Ha'ze, Miel


Miel has news for Ha'ze that he has heard plenty of times before…


It is midmorning of the first day of the second month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kaisylaith's Ledge, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 28 Jan 2018 05:00



Kaisylaith's Ledge

Anyone seeking Ha'ze out today is in luck, the bronzerider is home. Despite the cool weather outside he is stripped down to his waist and is elbow deep in some new wooden troughs of dirt that edge around Kaisylaith's ledge. His scars are in full display and they show not only his years of threadfighting but older scars that speak of years of misuse before. Set off to one side are clippings just waiting for Ha'ze to get the dirt all prepared for their new home. Tightly closed buds hint of flowers to be at some point.

Oh, what luck, indeed! Though it’ll remain to be seen if it’s a “fortunate” sort of meeting or not. Miel has been improving over the weeks from her horrific threadscore injury but something has kept the greenrider back from rejoining Arroyo. She’s been no hermit, seen about the Weyr on various light tasks to keep her busy — not to mention keeping to her social butterfly status. Today though, brings her to the bronzerider’s weyr and even though she’s nearby, she’s dressed against the cooler winter weather. Stepping inside, her gaze will settle on the troughs of dirt and the clippings and a small smile curves her lips. Clearing her throat, she muses in a soft tone. “Not interrupting, am I?”

It is quite a contrast between what Ha'ze looks like he should be doing and the farmer image presented. Kai sings out a greeting to the woman, his voice more lyrical than most. Pulling his hands out from the dirt Ha'ze brushes it from his fingers before reaching for one of the cuttings. "So long as you don't mind me working. If I don't get these in dirt soon try are going to die and then the search will be on again.” A long suffering glance is cast at the bronze because obviously this is not his doing. "You improving any?"

Miel is probably enjoying this image of Ha’ze (and not because he’s sans shirt) at work in the dirt. “Don’t mind in the least! I’d hate to see those plants die and all because I interrupted you.” she muses and is briefly distracted by Kai’s greeting. Turning to the bronze, she smiles brightly. “Hello to you too!” Gently spoken, while Ivaenth’s own metallic chime will reach for him. Stepping forwards, she moves with careful, cautious grace but doesn’t move to sit anywhere. “Just about all healed. Some flexibility issues but they’re saying that should ease up in time. I’m on light work but no Threadfighting.” Yet. Something else hangs there, unspoken, but she is unhurried in voicing it.

"That is good then. You deserve to be doing more of that dancing of yours." Ha'ze has turned away from the woman as he gently lowers a plant into the dirt and covers it. There is a hint of ritual to it and Ha'ze seems calmer doing this than he is typically is. "A safe call to make. Even a small injury can be a setback now." Ha'ze doesn't pick up any secondary meaning since he is grounded also.

Miel chuckles, “Careful Ha’ze! Your sweeter side is showing.” She can’t help but tease him, even now. Not that she’s really seen him at his worst but close enough. Quietly she’ll observe that ritual, intrigued by it despite the normalcy of the routine. “I’ve been thinking, with Rajakhelath due to clutch… I may ask Vosji if I can be one of her assistants again.” Time has given her much to plan for. “Have they still not cleared you?” she asks, with a faint grimace.

"Don't talk so loudly, My daughters might not resent me as much." Only once the cutting is firmly settled does Ha'ze reach for a watering skin to wet the ground about the newly settled plant. It's a big trough though, so there are more to be settled. "H'rik asked me to to work with potential Whirlies, but there isn't much to do since there are no weyrlings." Glancing over his shoulder at Kaisylaith Ha'ze shakes his head. "We won't be cleared till after winter, if ever at this point. They won't accept that his lethargy is normal for this time of year."

To that remark about his daughters, Miel laughs and now her smile morphs into a grin. “Can’t promise I won’t tarnish some of your reputation,” she admits and she nods for his mention of speaking with the Weyrleader. “Not a bad thing to do and you won’t have to wait much longer. You’d be surprised how fast some weyrling pairs show promise…” And how swiftly it can change or be snuffed out. “They just need to get to know Kai as well as you do.” It’s her usual optimistic outlook at work, here. Again, she lapses silent to watch Ha’ze at his work. Cleverly, she’ll only speak up again when he nears the end of his work and the last plant has gone into the soil. Fitting, maybe? “Ha’ze…” It’s a tone that pauses for either a question or to an announcement; mostly just to gain his undivided attention.

"Kaisylaith has a tendency for being universally loved without much effort on my part. " Ha'ze and Kai have grown into a comfortable partnership that cannot be split by anything. "Spit it out Miel, you'll hurt yourself if you keep pausing like that." Ha'ze says this as he carefully lowers another cutting into the ground. This one gets a critical look and Ha'ze rises to go fetch a smaller leather bag full of a fine gray ash. This gets scattered among the roots before the rest of the dirt is pushed in.

“You are such an ass!” Miel says this through laughter at his push at her to speak. Way to ruin her careful moment there! So he wants blunt truth? Fine. “You’re gonna be a father… again.” Shoulders lift in a sort of ‘surprise?’ gesture, as do her hands before they fall back to her sides. Smirking at him, she’ll wait on his reaction before saying much else. He could call her a liar, for all she figures — with the jacket she’s wearing it’s difficult to tell.

"I try." At her announcement Ha'ze straightens slowly and turns with a lifted eyebrow. His response will have to wait though because instant excitement rushes from Kaisylaith. A warm breeze infused with desert Jasmine and sage wraps about Miel's mind, carrying with it all of the promise of spring to be. « A child is the greatest joy! » Be greatful the bronze is managing to keep his joy quiet from the rest of the weyr. Ha'ze uses that time to step forward and make sure, "Healers have confirmed it?"

Miel is startled by Kai’s enthusiasm to the news but it’s welcomed. Ivaenth’s joining reply is full of pride but hints at mixed emotions. « They are! » Or so the green is convincing herself. A sentiment that may or may not be shared equally with her rider. As Ha’ze approaches, she’ll have already begun to unbutton her jacket. Winter clothes aren’t the best for direct visible evidence, but she’ll take his hands and guide them where they need to go. “Yes.” It’s been some time since she was first informed of the possibility. Which is why she looks at him sheepishly, “They hazard it’s about five months now. More or less.”

Perhaps Ha'ze should wash his hands before touching the belly of - most recently - the mother of his child. But dirt covered hands are just a reality with him and he doesn't give a second thought to it as he lifts up her shirt to place is palms directly on her belly. "Been in this spot many times - but I still can't decide if I ought to apologize or kiss you."

Miel leans forwards and up to kiss Ha’ze without so much as a polite warning and it’s no half-assed kiss either. Why be chaste now? As she leans back, she grins. “There! Decision made.” Since he was too slow to choose. “And apologize? For what? A natural thing? It’s not like you’ve taken me out of the active rosters. If… a child were to ever happen for me, I think now would be one of the few chances I’d get.” Why does that seem like a ‘thank you’?

One hand leaves her belly and goes to wrap around the back of Miel's neck to pull her back into another kiss. He won't be a dick and respond to that unspoken thank you with a 'your welcome'. Instead once he pulls away he will say, "Thank you. For not ending it."

She might have laughed at that! Awkwardly. Miel won’t complain about sharing another kiss between them and her grin is still in place, though it fades gradually as they come back around to more sobering topics. “Won’t lie, it crossed my mind.” she grimly admits. “But I realized how the timing would work and… why not? Was meant to be, as I look at it.”

"I'll never naysay a woman, but know I'm grateful you did not." The gratitude is echoed by Kaisylaith who has wormed his way closer to the pair and is carefully curling himself about Miel however he can. Hopefully her dragon doesn't get toooo upset, because Kai is going to be VERY POSSESSIVE of her for a bit. "Suppose I should tell you upfront that Kai'll not be letting you out of his sight till the babe is born."

“I’ll remember,” Miel murmurs and promptly quirks a brow up in a quizzical manner. “That’ll… be interesting to explain to some folk!” Oh look! It’s already happening! With a soft snickered breath, she’ll reach out to lightly touch her fingers to Kai’s hide when the bronze gets close enough. Ha’ze won’t mind the breach, right? “Ivaenth isn’t a jealous type. So long as he lets me go about my day.”

Ha'ze's lips quirk up into a sardonic smile. "Dragon memory means every baby is new to Kai. He'll let you go about your business, but he'll also stay close by, and when you go where he can't go, he'll wait for you to exit again." Ha'ze sounds slightly apologetic for how obsessive his dragon is going to be. "Would you rather sleep here or have him invade your ledge?"

Miel exhales heavily, “Well. I suppose it could be worse?” Sorry Kai, she finds you adorable but even that level of possessiveness is going to make her feel strange. Ivaenth may get snippy with the bronze too, if he goes any further than that. When he drops the ultimatum on her, she erupts into laughter again. “People are going to talk! But I’ve no other choice, do I? Because Ivaenth won’t stand for having him invading her ledge.”

"Get old enough and people't talk doesn't matter in the slightest any more. Would you like your own bed?" The or gets implied and Ha'ze reaches out an arm to try to wrap it around the woman and pull her close. "I'll do what I can to make this easier on you." Except weyrmating. "I've got… a bit of experience." Like one every few years…

“Asking all the difficult questions…” Miel scoffs under her breath and leans into him in the same instance. Given her past, she doesn’t care so much either for the gossip and has done her fair share of far more scandalous things than this. Ha’ze won’t have to worry about any sudden weyrmating. She is not the gal for that! “Oh, now that I’ll be sure to make use of!” She may be joking but she may very well not be! Circling back to his first question, she smirks. “No need to get a spare bed. Unless yours is tiny? I think we can be mature adults about this and, well, if not…” A small pat to her belly. “Damage is done.”

"Good, it makes it easier if we're together. Kaisylaith prefers if I keep an eye on the baby too, but after getting slapped a few times I try not to be too close." A hand comes up against his cheek briefly in memory. "In general, I'll not be a burden."

Miel will reach up to place her hand over his when he touches his cheek. “Can’t promise I won’t end up doing the same by the time this is over.” People change when they live together after awhile! She doesn’t seem adverse to his company yet, however and will brazenly hug him whether he wants it or not. “And likewise.” She’ll try not to burden him. But? “Think you have time to spare to join me for something to eat?”

"Absolutely. In the meantime, would you like me to fill you into the strange family your child is going to be born into? It's… quite large." Because Ha'ze can't keep it in his pants. It's that simple. "And let me get cleaned up quick." There's a quick kiss to her cheek before he's letting her go and heading into the weyr proper. Those little clippings will live for a few more hours outside of their soil.

“That’s probably for the best, I think?” Miel is unruffled by the knowledge that Ha’ze’s bloodline is… well and widespread. Maybe it’s not that huge a surprise? Another smile for the kiss to her cheek and she gestures for him to go on. She’ll wait, while she fastens her jacket up again in preparation to head back out into the cold. Kai will be kept company of course and once the bronzerider returns, Miel isn’t shy in linking her arm with his as they leave to find something to eat.

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