Veresch, Kyara, Finn


Veresch is recuperating after her "adventure" down South. Kyara and Finn drop by to visit.


It is morning of the first day of the eighth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr

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From the astringent smell of redwort, to the gleam of counter and cabinet, this place positively defines the concept of antiseptic cleanliness. Despite the yawning exit to the Dragonhealer Courtyard, the floors remain scrupulously swept of sand and particulate matter. Back behind the counter where the healers usually are, are shelves full of bottles and jars, as well as cupboards hiding away more delicate items that shouldn't be exposed to too much sand. Beyond the counter, there is the Desk, where patients are checked in and taken to one of the examination areas by a healer. The windows are usually kept open for the flow of air, but there is both shutters to shut out dust storms, and curtains for other occasions.

It is the thirty-first day of Summer and 90 degrees. Distant clouds on the horizon, familiar to Igen natives, swelling across the blue skies quickly tell of sand storm on the way.

The news is in from the watchrider, who had it from a Southern dragon, who had it from … well, it was a long chain very quickly delivered, and it spoke of tragedy: Elicheritath stranded at Southern due to serious injury, the Southern Weyrleader almost dead, alarums all over. Lesser so of the single Igenite that returned from the tour, having to be helped off the Southern dragon with a broken arm and innumerable cuts and scrapes. Veresch, having insisted on speaking to Weyr leadership immediately, managed to deliver her report through clenched teeth before they summarily tossed her at the infirmary. There, having been dosed into insensibility and patched up, she's been for the last day, and managed to sit up and be awake today, if still rather pale around the mouth. Dressed down in a simple shift, she's apparently been constrained to bed rest, which sits ill with her. Her fair and kitten, fed by a friend, are nowhere in sight.

It almost goes without saying that all of Igen knows what happened with their junior queen, along with the other casualties. Veresch is of particular concern to a certain greenrider, however - the one Igenite to return could only be one person, and that person's mentor has been worried since receiving the news from Liareth while they were out on a sweep. Perhaps it was for the best; knowing what was happening while she was out in the field forced Kyara to focus on her duties, gave her time to think. It would be better for Veresch to be checked in on after getting settled back at home, rather than having a worried rider getting underfoot in the infirmary, trying to hover. Therefore, it's now that Kyara comes to visit, considerably calmer than she would have been the day before. She enters the infirmary quietly, asks a passing Healer for direction, and makes her way back to Veresch, something indistinct wrapped in a cloth and tucked under her arm. "Hey there," she greets quietly, hovering on the threshold to where Veresch is with a thin smile as she looks the girl over. "Had enough excitement for a while?"

There have been visitors, of course, but with the girl caught in that stage where irritation, tears and real fatigue mix, it hadn't been a good time. This morning, when Kyara peeks in and her quiet voice sounds, she looks up quickly, enough so that she grimaces at the tired, sore muscular ache. Nevertheless, her expression is bright enough. "Kyara! Come in, please … yes. I think so." She pulls up her legs slightly, making space for the rider to sit, and manages to scoot up straight enough for conversation. "Have a seat, please." One hand twitches. "You'll have to forgive me for not making the exercise sessions for a while. I'm here for a seven at least, to give the arm time to start setting." She grimaces at the tight, sling-like thing keeping her arm restrained, and scratches at her wrist with the other hand, itching to undo it and run away.

"No. That is completely unacceptable," Kyara says of missing their workout sessions, managing to keep a completely straight face as she comes the rest of the way in. "You're just going to have to will that arm to heal overnight. We have far too much to cover tomorrow." Then her expression breaks into a warm smile, and she reaches out to ruffle Veresch's hair lightly before perching on spot that's been cleared for her to sit. "Of course you're forgiven. Faranth, it's not as though this is an everyday thing. I'm just glad you made it back in one piece, even if it means you're stuck in here six days longer than you want to be." She brings the bundle under her arm around front and starts unwrapping it. "I brought you a few things."

Veresch's expression is suspiciously soppy with the light, affectionate scolding, and her okay hand reaches forward to squeeze gently at Kyara's before she begins unpacking. "Thank you. And yes, it stinks here." She's never had occasion to be in the infirmary much, and now there's a wrinkle of her nose for the redwort smell and, well, the cleanliness of everything. Give her a little dust. With her hand falling away, she looks eagerly down at the package that Kyara is undoing on the bed, slowly pulling her legs back all the way so that there's space. "Whatcha get me?"

"I know it," Kyara chuckles as she finishes flipping back the wrapping on her bundle. "I'm far more familiar with this place than I'd like to be, though I've only ever had to overnight it here once, thankfully. Here." She sets a small, tied off sack next to Veresch and plucks the closure loose. "It's hard to get more than just the essentials for food in here. I snagged a few bubblies for you, from Ravene's. And…" The next thing she produces is a well-used hide-bound book. "Not the most terribly exciting thing, but there's not much else you can do here when you're bored aside from sleeping and reading. This is just something I've had since I was an apprentice. A collection of stories and Harper's tales I'd gathered from various places. Some of them are good, some of them are actually true… Just something to pass the time. I'll probably want that back later, though." With a smirk, she adds, "And I'll be by whenever I get a minute. Just to break things up a little."

It doesn't take a dragon grapevine for news of an event so grievous as Elicheritath's injury to make the rounds. Nor to divine that the Queenrider's aide, returned, was one Veresch. Finn bounds quietly (can you bound quietly?) around the Infirmary peeking behind privacy screens, followed by a chorus of surprised, angry or simply brusque outbursts. From beyond where Kyara and Veresch converse, quietly and growing louder, "Oh, pardon, wrong nook." And, "Excu- whoa, that's… wow." Then, "Whoops! Oh. Hello there. Maybe when I'm done visiting- what? HEY! Ow!" A loud clanging follows. With a swish of motion, the privacy curtain around Veresch's bed is whipped back, Finn revealed, the young man grinning lopsided down the aisle at a man with thick arms crossed over his chest. He bares his teeth and raises eyebrows, shrugging innocently. He turns that so-innocent look into this new place. A lightning fast flash of dismay flickers across his face, followed by relief. Bright, chipper, "Hey! There you are lazybones!" He steps in and twitches the curtain closed, smiling and nodding at Kyara, eyes dipping briefly to skip appreciatively over the woman's fit curves and landing with a spark of interest on her dragonrider's knot. He holds out a forestalling hand to Veresch, "Don't get up!" grinning rakishly while sticking out a hand, "Finn of the Reika." He sees the unbindings of Kyara's gift and his smile falters. Oh. Didn't bring anything. Whoops.

The girl continues to look wobbly in the expression department, fingertips gliding over the twist of bubblies before they linger appreciatively on the spine of the book. "This is wonderful," she says very quietly. "It's been so boring I'm kind of going mad, to tell you the truth, and they wouldn't let me bring anything from the Archives here to read. Said I needed to rest." Given the amount of blood and ichor they had to sluice off her, the healers indeed put their foot down. "Still, I…" Her mouth snaps shut at the clanging and steps and general (quiet) uproar as Finn enters stage left, and even banged-up she delivers an impressive frown when noise dies down and she sees him eyeing Kyara's backside. Not that it's any of her business, but still! Kyara's backside was her friend first! And the rest of her too, of course. "Kyara, this is Finn," she mutters, trying to look as strong as ever. "Finn, this is Kyara, Liareth's rider."

Kyara is watching her young friend's expression very carefully, a small smile lingering encouragingly on her lips. "I'll see if I can find anything else for you to read, in that case," she says. The sudden minor cacophony from without has her glancing up, her brow furrowing until the trader makes his appearance. Is her backside even in a position to be eyed? Some men can make such thing happen no matter what position one is in. Whatever he may be looking at in particular, the greenrider is aware of the activity of his eyes and raises a brow. "Finn," she echoes, reaching out and placing her hand in the one he offers. "Yes, I remember your face." His wasn't one she focused on while escorting the Reika to the Weyr, but it is the sort to remain in the mind, she'll give him that. Eyebrow arching higher along with her smirk, she notes, "You might consider asking a Healer to point you in the right direction next time, rather than invading the privacy of others."

Finn is a neck man, actually. Mmmm… Mmmhmm. What? "Oh! Kyara!" Finn's brows climb, smile slipping wide, eyes twinkling, "Your mentor," he looks to Veresch and back to Kyara's beguiling amber eyes. The handshake becomes perhaps scrupulously correct in pressure and duration at that revelation. "Well met." He turns his attention to the weyr messenger, twinkling blue eyes set taut with a worry his wide smile belies. "I'm glad to see for myself the worst of the rumors weren't true." He casts his mind back, eyes flickering darkly a moment, then a vague smile, "Ah. Heh. I remember your dragon. She was up on the bluff. That was you?" Kyara gets as far as 'right direction next time' before Finn is looking around for a stool spotting only the one and that on Kyara's side. He ducks back out beyond the curtain and, swish, "Hey, you don't need this do you? Thanks!" Yoink. He backs back into the narrows space with a purloined stool. "What was that last bit? Sorry." He sets the stool down and folds onto it, resting a hand on Veresch's leg. "Glad you're okay." There's a sense that he means more than just him.

Huff. Huff-huff. 'He's shameless', she mouths to Kyara as Finn goes to get the small stool. Nevertheless, if Finn came here just to leer at pretty women, Veresch might just muster her remaining strength and clobber him. She actually begins to stiffen her shoulder to do just that, just as Kyara proves herself well-able to handle the irrepressible man. "Yeah, it was okay," she finally mutters, shifting under the hand on her leg, giving it a quick pat and a squeeze before she moves it. No matter how cute he is, it's her leg and she's not all that clothed underneath the blanket. "I just…" She manages a one-shouldered shrug as she scoops the book closer to press it to her midriff, as if a talisman of luck. "The healers say that the break'll heal clean if I stop trying to move the arm, but it's hard," she explains to Kyara with a sulk. "Something else to read will help, honestly, and the bubblies'll take that fellis taste out of my mouth."

Kyara gives Finn an almost impish smile, amused at the apparent change in the trader's comportment toward her when he realizes who she is. "Well met," she returns, nodding. "Yes, that was us. And she still watches you lot from time to time." Amusement turns to a sharp bit of consternation as he ducks out for that stool, and she flicks a glance to Veresch - a slight eye-roll in acknowledgement of what she mouthed. "The 'last bit'? Ask a Healer instead of invading people's privacy, Trader," she repeats firmly. "Common courtesy." Still, her expression doesn't remain hard for long as he takes his seat, and she looks to Veresch again. "I'll bring some more when I can," she assures the girl, wrinkling her nose at the thought of the taste of fellis. "Do your best to not move that arm, though. You want to be able to punch the same as ever, right?" The thought of the arm not setting correctly for any reason makes her cringe a little.

Privacy is a commodity not traded by this trader. He's been living with a man who has weighed half-again as much as he for going on ten years. Nothing is sacred. Nothing. There are pretty women to leer at everywhere. "Hmm?" at Kyara's admonition. His brows furrow, "Ah, yes, ma'am?" He agrees…? Is the upturned note sheepishness or puzzlement? He gives Veresch's hand a warm return squeeze and folds elbows onto his knees, to watch she and Kyara converse. "What makes you quiet, Veresch," he taps his forehead, "Yanno, up here?" Finn is unsurprisingly accomplished at achieving the Blank Mind. "Besides sleeping," a nosewrinkle, "And fellis." He wants to help too!

It's slowly puzzling together in her mind from little sources of information, the fact that these two have a Past which has certainly not been pleasant, but here they are sitting politely around her bed and somehow, somewhere in there is a lesson for Veresch. Either that, or she still has more fellis left in her system than she thought. Things are a little… and here they come with another mug of the foul-tasting beverage. Making a face but sipping it quickly, she blinks at Kyara. Finally, someone that makes sense! "Never really thought of it that way, y'know? I'll try and keep it still." Finn though, he gets a confused look. Is the girl's mind ever still? "I…don't know," she has to admit. "Um. The sound of rain. you know, falling close by on a roof or something. And the smell of it." Her expression relaxes, just a little. "And Smoke purring in my ear, but they don't allow her in here." Wickedness, according to the girl; her kitten would be excellent company, if rather too active.

A Past between Kyara and Finn? There really isn't one, per se, save for one with his entire caravan in general. The greenrider doesn't have a problem with the roguish bladesmith at all, in fact; she just wants him to understand the environment of the infirmary. Whether he picks up on her intent or not is neither here nor there at the moment, and she even gives him a nod accompanied by a wink to show she won't harp on it. She gives Veresch a sympathetic look for the fact that the Healers won't allow her her kitten, and she chuckles a little as she wraps laced fingers around one knee. "Depending on how well you've got them trained, you might be able to call one of your firelizards in here without anyone noticing," she suggests quietly.

Past? What Past? There is only the Present! But, forgetting that for a moment to step back to an earlier point, Finn wasn't leering. Finn doesn't leer. Leering is seedy. Finn admires, revels, cherishes, breathes in. Sunsets, women, tools turned to their proper purpose, a perfect cast, the easy play of limbs walking under a warm sun with a cool breeze on the skin. "Mmmm… the smell of rain," he slouches, lips pursing, "That'd be hard to come by," brows knit lightly as he closes his eyes to imagine the scent. Eyes come up at the next, crinkling at the edges, scratching pleased at the scruff on his jaw, "Smoke? That's a good name. Oh! Who's looking after her?" Because Finn will totally bring her by. RULES. Who needs 'em!? Firelizards! Finn perks, unslinging his satchel and digging through it bringing out a little form cradled in callused hands, "Look!" The little gold snores quietly, a soft-little buzzing sound, "Uh, that's kinda like a purr." The snoring. He's looking all dopey faced for the little sleeping flit before leaning forward to offer the warm tiny bundle for Veresch to take. With. Ah… one hand. Hmmm. He looks with knitted brows at Kyara.

"I can?" Veresch asks happily, if a little slowly, as she drains the last of the fellis in wine. "Will you teach me how, please, Kyara?" Her voice droops a little though, and the two are privy to something very few people see: soft inner Veresch, who likes cute little things no matter how she might protest. Blame the drugs! Her hand, the working one, moves to take the little gold. It's a bit awkward, yes, but there's a loopy little smile as she manages it and wiggles down the bed. "Marnie's watching out for Smoke. She's beautiful, Finn." Borrowing the little gold just for a second, just to hear the purr, she settles her head down on the pillow. Five seconds of listening to that raspy purr? Poof. Out like a candle.

Watching as Veresch finishes off what's in her glass, Kyara's lips curve in a somewhat rueful smile as she reaches over to re-tie the little stash of bubblies she brought for the girl and sets them somewhere nearby. She knows what's going to happen in fairly short order. "Sure, Veresch. When your head's clear." She watches the exchange between her mentee and Finn, smile warming at the baby gold firelizard, and then…yep. There she goes. Slipping off the cot to stand, the greenrider straightens the covers she shifted and proprietarily draws it up to cover Veresch a little more. "Good," she whispers pensively before turning her amber gaze on Finn. "Best let her be now. You're welcome to come along on the way out, Finn," she offers, smirking. "Otherwise, I'll be off to Liareth. Maybe you'd like to meet her sometime? Give you someone else to look over." That bit of cheek delivered, she quietly moves to leave, a soft "good day" left in her wake for the trader.

As soon as Veresch slips off Finn bows his head, turned slightly away from Kyara, jaw muscles bunching and throat working as he swallows. Hard. It's all quick, quicksilver Finn, for then he's uncoiling himself from the stool, bright smile in place as he stands. Leaning over to gently take the flit away, he glances at the bundle of bubblies, "That was sweet to bring by, Kyara." With another hand he takes the book slipping now down Veresch's belly and -inevitably- to the ground if not seen to. He hands it to Kyara, "That too." He brightens at her invitation to meet Liareth, "I'd like that very much, Kyara," he blinks, thinking, before shaking his head, "Ah, no, I'm gonna return this stool and say hello to the lady next," he looks abruptly away, a deeply haunted look flashing across his brow and eyes, accompanied by an abrupt shift and clearing of throat. "She seemed," he shrugs eyes flicking back up to Kyara's amber. "Good to meet you, greenrider." He snags the stool and backs out of the enclosure, pulling the one next open -privacy schmivacy- to reveal a wizened old woman, curled frail upon her bed. Finn sets down the stool, grinning his winningest toothy grin, "Evenin' ma'am, how're you today?" he murmurs, further words lost as he leans back to twitch the curtain closed.

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