Th'res, Elonoora


There's a lot to see in the Infirmary! Th'res and Elonoora each pick up their own tidbits of gossip. And one of them eventually gets some stitches. Probably.


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Infirmary

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Sterile and scoured, the surfaces of the infirmary, well-tended and beloved by the complement of Healers due a weyr of Southern's size. Soothing tissane simmers at the large hearth, while comfortable chairs circle that particular feature in a waiting-room of sorts. Tables of dull-gleaming oldtimer metal lie as examining slabs, neatly lined in rows with pull-curtains enabling full privacy as needed. A low wall separates the southern half of the room from the rest, and those practicing the apothecary's trade can be seen compounding medicines under the watchful eye of the posted Master.

Man it is HOT!!! Another happy spring afternoon here at Southern and the temp is well in the low hundred's, the infirmary has a few visitors currently ranging from the usual weyrbrat with a scrapped leg, to a few slightly older youths with bad sunburns and blushing cheeks. Th'res the blueriding wingsecond is currently standing near a curtained bed talking to someone behind the curtain in a hushed whisper. The young man seems to be fighting back a grin forcing himself to try and keep a scowl on as he talks to the hidden party.

Well, can't spend most your working hours around knives and hot objects without an accident or three happening eventually. And today, well, today was this poor baker's turn to be a victim of wait. The girl comes shuffling in, holding a very red apron clustered tightly around her hand. The healer apprentice on duty is soooooo done with this quiet shift and doesn't even look up from the book before responding with a request for name and what the ailment is. "Elonoora. And this!" She just sort of waves the injured limb in front of the boy's face, although not taking the cloth off cause applying pressure is important.

Th'res still currently trying not to laugh out right, moves from the curtain as a young woman with flame red hair comes out. Not only is she red faced and covering her self subconsciously but glares at the two young men with sunburns. "I expect you will have them punished Wingsecond!! Peeping on a woman when she baths is un-sightly." comes her very high pitched voice and almost pout face. Th'res nods and schools his features enough that it seems to pacify the woman who marches out of the infirmary. He is about to turn and give the boys a lecture when he sees the baker of the red fruit pies is injured. While not really being a healer he is still a concerned party (dem pies!!!) he speaks up to the book reading apprentice "Should we make room for her here? That doesn't look like a small matter."

Elonoora nearly forgets about the whole 'injured hand thing' as the woman comes out to give a bit of a lecture to a wingsecond. One finger of the pressure holder hand raises up to kinda shush the healer lad as her eyes widen and she not so subtlely leans closer to try and get a better listen but then well, she's spotted and she's straightening up. "It's not uh, well, it's not as bad as it looks." Although the boy is going to get someone that actually can deal with giving some stitches unsupervised after giving a rather nonchalant "yeah, I guess…" in response to if she should go back there, and so Elonoora takes a couple steps closer to the now vacant probably examine room. "Most of this isn't mine!"

Th'res moves the curtain a side for the baker, nodding to her before he turns back and starts his scolding of the two boys "Now I know you two are at that age, and growing up in the weyr it really isn't a big deal for you all." He gives a little evil grin as he lowers his voice slightly saying "But that young woman there isn't from a Weyr, and I would take it as great offense if her visit here was anything less that wonderful." He leans over and says "Now I would truly take it as a personal favor if you two fine upstanding men would go and watch after and wait on that young woman. WE wouldn't want my sister to fall prey to someone with less innocent acts…right?" For being a shorter man the blue rider seems to have learned how to be intimidating both from how he sands and holds himself to his tone of voice. No doubts his close work with all the wingleaders and Weyrseconds currently at his disposal for teachers. "Or we could go and you can help me run firestone drills with Lynx then whatever the headwoman would have planned for you.." The boys pale when they learn the kind of mess they are in, but when the blue rider gives them an out they start to nod vigorously there acceptance to the terms..

Elonoora didn't ask for a show while she waits for the healer, but at least this is distracting! The apprentice should probably be doing something sensible like sitting patiently on the table and trying not to bled all over everything until the journeyman finally makes his way over. He's working on it, but that woman currently in labor with her first is being particularly clingly (understandably so), even though he's explained for the tenth time that he'll just be a minute… Elonoora's not complaining though. Not even the faintest sigh of disgust. Nope. She's too busy standing and trying to get a peek through those curtains so she can possibly identify those boys later. Gossip fuel. She'll need it! And at least the whole keeping pressure on the cut is enough to keep her from not bleeding everywhere. Maybe just a drop or two. The glow basket from behind the bed probably isn't doing her much favors with the whole sneaking behind the curtain thing seeing as it's throwing her shadow all up on it for anybody (like Th'res) to see.

Th'res does infact notice the shadow, but first thing is first he must deal with the flames of youth before he tackles the winds of curiosity. When the boys consent to the the deal he nods and says "Good, now she was wanting to go to check out some of the trade stalls and merchants here at Southern, why don't you boys go and help her with that after you go and put on some nicer clothes." He gives each a pat on the shoulder, not hard but firm enough to drive the point home on there sunburned shoulders, he chuckles as they scamper off turning to the peeping baker "I don't envy them, they are in for a long afternoon." He gives Elonoora a grin before adding "So what did you do, or did you finally have enough of the head cook and this is what is left of the crime?"

While she might have the best pies in Southern, it will not be an awful shame to know that Elonoora has not decided to add a bit of priest headwoman into her pies! She gives a bit of a blink as it appears that curtain didn't offer enough coverage after all, and she starts to turn a bit red to almost envy those boys and their sunburns as she takes a step or two back. "Oh, uhhh… no. No crimes, sir. Was just trying to carve up some mutton into a crown roast and well… Knife slipped!" Cloth covered hand goes one way while her free hand goes the other in demonstration, but quickly they do come back together cause yeah, demonstration probably wasn't the best idea. "Or maybe it was the roast that ran away. Either way, my hand got in between. It's not particularly deep… but it's long. And Awkward." And bleedy.

Th'res nods and grins "Well that is good, would hate to loose you to the jail cell in the guard barracks." He seems in a chipper mood today he moves over to stand near a chair, "Would you like some company?" He motions to the woman giving birth clinging to the healer "It seems like you might be in for a wait.."

That woman is clinging to everything except for her poor spouse or weyrmate or brother… it's kind of questionable who the male with her is, but he's spending about as much time trying to console the woman as the healer apprentice was to the reception duties, just about none. Elonoora does give a little bit of an eyeroll as the woman seems to go into theatrics of a loud stream of 'what ifs' and takes back her seat. "Sure!" For having her hand sliced a bit, she's still relatively chipper herself as her legs swing off the edge of the table. "So how exactly did two peeking toms end up in the infirmary?" It's not like it's a secret any more that she was listening, so the baker will just come out and ask the most pressing question on her mind.

Th'res sits down on the chair and grins "Oh well it seems my younger sister there was taking advantage of the hidden grotto pool to have a quiet bath and soak when those two boys fell in from the opening above it." He shakes his head and leans back slightly "Seems after she regained her composure she started to hit the young men vigorously, screaming until Jedameth told me what was going on.." He glances over towards the entrance where the youths disappeared off too "She was fine but insisted on seeing a healer, to make sure she didn't damage anything in the flailing match."

Elonoora's face scrunches up a bit as Th'res retells exactly what happened. If she thinks hard enough she can ALMOST paint a picture of it. Or commit it fully to memory for better retellings. "Huh… well, it's not like the 'hidden' grotto is really that hidden. Since everybody knows about it. And seeing as she found it after being here all of less than a sevenday?" Did the bluerider actually give that information out or is she pulling from other, less reputable sources *coughthekitchengossipscough*

Th'res nods, confirming her sources, "Yeah she just dropped in, probably going to be staying for a time. I am pretty sure she is hiding out again from mother and father." He gives her a shrug and grins "But it is always nice to have family around right? How about you? Visit with yours lately?" Because gossip goes both ways and he has heard tales himself that he has questions about.

Elonoora makes the tiniest of a-has when Th'res confirms that her time guess was correct before trying to give a more polite and less gloating of expressions. He may however regret asking about her family because the rest all comes out in a rather rapid fire succession. "Not really… I mean, I send letters whenever I can. Especially to Jaze and Noral and Jhaeshel, but they're all in Telgar, along with my foster folks. And my mum. My pa is in Igen and he's been down once or twice, mostly just to ask me to take a trip up to Igen to talk to his other daughter he just found. I brought her a cake a while back, but haven't really talked to her much since. But that's a lot to come to terms to!"

Th'res nods and actually seems to be taking in the information making mental notes about the bakers extended family, "Well finding out you have half siblings can be quite the shock it is true, is it true she stood for the hatching, because that in itself takes a lot of time out of the mind." He leans forward putting his chin on a hand supporting his elbow with his knee watching the young woman now with intense interest.

Surprisingly, Elonoora wasn't really expecting anybody to listen enough to actually ask questions about her family, letting alone the wingsecond she just walked into in the infirmary. But she quickly recovers from her slight bout of flabbergastedness and nods. "Yeah, that it does. Although if I was shocked every time I found another half sibling…" She just gives a bit of a shrug and a laugh. "Weyr families, you know. But… ask that like you actually know Xanthee?" Because although she knows her half sister stood for A clutch, she's not familiar with which one. Or who all Impressed at the Hatching she was kicked out off, seeing as it was before her time in Southern.

Th'res grins as his own suspicions were just confirmed, he chuckles "Me and Xanthee are good friends, though I don't get to see her much now that she is in Igen and with that miner beau of hers." He shrugs at the Weyr family comment "Actually I don't but I am to guess they are large and surprising?" Yes it is his turn to get information now.

"Huh…" Elonoora is just going to file that information away for later. And for a second, it looks like the healer might be about to make his escape but NOPE. There's a very loud groan from the woman and the healer's back to her, but at least he seems to be moving faster with whatever he's doing, sending the lazy apprentice off to fetch some more things with a tone that says its a hurry. And El just sits her tooshy back down on her table with a mutter of, "Wish I'd brought some snacks…" Before back to the conversation and nodding. "Yeah, they tend to be. I mean… there are some riders that never have any kids. But others well, others seem to have them left and right. Flight babies here. Maybe with a weyrmate as well. Or with the laundress… or the barmaid… or the nannies…" Or possible a mix of all of the above! "Plus if your fostered, then you end up with a whole other set of folks. And more siblings. And those siblings have siblings…." And rapidly it can get more and more complicated.

Th'res nods and seems to be taking full note now of the offspring flow chart the baker is mapping for him. He looks like he wants to ask another question but that certain far away look glosses over his face as his dragon seems bent on getting his attention. With a heavy sigh he stands and bows to the young woman "Apologies Miss, but I need to attend to an over exuberant dragon who is currently attempting to hassle a trader about a hat.." He gives a wave to Elonoora as he turns to head out the cavern saying over his shoulder "When you are all patched up we should talk sweets some times, I have so many questions on how you pick your ingredients.." And with out stoping for an answer he is dashing off down the hallways towards the bowl.

It's probably good timing that Jedameth may have picked now to try and finagle a hat from some poor trader because it does indeed seem like that women will be giving birth ANY minute and who wants to see that? Elonoora will actually do her best to turn away from that part of the room. Curtains are good for something and her curiousity can abandon her occassionaly. "Well, we can talk at any point. Hurt hands don't keep mouths from talking. And who knows? It might be healer's orders I stay away from the kitchens for a few days or so!" She raises both her hands, the one clutching the injured ones still in an awkward sort of wave. And then she settles in to wait. And wait… but at least she has a good book in the Seduction of Leeches to keep her occupied!

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