N'tael, Tyzana, Kebra


N'tael ushers some candidates onto the sands and they only walk away a little rattled. (SUPER late posting.)


It is afternoon of the first day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.



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It has disturbed him, for sure.



The out-of-doors of Igen Weyr seems a blissful respite from the oppressive heat of this sandy colosseum. Heated from beneath by volcanic vents, the air above the hatching sands shimmers, lending a sort of unreal, dream-like quality to the area beyond even the magic that happens here at Impressions. Despite its blistering temperatures, the sands are incongruously soft, almost powdery, and flat save for the worn stone queen's bower that rises up to break the monotony and provide a place of respite for the doting mother-to-be.

"Comeon, comeon!" Nate, way too excited about having the candidates get all up on the eggs. He's not SKIPPING, because that's supr undignified, but has a little more vigor than candidates who have been working ALL DAY are probably use to seeing. "Bow to them," a handwave towards the proud clutch parents, "Don't step on 'em as ye go 'round, and be polite." A beat or two, "Oh, don't be runin', no loud noises…" There's a glance towards another rider nearby to see if N'tael has forgotten anything. No? Sweet. "Off ye go!"

It's been somewhat of a dizzying day for Tyzana, what with the whole morning of laundry, then the being asked to stand, then being tossed in the candidate barracks. The nice bit is that the powers that be deemed her to not need to do chores the rest of the day, in order to 'settle in.' As well, they also figured she might as well get introduced to the eggs. So here she is, looking a bit nervous and awed all at once. N'tael gets a smile for his enthusiasm, but her own steps are hesitant as he basically just lets her and the other candidates loose to…"What do we do, exactly?" Is asked, after a hasty bow to…the eggs? That dragons? She's gonna go with the dragons, because that surely makes more sense. "Umm…do we just walk around them? Or touch them?" You have to forgive Tyzana - she's never been on the sands before!

N'tael is edging himself around the larger dragons, totally leading by example, to show them how to get around the gold and bronze lumps of adult dragons. (Super protective they is.) A glance upwards, "Aye! Jus' be puttin' ye hand on 'em, 'n… relax?" That so isn't at all comforting, but N'tael doesn't mind. He's already beckoning another boy forward and pointing to a egg that doesn't seem like it really understands what it needs to be doing AS an egg right now.

Tyzana sort of skirts around the dragons after that whole bowing thing, heading off towards the eggs closest to the exit - just for a quick getaway, perhaps. She stops by one of a blue gray color - it matches her eyes! She reaches out to tentatively touch it with just her fingertips, expression apprehensive and excited all at once; fingertips touch right to the roughish, gray smear of Manbabies Egg, fascinated by the textured appearance of it.

You feel fine, just for a moment. Fine enough that it seems like this egg has got to be a dud. Only as you continue to press against this egg do you begin to feel a tugging right at the base of your jaw. It becomes stronger and stronger with each moment till it almost seems like your face is going to be ripped off and replaced with whatever is below the level of the skin. There's nothing you can do about it, except, maybe, MAYBE pull your hand away? If it'll let you of course.

Any fascination Tyzana had with the egg, as well as excitement, is gone in the instant that her fingers make contact with that rough patch. Her eyes open wide and a look of distinct discomfort appears. Her mouth opens, then snaps shut, and she suddenly jerks her hand away. Breathing hard, she steps back from the egg with a shudder, and touches her face; relieved is her expression then, and she continues to move away from the egg - in doing so, she brushes up again An Internet of Cats Egg.

Oh, and you thought it was hot before. HA. No, you don't know what hot is. You have the sudden feeling of being completely enveloped in something HOT and SOFT. It's almost like you're transforming from the weak kneed creature of nothingness you are now, into something with real POWER and OOMP. Almost like you're becoming something that is on EDGE and any second might just straight up ATTACK.

Kebra's been here a bit now, though has mostly (respectfully) wandered around. He's not yet touched an egg, mostly because he's been looking for just the right one to touch. It'd be the Sealed in Evil Egg that catches his attention. Why? He himself isn't even fully sure, except that there's a great amount of curiosity and regard as he steps alongside the egg.

"Heya~~ Common~" N'tael is stopping short of actually making candidates put their hands on the eggs. In fact, he has his hands firmly stuffed into his pockets as he uses his shoulders to encourage them forward. He'll leave off the words 'no one will bite', because they are DRAGONS. Of course they aren't going to bite.

Utter blackness envelops you within itself, as a sense of agelessness descends. How long have you been trapped here, without light, without companionship, without hope? It is more than the few seconds your hands have been on the egg for sure. But how long? The real question here though - how long can you last in this darkness before the urge to scream will take over, and before you give in to utter hopelessness that you will never, ever, escape from this prison?

Tyzana lets out a little 'eep' of sound as new sensations wash over her, and she looks back at the egg she just barely touched. "It's hot…" she murmurs, "But soft…." she shakes her head - this is way too weird. She moves away from that egg, and skirts a few more before finally stopping in front of a very small egg. Very, very tenatively, she reaches out to If I Fits I Sits Egg.

This egg reaches out hesitantly towards you, almost as if it is more afraid of you than you are of it. It's feelers are feather soft, like the velvet of your favorite dress, and a slight weight seems to move up onto you one tiny movement at a time. Are you going to be nice to it? Please be nice to it. Seriously. BE NICE. But no. Maybe it was the flicker of thought in your mind with the fear from the other eggs. Or perhaps it was your nervousness. Maybe it was that flash of memory from the glance you stole while the other candidates were changing- whatever it is the sensation breaks away as quickly as it came upon you and is gone.

Kebra's hand almost flinches away from his chosen egg. /Almost/. It has disturbed him, for sure. But his gaze is narrowed on the egg and he risks lingering. If only because…. /because/. Jaw stubbornly set and with the other Candidates tuned out, Kebra ventures one more touch upon the Sealed Evil in a Jar egg.

"Oh!" This time, it's a soft exclamation of surprise, quickly followed by a smile. Tyzana sneaks a look around, just to see if anyone heard that. Her fingers press more firmly against the egg's shell, as if seeking again that which she had felt. Alas, there is nothing. Just soft-warm egg. Regretfully, she lets her hand drop away and turns to look at the dragons "Your eggs are amazing.." she tells them, before wandering closer to N'tael, a curiosity apparent in her expression "Are they supposed to do that?" she wonders "Do…stuff? Make you feel things?"

Kebra finally draws his hand away with a little shudder and not the slightest look over his shoulder back toward -that- egg. It's by random happenstance that he steps past the What I Do Egg and is quickly drawn back to it. Curiosity again gets the best of him and he tentatively sweeps a hand across the surface as if to dust it free of Igen's sandy kiss. Tyzana, perhaps caught in his peripheral, steals his attention away from the eggs surface as she moves toward N'tael. It's a question he'd never feel comfortable asking, so there's more than a casual 'leaning in' on the answer.

Confusion wraps itself around your mind in a steady riot of colors. It's hard to pick out exactly what the colors are among all of the different shades which wrap about you. There's a crisis at the center of this confusion, a crisis which bites at your very soul. WHO are you Kebra? Are you the son of the butcher, and required to follow in his footsteps? Are you a gentle soul who faints at the sight of blood? Are you brother, cousin, friend, enemy - Kebra, who ARE you? Every color which surrounds you seems to think something different and soon, perhaps, you'll lose yourself in the color.

N'tael has turned his attention away from candidates and is looking towards a reddish egg with a look on his face of pure distraction. Serious-tinged distraction. When Tyzana speaks to him the Weyrleader has to jerk his attention back to the moment, and blink a few times. "'e eggs?" Not quite sure he heard, before, "Ye should proly remember t' be sayin' sir 'n such. While ye got 'e knot on." He nods towards her shoulder before answering her question. "Aye. Tlazotezath's egg made me be thinkin've blood."

"I'm sorry, I'm new to this." Tyzana says, flushing; "I was distracted. It won't happen again, Sir." Indeed she'll probably 'Sir' him to death now. She nods to his answer to her question, looking highly embarrassed. "Thank you, Sir." Aaaannd…she'll just head over here to this sort of splotchy egg. She looks at it fixedly for a moment, trying to regain her composure, and then reaches out to lightly touch Unhappy Feline Egg.

Blood. Oh. That's a red flag word! It's what nearly has Kebra recoiling from the egg with fear evident in his expression because, quite honestly, if any egg makes him think of blood… well… he's liable to pass out and that would NOT be good! He's too late, though, because the egg bites him and holds his hand in place. He loses the Sands and the conversation as something else takes hold and command. He has to blink several times when it frees him, but there's a deeply confused, deeply lost in thought expression that can't quite be shrugged off. He does seek to part from the egg - this and all the others combined. A quick, respectful bow is given to the clutch parents before he's turning to face N'tael. He tips his head this time, a sort of semi-salute combined with a , "Thank you, sir." For the opportunity? He's edging oh so slowly toward the exit.

Uh, ugh. UGH, GROSS. Who do you think you are touching this egg? Seriously. Do you even know where you hands have been? Just, no. no. no. no. Get away, do it now. Like, ew. The egg seems to mutter to itself about how gross, ugly, and completely unfit to EVER come near it that you could possibly be. Nothing is outside of its bitter scorn about how just completely useless you are.

"Kebra?" Mark N'tael confused, but since it seems like it is TIME, he won't stop the man from edging towards the doorway. Instead he'll raise a hand in the direction of the young man, and then cup his hands about his mouth. It's a stage-yell, one that shouldn't startle the parent-dragons much, but one that will get their attention. "Aya, 's time t' be gettin' gone y'all!"

Annnd…that's a wrap. Tyzana's had enough weirdness for today. Hand is once again snatched back and both of them are put behind her back. She turns back to N'tael and tries out a little lopsided smile, her relief that he's finished supervising this egg touching thing clear on her face. "Thank you, Sir, for ummm…this." One hand waves. "I appreciate it." Even if those stupid eggs don't appreciate her. Especially that grumpy one she just touched. Very negative, that one! She heads for the exit, though pauses to give the dragons a quick curtsy "And thank you as well." And now? totally going to dinner. Food!

Kebra's gone! Like >that<. Respectfully, though. Always respectfully!

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