to you, she's certainly not saying them to me. But I'll win her over one day and finally get access to you!" Hope springs eternal, after all.

"It's not just the bazaar, you know? It's the area, it's Pern. It doesn't like to admit it, but there are just people that fall through the cracks all over." C'sei's expression is rueful before he shakes his head. "I'm sorry, that's not fair to you. You're trying to make a difference, I know." He chews on his thumb, casting that sideways look again for a second time before he laughs. "I think you worry about Faenwyth entirely too much. If I listened to every one of her demands, I'd be up to a lot of very peculiar things."

There's a moment of stretchy silence in which she watches Faenwyth's shadow circling on the ground far below, then skips to those of other dragons also out for their morning constitutional. "I have to start at something I can effect," she says very quietly after an eternity of trying to smooth out pleats in her old pants. "It's okay. First the bazaar, and then the hold, and hopefully more places. There's just no reason for people to listen to me, so it's a constant fight." Her smile disappears, lost in the sun-glare of the sun. "I had the biggest crush on you for three turns. You didn't exactly notice anything past her, so… well, I have other things to keep me busy with these days. Bazaar back alleys, gambling, trying not to let my mother know what I actually do for a living. I swear she thinks I'm some kind of Rosie's girl, without the cachet of actually being a Rosie's girl."

"The world has to want to change too." C'sei doesn't have the deepest faith in humanity. His eyes narrow onto some point off in the distance, a much easier thing to look at than where he's at currently. "Helping one person might not change the world, but it changes the world for one person. Sometimes that saying has weight." Her next has him sucking in a breath and holding it before he moves to chew on his thumb again. "I was a candidate, then a weyrling. Then I was out and a rider… things were just complicated, Veresch." He turns that nail ragged before adding on, "I told you a long time ago that you deserve better. And you still do. That doesn't mean I never noticed." A glance is hazarded in her direction, "She's probably worried about you." And wants her to get married and having babies, but that's besides the point. Maybe.

"My mother is concerned with the next generation of our family," Veresch drawls. See, he was correct. "However, since they have twins now, I told them there's no reason for the black sheep to provide them with the next generation. That and a lot of shouting… well. It's good that I'm not in Keroon anymore." There's almost a twinkle before one hand lifts to wave his protests away. "I like who I like, whether they think they deserve me or not. I don't think you deserve freezing feet and abnormally sunny good morning greetings and a total refusal to drink klah, right?" Now she is grinning. "Relax. I've learnt some patience, not to mention skill. I'll get my happy ending yet, with whoever that is. Hopefully a dragon." She turns a little towards him to pretend an excellent sulk. "I'm still mad I can't become Weyrleader Veresch," she teases. "Although there are things waiting for me, people in the Bazaar, that depend on me. Things are complicated, you're right."

"You should make good with them." Says C'sei who hasn't talked to anyone related to him in turns now. "Someday. When you're ready to do that." That gets tacked on with a rueful smile as his shoulders pull up. He sighs next and turns towards her, "I think we have a difference of opinions on what the other deserves." Veresch is grinning and his smile is lopsided, attention drifting to the ever circling green that casts her shadow on the ground around them. "Maybe you can be the Weyrsecond someday, if you impress. What were you thinking of? Brown?" He flicks the butt of the clove over the edge of the pillar, littering. He's a litter bug. "Life has this tendency towards being complicated. Gets moreso when you start including people who depend on you in it."

Veresch pulls her legs up to her chest as she watches him speak, wrapping one arm around them. "Do you remember the Bazaar still?" she asks quietly. "Devram." A major, major bully that only turned into a worse guy. "Got news the other day that he got a smirky smile from … someone, and that he actually had a wife and kid. Faranth, I'm gla that dude is dead, if I remember how many problems he caused. And now in the end, all he managed is to open up space for something nice to happen. She's working at the Female Guards' soup kitchen now, and I hear the boy gets lessons every seven. You're right in that it gets complicated, but sometimes they turn out for the best." She reaches out to boop him on the nose. "Stop being a realist for five seconds. And yeah, I'd love a big, huge, ridiculously large brown so that my arms fall off oiling him, and I can have someone that loves this me, not a me that changes for everyone." Pause. "I guess. I'll go introduce you to them. The least you can do is play my weyrmate or something so that they stop yelling about me being women-alone."

"I hope you weren't responsible for any smirky smiles that eventually involved dead people?" C'sei just wants some clarification there, in case he's understanding this wrong. "Look, I'm glad that they're living a better life just-" She taps him on the nose and he blinks, giving her an uplifted eyebrow for that and snatching at her hand. "I can't help being realist. It's burned into my bones." Something in what she says makes him frown, "So stop changing for everyone. You don't need to change for other people, if they're not happy with what they get? Fuck them." At the very idea that someone on this planet would want to introduce him to their parents he blanches. "Wait, didn't I just tell you that you deserve better? Imagine their faces if you bring me home. 'Here's my weyrmate, the greenrider. He used to be holdless and steal for money and other things!' Boom." He flicks his fingers to illustrate the bomb exploding.

"No, Alec, I've not offed anyone recently enough that you need to worry about it," Veresch drawls as she pulls her hand back, sits up straight, then stands to stretch, reaching backwards into a bridge position, then forward in the same. "Hello, mom, dad, here is the absolutely brave guy that takes on Thread on an almost daily basis and still chose someone like me instead of just taking it calmly and relaxing in his off times." Every angle has two points leading into it, even though one is muffled because she moves into a handstand after tucking her tunic into her pants in front. "Trust me, the hint that I'm willing to settle down will automatically confer sainthood on whoever I bring home." With a flex of her arms she hops back onto her feet to go and loom over him before she sinks down on her haunches, balancing with one hand on his knee. "Relax. I won't make you do it. D'you wanna come down to the caverns with me for breakfast though? The bread might be decent today, given that I had nothing to do with it."

Recently?! He doesn't say anything about that part, but his eyebrows are pulling together into a furrow of… something inexplicable as he takes a breath. "I think that you're really overestimating my ability to wow anyone's parents." He leans a bit away from her and all of the stretching and hand stands, maybe slightly paranoid that she's going to dip over and send them both crashing down the pillar to the ground below. "I'll think about it." C'sei cracks his neck then and nods, finally pushing himself to his feet and working out the kinks of being in one position for too long. "Yeah, I'm starving. Lets go eat the decent bread. And hey, maybe if you make it badly long enough they'll take you off kitchen detail?" The smirk that comes her way is playful and he moves out of her reach before sending himself over the edge, climbing carefully down.

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