Alsha, Daenerys, Xanthee


Seeking shelter in a busy Tea Room during a nasty sandstorm


It is afternoon of the seventh day of the sixth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room

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The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

Early afternoon sees most of Igen's inhabitants inside, because with a sandstorm doing its worst, the out-of-doors really isn't the place to be right now. Even here in the safety of the Tea Room, the howling of wind can be heard. Alsha isn't the only person to have taken refuge here; in fact the place is as crowded as it ever gets. She's clearly expecting to be here for a while, though: she's well-provided with tea and sandwiches and she's resting her clipboard against the edge of the table while she peruses some notes.

Sandstorms always brings on the crowds in the Tea Room, so Xanthee is one of two servers working. She had just set down the drinks at a 6 top as Alsha comes in. Going over to her table, she smiles warmly, and hugs the tray to her chest. She's wearing a simple long tunic dress that goes all the way to the floor, with sleeves that reach her wrists, and a modest neckline. "Welcome to the Tea Room. We have a variety of iced and hot teas. Our special today is a citrus tea infused with orange and lemon peels." She pauses as she finishes her spiel. "What can I get you?"

Alsha peers into her teacup: almost empty. She lifts the pot and swirls the contents; only a drain left. She hasn't finished her sandwiches, though. She looks up at Xanthee in surprise. "Do you know, I think I am ready for another one. The citrus tea sounds excellent; thank you very much." She listens to the wind for a moment, then adds, "It doesn't sound as if it's going to blow over any time soon."

Blinking down at the woman and seeing that she had already been served, Xanthee blushes slightly. "Sorry, it's so busy right now I don't know if I'm coming or going." She nods her head at the comment about the storm and smiles, "No, doesn't sound like it. Can't complain, always brisk business." She says as she flounces off to the tea service, to prepare a small pot of tea, weaving around the other server in a sort of dance and they both prepare orders
"No problem; you must be in a rush." When the server has moved away, Alsha pours out the small amount of drinkable tea left in her pot and immediately finishes it, then moves cup and teapot to the side of the table ready for the new pot to arrive.

Sandstorm or nah, sometimes a man's gotta get his tea on. Soon enough, Daenerys has fought his way through the wind and the sand and the grit and manages to squeak his way into the Tea Room without getting the place all over sand — except where whatever's clung to him falls down, no longer forcibly held to his body. He unwraps himself with a satisfied little sigh, peels off a layer, and turns to sweep the place with hopeful eyes, grinning when he spots his favorite employee. He sidles into a table, crossing his legs at the knee and settling his hands on his lap, the fingers laced. All the while, he's wearing his most innocent expression, just waiting for Xanthee to notice him. He even slides Alsha a conspirational wink. Don't tell on him!

Balancing the tray in one hand, Xanthee heads back over to Alsha's table and puts it down on the table in front of her. In the next motion, she has picked up the dirty dishes and deposited them on the tray to wisk away. Pausing just long enough to say, "If you need anything else, just holler." with a smile before slipping off to deposit the empties in the wash basin. As she turns back to do a quick once over the Room, her emerald gaze falls on a fmiliar face and her smile widens. Swishing over to his table, she smiles brightly. "Well hello stranger. What brings you here today?"

Daenerys' wink is noticed but not understood; not entirely used to being winked at, Alsha responds with a questioning lift of the eyebrows. Then Xanthee arrives with her tea. She responds to Xanthee's words with, "Thank you, I shall," but then the server is off to greet the young man, and all becomes clear. She unloads the tray, places it against the wall to make more room on the table, and waits for the tea to finish brewing.

"Well, baby girl, can't I come have a spot of tea?" Daenerys laughs in amusement, tilting his head to one side and looking up at Xanthee with an overly innocent expression on his face. "You do make the best Zingari Blue, you know. Outside an actual Zingari." He turns to Alsha, then, and gestures expansively. "See? She agrees, don't you?"

Xanthee grins down at Daen and snorts, "You sweet-talker.' She says with a giggle as she turns on her heel and heads back to the tea service, swinging by Alsha's table to grab the tray she had forgotten there, "Sorry about that." she says with a smile before heading back to the service and starting a pot of Zingari Blue. The other server looks over at Daen and then whispers something to Xanthee, to which she shakes her head vehemently before returning to her preparations.

"I'm afraid I haven't tried that one," Alsha tells Daenerys, with amusement tugging at her lips. "But I'm sure it's excellent." Her own pot is a citrus blend that's apparently today's special, and she tries pouring it out now, inhaling the fruity fragrance. Then she looks back to the newly-arrived customer and asks him, "Is the sandstorm easing off at all?" She's been here a while.

"'S why you love me." Daenerys purrs, batting his eyelashes at Xanthee outrageously. He's totally kidding, right? Of course he is. It's a matter of course to tease Xanthee, for she's a favorite of his. He glances over to Alsha, and nods. "I think so; I wasn't out earlier, so…" Search him, says the shrug he gives. He's gotten way too used to the vagaries of the Igen desert. He sniffs delicately at the fragrance rising from Alsha's pot. "They really do have the best teas…"

"You better believe it." says Xanthee as she returns to Daen's table. "Best tea in Igen if I do say so myself." A giggle bubbles up from her lips as she sets the teapot and a cup down in front of him. "I hope it dies down before I have to head home. The sand gets everywhere." Her nose wrinkles in distaste. She swings by to a newly vacated table and picks up the marks left there, before bussing the table of the empty dishes.

Alsha takes a sip of her tea. "Yes, this is very good, too. And for all I have a Craft interest in sandstorms, I won't be sorry to see the back of this one: it was too fierce to get where I was going earlier on and I've been taking shelter in here for longer than I ought already." She nibbles a sandwich; at least she's had lunch.

"You and me both," Daenerys agrees, stroking long fingers through his dark hair and hoping the sand hasn't settled permanently into his skull. Or the luxuriant fall of his hair; he's got to work tonight. He smiles over at Alsha. "What are you, Starcrafter?" THey being the only Craft he can think of that regularly stares at the sky.

Xanthee finishes bussing the table and takes the dirty dishes to the wash basin and dumping them in it. The basin is looking a little full but there is still plenty to do, so Xanthee doesn't stop. Grabbing a rag, she goes back to the now emtied table and wipes it down quickly, and then starts to tidy up the cushions around it, making it ready for the next set of customers. Then she is flagged over to another table. She keeps an ear open to the conversation though, because she to is curious as to what Alsha meant by that.

"That's right," Alsha confirms, with a smile at being placed so easily. "May I introduce myself? Alsha, Starcraft journeyman. Mostly, I'm a meteorologist, which is why I'm interested in obnoxious bits of weather." She's close enough to reach out a hand for a handshake.

"Ah, my pleasure." Daenerys takes the proffered hand, shaking it gently. "I'm Daenerys; Zingari trader, leatherworker, Xanthee's very favorite pest…" He grins in amusement as he watches the girl go about her duties for a moment. And speaking of which, he raises his eyebrows. "Hey, Xanthee, c'mere a minute…"

Xanthee looks up as her name is called and throws the rag over one shoulder. "You summoned me?" she purrs with a wicked smile as she looks at Daenerys. She places her hands on her hips and looks down at her friend waiting to hear what it is he has to say.

Alsha reclaims her hand and sits back in her seat. "Well met." As Xanthee returns, Alsha watches her, then smiles as she places where she's seen the young woman before. She makes inroads into her lunch, keeping an ear on the conversation.
Daenerys laughs softly. "Yeah. So — can you make up a packet of that citrus-y stuff she's got to go? I like it. But I'm gonna have to scoot, here in a minute." He's got yet more decorating to do. "And, if you would be so kind, put Malosim out of his misery and go visit him sometime, hm?" Just because he can slide that one in there.

Xanthee blushes a deep pink as she quickly turns and busies herself at the tea service, only to return a few moments later with a little paper bag, the top folded over. She hands this to Daenerys with a more composed smile, the blush fading. "Why should I be the one to chase him? He knows where he can find me." she says with a mischievous smirk dancing on her lips. Turning back to Alsha, raises a brow and asks, "Anything else then?"

Alsha shakes her head. "No, thank you." She's in the process of finishing her sandwiches. She'll take her time over her tea, though, and then drape herself in those useful Igenite veils and take her chance with the weather.

"Good girl." Daenerys pushes away from the table, taking the bag and offering Xanthee an affectionate hug. "You make him work for it, eh?" Witha last wave goodbye, he's out into the sand and whatnot to deal with his too-empty yurt.

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