K'vvan, R'zel


K'vvan and R'zel analyse some reports and find something suspicious.


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Garden Terrace, Southern Weyr

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Garden Terrace

Tucked-away and bejeweled, here is a hidden treasure of Southern, beckoning and beguiling those who may trod the entrance of weyrbridge: steps cut upwards, switching back and outer-railed, to terminate in a sheltered ledge of stone. Here, greenery blooms in fragrant profusion, scenting the air and quieting the minds of those who stroll amongst the cultivated rows of cultivars. Flowers, and tiny fruit-bearing trees limn the walkways. Tables and benches scatter organic throughout the rambling concourse, providing easy rest for those who challenged the stairs… or the craft shops beyond the scrolled wooden door at the innermost part of the terraced ledge.

It's a MEETING. K'vvan hates meetings though, so the best he can do is put it in mildly pleasant surroundings. There's fruit juice for the heat and some scatterings of hides that contain the latest of the wing's reports. K'vvan has even opted for some looser and less formal clothing for once. The arms have been cut off and the seams resewn neatly, and his pants are loose too.

R'zel is also dressed in clothing suitable for the heat, and he's carrying a rolled sheet of hide that's probably a report of some sort. He arrives not long after K'vvan, glances round to locate his wingleader, and heads straight across when he spots him. "Afternoon, sir."

"It's no horrible." K'vvan is just going to cut through any pleasantries that might include asking about one another's welfare or the state of the weather. "Which are those?" The wingleader nods at the hide in R'zel's hands. Might as well start with whatever the bronzerider has brought along to this little shindig.

"Just the latest sweep summary." R'zel offers the document, holding it out. "All flown as scheduled, nothing much out of the ordinary. Chegana helped a carter right his wagon. J'puk answered a signal from a cothold, but they were just wanting a message passed to someone at the Weyr - someone's got a new grandson. Nothing serious, of course." Because anything serious wouldn't have waited for a written report.

"I can't complain when it's all good news and sunshine." Seriously, K'vvan actually is enjoying his down time these days and stupid people tend to cut into that time. Taking the document K'vvan just glances down it to make sure that there isn't anything else that needs included. Nope, not a thing. "Alright. So we're going to do a cross look at the last sweep reports. Make sure we're not missing shit because it's spread out over time."

R'zel frowns a little, considering the approach to take. "So, similar incidents, incidents at the same place, that sort of thing?" He glances at the hides that K'vvan has brought. "How far back are we going?"

"Basically. Anything that seems similar." From a pile K'vvan picks out a slate and some charcoal. They can make more proper notes later once they've straightened anything else. The writing things get offered up to the wingsecond before K'vvan starts laying out reports. "Things have been quiet for so long and I'd rather shit didn't spring up and then we realize later we could have stopped it early. I figure about a turn or so back is good for now. If we find shit, we can rope in Lynx and some archivists to go deeper."

R'zel takes the writing gear and watches as K'vvan organises the reports. "Shall we take half each and then swap?" He picks up the one he's just delivered and scans it again to remind himself of something before setting it down again. "I remember someone else righting a cart a few sevendays ago - can't remember where, though. This latest one was near Black Rock. But that's probably got more to do with the state of the tracks than anything else."

K'vvan has set each of the reports side by side in chronological order. It takes up all of the table plus a seat to one side. This is where the council room would actually be useful but it's so damn closed up in there. Reaching up K'vvan unbuttons the top of his shirt before twitching a report so it's a little straighter. "I was thinking we could move by catagory. Place, then people, whatever else you can think of. See if somewhere or someone catches our eye. You start on that half, and then swap?"

"Place, people, anything else. Got it." R'zel separates out his half of the reports, and picks up the first one and starts to read. After a while, he makes a note on the slate - something about Black Rock. He continues reading and notes down a couple of other place names.

They'll pass the time more or less in semi-companionable silence. Once in a while K'vvan mutters something of note and marks it down too. Sometimes there's a snatch of conversation that is clearly directed at Nadeeth. When he reaches the end of his report he eyes the slate. "So far nothing that looks important on this half - you?" The word hopes the it is NO.

R'zel's answer isn't exactly a 'no'. "I'm not sure. It's probably nothing." He lays down his slate. By this time, he's got through several of the reports, and he's laid the finished ones down so that a couple can be easily retrieved. He pulls them out. "That overturned cart was on teh road south from Black Rock, going along the river. That was yesterday. But here…" He picks up one of the reports. "Six sevendays ago, D'amey and Truhith spotted an overturned cart on the road south from Black Rock, and went down to see if they could help, and the carter wasn't too pleased." He grins. "You know what D'amey's reports are like: I remember this one because he said the carter was a 'narky bastard who said he didn't need help from interfering overgrown lizards." And then three sevendays ago…" Another report is spread out. "Ki'hil found that dead body. Saw avians congregating and went down to investigate. Road south of Black Rock."

"Of course it's always fucking Black Rock. Someone remind me why don't just burn the place out completely and don't let it be rebuilt?" Seriously rhetorical question as K'vvan shifts so he can look at the reports that R'zel has indicated. "It must all have been within these last six months. Before that it's all lost felines." People sometimes complain about the weirdest things to flying fire-monsters.

"I went out when Cheylesth called in that body." Instant reporting by dragon - very handy. "It was just covered with grass and stuff, not far from a narrow spot on that road, where big rocks come close to the track. And…" R'zel turns back to the latest report. "Here, Chegana notes that the wagon had turned over at a narrow spot between rocks." He sits back and looks at K'vvan. "We don't hear of all the robberies on that road. Unless I've got an overactive imagination… could someone be using that wagon to cover an ambush?"

"It's a little more sneaky than most of the schemes that come out of Black Rock." K'vvan's tone is dubious of the chance, but it's always a chance. "My first thought was that it's possible it's a distraction for riders. So we don't see specific shit in our fly-overs. They're fairly predictable."

"So while the rider's helping the man with the cart, something else is going on along the road?" R'zel purses his lips and rubs his chin with a forefinger. "So why was he so hostile to D'amey? I'd have thought he'd want to keep him tied up as long as possible. Still." He gives a thoughtful nod. "Either way, maybe we should send a few more dragons along that road. And vary the schedule a little."

"Which is more suspicious on that road, sunshine out of the ass or bile?" Because K'vvan goes with the whole bile one any time. Maybe that's because he tends to greet people in distress by calling them fucking idiots though… "Either we'll catch the robberies or figure out if there is something up. I'll pass it on to M'noq too. He mentioned an interest in black rock recently, though his was a sea thing. Maybe they're connected." K'vvan's slate gets a mark down so K'vvan remembers it. "Switch?" Two eyes on each side of hides.

"You don't want to be too memorable if you're up to no good." R'zel sounds a little doubtful. He gathers up his set of hides and slides them across. "Did Lynx spot something there on their sweeps, then?" He adds the dates of the three incidents to the notes on his slates before continuing to read."

R'zel and K'vvan just have different views on life. (R'zel's is probably a little more happy than K'vvan's.) Letting that slide K'vvan shakes his head. "Lynx sometimes gets into some sneaky shit and go looking a little deeper than sweeps. Think… we do global view, they do the face to face shit."

R'zel nods to that and continues reading. There's not a lot else to find, though, and although a few more notes get scribbled on the slates, by the end of the session there's only that one possible pattern to investigate. No doubt it'll be followed up in due course: the riders concerned asked to identify the precise spot, and a closer eye kept on that particular stretch of road.

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