Mayte, D'ren


Mayte meets a figure from Linny's past.


19th day, 10th month, 1st Turn, 12th Pass


Igen Weyr Public Baths

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

The clear night is warm, but the breezes cool things off a bit. A few of the pools are occupied, and in one of them rests an unfamiliar looking bronzerider. He rests in the water up to his shoulders, a threadscore visible on his right as rippled, healed skin.

Into the baths comes a short, short-haired woman with streaks of dirt on her face. She's got all the necessary accoutrements which get dumped onto a conveniently placed bench, so she can strip down and slip into the baths post-haste. And when she's there? Mayte ducks her whole face into the water, scrubs at it few times, and then has to wipe water out of her eyes so she can focus on The New Guy. And like this is the norm, the Weyrling girl says, "Oh hey there." A pause as Mayte squints: "You new here?"

D'ren opens his eyes when another joins him, watching her for a moment and giving her a quick once-over. His smile is slow, but it reaches his eyes. "Visiting," he answers, lifting his left arm to point back to his things, upon which is curled an Istan rider's knot.

Watching the man with interest, Mayte looks over to the knot and squints at it for a moment: "Ista!" she says with delight, "I know some people from there!" She grins back pretty readily, and waves a hand in the water, causing droplets to fly close to, but not hitting the man: "I'm Mayte. Well met." There's a pause, and Mayte's eyes cross, then uncross. A quick sigh: "To Rhiscorath. Weyrling." Information well-ordered? No thanks.

D'ren tilts his head a bit, despite the drops not actually reaching him. "D'ren, Aikuonath's. Yeah? Who? Maybe I know them." The additional information has him smiling a bit. "Gold." He knows.

Acknowledging that Rhiscorath is gold with a brief nod of her head, Mayte grins again and repeats, "Well met. D'ren. Uh," there's a pause for Mayte to reflect: "A'lory. Sadaiya. Trek… Wait, was Trek at Ista?" There's another hand wave, this one carefully in the air, "But they're from Before, so maybe you don't know 'em." Maybe Mayte needs to take another look at D'ren's jacket, but she goes on with, "But they're really nice." Fangirl.

D'ren shakes his head a bit. "I was High Reaches in the Oldtime. Ista in the…now. I know of Sadaiya though, a bit. But…yeah." He shrugs with another little smile. "High Reaches."

Pause. Recompile data. Mayte blinks again and suddenly all is clear: "Oh! You're from Before too. Huh." Strangely, this doesn't seem to slow her down much: "Rhiscorath came from Tuli's Elicheritath, and there are quite a few others here too! Um," and a frown creases between her eyebrows "But Weyrwoman Lendai and Hannah went to Southern," and the girl starts chattering on about people that obviously poor D'ren should know, ending with, "But I'm from the 11th Interval."

D'ren nods, "Yeah, from Before." Capital B. Absently, his hand rubs his threadscored shoulder, and then he sinks lower into the water. "I remember Tuli. Didn't know her well." But he remembers her at least. And Lendai. He's patient, quiet while she rambles on, not seeming to mind it. He even smiles a bit. "What's the biggest difference you think, between Nowtime and Oldtime folks?" he asks curiously.

Mayte nods enthusiastically that D'ren has the right emphasis, and tips her head to the side, thinking carefully before she replies: "I think… I get the feeling that, Before, things were a lot… um, less restrictive. Like, when I came here, it was because there were girls on smaller dragons, not just gold! But even now, some people from now don't like it." A shrug that seems to sum it up because Mayte's fast moving to her next question: "So… if I may, what brings you to Igen Weyr? And have you ventured through the Bazaar?"

D'ren nods, "That's true enough," he murmurs, brows furrowing slightly. "Girls could ride anything but bronze and no one thought differently about it. It just was. So you came here with your eye on impressinon?" Then he smiles. "My son is visiting his mother. It's sandy here, and I was craving a bath." D'ren loves water. The end. "The bazaar? Not yet, it seemed a bit…difficult to navigate if you didn't already know how."

A shrug shakes some water from Mayte's shoulder, but why she's here gets a laugh: "No, no, I was a Vintner apprentice before. Came here on purpose, though, because of all the old-timers." Mayte tips her head to the doorway: "I was good at it too. But then I got Searched, and Rhiscorath…" Yeah yeah, love at first sight, but the weyrling grins: "My Journeyman's store is still there; Corks and Works, if you're thirsty." The Bazaar, for all that Mayte is familiar with it, earns a huff: "It can be a bit dodgy. Gotta watch your pouch a bit more."

D'ren nods a bit, glancing over his shoulder towards the exit. "You miss it?" he asks curiously, his smile a touch wistful now. "How long were you Vinter?" He nods again. "Corks and Works. I'll have to look into it. Don't mind a nice ale from time to time." Another nod, pushing fingers through his short, dark hair. "Seemed like it, yeah. Not the sort of place a stranger should just wander into."

"Vintnering?" Mayte thinks on it for a moment: "I miss making great wines. My blends were just starting to get famous," and no, modesty doesn't suit Mayte well at all, "But I wouldn't give Rhiscorath over for anything. Did it about seven Turns," she ends proudly. As for ales? "Yeah, Corks has some good ones, or there's the Dustbowl Cantina for a bar." There's a break in the flow of the girl's chattyness so Mayte has time to think, then ask: "Are you here for long?" And because there might be a test on this, "Are you finding the guest weyrs to your liking?"

"Were they now?" D'ren doesn't sound sarcastic, it's a genuine question. "I'll have to try one of them, too. Might even buy a bottle to keep as an investment, if you're not mixing anymore." Limited quantity and all that. "Just for the evening, they're having dinner and some mother-son time. We'll head back later tonight. I haven't seen the guest weyrs."

A brief grin and Mayte shrugs, "I'm sure there are still plenty - some of the blends were still aging in cask and should be close to being bottled soon." The tale of D'ren's visit gets a nod: "Ohh, a there-and-back visit. Well, if you ever need one, just let me know through Rhiscorath. I dunno if hosting will be delegated to me, but I'll make sure something's ready for you, at least!" And then Mayte lowers herself to just under her chin and mmms. "That is, if you decide to come back." Nope, no inflection there. No judgement.

D'ren smiles. "I'll be sure to purchase some, then. And I will, thank you. Not sure if I'd need a room…" Would Linny let him sleep over? He's not sure. "But if I do, I'll let you know, thank you." Then he laughs. "I'm sure I'll be back. Linden is thrilled to see his mother again."

A sweet smile lights up Mayte's face, but is shortly ruined by a chuckle: "Well, tell Journeywoman Eollyn I sentcha, she might give you a discount." Mayte wrinkles her nose a little at the name of D'ren's son but more in puzzlement: "Linden… S'a good name." For a kid. And because the question is nearly begging itself (and politesse be damned), "Uh, if it's not too rude, who is your son visiting?"

"His mother," is D'ren's first answer, green eyes brightening with humor. He lets that hang there for a moment before elaborating. "Linny."

Yeah, yeah, everyone's a comedian… Mayte's eyes roll only a little to the ceiling before they open in surprise: "Linny? Linny has a kid?" Well dip Mayte in agenothree and call her a firecracker. "I didn't know that." Mayte goes very still for a moment and then starts to smile. It's not the open, beaming smile from earlier, more a naughty, teasing smile. But soon enough, she's present again in mind AND body, "And he's with you at Ista?"

D'ren looks a bit surprised. "She has two." It's two, right? "Linden and Roslin. Just Linden is mine though." Her naughty smile has him lifting a brow. "What?" he queries, before he nods. "Yeah. We didn't know she'd come forward." There's a frown for that, and D'ren briefly scrubs his hands over his face.

Mayte huhs, and shrugs, "We… haven't really talked about the past a lot, I guess." She does look a little bemused at the mention of Roslin and then she brightens: "Oh! Roslin. I met her once." And that's that. As for Linny's loss of communication, Mayte shrugs: "Well, you guys jumped four hundred Turns. Sort of hard to keep track of everyone that way," which is a neat excuse except that it's a terrible one. "Or maybe she didn't know you were going forward too?" That tone is so very innocent.

D'ren frowns a bit, that innocent tone striking some sort of chord in him. "She knew we went forward. We didn't know she did." His voice is a little flat. There are issues there, clearly. Maybe that's why he's in the baths instead of with Linny and Linden. Might be more for himself than to give them some alone time. "There were only two people I wanted to keep track of. Wouldn't think it'd be that hard." Except he thought he'd lost both of them.
And this is why Linny's in charge of being nice and Mayte isn't. "Well. Dunno what to say to that, then." And since that topic's getting a bit hot, Mayte shifts to the next: "Two? Who else was there?" Nosy little Mayte. "Are they here at Igen too?"

D'ren watches her for a long moment. Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but tell me your life story? "Mireille. And no. I don't know where she is." His tone suggests she drop that line of conversation as well. Maybe it'd help if he came up with something to talk about. But he doesn't.

Well Mayte doesn't know Mireille anyways, so she can only shrug again. In the Cone of Silence that falls over this pool, Mayte dips her face back in the water, scrubs again, and hums a brief tune with a tone meant for writing. And unfortunately over water, that humming carries. Slowly, the weyrling starts to wash other parts of her and then huhs as a thought occurs: "D'you like Ista then?"

D'ren lets the silence fall, closing his eyes and soaking, his thoughts drifting until she directs them back. Opening his eyes, he watches her for a moment and then he smiles a little bit. "Yeah. It's good being back, even though it's in the future. Now, I mean, but to me…future."

Clearly not the answer Mayte was looking for; she looks a little disgruntled but huhs: "How's the leadership there? Are they fair?" She pauses and opens her mouth again: "Y'know, we spent a seven-day or so, camped out at the bottom of some volcano, before Rhiscorath hatched. The Candidates did, I mean." Even in the warmth of the pool, Mayte pauses to sneeze lightly: "Some trust-building exercise or something. It wasn't too bad though."

D'ren lifts a shoulder in a small shrug. "I suppose they are, sure. We rise, fight fall…they take care of us. Things run smoothly." Then he's quiet, looking a bit confused. "Oh." What's that got to do with Ista? Was that where they were? "That sounds interesting. You like Weyrlinghood?"

Mayte totally saw that confused look and huffs, "The volcano was on the Ista island." Her tone says 'duh' but her eyes don't roll, "It was nice there. Wet when we left, though." Interesting? Mayte shrugs, "Never lived out beyond walls like that. It was weird." Oh look, new topic! "Weyrlinghood's interesting, and a lot better now that I've got a weyr." Mayte sounds so grateful: "No more listening to everyone snoring or farting at night…" A wrinkle of Mayte's nose and then Rhiscorath butts in quietly; Mayte's eyes cross again and she grunts, ladylike-ish, "Uh. Rhis is calling for me." Awkward dragon interruption, so Mayte is hauling herself out of the bath and wrapping a towel around herself. Stop, turn, look to D'ren again: "I really hope you enjoy your stay here. Uh, and yeah, let me know if you need something." With that, the Weyrling's making tracks for the door with a quick wave as she darts out.

D'ren ohs. /Now/ it makes sense! "I love Ista," he says, smile returning. "Love the rain, the water…all of it." There's another smile, and then a nod. "Shards, yes. Having your own space…essential." As she leaves the bronzerider just lifts a hand. "Farewell." And he will, if he needs anything. Like wine. When she's gone, he returns to his soak.

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