Mayte, Va'os


Mayte finds the Liquor Cabinet and Va'os finds Mayte to… briefly gloss over things.

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It is evening of the fourth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Liquor Cabinet, Southern Weyr

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Liquor Cabinet

A Vintner shop that sells mid-range liquors. Nothing low-brow or fancy-schmancy finds its way here. As a result, the prices can be…well, reasonable at best.

On a rare free evening, Mayte finally gets the opportunity to grace the Liquor Cabinet. She's come in with hope in her eyes but it fades to disappointment as she surveys the offerings. Soon, she's muttering as she eyes the marks on bottles, none of it complimentary. The apprentice of the store just looks… nervously at her.

How has Va’os NOT found this place until now? It’s not coincidence either that he’s here. He’d spotted Mayte heading this way and decided to tail after her… no matter how unwise that course of action is. Surprise! There’s a Weyrleader behind you. “Woah, since when did we have a place like this?” he remarks, with a crooked grin to that nervous Apprentice. Then, to Mayte: “What? Nothing good?” Sorry, not sorry.

She'll never admit that Va'os surprised her but the way Mayte shoots up indicates… "Va'os," that she wasn't ready for it. A minute shrug, "I've been hearing about ifor a while but took me a while to find it." A small sneer over her shoulder, "Nothing I could serve at a Weyr dinner." Like everyone has to consider this when buying alcohol. Eyeing the younger Leader curiously: "What do you drink when you're not Weyrleadering?"

Va’os is a smart enough man not to gloat about it — this time. Give it a day or two and he’ll unwisely bring it up or spook her again and call it 2-0 for scores. “Well, that’s a given. Don’t we usually dish out the best for then?” Since it’s a damn competition EVERY time, isn’t it? Politics. He scoffs at her prompt, giving her a lopsided grin. “I’m never not Weyrleading… Kind of.” He points out, only to shrug. “But if I had to pick a poison? Whiskey, usually. Rum is a close second. I’ve a whiskey from Igen that H’rik’s gifted me.” That almost sounds like an invitation, doesn’t it? “You? What’s your go-to, hmm?”

A shoulder rises and falls in acknowledgement to that one-upmanship between the Weyrs but Mayte smiles languidly at Va'os' tell-all of his go-to preference. "Many of the best Weyrleaders I've known like whiskey," she comments absently, brushing the dust off a wine bottle so she can peer at the label, sneer, and return to the conversation. "Whatever I feel like, really. Usually a red wine or a good whiskey." That H'rik has passed on? Va'os gets a long look: "What's the name on it?" Purely curiosity, of course.

“Really? And here I was getting the impression it was frowned upon that I drink at all!” Va’os is probably exaggerating, but he HAS been known to drink frequently … but only got so outrageously drunk once and with good reason. “Y’know, I’d have to go look? I, heh…” He chuckles, shamelessly. “Tend not to pay attention to labels all the time. So — on the off chance we’re going to be ah… dinning with a few of the upper crust soon.” He totally means the Lords and their Ladies, here. “Guess I’ll leave the drinks to your experienced hands? And I’ll just try not to insult everyone before we’re half way through dinner?”

Mayte snickers a little. "I'd be pretty hypocritical to be against it." That Va'os doesn't remember the liquor name doesn't seem to phase Mayte though her eyebrow rises a little: "Yeeeah, those dinners." A small huff of laughter and Mayte notes, "before we have a big one, I'll let you know some of my tricks. But yeah, leave the liquor to me." There may or may not be hope of Va'os insulting someone. Mayte gives a secretive little smile, "Trying is half the battle."

That Apprentice? Is going to be given That Look from Va’os. The ‘pretend your busy or go in the back and you’ve heard nothing’ look. Because, hey this place is… probably not the best for official talk but he’s going for it anyhow. “Trying is what’s leading me to drink more!” he scoffs, before dropping his voice to a more hushed tone. “Y’know it’s kind of unnerving that they’ve not sent a peep back to us? Or am I just imagining things…? Figure they’re busy with clean up and all but not even a quick note?” Should they be preparing for a storm of another kind?

Mayte, as a former apprentice, ignores that apprentice. Instead she bends a nearly sympathetic look on Va'os, head tipping to one side like a concerned but helpful nanny: "Awww, we all deal with the stresses of leadership in different ways. Did you know, Kihana gambles at Fort like she's High Reaches?" More quietly now, the short woman adds, "I'm sure they're busy," in that tone that indicates she doesn't believe a word of it, "but we'll hear from them soon. Though, perhaps this is something to discuss in my office?" Don't do it, Va'os, it's a trap! Ever so gently, Mayte lays a hand on Va'os' elbow and gently guides him out of the Liquor Cabinet, promising, "I've got a lovely whiskey to try there."

Will the Weyr ever see Va'os again? Tune in next time for Weyrleaders in Peril! Same Weyr time, same Weyr channel!

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