Igraine, A'lira


Igraine goes overboard with the baby shopping and she and A'lira discuss current events


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Igen Weyr, Lake Shore, A'lira's Weyr

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"It was fun, and well, we can donate to the creche what we don't need, right?"


A'lira's Weyr

Old as old, it's age-darkened sandstone, and riddled with sconces and even hollowed-out alcoves large enough to provide a great deal of storage, well hidden behind large tapestries of water in all its forms contrast brightly, hung by some arcane knowledge not granted easily to the unwashed masses. There's a fireplace and a rather elegant set of white, upholstered chairs arranged just so on a spotted white feline hide. There's also a large white couch along the wall nearest the wide stone steps that lead upward to the balustrade, where one might dimly note the presence of a bedroom. The scent of herbs is everywhere here: Crisp, clean, earthy, all in delicate little porcelain bowls, set on the low white tables that dot the place here and there.

It's been a busy day for one Zingari healer, a busy, busy day indeed. Igraine and Reveka have been shopping, and it's been a right day of fun. And now, with Reveka in laying down in the spare bedroom, Igraine has a line of Zingari teen bringing in packages from the weyr entrance. And there is quite the line of them. Bag after crate after bag of things come pouring into the weyr, clothes, crates of nappies, blankies, a basket, a bassinet, toys, stuffed dragons, if one can name it, Igraine has it coming in. She gives quick, swift orders and the line moves quickly while she divests herself and heads for a shot of whiskey, wondering where her weyrmate might be.

Invasion of the Baby Items! Kyprioth watches the march of many items with bemused interest, relaying these miraculous happenings to his rider, along with eleventy million questions — enough to perl A'lira out of his deep concentration on the whys and wherefores of rider grounding and formations. "Igraine, what's this — whoa." So many items. So, so many. "Are we being invaded by the entire Weyr creche?" He asks, half-laughing, half-shocked. Surely one baby doesn't need all this stuff.

Igraine laughs as she hears A'lira's exclamation upon entering the main room of their weyr. "Perhaps, but Reveka and I aren't sure what the baby is and we wanted to be prepared. I guess we might have gotten a little carried away." Igraine looks around as she sips at the double finger of whiskey she poured herself. "It was fun, and well, we can donate to the creche what we don't need, right?"

"A little, she says." A'lira chuckles, looking around at the collection of things they've procured. "Is there anything left for anyone else?" No doubt about it, he finds the whole thing very amusing indeed. "I suppose we could…" He wanders over to pour some whiskey for himself, first admiring the deep red of it. "How's she feeling? This heat has to be driving her mad."

Igraine sighs and shakes her head at herself and sips more at the liquid in her glass until A'lira asks after Reveka. "She's ready to be over it I think, there's no real way to make her comfortable at this point beyond keeping her mind off her discomfort and keeping her as out of the heat as we can. I couldn't keep her cooped up today…I think she'll be in a better mood after a nap and being out today. I worry for her, being so isolated…"

A'lira can imagine — pregnancy is uncomfortable in the later stages, and the suffocating heat only adds to the misery. "I do, too. It seems there are few who show her the slightest concern, or welcome." He pauses to take a drink, mind working, as ever, towards ways to help. "And with En'rys newly Impressed, he can't give her that support she needs so much."

Igraine nods. "Mmm. Willimina checks in on her. But you're right, she doesn't have much of a support system beyond us." Igraine sighs. "He'll do what he can, but they both knew this wasn't going to be easy, and that neither of them would come out of this a parent. It must be killing them both." Igraine wishes it could be different for them.

"At least he cares." A'lira comments softly. They'd conversed a time or two, and the young Trader had been almost ferocious in his questions. "I think he would have dropped the Candidacy if he hadn't been sure she would be cared for with us."
Igraine nods. "Indeed. Well, it's good he didn't, or there'd be a dragonet out there who didn't find it's lifemate, though it's quite admirable, his devotion to her." Igraine smiles at A'lira at mention of that, her love for him shining through. "It's a shame they couldn't be together…" Igraine finishes her drink and sets the glass aside sighing.

"Yes, well… there was that." A'lira muses, rubbing absently at his chin. "And yet, the fact that he is so devoted, even in the face of his… it bodes well for him. He intends to ask her to mate him as soon as it's advisable, you know. I don't think he's going to be swayed until and unless she doesn't want him. Stubborn git." Rather like a certain brownrider they both know. He smiles at Igraine, well content with his woman and even the invasion of baby products in his weyr — whatever will soothe Reveka as much as possible right now. "Whatever happens, that girl has a very, very staunch ally in him."

Igraine lays a hand on A'lira's arm and looks up at him. "I'm glad you've been a friend to him love, they both need friends now…" Igraine watches as the last of the Zingari helpers leaves and turns back to A'lira. "She loves him, it's plain as day on her face when she talks about him." Igraine taps her fingers on A'l's arm, looking thoughtful. "But I think it's going to be a long time coming before she's ready for committed anything…." Looking a bit worried, Igraine looks over to make sure Reveka is not within hearing distance of her. "I think she regrets getting herself into a less than honorable position and that she would like a chance to get herself back on track…"

"Can she do that? Without marrying?" A'lira wonders, idly tangling her fingers in his and tugging lightly until they're seated — with Igraine on his lap. It's always a good way to help him think, to have her so close to him. "I think that worries En'rys the most. Plain as your nose, he loves her. And he cares about what happens to her." Heaving a soft sigh, he rests his forehead on Igraine's shoulder. "This whole mess is complicated. He regrets having gotten her pregnant so quickly, you know. Not that a child is coming — I think he's actually willing to parent a child — but not like this. Not when it puts her in jeopardy among the Zingari. I'd advise him on how to help her, only I don't know. It's different when you're welcomed with open arms."

Igraine nods. "She can…It might take her awhile, but she can." Igraine curls up in A'lira's lap, and nods when he mentions the whole mess being complicated. "I don't… I don't think she regrets the baby either, but, the timing, as well." Igraine shakes her head, sighing once more. "But, she definitely cannot regain her feet if she keeps the child, tries to parent it, she'd be a social pariah the rest of her life. It's backwards, and old fashioned, but Willimina can only change so much at once, and you can't force people into changing their views over night…." It angers Igraine too, but this is why she's agreed to foster the child, so that it, and Reveka can live without the stigma of being unwed, and being a bastard child in a people that value marriage and all it entails.

"And she's more likely to be accepted eventually if she does it on her own, or is that how she feels she has to do it?" A'lira wouldn't blame the girl for wanting to make her own path, though he shares a good bit of empathy with En'rys, who has formed quite the attachment to the girl. Fortunately, it hasn't stopped his bond with his little green; indeed, he's seen the young man show a great deal of gentle patience and even a rather endearing openness — something Weyr gossips swore he'd never be able to show. Gently, A'lira soothes a hand down Igraine's back, and kisses her shoulder. "Why do you think I was so agreeable to her being here? That kind of prejudice is not easy to live down. At least here, she won't be looked at sideways. And Faranth knows I have a rather terrible habit of adopting youngsters as siblings of a sort. What's one more? I like her on her on merit — she seems very lovable. D'you think she might make a good healer? Seems like she's been showing interest. I saw her at the rodeo with you, working…"

Igraine shrugs. "Who knows? I don't think she plans on doing it alone my love, but…I think she needs to do part of it that way. She told me she asked him to start over, sometime before the hatching. I don't think if she was looking to do it alone, that she would have asked him that." Igraine smiles and looks thoughtful at A'lira's next. "Aye, I like her too, she's a lovely young woman. She's got a talent for healing, if she takes an interest. I was merely trying to keep her busy and her mind off things, but she's good with the patients, the children in particular. She's already taken her tests though, she's a full dancer, and contortionist, likely she'll want to go back to that once she's recovered."

"True." Still, A'lira certainly hopes this works for her — though he has his reservations. He'll keep them to himself, and give the girl all the support he can manage. Most weyrbrats can attest, the man is very good at being a supportive ear, if sometimes strict. "And he accepted, or this would be an entirely different conversation. Hmm. Perhaps she'll take it up in some capacity. Or perhaps not. Either way, I'm glad she has something to do besides brood over the situation. As you said, there's no way out of this except through it."

Igraine nods. "Aye, that's the whole of it there. No way but through it." Igraine looks around, eyes landing at all the parcels she had brought in. "Good roads, we really did over do it a bit didn't we?" Igraine laughs a little and waves her hand at all the things. She sighs again, her smile falling a bit. "This is awful for them A'lira…but, I am really excited about this baby…" Igraine had never thought herself to be the mothering type, and had only been looking to help Reveka out by fostering her child, but the closer they get, the more excited she is.

A'lira chuckles. "You did, rather, kitten." His eyes twinkle in amusement at her. There's a gentle brush of lips against her temple. "It is, rather." He sighs softly, and holds Igrain close to his chest, glad for the feel of her against him. "And yet, the thought of raising a child… I am glad we'll have the chance. And it's not like we're going to prevent them from knowing the baby — they're not ready for this; their lives are too unsettled." Is he happy to be raising a baby? If the fact that he'd gone looking for soft blankets isn't an indication, the fact that he's been brushing up on infant nutrition and health ought to be. "Twofold reasons: we help a young couple get their lives in order by providing a safe place for the baby, and we get to raise a child. Together. It's something I never thought I'd get to do."

Igraine nods. "I'm glad we have the chance too." So many chances to do things she never thought she would. Retiring had been a good idea. And besides, she still lives a full and busy life, one that's about to get a lot fuller. "I didn't think I would either, simply because of age, or, before I met you, because of my work." Sighing, she stands and leans over to kiss A'lira properly and looks around. "I should get this all into the nursery or we'll be tripping over it for sevens."

Is she sure? Because A'lira is suddenly a very snuggly man indeed, hands framing her hips as he looks up at her mutely, leaning into her kiss. But, well he knows that if they get distracted now, they'll never get the Nursery all together. "Let's do that. I'll even help, and perhaps after…" He pushes himself upright, and hugs Igraine tightly to him for a long moment. "After, we'll put all your skills into practice." the other ones he's so glad she isn't practicing anymore, except where she pleases to.

Igraine chuckles and leans into A'lira's embrace, hands resting on his chest. "I think that sounds like a fantastic idea my love." A salacious smile slips across her lips at her mate, the idea spreading warmth in her eyes. "But if we put all my skills to use, we'd be here for days." Not that either of them would be complaining, their superiors however…

Will definitely send out the search and rescue wing — wouldn't that be embarrassing for A'lira, considering he's the wingsecond of that very wing? But the idea that she's agreeable to playing around later gives him incentive to be helpful now. And so, he'll eye up the various crates and packages. "So, where do we start

:looks around at the mess and laughs. "I'm supposed we ought to start with the crates because they'll at least stack against the wall until we can sort through them

Igraine looks around at the mess and laughs. "I'm supposed we ought to start with the crates because they'll at least stack against the wall until we can sort through them." Igraine even picks up the nearest crate to back up her own suggestion. "Then perhaps the bassinet and the bags." She smiles and walks towards the nursery, a twitch in her hips and an amused and excited smile on her lips.

Tricksy woman, taunting A'lira like that. But he knew she'd be like that before he mated her; no sense in not enjoying it, since she's his, all his! He'll scoop up a crate as well, and head for the nursery, keeping one eye on her hips. What, they're nice hips!

Tricksy woman indeed! Igraine can be very tricksy indeed. Every movement she makes, from the twitch of her hips to the lift of her lips is meant for A’lira’s enjoyment and pleasure, her movements such that they show off the better endowments of her body. While placing a crate down in the nursery, the swell of her behind is on full display, the skirt of her dress splitting to reveal the silky skin of one leg, which disappears again when she stands and saunters to the door, headed for the next load of things.

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