M'noq, Amani


With the clutching of their dragons' eggs looming closer each day, M'noq and Amani take an afternoon to enjoy the cove near Old Southern while they still can.



It is late afternoon of the thirteenth day of the second month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr Cove, Southern Coverage

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"…It probably won't hurt to indulge a little, before things get back to normal."

Southern Weyr Cove

This deep cove is just perfect for bathing dragons to romp and play in the clear water. The sandy bottom is at least a dragonlength below you, hidden in the turquoise shadows. The soothing ocean water swells and ebbs around you, lulling you. To the south are the shallows near the Weyr's sandy white beach, and there are usually dragons lounging around on the sand. East is the Weyr's wharf, and beyond it, Southern Hold.

It's a warm day, late afternoon. The weather is actually closer to pleasant, though, especially with a cool breeze off the water. M'noq and Ravaith come to this spot for a quiet swim on occasion, and today they make sure that Amani and Zymuraith are invited along too. M'noq brings a picnic basket with some cool drinks, fruit, and other snacks to make do as dinner, and he's left his leathers behind today, dressed in just linen trousers and a light shirt. He's definitely off duty.

While it hasn't been a rest day for Amani, she's sure enough in the state of her hidework and such that she eagerly ventures out to the old Southern beach with M'noq, Zymuraith just as eager to escape beyond the Azov for a swim in turn. The young goldrider leaves her leathers at home as well, opting for a straight flight for a few reasons. For her part, she's in a light skirt of amber and a sleeveless scarlet top that ties off at her midriff, the indigo fabric of the swimsuit beneath peering out here and there around the edges. Upon landing, she quickly strips Zymuraith's straps away, coiling them neatly to be left in whatever shade she can find. "I brought some bubblies," she announces once she's in speaking distance, her expression wry. "I thought it was a craving I'd get rid of once she'd gone up. Maybe it's not going to go away."

M'noq brightens as soon as he spots Zymuraith, and that bright look turns into a dumb grin when Amani appears in that cute skirt and top. "Oh, bubblies? That sounds fantastic. You want to eat before we swim, then?" He's in the process of stripping off Ravaith's riding straps as well and letting the brown slide into the cool water. Once that work is done, he goes up to the young woman and slips an arm around her, drawing her close to kiss her. "I guess that's an important lesson learned. Not all cravings are a result of dragon proddiness.

"Maybe a little? I haven't properly had dinner yet," though it may be a bit early for that. "I've always been told it's a bad idea to eat right before swimming." A dark brow arches to question M'noq as to the truth of that, but then she's being brought in close and kissed, and that's definitely sufficient for her to forget about any such worries for the moment. "Definitely an important lesson," Amani agrees, "though if it's going to keep up…I either need to watch myself or do a little more running to compensate." And who wants to do more of that in the summer?

M'noq laughs at that. "I don't think either of us will be doing much running once there are eggs on the Sands. But it probably won't hurt to indulge a little, before things get back to normal. I'll probably be doing quite a bit less activity myself, once I pass off certain things to Th'res." Of course, sand-sitting won't take up all of his time, once that becomes his responsibility, and primarily it will be Ravaith who will be stuck there. But there's only so much a dragonrider can do, grounded. "You ready to swim, then?"

Amani has to give a conceding tilt of her head for that, though she does note, "We could run in the galleries…" Stair-climbing in this heat plus that of the Sands? What could possibly go wrong? She's really just thinking aloud, nodding to M'noq's last and going about shedding her outer layer in order to do so. She peers back at the old Weyr thoughtfully, bundling her clothes neatly without much thought. "This is the closest I've ever gone to the old Southern," she notes. "I've thought about exploring inside, but…I don't know. I haven't been able to bring myself to yet."

M'noq laughs. "You say that, but I remember running up and down those steps when I was trying to get my breath back." He lays his hand over the spot on his chest where the cracked rib caused him so much difficulty and pain. It's quite a bit better now, though there are still times when it bothers him, particularly with a change in weather. "You just have to remember to take breaks and drink plenty of water. Though the Candidates may think we're crazy doing that." He looks a little more serious as Amani mentions the old Weyr. "Really? I remember we had a camp-out during candidacy. Something happened, I think, though I don't remember what, exactly." He frowns a bit, trying to remember. "I'd have to ask a clutchmate to see what they remember."

"Well, it may be autumn by the time she clutches, and it could be a bit cooler by then…" Amani straightens and notices the attention M'noq is giving that spot on his chest, turning and drawing close to her hand over his. His last comment earns a rueful chuckle. "That's just making me more wary," she points out. "Though I'd be interested to hear, if you end up remembering. Anyway. We were swimming?" Or heading out to swim. He knows what she means.

In the water, Ravaith lies like a half-submurged island, cool water lapping along his sides, while enjoying the sun as well, the best of both worlds. The brown's tail twitches in the water like bait for a very large fish. M'noq looks over at him, then back at Amani, catching her hand. "Come on. It's hot today. Let's at least get wet." He's in the mood for easy decisions, nothing that will require debate or discussion. Just do something fun. Be happy.

Zymuraith is already further out, a glimmering leviathan in deeper water, drifting closer to where Ravaith is little by little. Part of her is tempted by the twitching of the brown's tail, something conveyed in Amani's knowing smile as she fits her hand into M'noq's and moves out into the surf with him. However…she's also bigger and heavier than usual and so is less inclined to go after it. So far. "Have you known how to swim for a long time?" she ventures, bobbling just a little as they move deep enough for the current to tug around her legs.

The question surprises M'noq, and he flickers a look over to her. "Yes, ever since I was a child. I grew up at High Reaches, but there are mountain lakes there. Besides, my father was a dragonrider, so during better times we'd go to the ocean to swim, usually the beaches at Ista. How about you? Was there much swimming in your underground Hold?" In the water, Ravaith's head is tilted just so, watching the swelling leviathan. The tip of his tail still twitches lazily, an intentional temptation.

"I'm not sure I've ever seen a mountain lake that wasn't frozen," Amani notes, thinking immediately of Southern Barrier Hold. "Unless the Crater Lake at Igen counts…though that's still considerably lower than the rest of the Northern Weyrs." Mention of Ista earns a smile; she remembers M'noq mentioning the island Weyr a time or two. His question, however, earns a chuckle and a light blush. "I didn't learn to swim until Candidacy here," she confesses. "Dhioth actually helped me learn, too. I'm still trying to make it as natural as anything else I do, but at least I won't drown anymore." Meanwhile, Zymuraith surfaces at last, though still watches Ravaith and his tail of temptation, biding her time.

M'noq laughs. "You don't go swimming in the mountains in the winter time!" he immediately protests. "Go in the summer! Reaches has plenty of warm, sunny days in the summertime, perfect for a dip in a chilly lake." Not plesant and warm like a shallow lake or river, or even the shallows of a sun-warmed bay. "Well, at least you had the chance to learn. Around Southern, you're in the water too much not to know how to swim. It's just safer knowing." He would say that to anyone, but especially someone he cared for. As for the patience of dragons… that is a changeable thing. Ravaith maybe gets tired of waiting for Zymuraith to pounce, so he starts watching a couple of small fish in the water, too small to eat, but interesting nonetheless.

Amani swats water at M'noq for his first. "I know that," she scoffs, chuckling. "Everything is still frozen at the Barrier in the summer. Maybe you might show me a proper one at High Reaches sometime? And I'll show you something different at Igen in trade." Something beyond the desert, even! To his last, she nods, drifting closer to slip her arms around him with a smile. "And makes it possible to share in something like this with someone I care about, too," she amends. The waning of Ravaith's patience provides just the opportunity Zymuraith was looking for, apparently. While he's watching the fish, she casually drifts by and lightly nips his tail in passing.

M'noq wraps his arms around Amani in return, pulling her close against him. "Well, we definitely won't go swimming at the Barrier, no matter what season it is." Pretty much, it's winter all the time there, even if it's "summer." "There are the hot springs there, though, if you'd like to go sometime. And sure, I'll show you a couple of my favorite places up at Reaches. There's a spot where I go, when I need some quiet time…." And in a case of perfect timing, just as M'noq starts talking about quiet time, Ravaith's head shoots up from the water as Zymuraith nips him. He twists around to chase after her, trying to bump her playfully. Water sprays everywhere, thoroughly dousing them. Well, at least it's a hot day.

The thought makes Amani chuckle as she rests her head upon his shoulder, unable to fathom where one would even swim at the Barrier. Maybe someone gets crazy and cuts a hole in the ice lake for polar dips every now and then? "I know about the Springs but haven't been in them yet. I think I'd definitely like to go, but in the winter." Hot springs don't appeal as much right now, but they will! She nods to M'noq's agreement to show her a few spots in High Reaches…and then they're getting doused, and she can't help but flinch and gasp. Guess it's back to swimming for them! Not that she's complaining. As for Zymuraith…look, she's growing baby dragon. Ravaith is going to catch her in a blink! But she'll happily bump him right back, and Amani and M'noq will happily go about their swim and discuss the best spots for it elsewhere, and the rest of their afternoon and evening will be one of relaxation and contentment - one of the last before the call of the Sands keeps them firmly rooted for a while.

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