D'wane, Talya, Alyna, Va'os, Runa, Vaeslyn, Rielle, Ibrahim, D'har, Amani, Calliope, Mayte


When Jaguar throws a party, turns out there's more than just the normal Beer and Piles of Meat! Quite a few folks end up taking home surprise party favors in the form of some newly hatched firelizards!


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr - Beach

OOC Date 29 Apr 2018 05:00


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When it rains, it pours and today it just seems to be pouring firelizards!



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

When Jaguar decides to throw a shindig, they tend to go whole hog. In this case, quite literally as there has been a porcine or three roasting away all afternoon, with smells of delicious meat filling the air. The volunteer pit masters have had the drinking well under way for a couple hours now, but with the main course almost done, more and more folks start arriving and more dishes start piling up. If you look really hard in the pile of libations there might even be some non-alcoholic drinks like juice. For the moment though, a shirtless D'wane is sitting next to a keg somebody dragged down here and doing his best to try and speed up the whole drink-getting process for everybody by handing them out himself.

Talya was watching some of the end of the setup of the shindig, using the time to get some beach jogging in. She's wearing what is now a traditional beach jogging gear: bikini top, pants, boots against the sand's heat. Now that there seem to be more lingering people, and actual booze being handed out, her jogging finally takes her right to the shindig with her intent being clear: the keg. She's coming up behind the big Weyrsecond, not quite silent, but suddenly trying to be quiet… Sneakily approaching. For beer of course, right?

Not one to pass up the chance at a shindig, Alyna wanders in from the boardwalk, dressed comfortably for a beach party in a pair of light suede capris that fit her like a second skin paired with a breezy, white cotton peasant shirt, sleeves swept off her shoulders and cropped to bare several inches of her tanned midriff, feet protected in soft wherhide sandals. Her hair hangs in loose sunkissed waves to sweep at her shoulders, her hand reaching up to tuck it behind one ear as she lets her ice blue gaze wander the crowd. Invited to attend by a certain Jaguar bluerider, Alyna searches out his swarthy figure while she meanders her way through the crowd in the general direction of the keg.

Since it's Jaguar throwing the party, it should be no surprise that Va'os is already there and mingling among the gathering crowds. He's kept his shirt on, though with the neckline on the tunic of choice and how well tailored it is, it leaves little to the imagination. Not that he stands a chance against D'wane! He's well into the drinking game, but pacing himself and in high, fine spirits as he drifts from one group to another. Eventually he can't resist not helping himself to some of that delicious food but there's a priority first! Refilling his glass! He'll catch Talya on her approach but lucky for her, the bronzerider keeps from alerting D'wane. In fact… is he distracting him? Purely coincidence! "Told you, you'd get stuck on keg service!" he jokes, with a lopsided grin.

Party on the beach? You can count the transfer rider from Telgar in! Rumors had been heard, and after some deliberation, Runa pulls on a suit, covers it with a sarong, and heads down. Sandals cover her feet, and over one shoulder is a bag with a towel and such in it - just in case she decides to take a dip sometime later. Mismatched eyes will pass over the gathered people, none of them known to the bluerider. Yet. Putting a smile on, she starts to mingle.

Surely Vaeslyn did not come for the booze. Or maybe he did? He's certainly dressed as though he intends to spend time at the beach, pants rolled to mid-calf, barefoot because he ditched his boots somewhere behind him. But the growing gathering on the beach brings a stutter to his steps, eyes narrowed as though in deliberation. It is curiosity or hunger that wins out, and he continues on until he's well and truly within the bounds of the party on the beach.

Rielle isn't Jaguar, but she's a wingleader and pretty much invites herself, considering she knows several people on Jaguar. Some quite a bit more than others. She doesn't come empty-handed, however. A large bottle of Istan rum in hand, she saunters her two-piece and sarong-clad self over to D'wane and Va'os by the keg, giving the Weyrleader a cheeky wink before offering the rum to the Weyrsecond. "Trade for crashing?" she asks, following up with, "Faranth, the porcine smells amazing."

Is that a spidey-sense tingling as D'wane turns his head a bit to the legt, but not quite at the sneaky sneak guard. Nah… he's just swatting at a vtol before giving a snort at Va'os and returning to passing out drinks. Which stops when he needs to take a sip of his own. "Drink duty's got its perks!" Speaking of… no drink offered for Va'os yet! He's not been standing in line and they wouldn't want a riot anyways. Much better at distracting D'wane than his boss is the suspicious amount of noise that starts up not too far from the roasting pits. A scrappy little weyrbrat lets out a joyous screech. "EGGGSSS!" And from the humming of some of the quickly gathering firelizards, it could be any minute!

Well, this is unexpected — just when Ibrahim had some time away to spend on the beach, doing whatever it is wildlings do on beaches, a party has taken over the place! But still, he's here; and while here, he might as well be somewhat social! He'll circumavigate the growing gathering, perhaps searching for someone he is at least somewhat familiar with among the throng. There are a lot of people to scan, apparently.

D'har is already here, mingling with his wingmates and carousing with that beaming white smile of his, a half-finished drink already in hand. It isn't long before he spies Alyna and sweeps up to offer her his arm. "A gorgeous woman such as yourself shouldn't be without an escort," he teases with a wink…and then his gaze and ears are drawn elsewhere. Only then does he realize that his fire lizards are absent, over in the sand adding to the humming. "Ah, here's something I haven't seen in a while," he notes with a chuckle. "Care to go have a look, Lyna?"

Talya definitely appreciates the Weyrleader's distraction, and lack of calling her out. She seems to gather up some courage just as she gets to the big bronzerider… and then lays a hand on top of his bald head in a pat. Payback for getting her own headpat the other day and being measured up to the big guy. "Maybe not quite so easy to defend yourself sitting down, if I was ready to solve that puzzle," is the young woman's greeting as she circles around to the front of the line. "But I ain;t about to try it out here. Even if I did manage to get to you. Gotta get my beer first." Pause. "Sir." She grins to him and snaps a salute, then one to the Weyrleader who was so helpfully quiet. And that hand then goes out, ready for a beer.

Shards, Runa should have brought a gift. Or something. Maybe they won't notice her crashing the party? Even if she could be overlooked, the rumble her tummy gives at the very thought of leaving, is likely heard by those closest to her. That is, until the weyrbrat yells about eggs. She'll be curious enough to allow her steps to lead her over in that direction, only because it may give her that extra time to be not noticed. Or something. She'd neeeever crash a party, nope, not her.

Since Puma parties would probably consist of Mayte getting tipsy and loudly judging all the booze brought around with Amani doing a lot of eye-rolling at her for it, it's probably safer for the junior Weyrwoman to come out to Jaguar's party anyway. And probably more fun. The young goldrider is in a light white skirt that skims her calves, a deep red dancer's sash, and an indigo two-piece, dark hair left free for the breeze to play with. Two bottles of whiskey in hand, she comes along just as people begin to congregate around the humming firelizards. She'll just go drop her booze off with D'wane and hang back from the lot. She's already got a fair, and it doesn't need to get bigger!

Is Va'os put out? Not really. Because though he's not being served beer, there's Rielle with rum! That's… not for him. "I'd take it," he stage whispers to D'wane and not for any ulterior motives! None at all. There's a return wink given to the Wingleader and a lingering look for her outfit, but all that commotion draws his attention away. "Huh. I'd have thought the beach would have been picked clean of those by now…" Shoulders lift in a shrug. Talya's pat to D'wane's head is met with a barely stifled laugh. "Solve what puzzle?" Nosey Weyrleader is nosey! And returning that salute, but with a far more relaxed (read: lazy) manner. It's a party!

Hanging back, just on the cusp of being within the bounds of the party, Vaeslyn might just be contemplating an attempt to join that drink-line when the cry of the weyrbrat has his attention instead. Curiosity more than anything else has the lad heading in the direction of humming 'lizards and gathering people. A little careful ducking and weaving has him close enough to get a look at what's going on while, hopefully, not making a nuisance of himself.

And as if encouraged by all the commotion, those little eggs are gonna start rocking 'n rolling! All of them! Good thing there's plenty of porcine to go around?

When has D'wane ever turned down rum? He gives the wingleader a big grin and the next cup of ale. "Sounds fair to me!" Although then he's getting patted on the head and he raises an eyebrow as he turns around to look at Talya. "Yeah… but you'd have to be crazy to go after a man surrounded by all his wing, in view of his dragon, and disrupt the booze line." D'wane is probably in the safest spot in the Weyr! The comment about eggs has his eyes widen a little bit. "Mayte would kill me if I got another one." Probably quite literally give all the destruction Pebble has caused so far.

Alyna really can't help the way her smile swells at the sight of D'har, head tilting softly to one side as she beams up at him. His arm is graciously taken as she presses up next to him, a small thrill fluttering in her stomach to find herself out so publicly with bluerider after so many months of enjoying each other's company. As her own attention is drawn by the call of EGGS, the greenrider will nods her agreement for going and checking it out closer. "I can't seem to come to a party on this beach without there being a firelizard hatching it seems. This is where I got Jem," she mentions as her eyes check and sure enough she can see her platinum and gold firelizard among those humming their welcome to the eggs. "Let's just grab some meat, just in case." she mentions as she steers em on a slight detour to the refreshment table, grabbing a hearty plateful of meat before they continue on towards the ruckus.

"A little crazy, yes, but not that crazy." Talya did think they already established that they were all a little crazy at least. She is just is happy to get a beer and move on. Suddenly realized she was being surrounded by Weyr leadership, she shifts a little uncomfortably. "Just, uh, a report the Weyrsecond has requested of me in the future," is the vague reply to Va'os. She was focused on her task and missed the weyrbrat's shout, because let's face it there are lots of shouting weyrbrats all the time around a Weyr. Her eyes do finally trail over to where the commotion is happening. "Definitely staying far away from that, still trying to figure how to deal with the two little ones I got." Beer and then she'll leave them alone.

Rielle warms under that once-over from Va'os, brief though it may be before the firelizards start humming. The pat to D'wane's head earns a chuckle as she tilts her cup of ale to her lips, something she eyes speculatively once she's swallowed. "Not too bad, this stuff," she notes, and eyes the growing crowd around the firelizard eggs. "I don't think I'll join in there. Three suits me fine." Plus her lovable big brown oaf.

One would think Ibrahim would head in the opposite direction of firelizard eggs, all things considered — but hey, the idea of watching others get themselves attached to the small ones affords him some amusement, and so he finds a great vantage point from which to watch the hatching, and to see who gets what. Meanwhile, his own little flock (of Seagulls) join whatever firelizards in the vicinity, happy to add to the noise and cacophany because they can. Absently, he pulls the wild mass of his hair behind his shoulders, carefully winding a couple dreds around the bunch and knotting them, creating a nice little trap for the rest, restraining them neatly.

"Ah. Right." Meat is a must at these things! D'har willingly follows Alyna to find some of that before they enter the fray. "At least Chida and Hara don't seem jealous sorts," he notes. "I'd been thinking I wouldn't mind another little friend for them lately. No particular reason."

Va'os laughs for D'wane's comment on Mayte killing him. "You're not wrong there, man! And I'm gonna agree with Rielle… I've got enough of 'em shadowing me!" He's turning a bemused look to Talya next; vague reply or no, he's going to assume that wasn't the truth at all. "Uh huh." Cue a darted look between her and D'wane. Riiight. But before they're subjected to him prying further, the commotion about the firelizard eggs lures his attention back. "Mhm. Maybe I will venture just a little closer?" Just a teeny, tiny bit. What could possibly go wrong?

Vaeslyn is young enough to find the idea of firelizard hatchings exciting and enticing, rather than as a potential source of trouble. Even if he does a fair job of attempting to hide his interest in the clutch behind a forced look of indifference, he is still edging closer toward where he assumes the action is to take place. Food? Right. That might help things and, though he is loath to give up his place, he ducks out of the crowd to grab the first plate of edibles he can find. Sorry to whoever it belongs too. Vaes is commandeering it for the greater good! Or at least, for /his/ greater good, in the pursuit of a pet.

Deep in the Heart of Keroon Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Eye of the Storm Blue Hatchling
As all of nature's fury is unleashed upon abyssal hide, but this firelizards willowy limbs know exactly how to bend instead of snapping under the force of a gale that stirs up the briny waves turning into froth upon his tail and legs. For a moment, sleet grey skies clear under his wings, but the respite cannot last. Torrential sheets of aquamarine batter against his neck and back to flood down and mix with the darker colorings. No matter what foul storms might come next, he'll stand proud and weather it.

Well, she won't hang back too much. Amani ends up in the line for drinks in order to hand over the whiskey to D'wane, deciding she's curious. There's a little wave given to Va'os before the young goldrider ends up before the Weyrsecond. "Beer, or something else?" she asks, a dark brow arching in punctuation of her question. Still learning her way around the different beverages!

First and Most Plentiful Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Send Me Someone to Lava Bronze Hatchling
Autumnal colored hide works in a way to give illusion that this bronze was hewn from molten lava and given life. Carnelian and cinnabar hues meld with true bronze and flow evenly over his muscular form. Brightest along his throat, chest and underside, heat gradually fades to cupric sunset tones along broad features and the curved ridges of neck and back. Dark russet sweeps in a light ghostly dusting overtop of him, incasing him in a hardening, solidifying shell. It does little to hinder his graceful, powerful movements; as the play of hue and shadow are only a trick of the eye. Wings unfurl to reveal wrought bronze where laval has gradually cooled along the edges of broad sails, the same reflected in the sharp curve of his talons.

Joining the growing group near the eggs, Runa realizes she's forgotten to grab some meat, and detours slightly to do that. Offering D'har and Alyna a smile as she runs into them getting meat, she offers a friendly greeting to the other two, "Hello." Her accent paints her from outside of Southern, to those that might pick up on such things. Once meat has been claimed, she returns to where the eggs are, staking out a bit of sand for herself, and takes a seat to watch. As the first flit hatches, she ohs softly, "Such a lovely blue, lookat!" From somewhere's above, there's a deeper thrum from a blue dragon who circles the beach, seeking a place to set down.

Eye of the Storm Blue Hatchling has barely tumbled out of his shell and set to creeling his hunger that he's tearing across the sands. Small little force of nature, coming through! Was it chance or compliment? Either way, he ends up bumping into one pair of feet and deems this obstacle suitable!
Eye of the Storm Blue's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Runa, creeling piteously.

"Good day," D'har returns to Runa with an affable grin before the cracking of shells draws his attention and rivets it. Big or small, there's always an element of excitement to a hatching that's inescapable. "Indeed!" he agrees with the other bluerider's assertion about the blue that just broke shell, though his gaze is quickly drawn to the second. "That bronze is an impressive little fellow as well. Red-touched. Gorgeous coloring!" And then that blue is looking to Runa, and he chuckles. "Well, looks like you said the right words. Well done!"

Alyna chuckles softly at D'har's comment as she shrugs a shoulder, "You don't really need any more reason than that love, they are charming creatures. I managed to find homes for all of Jem's first clutch, but then realized I kind of would like another one for myself since Jem is all grown up now." she remarks as they finally make it into range of the eggs just in time to see the first two hatch. "That blue is pretty, dark like Searuth." she says before she turns her gaze to the bronze, smile widening, "He looks like autumn in Telgar!" she exclaims excitedly as she looks through the plate of scraps before she picks the choicest and crouches, reluctantly letting go of D'har's arm, to wiggle it in the direction of the hatchlings.

D'wane doesn't seem to object to Talya's vague answer. He's too busy trying to place that whiskey with the little bounty of drinks he's collecting back there. "Beer or something else…" Well, she bought the whiskey and didn't ask for it, so looks like she's getting a cup of some of that rum Rielle provided and handed it over towards the weyrwoman. And while most folks attention is on the egg, D'wane's turning towards the meet. "First person to bring me some of that porcine doesn't have to wait in line for booze!"

Vaeslyn is back, and wiggling his way into a spot amongst those hoping to attract firelizards in time for the little blue beast to go tearing off towards Runa. "That was fast," is declared with mild amusement. "Must be hungry," which has him turning soon enough toward the eggs and picking bits of… something from the plate. Is it meat? Is it bread? Whatever it is, it's pinched between his fingers in a vaguely 'here you go' manner toward the clutch of hatching firelizards.

Everything's Sunny Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Blinded by the Light Gold Hatchling
In the beginning there was nothing, a darkness as deep as the pitch black talons of this firelizard, but into that void molten brass and fiery copper quickly coalesced into the broad chest and even wider wings of this stellar queen. She is a large firelizard, but that's only apparent when next to her peers and eclipsing them, for the melted metals of her torso flow up into delicate golden filigree that traces out the finest details across her delicate neckridges and flare across her headnobs and muzzle.

"Careful, love; you'll snag one of them without trying, with your luck," Rielle quips as Va'os draws closer to the clutch, dipping her head to Amani and sipping at her ale again.

Talya may be a little more relaxed around the Weyrsecond over a shared plot to someday try to strangle him, but being surrounded now be ranked riders seem to do it in for Talya. She gives them a nod, with beer in hand she's shuffling away. Not with a 'watch yourself' pantomime to D'wane. Tal thought she recognized someone less intimidating in the crowd, and she approaches cautiously because they are near those hatching eggs. "Hey Alyna. Glad to see you still alive after that night." She hangs behind the other petite woman, looking over her shoulder at the hatching eggs.

Surprised is Runa as the little blue heads straight for her, his creel of hunger only eclipsed by the growl when he pounces on the piece of porcine that was scooped from the plate in her lap. "Oh, hey.. yes.. here you go.." Laughing at her luck, she shakes her head, caught up with the little blue and missing the next ones that hatch. "Sheroth is going to loooove you." The only thing that seems to pull her from her little ball of hunger is mention of her home weyr, those mismatched eyes of hers swinging to Alyna, "You from Telgar?"

"Don't jinx me, Rielle!" Va'os will call back over his shoulder to the brownrider, along with a lopsided grin. "There's plenty of other victims for the little guys to pick, anyhow!" With the blue picking one off just then, he goes as far as to point. See? He's safe!

"No I meant…well. That works, too," Amani says when she ends up with a cupful of rum. This, she at least knows she likes. There's a contented sigh after she sips, and she's happy just to watch for now…though she does grin a little at the exchange between Va'os and Rielle. Dark eyes survey those gathered, registering many familiar faces…and that first firelizard impression.
"Oh," comes unbidden from Vaeslyn at the appearance of the gold. As though surprised at her appearance. "'Grates," is offered quietly to Runa, though the apprentice's gaze drifts from the tiny blue and back toward the bronze and gold that have emerged. Meat (it's definitely meat) is wiggled in what is /meant/ to be an enticing manner in their direction.

Blinded by the Light Gold Hatchling is not phased by the chaos of her siblings cracking their shells. Somehow a vacuum has seemed to form and into that void she confidently darts. There's something for her here, she knows it! It's a bit surprising just how quickly the newborn legs can dart, but the setting sun flares of her golden hide as she darts right towards the porcine that Vaeslyn is holding out. Just for her? She'll take it!
Blinded by the Light Gold's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Vaeslyn, creeling piteously.

Alyna doesn't have to turn to recognize Talya's voice which is met with a soft chuckle, "Still kicking, although parts of the night rmain a little hazy still," she carefully downplays her lack of memories from the time she left Talya until the next morning. "Talya, have you met D'har?" she'll ask as she turns to look from her friend to the bluerider. An unfamilair voice mentioning Telgar gets her attention as she turns to look at Runa with a puzzled smile. "Born and raised at Telgar Hold." she confirms before quickly turning back to continue dangling the tempting meat in the direction of the bronze after the gold makes her choice.

Showy in Orange and Black Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
The Sky is Falling Bronze Hatchling
Stocky in build, he is a brute compared to some of his more svelte framed kind. Broad in features and thickly muscled, he is a powerhouse tank of strength. Weathered by exposure and age, burnished bronze is dulled and faded in lustre along his hide. It darkens further to sooty hues, reverting back to natural rocky ore along ridges and shoulders; worn almost like armor covering over the softer, vulnerable undersides of his body. Wings flare, double as wide and long in order to balance for the heaviness of his frame and with a thick tail that is just long enough to complete him. Obsidian forms his talons, while wingsails are speckled with bright, glowing embers of fiery heat.

One bronze and now another! "Well there's another fine-looking lad. Strong and fiery," D'har notes of the next bronze. He finally remembers to take up some meat, offered forward to any takers. with all the warmth he can exude. Barely does he register Alyna's mention of him, distracted as he is with tracking the hatchlings still crawling about.

There's a camo-patterend blue dragon finally alighting on the beach, moving up behind Runa so he can peer over her shoulder at the little blue in her lap that's gobbling up the porcine. Crooning to his smaller brother, Sheroth seems happy to see his lifemate has finally given in to the craze, and gotten herself a flit. Awww. Distracted by feeding the blue, and comments shared with Alyna, Runa is quick to grin, "I'm from Telgar Weyr, born and raised there myself. Transferring in. Got my weyr set up and decided to take a break down here on the beach.."

And once more there is a surprised, "Oh," that comes from Vaeslyn as though against his will, this time in surprise for the sudden disappearance of his offering into the mouth of the little gold. At least he's quick enough to snatch up and offer her a bit more, fairly shoving porcine at the little 'lizard in an effort to sate her hunger and keep her attention. A scoop of his hand catches her around the belly, and he wiggles back just a bit so that they are away from the rest of the cracking shells and wandering firelizards. Despite initial surprise, there is a growing and somewhat giddy smile spreading across his face.

Send Me Someone to Lava Bronze Hatchling droops a bit once he's freed from his egg, but that doesn't last long. Something catches his attention and spurs him onwards! He won't be left behind and makes a running leap for the nearest offer of food. Watch those fingers!
Send Me Someone to Lava Bronze Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards D'har, creeling piteously.

Talya gives a snort at Alyna's reply. "Hopefully a hazy kind of good." She gives the man beside her friend a look up and down when they are introduced, though distracted as he is she doubts that he notices. "So this is D'har," she says instead to Alyna. Her dark eyes turn to the other petite woman with a grin curling her lips. "I see it now." What she sees exactly, she does not elaborate. She's looking back over the shoulder, watching them luring the firelizards, and makes sure she keeps both her hands on her cup of beer and dips her nose into it. No meat coming from her! "Quite the clutch to have been left untouched out here," she muses. "Oh, here comes one—" And it goes for D'har. Thankfully. She takes a step back just in case.

Rielle just grins unrepentantly at Va'os, though decides to move forward a bit after him. Hearing a nearby woman speak of just having moved in from Telgar Weyr draws her attention however, and she studies the young brunette woman. "Would you happen to be Runa, then?" she asks with a tilted smile. "Because meeting at these things is always so much more fun than at drills, and that's supposed to be tomorrow." Hurrah for serendipity!

"Ahh! Welcome! Great to meet another from back my way." Alyna says with an easy smile before turning back just in time to see D'har get the fall colored hatchling and she offers him a warm grin. "He's darling…" Just like his new humanpet, but that the greenrider doesn't say outloud as her cheeks begin to burn at Talya's words to D'har. "Oh stop Talya." she mumbles as she ducks her head to hide her blush before she returns to her waggling of meat, a determined look on her face as if that helps.

My, these creatures are going fast! Ibrahim settles into a comfortable crouch, watching each find itself a friend to fill its belly, remembering how his own latest decided in his favor rather abruptly — or rather, have it decided for her, with R'ku basically spilling her into his very hands. Ah, Igen! All the interesting things happen to him in the desert Weyr! Meanwhile, it finally dawns on him that he does know at least one face here: Alyna. Perhaps he'll sidle his way toward that little knot of folks. And when he manages to get close enough to Alyna, Talya, and D'har. "Alyna, are you up to mischief, again?" Because naturally, blushing women are quite amusing to him

Being born is hard and The Sky is Falling Bronze Hatchling's first steps are fairly rocky and end up with him sliding down a bit of a sand dune and impact in 3 - 2 - 1! Luckily the impact wasn't face first, although the little bronze is practically in the greenrider's lap. He quickly rights himself and reaches up to claim that dangling piece of meat from Alyna's hand.
The Sky is Falling Bronze's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Alyna, creeling piteously.

I'm a Fungi Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Slippery Slope Brown Hatchling
Rough ruins of a once proud mountain have been much beaten by a storm. Jagged wingspars and neckridges jut out sharply from this very bony firelizard as muddy rivulets of sediment trickle across his umber hide and into the lush floodplains of his wings. A wave of silt splashes up across his scrawny neck, but all hope has not been washed away for a rich loam has accumulated on his headknobs. Once he dries out, maybe life can begin again.

Parties definitely trump drills! Va'os is completely distracted by this point, both by conversation and by the hatchlings now making a dash for folk, left right and centre. He's going to err on the side of caution and start to circle back and away, which almost has him colliding with Vaeslyn. "Whoop! Didn't see you here!" he exclaims, only to grin wryly and give a little finger-gun gesture once he spies the hatchling. Hey! "'Grats on the little lady!" He'd toast too, but ALAS his glass is still empty!

Hearing the comment, and her name, from Rielle has Runa flashing a quick smile in her direction, "That would be me, yeah. And.." A gesture is given up towards the blue that stands at her back, "Sheroth, recently of Telgar Weyr.." A pause, and she peers, "Rielle?" Here's hoping she's got the right name! "I would agree, meeting here is far better than at drills." Casual is best, yep!

Mums the Word Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Never Strikes Twice Gold Hatchling
Dazzling to the eye, she is the epitome of auric radiance and regal poise. Molten gold, brilliant in near white-hot, lightning's flash is collected along the ample curve of her broad chest. From there does it explode outwards in graduating hues of brimstone, that arc ever-outward over the lithe muscle of her body and down slender neck, limbs and tail. Only the very edges of her features cool to a pure gold and chrysoberyl forms the wicked curve of her talons; leaving both all but lost to the blinding lustre of her hide. Broad wings unfurl to reveal delicate looking sails of golden cider, where wingspars and tips have been burnished to a fine metallic sheen.

D'har's grin beams even brighter when that rough-hewn little bronze comes up and pounces on the meat he holds, the familiar warm gratitude of firelizard Impression infusing his mind. He scoops up the hatchling and immediately reaches for more sustenance, scooting back a bit and peering up at Talya. "This is indeed," he says of himself, giving the young woman a wink before turning his attention back to his new charge. Then there's another man joining them, the way he addresses Alyna earning an amusedly curious arch of his brow…just as the another bronze comes for her. "Ah, good one, love!" he enthuses, pushing the plate of meat closer to her.

Vaeslyn is still happily stuffing whatever stolen porcine is left on that plate into the mouth of his new pet, though the little gold is looking bigger and sleepier by the second. The near stumbling of Va'os gets an involuntary ducking of head and a very 'brace for impact' curl of his shoulders. "Watch— oh," because he's gotten a glance at who it is that nearly tripped over him, and it has those words of warning altering into a, "S'alright, sir. No harm done," even if he's quick enough to get to his feet to avoid another such incident. "Thanks," comes with a drop of his gaze to the little 'lizard already half-asleep in the crook of his arm, a silly little expression spilling across his face as he considers her.

"Stop what? Hmm?" Talya is definitely enjoying her friend getting all flustered and she studies the woman's complexion from the rim of her beer as she quenches her thirst some more. Then there's another bronze basically in front of them and it's going for Alyna's meat. There's yet another step back and she looks from one rider to the other. "Look at that, matching bronze babies for the pair of you. It's like it was meant to be." Her eyes trail towards the other gold that hatches with a "Shells," because there were children present. "Two among all these eggs left on the sands. That's some kind of luck." Her own is absent, or more likely among the crowd of firelizards that are humming.

"Aye, that's me. Brown Obhaeroth's, Serval wingleader. Good to meet you," Rielle answers Runa with a grin, holding out her hand to clasp with the other woman. "Nice start you're getting here." She gestures to the bluerider's newly-acquired flit. "Give me a second and I'll bring some more meat over; I'm a little hungry myself." It isn't far away, and she quickly returns with a plate full enough to satisfy herself and anything Runa's hatchling might need.

Alyna lets out a little cry as she suddenly has a little bronze firelizard in her lap. Quickly she reaches for more of the meat that D'har so thoughtfulyl pushes towards her, stuffing his little maw as quickly as she can, it all coming back to her. As she is managing that, she hears her name from yet another, albeit less, familiar voice as she turns to regard the wildling with a look of pure innocence, "Mischief? Me? Please." she brushes it off with an exagerated roll of her eyes as she gets to her feet, little one nestled in the crook of her arm. But then she glares in Talya's direction for her comment about a matching pair, shooting cold daggers from her icy blue eyes at the guard recruit's cheek, although there may be a subtle smile playing at her lips, secretly pleased at the outcome herself.

Tiptoe Through the Tulips Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
After the Deluge Blue Hatchling
After days of rain that never seemed to end, the murky waters continue to rise until they threaten to overwhelm everything. Torrential tides rage across this firelizard's wide flanks, cascading into his turbid round belly. Flecks of lighter color debris are washed along in the current, standing out against the his fathomless hide. The storm surge lightens to a mere steely blue as the water crests up to his neck and face.

"A pleasure to meet you!" Runa says, careful to wipe off her fingers to offer her hand up to Rielle, giving it a shake before the wingleader moves off to fetch herself something to eat. "Thanks!" Turning back, she is in time to see the two bronzes lay claim to the pair she'd said hello to earlier, and a gold.. a second gold at that.. make an appearance, "Oh, Faranth, she's lovely as well." With one small blue curling up in her lap now that his belly is full, she dangles out a piece of meat to the gold, who whichever other flits might be hungry. Sheroth wouldn't be any influence on that, whispering in the back of her head how lovely another little brother or sister would be to liven up their new weyr.

Ibrahim raises his eyebrows at Alyna, as innocently. "Well, now, that is disapointing news." Wait, didn't he have some food somewhere? Well, he'll just have to remedy that real quick, for he is hungry man. Whether that random server walking around with a platter of meat wants him to or not, he'll just swipe a few slices to tear off a piece to nibble on. Rude! The servr huffs at him, but softens when he gives her his most limpid puppy-dog expression. He returns his attention to the newest hatchlings, raising a brow in astonishment. "Another gold? Isn't that unusual?" He's never had time to observe lizard nests, but he could have sworn — the flash of brown catches his eye, then, and he turns toward it, wondering. A bit of meat is flicked his way. Here, have some food, kid.

Slippery Slope Brown Hatchling lets out an unsettling groan as he lurches towards his feet. The brown moves almost in slow motion, not quite getting each little foot completely off the ground as he sort of shuffle-slides his way away from the remains of the eggs with his tail catching and dragging some debris behind him. It doesn't take very long though before the flow of his progress hits a wall. A wall with some tasty, tasty meat. Yes. What the wildling man is holding will do just nicely indeed!
Slippery Slope Brown's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Ibrahim, creeling piteously.

Never Strikes Twice Gold Hatchling is off like a shot, once she gets her feet under her! She zigs and zags, which draws unwanted attention from some more impatient youngsters. Panicked, she hisses and spits to their greedy attempts to snare her and all are evaded! It's not so much lures that catch her in the end, but a chaotic path which sends her careening, wings flared and talons out, to safety.
Never Strikes Twice Gold Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Runa, creeling piteously.

Talya does not do innocent well as she grins toothily back at Alyna, having caught her wording. "What? He's very handsome." Does she mean firelizard or bluerider? She does not elaborate at all. Ibrahim gets a lifted half-full cup of beer in greeting, and she goes back to watching the show of others getting burdened with the little beasties. "Maybe they are several clutches that were abandoned out here by owners so they can hatch wild?" This is Tal's guess when the newcomer also notes the second gold's arrival. "Just luck that a party was set up at the same time around these parts." Speaking of, she is running low on beer and the firelizards seem to be all finding homes.

Rielle is surprised at the appearance of a second gold as well, uttering a little chuckle as she finishes a bite of pork. "Must have been a doubled clutch," she notes, and folds herself down to sitting on the sand, watching through a gap in those assembled with her plate on her lap, grinning when she notes that a brown finds its way to Ibrahim. Then that gold makes its way to Runa and she can't help but laugh. "And congratulations again!" she calls to her newest wingrider, some pork still dangling from her fingers at her knee as she opts to talk instead of eat for the moment.
Runa calls to Gilda, who flies over and lands on her shoulder.

On his feet now, with the little gold tucked safely into the crook of his arm and sleeping, Vaeslyn turns to picking at the remains of his stolen plate for his own consumption, stuffing a bit of porcine in his mouth as he peers curiously back toward the clutch. "Uh…" which is definitely surprise, and probably an internal agreement with those 'isn't that unusual?' comments already spoken. That she goes to Runa? "Wow. Nicely done," is offered to the bluerider, offering a bit of a grin her direction.

When it rains, it pours and today it just seems to be pouring firelizards! After the Deluge Blue Hatchling shakes of those droplets of shell shards still sticking to him before joining the flood of his siblings with finding their bonds, and more importantly, their FOOD! It's surprising that such a little flit could give such a mighty rumble, but that's exactly what he does as he reaches out eagerly to claim that tidbit from Rielle's hand.
After the Deluge Blue's cries turn joyous, and he turns towards Rielle, creeling piteously.

Alyna leans towards Talya conspiratorily as her eyes suddenly warm and dance with mirth as she whispers to her friend, "Yes, he most certainly is," is followed by a truly besotted look on her face as her eyes turn back towards the swarthy bluerider. The rest of the eggs hatching are ignored as she gently strokes the soft skin of her bronze hatchling, "Now what to name you little one," she wonders out loud.

Laughing softly, Runa peers at Rielle at her return, "So, I hear Serval is the wing to be in." So says she at a Jaguar party. Bad bluerider, bad! That flash of a grin promises just a small amount of trouble to be found in the bluerider. With meat dangling off her fingers, she doesn't quite see the moment the gold runs for her, but when the blue nudges her from behind, she turns in time to be claimed by the gold, fingers snatched back just in time to grap another bit of meat as words of congratulations are given, "Thanks.. I.." Man, when she finally gives in, she really gives in!

D'har watches more Impressions happen left and right as he continues to feed the demanding face creeling in the crook of his arm. He does, however, catch Talya's comment and grins at her again. "He is indeed," he says, tilting his head toward Alyna's new bond. "Or did you mean this fellow? I'm inclined to agree." That noted as he lifts his own charge a bit. To Alyna, however, he winks in the wake of that traded whisper, teasing.

Ibrahim is so, so used to the routine now: stuff the gaping maw until the ear-piercing demands stop. Except, now he has a second gaping maw presenting itself, for Veruca is not one to take second place to anybody! She'll shoulder her way onto Ibrahim's lap, squealing and squalling for her 'share'. With a roll of his eyes, the wildling manages by some feat of dexterity, to shove the quickly dwindling supply of porcine into both mouths. "I seem to be volunteering for so, so many creatures lately." Five firelizards, with three fortunately past the age of begging him to feed them. Well, they can help feed the new babies. "What should I call this one."

"It most definitely is, if you like the challenge of a good- oy!" Wait a second! There's a little blue beastie lunging for the pork in her fingers, successfully, and that is not something Rielle signed up for. "Oh, for Faranth's sake…" It's said with an exasperated chuckle; it's not like she can resist a baby flit, even if she wasn't planning on one. "Well, fine then." Now she has to eat her tease to Va'os. Scooping up the little blue, she sets him upon her arm, cradling him as she shoves more meat in his mouth. "You'll be in good company, at least."

Calliope wanders into the light of the bonfire. Late to the party she doesn't truly appear to be in a mingling sort of mood. Lurking upon the edges of the shadow she takes in the scene, fire, beer, food and firelizards. The small brown on her shoulder sticks his nose in the air, catching the scent of roasted porcine. "Ah there Glyph that almost counts as hunting if you go find your own pieces." is said in an amused tone.

Talya is massively amused at her friend whispers, her eyes on the (hopefully) distracted bluerider. But not distracted long, when he looks their way. She blinks when he agrees, then with a laugh says, "Oh, well, both of them." Yes, the firelizards man. "And don't ask me for names, took me forever to come up with what to call mine and— well, actually, it was just what I called them when they were annoying me, and it stuck as Beast and Blue." She glances down towards the bronze in Alyna's hands. "I'd just name him Firewhiskey since that is the last thing on my mind." Which is a lot more creative than her two monsters! But she shrugs and shakes her empty cup to them. "Beer," is offered to Ibrahim when he mentions names too. "Which I need more of."

Say what you want about all the other wings being the place to be in, Jaguar just knows everybody else is jealous. Of their bacon and beer and roasted porcine and stuff. D'wane definitely believes a well fed wing is good for morale. And eventually someone has handed him a plate of porcine so he didn't even have to get up, so he's true to his word about that person not having to stand in line. He does hear Talya calling out for more beer. "It won't be raining from the sky. You gotta get over here if you want it."

Overwhelming Overgrowth Egg shatters into a thousand fragments, leaving its occupant out in the open.
Sky Going Green Hatchling
Tempest and storm, she is the herald of nature's celestial warnings. Nimble and sleek, her pastel coloring is diluted but stunning for its simplicity. Sage takes dominion over much of her hide, untouched and unblemished save for where it gradually darkens. This play of shadow and light is so delicate, yet work to accentuate her fine, angular features and long, slender limbs. Only her talons are held closer to a true green, the wicked curves holding a dulled beryl hue in the right light. Clouds of faded jade swirl along her back and over the broad expanse of her wings, where eventually jade fades to a green-grey edge.

"Names?" asks Vaeslyn, who hasn't even considered a name yet. The idea of coming up with one is briefly off-putting, it seems. Enough that there is a grimace and a glance toward the little gold in his arm. "Can't just call her 'yellow' I suppose." Cause she is. Yellow. Is he inviting himself into the conversation? Maybe. Or he's talking to himself again which, really… isn't all that unusual.

"I'm sure one will come to me." Alyna murmurs about a name as she can't help tickling the little bronze's bulging tummy as Jem joins her with a melodious trill to perch on her humanpet's shoulder, peering down at the newest addition. At the back and forth between Talya and D'har, she can't help buut giggle, yes, many handsome males in the vicinity indeed they could be talking about any of them. The bluerider's wink is met with a warm smile as she looks around, pondering finding some refreshment for herself now.

"Why not?" Ibrahim asks of Vaeslyn, grinning. "She is yellow. Very yellow." What? Was he not supposed to lend support to a man trying to name his new hatchling? For he shall — being helpful is what the wildling does, sometimes. When it suits him to do so, especially since the youn apprentice seems so… overwhelmed.

"Hoping to get the party moved over there, and away from the rest of the hatching and wandering firelizards," is Talya's call back to D'wane who is serving said beer. Because beer is so much better right at this moment. The unfamiliar voice pulls her away from the people around her as they are still adjusting or feeding their new firelizards. "Why not?" she asks Vaeslyn, completely serious. "Yellow is a great name! I have Blue. Blue's great." It's like the name suddenly triggered it, and her own firelizard suddenly pops into existence above her head with a chitter. He was probably among those in the beach, and hearing his name from his human made him appear immediately. The blue glides down gracefully to the guard's shoulder. Let's encourage the colored names.

Calliope pipes in to random conversations about names, you get to do that when you lurk around in the mostly dark. "Call 'em Discord, or Harmony. Those are good ones." perhaps an ode to her own name that is some weird long ago instrument. The copper colored brown on her shoulder takes flight, apparently finally figuring out his begging in her ear isn't doing a thing for getting himself fed. There's a slight smirk from the Starcraft apprentice at the flight of the brown. "Shards, there's firelizards all over this place."

Names? Runa gives a thought, "Storm.." The snoring baby blue in her lap is called before she glances to the gold who's still eating porcine handed over to her, "I'm thinking… Gilda. Because she's all gilded around the edges." As ofr color names, she nods, "Yellow would be great as well. I think you should name her whatever you want. Whatever comes to mind when /you/ look at her."

Sky Going Green Hatchling is one of those among the influx and she's one of the last to break shell! Not that that stops her from setting on her single-minded task. Away she goes, kicking up sand as she flares her wings and makes those sad little hatchling sounds. She's hungry too! And if she had it her way, she'd consume every last scrap on her whirlwind trek!
Sky Going Green Hatchling's cries turn joyous, and she turns towards Calliope, creeling piteously.

"Oh, uh. Well, alright then," decides Vaeslyn, as not one but /two/ people offer support to the name. Peering down at the little gold in his arm, he murmurs, "Yellow it is, then." Hopefully she doesn't take offense, being named after a primary color rather than a precious metal. Too bad she's sound asleep and unable to voice her opinion on the matter. "I like the name Blue," he agrees. "Simple 'nough." The last scraps are scraped from the stolen plate, and soon enough Vaes is eyeballing other offerings. The little firelizard might be full, but apparently the apprentice is not.

D'har seems to sense what Alyna is about now, yawning inadvertently as his little bronze finally succumbs to a food coma and passes out. "Well, love, shall we go get something in our own stomachs now?" he suggests, pushing carefully to his feet and reaching down to offer the greenrider a hand up. Booze, meat - both are destined for his belly, he's decided. Nothing like some newborn firelizard empathy to help one's own hunger and thirst along!

D'wane can be lazy sometimes and since he's already here where the booze is, he ain't gonna let know firelizard hatching force him to move. Especially when most of it is at least a good fifty feet behind him, despite what Talya might be suggesting. "This keg isn't moving again until it's empty!" He's sure he can find a few good men, or women, to help make sure he's not a liar with that declaration. as for the naming discussion, "You can call them anything, as long as it's the same thing all the time. Although there are quite a few Shards flying around, so that might be confusing." The anything might be a bit limited, but only slightly.

And now Rielle is going to get out of the way to finish feeding her new blue, her two browns and a green finding places on her shoulders to croon at the baby. She's not done at this party! She's just going to have to be a little more careful in her revelry tonight now.

"Sounds delightful." Alyna replies to D'har as she accepts his hand, and not reliquishing it for the rest of the evening unless absolutely necessary.

Calliope very nearly steps on a creeling hatchling, narrowly avoiding it when her own Glyph pops back in front of her face to hiss at her in warning. Perhaps one shouldn't hover on the edges of bonfire light, it makes for hard seeing. Glyph's good for something after all! She glances around a moment before scooping up the hungry hatchling and heads towards the meat. "I just got him almost fining his own dinner. You'd better not be a diva, we'll have to have a talk."

Vaeslyn is totally inclined to assist with the emptying of that keg… He's of age, right? Seventeen is clearly old enough to consume alcoholic beverages with abandon.

Now that people are moving, Talya happily obliges D'wane by power walking the distance to be one of the first in line back for the keg. And then meanders to finally nab some food as well. She's going to make sure to indulge a bit before heading back to the barracks.

Runa has two.. yes two.. little flits sleeping in her arms. Or lap. With her blue lifemate hovering over her, she glances up at Sheroth, "I'm going to leave them right here with you and go get something to eat and drink.." That said, she makes a nest of the towel she'd brought down, and carefully places the two sleeping flits within. Sheroth settles down so he can keep guard of his little cousins till her return. Pushing herself up to stand, Runa heads for the tables for some of that porcine for herself this time, and a drink, finding herself closing in on the line for beer.

D'wane survived with not getting another firelizard! Pebble gets in enough trouble, the mischievous bronze doesn't need a little minion at his disposal. And as long as Vaeslyn doesn't have a knot on him screaming 'apprentice', yeah… D'wane will totally serve him beer. And her a beer. And him… and well, that keg was empty quicker than he thought. "Looks like we're down to rum and whiskey!" Declared loudly to whoever might be staying. Plus whatever other odds and ends people brought. And now that the sun has fully set and everybody's checked the beach to make sure there aren't any more firelizard eggs to be found over there, the bonfire lighting is finally getting underway!

Getting to the party late is not actually a Mayte specialty. But she's there, right as D'wane announces rum and whiskey: "Woot!"

Vaeslyn definitely "accidentally" left his knot back at the barracks, and is only too happy to put on his best 'I totally belong in this line' face. It's hard to look casually… casual with a firelizard in the crook of your arm tho. But the beer he gets is offered in brief toast of thanks as he side-steps out of the way to consume it. At least he doesn't chug the sucker, but there might be some hasty swallowing before anyone can call him on it.

And while D'wane might be comfortable around Va'os to enforce the weyrleader having to stand in line like everybody else, he is also a sane man. And has a sensible fear healthy respect for the Weyrwoman and so she can totally cut in line. Sorry, not sorry, Runa. He'll get to you in a minute. "So was that woot for the rum or the whiskey?" And in fact, he's gonna have enough of booze duty. Those bottles are moved into the reach of folks lining up in front of the table so they can pour their own. "Y'all behave." Cause that's going to work, right?

There are few wiser men than D'wane, some days. Mayte smiles cheerfully at him: "Either is good!" A grin to Runa: "Depends on your personal poison, right?" It's almost an apology for budding. D'wane's warning to behave of course doesn't apply to Mayte so she takes a bottle of something nice and darkly alcoholic and pours some into a flask she pulls out of her breastpocket. Never leave home with out one,

Mind? Runa? Especially when it's a weyrwoman? She offers Mayte a smile, gesturing her to go ahead of her, no worries! Of course, she's going to make an introduction, "Runa, just transfered in from Telgar. Serval." Beer, rum, whatever might be found to fill a cup, she's good.

Calliope mutters to herself as she snatches porcine meat from wherever it is and stuffs the green until she's well, stuffed. The random lines of people for booze gets blinked at as she wanders throughout the rest of the bonfire. Fading off into the night once again with very little interaction among many. She's a ghost, a ghost in the night. Or rather an apprentice who spends most of her time out at night.

As tempted as D'wane might be to mix both for Mayte given that statement, she is clearly perfectly capable of grabbing her own drink as she proved and now he's given up his previous station, so possible disaster averted! "Telgar, huh?" He gives a nod towards the new rider. Yes, her hidework was probably something he saw at one point or another, but once you're dealing with big enough stacks of hidework, it's hard to keep it all straight. "If you start missing snow soon, Southern Barrier's always got some."

"Yep." Runa says with a bob of her head given to D'wane. "Just moved into my weyr over in the river cliffs. Sheroth.." She points over towards the camo-patterned blue that's doting and crooning over the two flits that claimed her, ".. is mine." As if he will keep up with that. She doesn't expect him to either. Yet. Eventually, he will remember her name! Ahem. "I'll remember that, though I'm not going to miss it too much, at least not right now." This beach has been calling her name since she arrived at Southern!

Oh, Runa, you'll go far in Southern, letting Mayte get to the alcohol first. Carefully putting the bottle down, Mayte grins at the SErval rider: "Oh yes, Rhiscorath mentioned you'd be here soon." She snickers softly about the snow one can find down here but mms: "Good to have you here. Your weyr good enough for you? Not having any trouble with finding your way?" Eyeing D'wane mischievously, Mayte adds, "Got all your bookcases in order?"

D'wane grumbles something that sounds suspiciously like 'sharding bookcases can all be thrown in the Azov' before taking another big swig of his cup of rum and putting on a polite, not grumbly face either for the goldrider or more likely for the new rider standing in front of them. "If what I hear about the river weyrs is correct, she more likely needs some thick curtains and some blankets. Wind might be worst there than it is in the ones high over the bowl."

There's a look given between goldrider and weyrleader, no doubt wondering what inside joke is behind this talk of bookcases. Still, Runa but smiles a little more, "Nah, got enough in the way of bookcases up there. Seems there was an old one left behind. Most my stuff packed in well enough,b ut then…" She laughs a little, "I'm not my mother with her instruments and compositions, thankfully." Ah, yes her Harper mother would have wanted those extra bookcases, no doubt! "It is windy u pthere, but Sheroth took to them - their height gives him the ultimate vantage point to seeing trouble coming.." Or that's the blue's excuse and he's sticking to it.

Mayte looks way too innocent after D'wane mutters, all smiles for Runa: "Be sure to let the Headwoman know if you need anything. And then let me know if you need more of it." A strange comment to be sure but the way Mayte's expression becomes even more innocent is… worrying. "Yes! Mothers." Taking another sip of her flask, Mayte stares over Runa's shoulder for a second, her face falling: "Mothers are wonderful, aren't they? I had a mother once…" That last word is thick and Mayte sniffs, pressing her lips together hard.

<Southern Weyr> Rocketh senses that: The shutters of the library windows spring open, dust flung to the wind. Deep from the back room of the library, alarm! A book mis-shelved? A book missing? A book with KLAH STAINS?!?! No. « Mayte! MAYTE! I need ALL those awful novels someone keeps leaving around! I have to taste how they're DIFFERENT! » (Rhiscorath)

There's a flicker of… something, as D'wane attempts some quick mental calculus. No napkin is even needed for him to draw out certain conclusions. "Oh… is that someone calling my name?" No, nobody was calling his name at all. But D'wane is going to go BE OVER THERE! and probably try and get as far away from Mayte as he can, which won't be too far since Rocketh's going to be trying to see if he can add some salty sea adventures to Rhiscorath's story collection. Although… the bronze only has stories and not actual physical books…

"I will do so, I promise, Ma'am." Polite and well mannered is the bluerider. "I can't complain too much about mine. She's an AWLM at Telgar, and a Harper. Greenrider." But as Mayte's words fade and that look comes to her eye, Runa reaches out to touch the other woman's arm, if allowed, in a show of comfort, "I.. am sorry?" Oh man, making the goldrider almost cry is not a good thing, is it? Turning to look to D'wane for help, she watches as he heads off, almost scurrying away. Before she can question, there's a prickle in her head from her lifemate about the gold's request coming in. "Well, if you want.." The blue will be nice and share his own stories, if Rhiscorath wishes. Like Rock, no actual books, but stories. Sorry!

D'wane's retreat is NOT MISSED, D'WANE; Mayte looks up as the giant's shadow disappears, and then there's Runa, being so nice… Mayte's dark eyes go a little watery and she nods, half in acknowledgement of Runa's condolences, half because D'wane just left, and half because moms. "Thank you…" Rhiscorath isn't helping the situation, either. Mayte rubs one tear out of her eye, leaving a wet smear on her cheek, and whispers so brokenly, "No, but thank you… Rhis just wants to taste the pages." Like this is a conversation she's had before, a few times. And then finally, the goldrider's voice cracks: "If you'll excuse me!" Before Mayte devolves into tears, she turns and walks away stiffly, past D'wane (who will likely hear something about this), and back to the Weyr where she can cry for a few minutes. Weyrwomen may be cray but you don't dare say that to their faces.

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