Divale, Xanthee, Eidruko, Ramita, Varli


It's Fight Night and a rather disparate group of Igenites come in to enjoy the festivites


It is evening of the fourth day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Pit, Igen Weyr

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"Is it just me, or do they all keep getting younger, wingsecond?"


The Pit

One does not enter The Pit so much as descend into it. Why else the name? The Steen ancestors paid for their square footage with sweat, excavating the area and building curved walls up around it. Wide, smooth steps descend into a large entry area that overlooks the pit and galleries. Floors, ceilings and walls have been whitewashed with limestone paste, increasing the amount of light reflected back from the numerous glow baskets hung on the walls. A rounded doorway to the right leads one into the business' "office", which is furnished in spartan style: cushions for kneeling or sitting upon, a desk that's low to the ground constructed of the same whitewashed stone as the rest of the building, and niches carved out of the walls themselves for decorative pieces. Here is a small sculpture of men wrestling, there is a wooden carving of a champion with a foot upon his vanquished foe.

Continuing on through the lobby brings one to another set of six stairs that descend into the galleries surrounding the sand-filled pits. A low wall separates audience from combatants, but even at its highest point, those in the galleries are never more than twenty feet away from the action. The sand is raked daily, with fresh sand added whenever the blood to soil ratio becomes too great.

Evening has been obscured by the gathering of clouds to blot out the setting sun. A storm is gathering, but only the winds are a nuisance for now. Wind that can be scarcely heard over the murmuring swell and roar of the crowd gathered for the night's entertainment. The fights scheduled for tonight prove to be popular; likely well matched favorites, which evenly split those drawn to witness them. Betting is likely to be tipping to various odds and very heated. Divale has no interest in the gambling side and is merely here to ghost through the crowds ? and enjoy some of the matches, when she can focus on the fighting below. For the most part, the brownrider keeps her dark, shadowed gaze on the myriad of folk gathered. Searching, perhaps? Or merely keeping eye and ear open for anything suspicious to be said or done.

The rousing storm means that when Xanthee leave her shift at the tea room, cloak thrown over her form, hood protecting her face, instead of making her way out of the sidestreet, she decides to duck into the Pit for a quick look around. Knowing that there is a fight tonight, and also knowing her boyfriend likes a flutter on the fights now and then, as does Xan if she's honest, she walks in looking around for the brown-haired Miner. Hoo boy there are a lot of people here, so flicking back her hood, she begins to meander around the crowds, eyes searching.

Recruit Eidruko is off-duty, and was so this afternoon, but he has nothing beneficial to really do. Too young for a family, not especially known to instigate mayhem, he is the worst of them all: possessing idle time he could use for gain or ill. He's seen circulating the cockfights not far down this alley, a cheaper form of entertainment than the Pit. His height and youth contradict each other, but the attendant at the entrance allows him entrance, eyeing the teenager. Having been here several times before to just wander and watch, Eidruko chews on windchapped lips and weighs his options by Xanthee.

When there are people at the Pit, they're bound to want plenty of drinks and Ramita's here to make sure they keep flowing. The Steen vintner isn't actually serving up the drinks herself yet, but she's been keeping a close eye on her staff, and the crowds themselves. A familiar face is spotted, and approach the brownrider she will. "Is it just me, or do they all keep getting younger, wingsecond?" There's a flick of ice blue eyes over towards the pair of teenagers that have wandered in not too far from them. It's not just the bouncer's eyeing Eidruko. Or Xanthee for that matter. Presence noted.

What are the chances, among a milling crowd such as this, to spy not one, but potentially two familiar faces? Xanthee being known a little more, but no doubt as a recruit Divale has crossed Eidruko's path at some point. Her attention will pull away from them briefly, however, on Ramita's approach (a third familiar face!) and greeting. "Quite the draw tonight, hmm?" she muses, in ever a dry, dry tone and pitched just loud enough to be heard over the din as one match ends and the next is slated to begin. A bemused smirk quirks her lips. "And it would appear so. I can vouch that at least one of them will behave themselves?" A hint of teasing, there and ever fleeting.

Making her way through the crowds, Xanthee is feeling a little dissapointed to see that Malosim doesn't seem to be there. Well boo. What should she do now? Oh look, drinks. Striding now to wherever the drinks are being dispensed from, she orders herself a glass of white wine, paying for the drink. Now that she has that, she goes in search of a seat in which she can watch a couple fights. Passing by Divale and Ramita, two familiar faces, she raises her glass jovially. "Good evening."

Eidruko's knot is off to align with his current inactive status but he isn't alone in that veil of anonymity. As the Steen enterprise begins to circulate drinks, the youth shakes his head when one almost comes his way. "I," he clears his throat, still occasionally subject to shifts in vocal tone (when will that stop…), "can't afford it. Thanks." A forced sort of smile and he doesn't seem too hurt. Divale, a superior (they all are), is given a salute for that disperity. "Only because there are too many witnesses, ma'am." Grinning boyishly, catching the wisps of conversation.

Well, since that salute kinda gives out which one Divale might be vouching for, at least as far as Ramita is concerned, the corners of her mouths turn up into the tiniest of smiles. "And I think I might be able to vouch for the other. Good Evening, Xanthee." Might being a key word. These are teenagers they're speaking about after all and teenagers are known for being prime examples of unpredictability. She does manage to avoid letting out a bit of a tsk when Eidruko admits he can't afford a drink. There's a look passed between server and Steen and well, he moves on to find some paying customers.

Divale will be a paying customer! Signalled, of course, by a meeting of her eyes to the server and a subtle nod. Alas, poor Eidruko, too poor to afford even one drink! Lucky for him, his superior has a "heart" ? or more like she enjoys having favours owed to her. "What's your preferred poison?" she muses to the recruit and that's some dark humour at play too, wrapped behind a perfectly neutral and innocent facade. He could, of course, refuse, to which the brownrider will not push the matter. His quip earns him an amused scoff and she turns her attention instead to Xanthee. "Evening. Didn't think the Pit was to your tastes…?" Belatedly, to Ramita, she chuckles. "I was hoping to make it difficult to predict which was which." As far as behaviour goes.

Xanthee nods to the two older women, and offers a small smile in the direction of the other teenager in the midst. Taking her glass to her lips, she takes a long sip and then looks around. "Busy night. Good for business." This is directed to Ramita, the woman who hired here over a Turn ago to work in the Tea Room. Then Divale is given a side-eyed look and a little smile, "Well, I have a wee weakness for gambling on occasion, and when there isn't a hatching to put marks on, I come here. Although I was hoping my boyfriend was here, but it doesn't look like it, so I figure I would have a drink, it's always a long shift when there's a storm coming up." And with that, Xan lifts the glass again and takes another sip.

The old dragonrider's jacket Eidruko's wearing, a Threadscore over one shoulder blade, becomes a starting point to make sure he's indeed, yes, broke. No relation to Th'bek. "Just water. Thank ye, you're worth your salt, wingsecond." Appreciative of the offer, but also slightly suspicious, Eidruko strikes a compromise between options. "But I bet the better stuff is worth it." Not to slight Ramita, especially since he's present on account of her family's good graces. "It's hot," rubbing his collar, and expanding his gaze. "You're in the Tea Room?" Seeing Xanthee, "I probably pass by there a dozen times a day."

"Most nights are good for business," Ramita will also claim a beverage of her own, complete with a chinks of ice worked off a block as well. Good thing there's usually a rider around with some free time willing to make a few marks from supplying the good folks of the bazaar with ice. A second, smaller glass is claimed and passed to Divale. A sampling of sorts. "I think you'll be interested in that." But no other hints to what it is. At least most of the scent should be familiar enough (mmmmm… cinnamon) and well, it's Ramita. Spice should be expected.

"Gambling and… a taste for wine? Just how old are you again?" Divale's mouth quirks into another sardonic tilt, though her tone still hints towards amusement more than an outright scolding. Still, she's giving Xanthee a look. Dressed casually, it's difficult to say if she's off duty as well or merely being a thorn in everyone's side tonight. "Water?" Slight incredulousness to Eidruko's choice. He had a chance to get himself the "good stuff". Alas, water it is! "You're free to unwind a bit. Or do you prefer the fights and not so much the refreshments too?" Both teenagers will be spared further prodding from Divale, as Ramita thoroughly distracts her with her latest sample. It even earns the Steen woman a rare, fleeting half-smile. "You know me well," she muses, taking her time in sniffing at the drink before taking a small taste. From the brief note of delight crossing her features, it's another win!

It's her business to be discreet, so it should be no surprise that the demurely dressed Varli goes un-noticed as she makes her way over to where the drinks are. Well almost un-noticed, the soft tinkling of the bells that grace her ankles, and wrist give her away. Though she isn't concerned about being silent, "May I?" Varli asks of Ramita, she has the marks to pay so that's not a concern for her. Though the woman's preferred drink is best left for places like the Oasis or the Cantina.

"My 17th Turnday is less than three sevens away." Xanthee replies with a quip to Divale, sipping at her wine again. Eidruko is treated to a long look and a given a small smile. "I do, yes. Be sure to come inside sometime, especially now that it's getting colder. Our teas are very reasonably priced." She says with a playful wink. Xan's gotta flirt, it's like breathing to her at this point, but it is an innocent flirting, the real stuff is saved for one particular Miner. And then she's craning her head to see what this drink is that Ramita is offering Divale, interest on her face. When she hears the tinkling of bells, Xan wonders which of the Zingari just walked in. "Heya there Varli, coming to watch the fight?" Well duh, why else would she be here?

Though they've spent some time within each other's presence, Eidruko hasn't truly read Divale well enough yet. "No such thing as a free lunch, ma'am, I think that's in the Charter." Someone told him it was once, and he's been quoting it since, falsehood or not. "I like to watch them wail on each other, it sometimes offers pointers." He tries to reinact in the sparring room and get bruised. Because his is 'special order' from the water spigot, the recruit will have to wait, but does get his promised drink. Getting some, "good water though, cold, almost a bite to it." Listening to Xanthee, the tall lad nods at the offer, appreciative. "I'll consider it." Clearly, with a boyfriend, he may be wiser to skirt this dame. Varli enters and like Xanthee, he's drawn to the sound of bells. He assesses.

Ramita's eyes widen just a little bit as Xanthee so proudly proclaims her age, a bit of firey amusement flickering behind the icy facade. "Like I said, keep getting younger." Although she's not going to make any effort to stop the teen from drinking. If you're old enough to slip the marks to the server, you're probably old enough to drink in the bazaar. She spins around a bit as someone approaches her for a drink, although the Steen scarlet and the vintners knot makes it not completely surprising, even though the journeywoman is mingling with her own drink instead of serving herself. "You may, although you'll have better luck with Lirlak over there." Seeing as she's not giving up her own glass. But Lirlak's serving up plenty just a few paces away.

"Seventeen is young," Divale tosses back to Xanthee, with an implied grin despite her expression barely changing. She can be terrible with her teasing! "Though I will agree, the teas from the Tea Room are good." It's often a place she haunts, when she's not looking for something as grim as bloodsport! Eidruko is given a look for the quote given and yet she doesn't challenge or correct him; she merely tips her glass in a mimicry of a toast and enjoys a little more of that cinnamon-like spiced drink. "Ramita, you continue to surprise me!" It's a compliment, really! "Not as much bite as the others, but still a pleasant kick." Varli's entrance, bells and all, work to snare the brownrider's attention as well and the woman is given a thorough look over. Shameless, all in all! Belatedly, to the recruit: "Not an unwise practice." And speaking of those fights, her attention turns briefly to the match about to begin below.

Varli gives a smile that is concealed by the veil she currently wears, "Of course," a nod, then there's, "Xanthee," a look towards the fighting ring, "Oh you know, bit of this. Bit of that," and another concealed smile as she moves to procure a drink. Eidruko's assessing gaze is noted, and this also amuses the woman. She'd give a soft chuckle, except that would not be appropriate at this time. Divale's interest also garners amusement from Varli, and drink in hand she turns to watch the fight below as it begins.

Xanthee bristles slightly when she's called young, "Age is just a number. You have to grow up fast in the Lower Caverns of the Weyr." How very poetic of the young raven-haired girl. When Divale mentions the teas and the young guard considers visiting, she adds, ever the thoughtful salesgirl, "I am going to start making my mulled teas soon, non-alcoholic of course, they are perfect for chasing the chill away." Xanthee has been having lots of fun experimenting with signature drinks over at the Tea Room. Varli is given a raise of her glass in a casual toast as she finishes off the remainder of her wine.

Eidruko's height serves him well in getting a good view, but pity the fools who must sit behind him. As ages are reviewed, he keeps silent on being the same age as Xanthee, but yet, it's easy to see he's not far off. The attempt is made to tuck in the length of bone in his legs, but these seats weren't achieved with his input. As the others cultivate the conversation, the recruit is here to be entertained, so he ghosts from the conversation to observe some voluntary violence.

Ramita watches the bristling teen and gives a bit of a look to the two older women present. "Mmmm… it must be so hard growing up in the Lower Caverns, where there isn't a night that goes by without a guaranteed meal and you have nice solid stone and all the Weyr's dragons between you and Thread." Not that Ramita's upbringing was any harsher, but she's not claiming to have grown up fast. And she has seen some of those that have fallen on the hardest of times in the less traversed corners of the bazaar a time or two.

Divale's past is not one to be shared lightly, as many of the details are enough to horrify even the more seasoned of folks and hardened hearts. For that reason, Xanthee's bristling almost has the brownrider laughing; which would be a very rare form for one who can't seem to smile on a daily basis. "Mhm, perhaps? Though I am inclined to side with Ramita on that matter. Not to say you've not had some hardships dealt to you, girl but there are many more who have had it worse. Who suffer even now." Ahh, never fails for her to bring the doom and gloom to a conversation! The rest of the drink is knocked back and she grimaces a bit in appreciation to the kick-back. "I should return to my duties. I've a late shift tonight, but figured I'd catch a round or two first." A nod again to the ring below. "Enjoy your evenings, ladies. And do beware of any… suspicious 'sales' of miracle cures, mmm?" Reference to the knock-off blue glow starting to circulate; which is likely what has the Wingsecond set to prowl the Bazaar during the dead cold of night.

Varli will hold her own counsel on this topic. She's Zingari, and she absolutely loves her life. No stone walls for her thank you very much. That bit of information from the brownrider is tucked away, and Varli gives a smile to the woman, "Safe journeys," she offers, then she's left to the remaining women, "Alas, I've nothing to add to this conversation," the rich contra-alto of her voice is held to a soft tone, neither chiding or openly amused for all that her eyes simply dance with that amusement.

A roll of her eyes, Xanthee crosses her arms over her chest defensively, thick raven brows knitting together over her eyes. "C'mon, of course I get there are those who've had it worse, but I hate when people assume that weyrbrats have it easy." She says, a dark tone entering her voice, her own recent past a testament to that. Divale is given a nod as she heads off and looking down at her empty glass she nods curtly at Ramita, "Well, I have an early shift so…" She hands off the empty glass to a passing server and bows her head in the Vinter direction before heading out, although towards the Crafter's Complex rather than the Resident Terraces.

Ramita is not one to argue, especially not when there's nothing in it for you. She'll just impassively watch Xanthee's defense and then shrug. "We all have our own problems, girl." But breaks do not last forever and there's one of the Steen bookies trying to flag the woman down. "If you'll excuse me…" She's unsure if Varli would require any more assistance from her, but it doesn't hurt to make a polite exit, which she does now.

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