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Since Ha'ze made such a… wonderful impression on Xanthee, he goes to ask Elonoora to go introduce herself to her newly found sister.


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Kitchens

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"Ooooh, is it twins? Did you have twins in Igen?"



Renowned, the culinary prowress of Southern, and suitable her kitchens to the task. A broad and airy sweep of room, it cannot help the sweat-drenching heat — though hearths are cleverly set within the ground itself to maximize efficiency. Big copper pots gleam along long tables, cooks hustling to and fro to prepare the necessary meals. There is never a candlemark the kitchens are left unstaffed: even in the wee hours of the night, bakers can be seen shaping loaves and mixing biscuits. For those who miss meals, a sideboard brims with leftovers that are easily transformed into portable potables, complete with sweet herbal tea and a large wheel of a soft, white, crumbly cheese.

Sooooo…. meal times are a little weird for those that have to actually have to prepare food for everybody else. By mid afternoon, most of the lunch rush has died down and it's time for those that got up waaaaaay to early to make sure breakfast was made are just now getting off their shifts. Flour covered Elonoora is one such individual. She darts around the later shift works coming in humming as she grabs a roll here… and some wherry there… add some cheddar and some apple and ahh! Sandwich. Food now obtained, she just plops down on a bench out of there way. That hunger is too demanding to wait for such things like actually finding a table outside of the kitchens before eating.

'Hey, where's the kitchen' followed by 'Elonoora?' gets Ha'ze directed in the direction of his Southernmost daughter. Kaisylaith has happily settled himself on a beach with his wings spread out to take in EVERY once of warmth. Those scars get a bit stiff in between's bitter cold. Jaunty as a summer day himself Ha'ze acts a little like he owns the place as he steps between the workers. When the familiar back-of-head gets spied he'll call out, "Elonoora. Any left overs for a hungry rider?"

Elonoora isn't exactly hard to find, just sitting over their mind her own business. Namely the business of trying to eat the sandwich. She's mid bite when her name gets called out and she turns around to see a rather unexpected visit. "Pa!" except the one word is kind of mumbled from the wherry that she's trying to swallow. The sandwich gets set down as she stands up. "Uh, yeah." She waves a bit towards the sideboard set up for those folks that might need some food in between meals. "Plenty of wherry… some tubers… the sourdough rolls are pretty good." Just turn to talk of foods and not what might have actually inspired the visit. If Ha'ze had actually announced that he'd be visiting, somehow Elonoora has missed the memo.

Memo? Ha'ze? Nah….. But that food is going to get a good reception. "Come join you in a moment." First, sourdough with wherry on top… and there is ALWAYS some kind of sauce. Perfect. When Ha'ze makes his way over to Elonoora's bench he settles. "Nothing harder to drink than juice though?" (Ha'ze drinks a little more than is necessary.) He'll have a full mouth to give her a chance to answer as he stretches his legs out. Sorry workers wanting to get by.

With so many family members, Elonoora can probably be forgiven for not being the best correspondent. She tries. Sometimes. At least he knew she was in Southern and not still back at Fort. The apprentice is just going to focus on her sandwich while the rider makes his plate. There's a bit of a laugh at the drink request. "Not unless you're wanting to drink cooking sherry." Which probably isn't recommended. "You could stop by the Kitten on your way out. It's on the way back to the beach which is I assume where you left Kai?"

"Nah, that swill really is vile. Assistant Headwoman in Igen would be pleased to hear me say it." Considering how they left their last interaction… Ha'ze talks once most of his food has been chewed. "Did I tell you about being transferred to Igen…" Ha'ze also isn't the best correspondent. "Or Kai's last injury - he sends his love, as always." That Ha'ze can say without an ounce of a lie hanging about it. Ha'ze has affection for his children, but Kaisylaith LOVES them.

Abrupt head swivel as Elonoora's attention switches from sandwich to father with a snort of surprise. "Did you really drink cooking sherry in front of a headwom?" She shakes her head at the question of his news. "No, but mother told me the last time I went back to Telgar. Wait… injury?" She looks over her father again, as if she might spot a residual sign of said injury to the pair. "When did that happen? and if you're betweening… you're all clear now?" The feeling of affection between father and daughter is mutual, but she also can't help but love the nature-loving bronze. He was probably also a better child-minder when she was little than Ha'ze ever was…

It's true. Kaisylaith can be trusted with the smallest of children and not once will any harm come to them. Ha'ze's idea of parenting is that if they don't die they must be okay. Y'know. Because they aren't dead! Pulling down his collar Ha'ze will show the top of his latest scars. They're well healed, but underscore what Kaisylaith's must be like. "Caught us full one. We're betweening, but only because we ignore the healers. Kaisylaith took it worse." Letting go of his collar Ha'ze turns his gaze on his daughter. "And you? Didn't expect you to suddenly up and leave Fort. Get in a tiff with someone and need me to go lay them out?"

Not to mention the best cure for a child's cough is a bit of whiskey…. at least Elonoora survived. Probably much to the thanks of Kaisylaith and her foster parents. The girl can't help but wince a bit as he shows off the injury, but that's quickly changed by horror at the idea that he might be disobeying healer's orders. "Father!!! If you're doing anything that hurt Kai's health, I'll… I'll…" She doesn't really know what she would do, but feels like she is supposed to say something. Especially seeing as if he didn't want to be caught, he could just you know… between somewhere else. As for why she left Fort, she shakes her head. "No, it wasn't like that at all. I came down here to do more research! For my journeyman's project." She might be a senior apprentice now, but she certainly doesn't want to remain one forever.

But Whiskey IS the best cure. It probably helps that Elonoora wasn't Ha'ze's first, so he got some of the worst ideas out of the way. A shake of his head. "Kai's good for between, but his endurance is still shot. Almost squished a pile of weyrlings the other day." Almost being the word. "Means more time with you, aye?" Or the Kitten. "What exactly are you researching that needs a jungle and humidity like this?"

"You should probably try to avoid doing that…" Elonoora is just going to take a wild guess and assume Igen's weyrlingmaster would be pretty upset at having a squished pile of weyrlings. Probably as upset as Kaisylaith would be for having squished them. As for why she's down here, she practically bounces in excitement. "Have you seen the gardens they have down here? They have citrus nearly as big as your face! And then all the herbs that don't deal well with fort's winters…. it's one thing to grow them in a greenhouse, but the one's grown naturally have soooooo much more flavor!"

It's a fond smile that stretches Ha'ze's scars out, weirdly lopsided, but real anyway. "I haven't - any chance you'd be willing to let your old Pa walk around in them?" And Kaisylaith will prove he's not quite asleep by interjecting his musical voice into Elonoora's head to add, « For me also. I do not suppose they have black mustard there? » Kaisylaith has yet to forget that this is a plant he hasn't seen yet and wishes to make firm acquaintance with.

Elonoora is used to the scars (at least most of them anyway) and returns the smile with a dimply one of her own. "The weather is nice for a walk through them today, but the herb gardens and the citrus groves are pretty far apart…." A lot more land is needed for trees than little old herbs. It's been a while since the girl has actually heard Kaisylaith's voice in her head and so she blinks a little bit as he speaks, but the smile just grows. "Yeah, I think we have some black mustard. What does he need it for?" Curious look to Ha'ze in case he knows what his dragon is up to.

Standing Ha'ze takes another bite of his food and offers a free hand out to help her up too. "No time like the present, neh?" That ending word is pretty much a grunt. Eating and walking never hurt anyone, right? Kaisylaith doesn't offer to fly them, he's sunning kaythanks, and can follow through Ha'ze's eyes well enough. "Some girl mentioned it had healing properties and he's never seen it. Enough reason. If it's attractive I might have to try cultivating it in Igen, so show the ugliest plants if you could."

Elonoora takes the hand up and quickly exchanges that plate she had her sandwich on for a napkin and hands another one out to Ha'ze, whether her wants it or not. As long as they're just exploring the closest of the kitchen gardens, a ride shouldn't be needed. It'd frankly be difficult to find somewhere so close for the bronze to land. The girl will quickly lead the way out the nearest exit as she finishes up the last bit of her sandwich. "Healing… huh. We tend to grow it more in the culinary section of the gardens. We use a lot of the seeds for mustards. And you can also pickle the leaves. It has pretty little yellow flowers if you find it at the right time…" So she may or may not be trying to find the ugliest plants she can. She loves Kaisylaith more after all.

The sideways look expresses a pure sentiment of 'not helping here.' Kaisylaith is even more interested now that he knows that it flowers. "How does it smell?" It takes more effort for Kaisylaith to speak for himself then to have Ha'ze do it for him, so that's what'll generally happen from here on. Also, I have an ulterior motive for visiting. A favor of sorts to ask."

"Pungent," Elonoora gives the quick response, even though that's mostly based on her experience with the seeds and sometimes the leaves. It's one flower she hasn't really taken time to try and smell. But she just gives a not-so-innocent grin as she knows exactly how helpful she's being. But that quickly turns to curiousity at the mention of ulterior motives. "Ohhhh? And what sort of favor is that? You don't seem like you're in dire need of a fancy cake…" Cause if he did need a fancy cake, she's definitely who he should call.

"You know I'd come to you if I needed it. Actually, this is more of a… family issue. Did I ever tell you that about a turn after you were born I was settled in Igen for a space?" No need to go into the why of this, it's all History. Ha'ze History. A glance sideways as the conversation turns to the real reason why the bronzerider has made the trek south.

Elonoora does indeed know that he'd come to her if he needed such a thing. Most likely like two hours before said cake was actually needed and expect some sort of miracle. Her curiosity dampens a bit when he mentions it's actually a family issue. With plenty of family comes plenty of possible issues. Now that her sandwich is finished, she'll just cross her arms as they walk. "I think you said something… but they kicked you out?" If he didn't say it, somebody else did at one point. "And so does your recent transfer back to Igen have anything to do with this?"

Elonoora could make a miracle happen though, RIGHT? She's Ha'ze's kid after all. *MIRACLES~* "Something like that. Pre Thread the weyrs weren't quite as chummy. A bit of a compettion to see who was best. We traded riders regularly, they found out I was getting the skinny on them for the next weyr games," and the flip floppy hand will indicate the rest of that particular story. "One of their golds went up before and I passed the night with a woman named Lexi." There's a sideglance at Elonoora's crossed arms. She can totally see where this is going right?

If you call a stack of pancakes a miracle… yeah. Although that's basically what a Mille crepe cake is. So yeah, maybe Elonoora would be able to work a miracle. She stays remarkably quiet as Ha'ze tells the story, nodding along. "Uhhhhh-huh. So.. I have another sister? Or is it a brother? Ooooh, is it twins? Did you have twins in Igen?" Yeah, she can see where this is going and if it's not twins, she might just be giving Kai even more ideas!

Hey, Ha'ze'll take what he gets! "Sister, got it in one. Only one boy still, apologies for that. And just one. Litttllleee problem though." His hands come up to punctuate it with fingers showing a little bit. "Lexi never bothered to tell the lass who her father is. Girl's been looking and it came as a bit of a shock to end up with me. Somehow she got her panties all in a twist in our first meeting." Ha'ze probably shouldn't talk about her panties any more but, well, it works.

Elonoora shrugs as for the lack of brothers. "I mean, I got a couple brothers on mother's side… and then all my foster brothers." So she's not exactly been missing out on the whole family situation. She may have offered to sell some of them off to the lowest bidder before, not that it's exactly worked. "So she's spent what, seventeen turns painting up this big ol' elaborate picture of her father being a tall, dark, dashing bronzerider that's you know…" Not like the man next to her. At least the dark and bronzeriding part is accurate!

"Basically. I mean, Kaisylaith is bronze, but that's about all she's got right." Poor Xanthee. The more Ha'ze thinks about it the more sympathetic he gets for the girl's plight. "Her mum died when she was four, so she's been on her own. Has this fancy idea that if she could just know who she CAME FROM it would fill some void." Pity creeps into his tone even as he sarcastically lays out poor Xanthee's foolish idea. "I was wondering if maybe you'd be willing to come pay a visit. Chat with her. Shells knows I'm not much of a father but perhaps if she knew she had sisters hanging about…? Jaze said no and to come ask you since she had to do it last time."

Elonoora should probably be a bit more sympathetic than she but no, as a little bit of a giggle escapes at the thought of just how wrong Xanthee's built up ideas where. "But I mean, she wouldn't have been exactly on her own, right? Igen's gotta have some sort of foster system…" Even before the Pass, riders weren't really known for having traditional family units after all. And Telgar's worked out well enough for her. "Did you actually talk to her about sisters? Cause I might be just about as much of a disappointment as you were. No offense." Just that she doesn't look like any of the girls found in the romantic harper's stories. The ones not taught in the classroom.

"Didn't quite get around to that before she turned tail and ran." Ha'ze can NOT blame Xanthee for that one. It's a good survival instinct. They cross over into the garden itself here and Ha'ze is going to look super distracted as he bends down to get a closer look at some Thyme. "What could be disappointing about you?" This is honestly said, "A senior apprentice, working on your jounreyman project? Shells knows I'm proud."

Flight is probably the wiser reaction in a flight or fight situation. Except Elonoora doesn't run anywhere. She'd probably get out of breath in less than a minute and end up crying instead. Good thing she avoid the shadier parts of Pern. She gets distracted herself by the rosemary right next to that thyme. Parsley and sage should be around here somewhere too. "Well… if she has been building up an ideal fantasy of her perfect family, I don't exactly look like what she's probably expecting." She's just going to keep her eyes on the plants. Maybe then he won't see the blushing.

"Well, at least you'd be less of a shock. And you could show that it's possible to be perfectly successful despite having half of me in you." This is a win-win for Ha'ze. HE doesn't mind himself, but he's got enough turns to know how others react to him. "Chances are she hasn't even considered having sisters, so you'll be a delightful surprise."

"Should I bake her a cake or something?" Elonoora should probably be a bit more used to introducing herself to previously unknown siblings. But she doesn't know the proper protocol and SOOOO she defaults to baked goods. Worst thing that happens is that Xanthee throws the cake back in her face, right?

"That's not a bad idea. I would tell you what flavour but shit if I know." Baked good introductions FTW. "And no hurry. I can come get you, or you could hitch a ride here. And I'll owe you one." Which probably means that Elonoora will get paid back… never unless she insists on it. Ha'ze isn't suuuppperrrr reliable.

Elonoora is just going to be a bit of a realist here, "Since I still don't have a firelizard, it'll probably just be easier to find someone down here to take me. I can always bribe them." Because seriously, baked goods can get you all sorts of favors. "Maybe something with strawberries… and whipped cream…" And since she's already plotting which flavors she'll be making it's probably a safe bet to take that as a yes.

"There's a good lass. I'll send Kit down if an introduction would be better sooner rather than later." Like if Xanthee decides to be a crazy homicidal weirdo or something. Pushing himself to his feet again Ha'ze glances about the garden. "So where is this black mustard? Kai won't leave us alone till he gets a good look at it."

Elonoora nods. Apparently that is settled. As for the black mustard, she waves for him to follow here. "It's over here… oh, and Kai will probably also like this…" And so in addition to black mustard, he'll probably get a few other plants like marjoram and lemongrass to take back as well. Ha'ze's Weyr is gonna smell beautiful after Elonoora is done. Regardless of what Ha'ze says about the matter.

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