H'rik, Ramita


Ramita's on business and H'rik's on lunch. Some things are said and others are still left unsaid.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the tenth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Weyr Pass Road

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"I'll be the best behaved son who ran away you ever saw,"


Weyr Pass Road

The temperature begins ever-so-gradually to drop as you travel further into the foothills of the Central Pass. Largely inhospitable and difficult to traverse, it is no wonder most traffic converges on this narrow dip through the mountains: a hospitable pass that runs east-west, deep-rutted with the marks of centuries' of wagon ruts and runner hooves. To your northeast, Igen Weyr is now clearly distinguishable from the other mountains in the range, and the eastern roadway splinters, a trail running up towards the plateau at its feet.

It is the sixty-fourth day of Autumn and 84 degrees. It is hot. Hot, hot, hot. Rukbat bakes the desert. Temperatures soar.

Drills are getting tougher and tougher, but no weyrling can work all day without a break. So with the sun just past its peak in the cloudless sky, the seniors have been released for lunch. H'rik, rather than taking his in the living cavern like so many others would, has elected to grab his and disappear out beyond the confines of the Weyr. He and Wendryth have found a spot just away from the road, but within watching distance. Wendy is a solid wall of dragon for H'rik to lean against, and the dragon lies facing the road with H'rik propped up against his chest, between his legs. The young dragon has got a good view of the road, and can peer at the few travellers on it today, rather like a sentinel. H'rik is more interested in eating his sandwich right now, but he's keeping half an eye on the road as something to watch. The pair look pretty relaxed, and H'rik has shed his riding jacket thanks to the incessant heat of the day. Fortunately, Wendryth's neck and head provide a good bit of shade to keep him out of the direct sunlight.

And this is a very convenient road. Well travelled as it connects the Weyr with various places beyond. Not far beyond where the weyrling and his dragon have decided to settle, there is an Inn that is a frequent stop for hungry travelers. There's a trio of such coming down the road on runner back. Two are clearly some sort of guards from their posture, their build and also the weapons carried with them. The third however, is not. A smaller woman, veiled in relatively traditional desert travelling garb is the one leading the party, although the clothing is distinctive for being a very particular shade of scarlet. Ramita slows a little bit as the bronze is spotted. The runners haven't spooked yet, but caution is good to practice in such situations.

Wendryth doesn't remember every thing, but Ramita is in H'rik's thoughts frequently enough that the bronze certainly remembers she is a relative and a friend. With keen dragon eyes, he recognised her face before H'rik does, and the bronze's head lifts happily as he says, on a band that broadcasts to all in the vicinity, « FAIR NOON! H'RIK, YOUR RELATIVE APPROACHES! » Because he's moved his head, H'rik's shade has gone, and the man squints against the sun down at the trio of riders. Yep, that does indeed look like his cousin. "Okay, calm down or the horses will spook," he tells Wendy, shifting his sandwich to one hand so he can use the other to hail Ramita - hopefully visible at this distance.

Let it never be said that Ramita is not resourceful. In fact, resourcefulness might be one of her defining features and the reason she's out doing family errands that have nothing to do with vintning at the moment. As Wendryth's greeting goes out to all around, her head darts up, glancing at the pair up a head. There's a conversation that happens with the two guards. One seems particularly grumpy at whatever is said, but the woman is going to dismount and hand her reins to the other guard. They can deal with the beasts. She'll deal with the dragon. And cousin. On foot. The help can take the long way around. "Afternoon, H'rik. A road seems a strange place for a dragon to rest." But there's a small smile on her face once she gets close enough for salutations.

H'rik's hand drops back down, and he stuffs the rest of his sandwich in his mouth and starts wiping his hands on his trousers while Ramita does whatever it is she needs to do with her riding companions. Wendryth is watching keenly, eager to see if this person who is of importance to H'rik is going to come up to them or not - and hey, she is! H'rik has just about managed to swallow the remains of his lunch when Ramita has approached and started talking to him. Forgive him if there are crumbs around his mouth. "It's too hot to be cooped up in there again," he explains, with a jerk of a thubm towards the Weyr, minding not to punch Wendy in the chest. "Anyway, sometimes it's funny to see if people freak out when they see a dragon watching them." He gives a cheeky smile at that. Wendy has moved his head again, but this time towards Ramita, to give her a warm snuffle of a greeting now she's closer.

Ramita may or may not forgive the crumbs. It's a matter still to be determined. They're certainly noticed if they're there. She gives a small tsk as the man gives his reason for camping out on the road. "You never struck me as one for practical jokes. Particularly ones which could end up with someone getting hurt. A novice rider with a panicked runner is not a laughing matter." She raises an eyebrow at H'rik to see what the man has to say for himself, but is then distracted by the bronze snuffling. At least she's not too upset, considering she'll gladly give Wendryth a headscritch if he keeps his head still and in her reach long enough.

"Wendryth wouldn't hurt a runner," H'rik assures her. "He's…kinda fascinated by them, but he knows not to go near them." The dragon is pretty much a big softy (in personality if not in physicality), and his head is most definitely gonna stay right there if Ramita's offering headscritches. His breath is warm as he huffs out a happy sigh. "Still, the people who've obviously never seen a dragon up too close are the funniest. They just kinda stare at you…." So H'rik apparently finds it funny to be a source of astonishment for poor folks? He watches Ramita giving Wendy some love, then asks, "been off on Steen business?" It's not asked bluntly, but with a conversational sort of air.

"You know that and he knows that, but the important thing is do the runners know that?" Ramita's glances off towards the direction where the two men have opted to go off road with the three runners, giving the dragon a wide berth while still heading towards the Inn that's their eventual destination. And yes, the journeywoman is offering up the headscritches. Don't tell Vitus. She still gives a head shake at his reasoning though. "Not everyone has had the advantages of growing up in a Weyr, H'rik. Even many folks in the Bazaar have never seen a dragon up close before." Like his own little sister until very recently. "And yes. As much as I find the scenery in Igen so delightful, it was not a pleasure ride." Her tone is completely dry here. The dust clinging to her robes isn't something the usually immaculately clean woman is a fan of.

H'rik picks up, finally, on the fact that Ramita is less than impressed, and he reins himself in. "True. We'll pick a further spot next time, huh?" He finally rubs at his face, brushing those crumbs away from his lips, then wipes his hand on his trousers again. "I thought that way once but…it's not so bad as I thought it might be." Also don't tell Vitus, please? Now as she gives up a little about the reason for her riding, H'rik takes in her dusty appearance. "Gone far? Wait, are they still insisting everyone has guards with them all the time?" By everyone he of course means the female Steens, but his annoyed point remains.

Ramita nods ever so slightly. She'll accept that he has probably learned his lesson. Also, the smallest hints of a smile begin to creep back on her face as she watches him get rid of the sandwich evidence. And rest assured, if anybody tells Vitus of this conversation, it will not be the vintner. She makes a point of talking to him only when unavoidable about work related business. Personal matters are best left untouched. Even if their work is family. "Out to the hold. The goal had always been to stretch the roads beyond the Bazaar." Doesn't do much good for just the final part of the trade route to be improved after all. As for the guards , she nods. "Of course. Or male relative." Which is pretty much the same thing. "And since I was going outside the Weyr, I got two." Isn't she the lucky one. "Although there have been times I've been able to insist on not having them. But you have to know when to pick your battles."

Roads, damned roads! The thought clearly flashes through H'rik's mind as he sighs, shaking his head a little. "That's gonna be costly." BUT it's also not his problem any more - sorry, Ramita. "I mean, it makes sense but…." He can feel himself being dragged in to things that he no longer needs to worry about and sighs again, pushing himself back against Wendryth's chest so he's sat more upright, grounding himself with more contact with his dragon. "Well, you ever need a lift somewhere, check if me and Wendy're free. Quick travel, and I still count as a relative, right?" He gives her a wry smile - he hasn't been THAT badly disowned, has he?

"You do, at least to me. I may take you up on that offer occasionally for personal matters," Ramita will give him a small smile. What's specifically left unsaid is that for official business, he's probably still been disowned that badly. She hasn't been brave enough to check. "Midra's in Southern now. And I know a few vineyards off the beaten path in Benden… once you're clear to between alone." Future trips. She can plan them. The road topic though is just being dropped.

"That's a relief." If he's still considered a relative to someone, H'rik will take it. He relaxes a little against Wendryth. He also hasn't investigated his exact position among the Steens according to Vitus; indeed, Ramita has probably noticed he hasn't returned to the Bazaar very much as a weyrling, and certainly not to the Pit. "I heard she'd headed out that way. And…secret Benden sources, huh?" But the look of amusement he has say she's more than willing to take Ramita out to those places. "Shouldn't be too much longer, I think. The Wingleaders have been sniffing around already so I get the feeling they want us graduated as soon as they can." Wendy rumbles as that comes up - graduation? Yes please!

Ramita's icy eyes warm up just a little bit at the mention of secret Benden sources. "Behave yourself and you might get a secret vintner discount." Which might be even more important, right? But it's useful to have family with craft connections. Especially boozy craft connections. She won't steer him wrong. "Surprised they weren't doing that all along. Maybe they were just more discrete about it to begin with."

H'rik grins now. "I'll be the best behaved son who ran away you ever saw," he promises, overly solemn so that the joke is obvious. But he's certainly not going to turn his nose up at discounts! "Yeah, probably. I expect the Weyrlingmasters are giving them reports about who's doing the best and all that. I wonder what they've got to say about us." He kind of knows what R'xim thinks of them at least, but that's just one Wingleader of a few. "I'll let you know once we're cleared for between alone. So if you do want to make that trip to Benden…."

"You better not embarrass me." Ramita gives a grin of her own. She's pretty sure he won't, or she wouldn't have offered the possible discounts to begin with. "Don't worry about it too much. If you get nervous, it might make a bad impression. And besides, they may have already made their minds up. You'll find out when you find out." She gives a big of a shrug. There's really not much the weyrlings can do. At least not that she can think of.

"I try my best not to," H'rik protests, but jokingly. He pushes himself away from Wendryth so he can stand, shaking out the stiffness in his legs from being sat down like that for too long. "You're probably right. A Wing's a Wing anyway, right? At least we'll have graduation and a lot of celebratory drinking to look forward to. Maybe some of your famous fiery drinks?" He adds, teasingly, as Wendryth gets up, too. "We should probably let you get on though - and I'm sure they want us back for drills sooner rather than later." Lunchtime isn't exactly a long mealtime, after all.

Ramita smiles and nods. "I think I can arrange that." And as it appears the pair is getting ready to depart, she'll reach out to give her cousin a brief hug. "It was good to see you, H'rik. And you too, Wendryth. I should also head to my lunch." She'll give a wave and then she's heading off down the road to that Inn where surely the runners have been stabled for now and her food may already be waiting.

H'rik accepts that hug - a family hug is a rare but appreciated thing! "See ya," he'll add, as Wendy gives a happy rumble of farewell, too. The pair will make their own way off, winging back to the Weyr.

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