Th'res Alyna


Alyna checks up on Th'res after his stunt with the runaway ship during the big storm

some creative profanity


It is noon of the nineteenth day of the fourth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Jedameth's weyr, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 23 Feb 2018 05:00


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"Sweet Faranth's tits Th'res!"


Jedameth's weyr

Someone at some point has spent probably a substantial amount of marks to get the arch of stone around this weyr's entrance worked into an elaborate carving of floral themes, twining and flowing up and around. Sadly, time and the weather have not been kind to the carvings, and some are substantially faded; others barely visible at all. Enough remains to tell of what this once looked like, but there would be a lot of work to be done to restore it to its former glory. Which someone currently is doing as there are new marks on the walls of stone where the current owner is attempting to restore and finish it. The weyr itself is unremarkable, clean but utilitarian, the furniture simple but serviceable.

When you look up at the ceiling you can see that there has been a good number of clear crystals attached by brass fittings around a lamp with a copper wide base designed to spread the light over the ceiling not down into the room. They make look like a hap-hazard placement but when lit the light of the lamp spreads out and fills the room with rainbows and bright spots that mimic the stars. The creator has gone to great pains to actually include constellations in the design.

It is the afternoon and while most people are taking their lunch break, Th'res is in his weyr currently rearranging stuff after the storm. He is still finding seaweed and other debris in strange places about the room. Jedameth is out sunning himself on the ledge currently seemingly asleep at the moment.

On her way back up to her weyr after a morning of boring hidework, Alyna indicates that Haquith should fly by Jedameth's ledge to see if the blue might be there since it is on their way. Upon spying the large blue dozing, the greenrider urges her dragon to land, which Haquith manages expertly with as little noise as possible. Sliding down her green's shoulder, Alyna walks in towards the weyr, while her lifemate curls up next to the much larger blue, the scent of lily-of-the-valley slowly invades the blue's mind as she lays her head on her forepaws and settles in for a cuddle with one of her favorite blues. The blond woman though is on a mission, and she calls out, "Th'res? You here?" as she walks back towards the weyr proper, not waiting for an answer before barging in on his personal space.

Jedameth is having a great great now, he is chasing fish in the ocean, and when the green cuddles up to him he will uses his tail to wrap around her. Th'res is here, and awake sitting on his bed with his back to the door, he is currently re wrapping his chest bandages shirt off his back has the yellowish marks of the healing bruises. He is focusing on his task so probably didn't notice the call or at least didn't expect someone to just walk in.

"Sweet Faranth's tits Th'res!" Alyna exclaims as she sees the state of him, eyes wide as she picks up the pace to join him over by the bed, a thoroughly worried look on her face as well in the tone of her voice, "I was worried about you when Haquith showed me this picture of you, from Jedameth I assumed, and you were all bandaged up. Is this from the stunt you pulled with stopping that ship?"

Th'res actually jumps a little, which would be funny on its own but he moves just enough to slide off the bed landing down on the floor with a thumb to the rear. His head comes poping up over the side of the bed full flushed as he says "Hi…Alyna, I didn't hear ya coming over. Just um let me find my shirt.." One arm comes out groping around the bed for his shirt while he nods saying "Yes this is from the ship accident"

Alyna finds the shirt on the bed and throws it, maybe a little too hard, at his head as she puts her hands on her hips and looks at him, blue eyes stormy as she narrows them at him. "Good thing you didn't hear me too, or else I would probably never have known how much you are hurt you stubborn ass." now the worried tones of her voice take on a tinge of anger. "At least tell me you've been to a healer right. And why the bandage? Did you hurt your ribs or is it just the bruises, which are nasty enough on their own." Now the questions are coming faster as the normally clear-headed greenrider starts to fray just a little bit around the edges.

Th'res tilts his head as he catches the shirt and gets up, saying "Yes I saw the healer, and yes my ribs are a little banged up." He looks at her puzzled saying "I thought Jed sent you guys a message showing I was ok.." He steps around his bed shirt in hand walking over to her "Are you ok Alyna? Did something happen?"

Alyna is thrown off guard when she feels herself begin to lose it, but she quickly tries to pull herself together waving off his concern for her easily, "Don't do that! This isn't about me. This is about you and when you will get it into your thick fucking skull that people care about your ass. You can deflect all you want about your daring deed, but at least have the fucking decency to let a person know when you're hurt. It's what friends do! Shardit it all between!" And Alyna's potty mouth is in full display as she rants at the bluerider, hands balled into fists at her side, keeping the righteous idignation up, otherwise the moisture collecting in the corners of her eyes threaten to take over, and Alyna does NOT cry in front of anyone.

"Hey hey, I am fine, I wasn't hiding it from anyone. It only looks bad." Is Th'res reaction, he is standing at arms length from her now saying "I am sorry if I scared you.." He is really really awkward now as he has no idea how to handle a crying, or almost crying woman.

Alyna reaches up to pinch the bridge of her nose, although at the same time, she covertly swipes at her eyes to get rid of those unspilled tears as she takes several deep breaths. Who said there was a crying woman in here? must have been mistaken. "You didn't scare me. I've seen lots of riders do stupidly brave things that got them hurt or killed over the Turns, it's part of the job desciption." and here she pauses to look at Th'res, eyes still bright but mostly dry.

Th'res nods though is still awkwardly eyeing the green rider as well she is acting weird.. "O.K. well since you are here… could I ask you for your help or are you still upset at me?" because nothing says avoidance, like busy work. He still hasn't moved yet though because well he grew up with sisters and this might be one of those, you do everything wrong moments?

Alyna sighs loudly and shakes her head a little bit, also trying to shake off the last of her annoyance which only makes her think that D'har may have been right about some things.. Oh look a opportunity for a change of subject and her lips curl up at the outer corners as she replies in a tone closer to her usual one, "Of course, what do you need help with?"

Th'res blushes again and holds up a jar of ointment saying "it is to help the muscles and bruising heal faster, just well I don't seem to be able to get it right." Which is true as there is what looks like a stick and a piece of cloth in the corner that he was using to do it himself. "You don't have to though, I can always go to the healers and ask Tommin" Because the apprentice healer is safe right?

Alyna snatches up the jar of ointment as he starts to say he could go to the healers and she points to the edge of the bed, "Sit." She says curtly as she starts to unscrew the top off the jar of ointment. "So do I just stick where the bruises are, or does it need to go al over?"

Th'res sits down back to her saying "Um well in needs to cover the bruises.." He shrugs but he might of guest another meaning cuz his neck is still rather red. "And thank you for the help. Jedameth tried to help once I woke up covered in seaweed and sand because that makes his soreness feel better."

Alyna sinks down on the bed next to him, putting the pot of ointment next to her as she digs into it and comes up with fingers coated. "Phew, what do they make this stuff with?" she says of the medicinal smell accompanying it. Then her fingers are gently rubbing the ointment into the bruises on his back, gingerly at first so she doesn't hurt him, rubbing it in carefully, her short fingers working to make sure all the bruises on his back is covered, Leaning in from behind him, she says in his ear, a touch of her old playfullness coming back, "And any time you need me, just have Jedameth bespeak Haquith, and I'll be here."

Th'res was enjoying the numbing "No idea, healers made it for me. I find you never really want to know what goes in medical stuff." His eyes were half closed as she starts to apply the ointment but when she leans in and whispers into his ear, his eyes shoot open and his back becomes very ridged. He nods slowly saying.. "that..That is very kind of you..Alyna.. BUt I woul..would hate to impose." the poor mans voice is cracking like a teenager from embarrassment.

Alyna laughs lightly as she hears the cracking in the younger man's voice, a small smile creeps onto her lips with a touch of mischief as she leans her mouth closer to his ear, hot breath on his neck as she purrs, "It's not an imposition if I make the offer silly." and then she is reaching for more ointment and now both hands trail down his back covering the bruises further down, making sure every bruise is taken care of with the same soft but firm touch.

Th'res nods rather dumbly and like magic there is a pillow in his lap, "Th…Thank you" that oinment must be cold he is shivering now. Jedameth though wakes up and looks over at the green next to him as lazy blue waves drift to the green next to him « Hello, did I fall asleep on your ledge? »

Alyna's eyes narrow as she sees a pillow appear as if by magic an tries not to chuckle as he shivers, his reactions tugging at her more playful side as she begins to think of all kinds of things she could do to him. But then a conversation comes back to her and she sighs as she sits back, taking her mouth from next to his ear as she finishes up with the ointment. Haquith's mind buzzes softly at the blue, a generous amount of lily-of-the-valley scent wrapping around his lazy blue waves. « No dearest blue, mine wanted to visit yours and I will never miss a chance of cuddling with my big, strong Jedameth. » The tell tale muffled splashes of her voice growing closer as her thoughts reach out and lovingly touch the blue.

Jedameth croons at the green « I am not that big or strong, but I enjoy your company none the less » and then he slowly starts to sink back down saying as he goes « tell yours that MINE is naming rocks. He does this some times, maybe she knows why.. » Th'res is now puzzled as she pulls back but takes this opportunity to start asking questions of the green lass "So you never told me where you were from? I mean before you were a rider."

Haquith lifts her head just enough to rub her cheek against his jaw, « It is a compliment sweet one. » she croons softly before dropping her head again and relaying his words to her lifemate. "Me? I was born and grew up at Telgar Hold." she says as she finishes coating all his bruises very thoroughly and reluctantly pulls her hands back from his skin. Then she gets the message from Haquith and she snickers out loud before she manages to say, "Naming rocks huh? Is it working?" And despite the desire in the greenrider to behave herself and just accept this bluerider's friendship, she can't seem to help herself from teasing him as she leans forward again, putting her chin lightly on his shoulder, "You know there are other ways to make it go away…" she purrs as she looks down at his pillow covered lap.

Th'res blushes more now and is torn with the idea of going for his shirt or staying safely put, when she makes the joke about making it go away he says "Yes so i am told, I find cold water or between helps alot." He looks over at her and says "so what did you do at Telgar, besides drive boys crazy"

Alyna gets comfortable now, leaning on one hand as she leans her head onto his shoulder to look at his face, her chest pressing gently against his back, "I was a laundress, although I often did other drudgery as well. I was twenty when a Searchrider from Igen found me. And Telgar was a very conservative place, so I was a lot less free to drive anyone crazy." With that she waggles her eyesbrows at Th'res suggestively.

Th'res has the good nature to not look at what is being pressed on him, instead he looks at her in the eyes saying "And I can guess laundry isn't your favorite thing then?" Because it sounds like it isn't. His hand starts trying to inch its way to that shirt that seems to be trap on the other side of the green rider.

"It most certainly is not." Alyna says with a chuckle as she suddenly wraps her arms around his waist and gives him one last squeeze before pulling away and moving to get off the bed. "Sorry, feel free to put your shirt on, I'm all done." Aly says since she saw him creeping over to that garment, and how much he is fun to tease, she is at least attempting to behave herself around the red-headed bluerider. "Anything else you want to know, just ask."

Th'res is surprised at the hug, and maybe leans into it a little more than he expected too. But she pulls away and his bravado falters, sending him back to old habits of hiding. He gets his shirt on and says "Well then what do you like to do? I mean really, do you like fishing? hiking? cooking?" He is moving towards the back of the weyr and moves a heavy curtain to reveal his pride and joy a brass still. He picks up a jar of clear liquid and moves over to poor two glasses "Nothing wrong with a little day drinking is here?" because hey it is five o'clock somewhere.

"What do I like to do?" Alyna repeats back to him as she considers an answer that is acceptable in polite company. "Well… I do enjoy drinking and company of various sorts. I'm mostly a social creature through and through." she says with a little laugh. When he reveals the still, she sits up and claps her hands together eagerly, "Ohhh, day drinking is definitely one of my favourite hobbies. Is this a new batch?" she asks she watches him pour.

Th'res nods saying "it might be a little strong, so take a care I used spices in it to give it a smoke wood flavor" he hands her a glass and moves to sit back down on his little one person cot. He folds over the blanket for her to sit with him if she so wants to. "So you would rather hang out at the bar then say go somewhere for a nice dinner?"

Alyna takes the glass of clear liquid thankfully and grins, "I like it strong." she says before taking a sip, closing her eyes to savor the sweetly burning liquid. "Wow, that's something… good, but a very unique taste." It gets the Alyna booze seal of approval. When she sees him pat the cot next to him, she smiles and joins him, but at a respectful distance. At his question though, she binks her blue eyes at him, "Th'res…Are you asking me out on a date?"

"What!… um noo um, just.. um I heard about this place and wanted to treat you to a dinner. Because well your new here and nice… and Jed really likes hanging out with your dragon." Is the evasive answer from the blue rider. He shifts a little and drinks more of the liquid down, probably more than he should be but nerves.

Alyna can't help but smile softly at his reaction, stifling a laugh behind her lips. "Okay so dinner, just the two of us?" she asks consideringly before taking another long sip of her drink. "Okay, I accept. I think I would really like that." Inwardly, Alyna is feeling a familiar warm feeling wash over her as she try to think of the last time she did something so cute, so normal as a dinner date. It's definitely been awhile.

Th'res nods, and it takes him a moment to realize he just asked a girl on an acutal date.. He is blushing again as he says "well I mean if you feel you need to invite someone I would totally understand." Because maybe he needs a chaperone, but he does smile adding "So what kind of food do you like?"

Alyna reaches out and puts her hand on his shoulder and giving it a little squeeze, smiling brightly at the blushing, it really does raise him higher on her own personal adorableness meter. "I think I am beyond needing a chaperone, but if you feel the need to bring someone along to protect your own virtue, I have no objections." Her tone is teasingly husky now as she leans in to place a softly lingering kiss on his cheek, before continuing the conversation as if nothing happened, "I am up for trying anything really. I'm really kind of easy that way." Wait, are they still talking food?

Th'res nods and grins at the kiss saying "no no, I should be fine." Because he is soo strong right! With a nod he says "Ok well then I will just have to surprise you. But do dress warmly.." because that isn't mysterious or creepy there guy.

"I simply love surprises." Alyna says with another giggle before she groans slightly, finishing her drink, "I should be going though, I was just on my way back to my weyr to change for drill when I thought I'd drop in." She gets to her feet and hands the glass back to Th'res. "Thanks for the drink, and the date invitation. Just have Jedameth let Haquith know when."

Th'res nods and finishes his own drink before getting up to walk her out of the weyr. He waits for her to mount her dragon and fly away before saying as she goes "Now I got to think of a place." Shaking his head as he walks back in to the weyr "Really? a Date! where did that come from..?" His self ranting goes on for a while now while Jedameth croons happily watching the green fly away before looking aback at Th'res saying to the rider « Sorry beloved, but you need to get out. And she seems nice.. » Th'res stops and looks at the dragon realizing that the blue is the reason he thought of the date and shakes his head "I hope you are right."

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