Adrian goes to work.


It is the nineteenth day of the first month of the third turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Barrier Hold

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The infirmary is tense. It's the kind of tension that Adrian thrives in, and maybe he's thriving in it even now. Doesn't mean he has to be happy about it.

He didn't go immediately, when he heard what happened. There were other things to do. His so-far constant companion, that man with the clipboard, was who told him and yes it got his attention but after accepting the update with quiet dismissal in his voice he resumed his letter to the Hall. The one that until then went on to describe what was happening with a distinct lack of detail as to the nature of the danger currently contained within the Hold. He had to write in or they would get suspicious and send someone else, which would really fuck everything up.

Once the clipboard toter was gone he paused, glancing to the edge of the desk where a simple wooden frame held a very fine portrait in watercolor of a pretty little girl with dark hair and olive-colored eyes.

Forward to the present, when he stands there in the infirmary like some kind of reaper, seemingly invisible to the staff, watching and waiting.

The blonde girl, the one from the fountain, she's there. He checks in from afar, never staying longer than to see that she's alive, never long enough for anyone to ask him any questions.

There are new victims too, they come in one by one, and as he steps outside into the hallway on this particular day he lights a clove and takes a long drag from it.

There are pieces to it all and as he stands there he sees them floating in his mind's eye. His real and actual eyes squint above the smoke coming upwards from the clove pinched between his lips and he rearranges those pieces with swipes of his hands in the air, as if they really did float there before him. Once satisfied he snuffs the clove out on the wall and replaces it in a silver case produced from and then replaced in his jacket's inner pocket.

His next few stops over the course of the day would be any places at the Hold that have anything to do with the murderous asshole stabbing all of these people up.

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