Silounas, Vosji


An off-duty guard and an off-duty Weyrlingmaster in the off-cycle Galleries.


It is sunset of the tenth day of the fifth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Galleries, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 30 Jun 2018 04:00


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Flamethrower dodging is a useful life skill.



Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

Now that all the regular duties are done for the day… most folks are off doing 'fun' things. Silounas is luckily one of the guards that didn't pull an evening shift this night, but the guardsman isn't using the free time for relaxing! Instead, the man has hauled out one of the ancient and much battered flamethrowers and is busy adjusting the straps at the bottom of the stairs of the farthest section of the viewing galleries.

A strange place to adjust a rickety old flamethrower, perhaps, but the galleries when there are no eggs on the sands — and no gravid queens who need the sands prepared for their settling — is a strange place to do anything and so it's not any more normal that Vosji is there. Definitely dressed for off-duty, in flowy pants and a sleeveless top with no shoes, carrying a flask and a book. Break time in a weird place? Totally. Surprise company? Not part of the plan, but company is also not someone she'd rather avoid, so instead: "Hello," politely enough, "Where did that one come from? It doesn't look like the best candidate for use."

Silounas didn't not just jump when Vosji pipes up. Just like he totally knew that she was there and for some reason hadn't thought to make and indication that he was aware of her before now. Luckily, he catches the flamethrower by the strap before it can smush any of his toes. Once he gets a closer glance at just who it is over there, a hasty salute will be tacked on. "Dug it out of the guardhouse, ma'am. Figured it'd probably be the best candidate for my use since it hasn't had agenothree in since… probably at least last Pass?" He shrugs when making the guess of the true origins of said flamethrower.

"I think that depends on what you're trying to use it for," Vosji squints curiously at him now that she's realizing that maybe it's not actually Thread that he wants to use the device for. Having forgotten about some of the Tourney events, she can't place why anyone would want to use a decrepit flamethrower for anything at all. "Because if it's not trustworthy for actually, well, throwing flame — what would one do with it?"

"Weight," Silounas replies simply enough as he finishes adjusting the last strap and hefts the relic of a flamethrower onto his back and shifts it around as he tries to settle it in place. "And cause I can't actually let me little brother think he's better than me." Sibling rivalry, powering competition practice for ages!

"Weight?" Vosji repeats it, and it's not quite a question but it's definitely an uptalk. Seeing that this might be a more interesting discussion than finishing her book, she perches upon the nearest seat and takes a sip from her flask. "Your little — oh, there's some flamethrower hefting event for the Tournament, isn't there." Realization finally dawns. "And you're cleaning it up here because …"

Silounas tilts his head to the side at the weyrlingmaster's latest guess. "Whaaat? Are folks actually tossing flamethrowers?" Even in the somewhat faded light of early evening, the guardsman's face is clearly full of disbelief. "I'm just going for the thrower foot race. Figured if I can run up the steps in it, running whatever course they set up should be an absolute breeze."

The mental image of throwing flamethrowers is one that might have gotten an amused smirk if Vosji weren't drinking; because what she is tossing back (albeit delicately) definitely has a whiskeylike odor to it, instead there's a genuine giggle. Not quite girlish, but not the same level of stiff as her usual public persona. "Oh, I assume not. I figured they were just having to carry them, or something — running with makes sense. Throwing flamethrowers would be amusing, for sure, but I don't think it would be in the original image of the competition."

Until Ione shows up and starts throwing ALL the flamethrowers.

Flamethrower dodging is a useful life skill.

True, that would be an important Threadfighting skill too, and therefore totally in the original image of the Tourney.

Seeing as how Silounas spends most of his days patrolling through the shadier parts of the bazaar on a regular basis, faint whiskey smell is just about a default odor for his nose and thus, no nose wrinkling here (or more likely, no envious glances for her drink). "Seeing how serious folks have gotten, might be why they're insisting that only empty flamethrowers be used in the race. Some sore loser might end up hurling one."

"Which could still result in injury to someone's head," Vosji points out, stretching out and pointing the toes of one foot as if this were a motion of judgment. "Healers on standby for all the events anyway, I assume. I haven't actually seen one of these before." Not because she's too young by any means, but because she'd never even set foot on Igen sand before the Pass began. "The stairs are a good thought, though — guessing the little brother isn't also practicing here."

"Good thing the winners gonna be swift footed then, hey?" Silounas gives a wink with that as he finishes those last adjustments on his flamethrower straps with a satisfied sigh. As for his little brother's training habits that just gets a scratch of his head. "Uhhhh… well, he isn't tonight!"

"You'll have to make sure he doesn't think of it by giving him a training suggestion that's actually vaguely bad advice," says Vosji, older sister to a lot of both full and half siblings she did this to a number of times. Somehow they don't all hate her. "Perhaps you should consider wearing a helmet, though. Albeit that's added weight." She shrugs a shoulder, takes a swig of her drink again and then decides to be nice — after all, she's finally taking time off entirely, not even wearing a knot, she might as well really relax. "Sip, in order to see if you can also run after imbibing?" Really, she's helpful. If weyrlings were allowed to drink in junior weyrlinghood, drunken PT would be part of the program.

Silounas' face lights up at the mentioning of bad advice staged of good advice and he claps his hands together. "Yeah! Like he should practice swimming with the flamethrower on because there's water resistance!" And hopefully he'll be smart enough to only swim in the shallows and not accidentally drown if attempted. He blinks at the offer of the drink, but his hand will reach out to accept it. "Can't really say no to a free drink. Never know what might be offered before the actual race!" Good thing he ran into Vosji. Look how much helpful race planning he's gotten done in just a few minutes!

"There you go," Vosji agrees with a grin, reclaiming her flask when Silounas is finished with it, though she has to be the one ot point out, "A good idea providing he's smart enough not to let it kill him." Silounas seems intelligent enough, his brother is probably not a moron. Probably. "I did manage not to get anyone killed or even seriously injured," seriously, "with mine. Though if there's ever a swimming-with-flamethrower trial — no, I cannot imagine," even a little tipsy, "how that would be relevant either."

Silounas wavers his hand a little bit as if the jury may be out on his brother's intelligence, but she's probably right. He'll also give a big smile as he hands the flask back. "Thank you, ma'am. And next time I might need to remember to pack a flask with my waterskin." Even in autumn, dehydration is no joke! Although speaking of jokes… "Well, maybe it'd be relevant at Ista… but since water does kill thread, probably not even there. Anyways, should probably get running." One more test of his straps for good measure and he'll give a salute towards the weyrlingmaster and start his run up the stairs. His path will take him a few sections over before he starts back down, so bookreading may be continued uninterrupted.

Vosji, being from Ista, might have thought of that — but not quite. Swimming is certainly important, but if anyone is doing Flamethrower Swimming Lessons, she's not aware of it. If she recalls, she might be tempted to ask. "Good luck," she says encouragingly, offering a wiggle of her fingers in a parting wave after a lazy salute, and she does watch the young guard run for a bit before her attention wanders back to her drinking, and then to her book. She's more likely to remember watching the run than however the plot of the story unfolds.

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