Sacitca, Thierry


Thierry has a soft side. It surprises Sacitca.


It is late night of the sixteenth day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Inner Caverns

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Inner Caverns

Faded elegance attests to former glory, the soot-covered ceiling sparkling with faint traceries of golden glitter. High, vaulted curves of the smooth limestone wavering whose variant hues of sandy gold and wheaten brown form rising, wave-like patterns that hold the sparkle of silver here and there. A long, wide cavern, this: various arches lend access to other caverns, while the noise of daily activity is often amplified by the natural acoustics of this open space.

It's late in the evening, and the traffic in the inner caverns has slowed considerably as folks head off to their late-night duties, bed, or otherwise. Candidate curfew is close, and yet Thierry isn't in the barracks; he's hanging out just outside of them, attempting to mollify a creeling little firelizard by shoving food into its mouth, while the brown curled around his shoulders looks on - occasionally trying to steal some of those noms for himself. "Fucks sake, sssh," Thi grumbles at the noisy one, though not unkindly; in fact, there's a good degree of affection in his tone as he nurses her close to his chest.

Sacitca herself is only just returning to the Candidate Barracks, a covered basket hanging on one arm. While it's been a while since their encounter in the Bazaar, seeing Thierry gives the young woman pause. She knew he'd been Searched, but they haven't exactly had to…encounter one another yet. "Thierry." Her greeting is neutral in origins, but she's not about to stay around to chat unless given reason. Seeing the young man with a firelizard in his arms though is enough to make her pause once more. If only to look surprised at the sight of him looking almost…maternal with the little creature.

His attention on his newly-acquired pet is torn when Sacitca approaches; although Thierry can't quite drop that 'I'm /caring/ for something' look in an instant, he does manage a little frown for her. "Sass." Possibly more for her attitude last time they met, than for her name? Before she can pass him by though, he moves to ask her to wait - he would put a hand out towards her, but one's cradling the noisy firelizard, while the other's full of meat. "Um… wait… wait… er…" Awkward teen is awkward. "I, uh, wanted to… I mean, you gotta moment?"

The 'nickname' (regardless of whether or not it actually IS) gets a frown from Sacitca, and she's all too ready to move on. She even starts taking the steps to do so! Except he's moving, and then he's saying things other than calling her sass. Which if it were what seemed to be his normal rhetoric, Sacitca would have brushed it off. That it's not actually surprises Sacitca a bit, and she stops. The basket is adjusted a little, and she turns to face him more fully than she had been. "I could spare a couple." Thierry's a mansel in distress, how could she say no?

"Only need a couple," Thierry replies, giving a one-shouldered shrug so as not to disturb the brown firelizard sitting on his shoulder, who's watching Sacitca with one whirling eye. "D'you, um…" Interrupted by a creel from the hungry youngster in his hand, who he shuts up with more meat. Om nom nom, she goes. "I gotta ask you something. But… /quiet/ like. You don't say nothing, alright?"

"Tlatoani aren't known to go blabbing without reason, Thierry." Of course, Sacitca's technically not Tlatoani anymore, but that's beside the point. "What was your question?" The firelizard is eyed briefly when he starts creeling, but her gaze turns back to Thierry shortly thereafter. Not that there's much space difference between them. An eyebrow's slowly raising while she waits. There's only so many things he could be wanting to ask her about..

Thierry bites down on his lip, while frowning at the floor. It's easier to think when looking down! "Ok." There's enough trust there for him to look up again, though there's still some wariness - and embarassment - in his expression. "What's a smell that… girls like?" He clears his throat, looking down at the little bundle in his arms, who's starting to drift to sleep now that her belly's full. "I wanna know for a - a friend."

Sacitca's eyebrow finishes the upward raise. She glances from him to the firelizard, and back again. A small smile starts crossing her face, "for whoever gave you that?" It's an inquiry that isn't entirely necessary, perhaps, but. "I'll need more to go on than that, if I'm to provide a scent worthy enough." She's not just going to thrust some haphazardly guessed one at him!

The request for more details makes Thierry twitch. "Dunno anything more than that." His defences are up, and he shakes his head. "Just wanna know what smells girls like, is all. And, er… whatcha got that's… nice for, er, /guys/ to smell?" He wipes his hand, the one so recently holding the food that's now stuffing his little gold's belly, on his tunic, then runs his fingers through his hair.

"A smell that girls like, and that guys like to smell?" Sacitca's expression turns thoughtful. "Lavender is definitely the first one that comes to mind. Is it for her?" A tilt of her head indicates the dozing firelizard sleeping on his arm. The basket is adjusted again, even as she continues speaking. "Otherwise there are a few other scents I can track down for you to decide on." Being on good terms with a perfumist is a good idea for just this occasion, it would seem. Not that they're on good terms…but being asked about scents is apparently reason enough for her to not consider him on bad terms anymore. "Maybe rose.. Hm."

Thierry shakes his head. "For her? Don't want her smelling all flowery n' shit." And then his cheeks /flush/, because that takes him one step closer to having to admit who it /is/ for. Rather than be pushed for an answer, he bites the bullet and spits it out. "'s'for me, alright? Y'just can't /say/ anything. And the other's for… someone else. The /boy/ one. I don't wanna walk around smelling like something that'll get dodgy greenriders sniffin' me." He frowns, trying to hide his embarassment. "Dunno about rose. That's my mum's scent."

"Well it's for you.." Sacitca frowns a little, thinking. "I'll come up with a few things, and we can meet and see which ones you like. Quiet-like." Since he's being all secretive about it. "But why are you worried about greenriders sniffing you?" Is that how he got Searched? The greenrider sniffed him? "And just so I'm not making something wrong.. You want the girly scent, or the girly scent is for someone else?" At least she's not teasing him - the expression on her face is completely serious. Making the wrong perfume for him would be bad advertising!

Thierry's tongue flickers over his lips, nervously. "I want one that'll smell good for /girls/ for /me/." Because he's manly and doesn't want to smell like a pansy… or any type of flower. "But I gotta friend who -… I wanna get something for. Something that'll smell good. For, uh… guys. Something that /I'll/ like, mebbe." His teeth sink into his lip as he thinks that over again, and he nods. "Yeah." That's about right. "Can you make something for me to try? And, er… what'll it cost?"

"I might actually have just the things…but it'll take me a couple of sevens to have them ready." What, you didn't think perfuming was a fast business, did you? Sacitca considers things again briefly, and then sets serious eyes on him again. "Are there any scents that you can't stand? That you sneeze at when you smell them?" It's important to know, and reasonable to ask that question. "I'll give you a discount, since I'm not doing it for the stall. Don't worry about it until we find a pair of scents you like." She'll likely try and make the scents compliment each other while she's at it!

"Er, none, I don't think. Don't like wet canine, but you ain't gonna put /that/ in a bottle, are you?" So Thierry /hopes/, anyway. "Can you just, I dunno, make something that smells… kinda like… me?" He's hesitant in suggesting it, because Faranth knows what people expect a streetrat-turned-candidate who avoids the baths to smell like - even if he doesn't smell all /that/ bad, considering. He's kinda clean - most of the time! "Dunno, Sass-lady. Don't know shit like this."

"I'll see what I can do." Sacitca hesitates a moment, and then indicates her basket. "I'm working on a project for one of the Weyrwomen anyway, so it won't be a problem." Especially since the processes she's using are a little different than simply perfume making for the one. "It's fine, Thierry. I'll let you know when I have a potential scent or two." The perfumist-turned-Candidate gives him a small smile - who'd have thought they'd be having civil conversation anytime soon? - and starts toward the Barracks again. "Don't stay out too long, you might get yourself into trouble." Not that he doesn't already know it, but since he seems to be something of a trouble magnet as is, it's worth the reminder, surely.

Thierry nods - even /smiles/, sheepish, at Sacitca. "Yeah. Just gonna get more meat to stuff her up with, then… yeah. Bed." A civil conversation /and/ the promise of courtesy through the night as he'll at least attempt to keep the new-hatched noisy one quiet. "Thanks, Sacitca. See you later?" He bobs his head in farewell, then slinks off down the corridor towards the kitchens.

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