A firelizard egg is hatching, and Talya is stuck with it. Again.

Happens directly after Eggasperated


It is the early morning of the eighteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Jedameth's Weyr

OOC Date 28 Mar 2018 07:00



Jedameth's Weyr

Talya had barely gone back into Jedameth's weyr when Beast, nestled in the basket she brought with her, began to let out an actual steady (squeaky) hum. The basket is placed down and Tal, after a brief look of panic to the egg and willing it NOT TO HATCH, proceeded to stomp around Jedameth's weyr to scavenge for what leftovers were available to give to a newly hatched firelizard after admitting defeat. It was going to hatch, she was the only one around, and she really would hate to see it go wild or, worse, get hurt.

There was a loud assortment of curses that sometimes included D'ex's name that eventually trailed down to a simple: “Shit. Shitshitshit,” Almost as if it sensed the moment the woman returned with food, the occupant inside the egg cracked through its shell, and toppled out almost into Beast. The gold cut off her humming with an indignant squeak and flew away to find a safer perch, leaving Talya completely in the open to lock eyes onto the hungry firelizard that emerged, extra gooey and extra sticky looking.

Buttered Toast Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Wild Huckleberry Jam Blue Hatchling
Darkness encompasses this disproportionate firelizard, a coating of slick sweetness from top to bottom. There's a wet gleam to his hide, like it might be sticky if you touched it, but it's all an illusion laid upon suede-soft skin. So too is his coloring not all that it seems; like a black cat that's really brown, his true color becomes clearer in the proper lighting. He's a deep, dark purple-blue down the length of his long neck and gangly legs, and over the top of his too-long tail. But his undersides, including a plump and rounded belly, carry an interesting reddish tone, echoed as well in the sails of his large wings.
Wild Huckleberry Jam Blue Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Talya, creeling piteously.

It was a he. And he was blue. Blue as the dragon that promised her a firelizard of her own many moons ago and delivered. Blue as the dragon whose weyr she occupied, whose rider she actually called her best friend. Words she never thought she'd consider again. Blue as those first two (and only) dragons that she actually feels comfortable around, could actually call her friends, and felt safe around. Something she never thought could happen back when she was a dock worker at the Hold with no inclination of ever visiting the Weyr, or getting within a dragonlength from a dragon.

Her first thought as she locked eyes with the creeling hatching being that she wished Zynth was there as well to witness her Impressing a blue firelizard. She hoped he'd also be happy with the surprise. A sharp pang of sadness mixed in, replaying in her head what she had done to cause such chaos out on the ledge. Just like that, all that anger finally disappated.

Without any more hesitation, she fed the blue, lured the tiny thing into her hand and proceeded to fall in love with him. Eventually she moved from the cold floor of the cave back to the rumpled bed, where Beast joined her on the pillow and stared down at her new little brother who was curling up, full and content, against the young woman.

“He's got a smaller stomach than you, so don't go getting jealous.” This is pointedly said to the watchful gold hatchling. She proved this point by feeding the rest of the food she gathered to Beast, who already had her breakfast but happily eats up. The gold curls up by her face, warm and sated, and in return Talya curls protectively around the blue under the covers. Keeping the morning chill out and exhausted from all their early morning exertions, they all return to sleep.

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