Odesse, Dhazkyth


Dhazkyth is allowed to roam freely around Southern for some reason and discovers dolphins and Odesse

Language. And Dhazkyth.


It is evening of the twenty-second day of the second month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Weyr- Docks

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« Did you conduct mad-ass experiments on these fuckers to get them to look so… what's wrong with that one's NOSE? SHIT! Do they all look like that?! »



In dark morn and dusky eve fog lies grim and humid against the still waters of Azov Sea. Only the noontime sun burns away the concealing clouds of man's height, revealing that which lies beneath the mist- an awe-inspiring stone pier that stretches far into the inland sea, to the east of the line of orderly boat-slips for the locals and larger, open spaces for transport ships. Fishermen are often as common as seagulls upon the pier's length in particular, ill-concealed and ill-clothed in the loose dun homespun of Southern's natives.

It is the fifty-second day of Summer and 99 degrees. The night is clear and humid.

Once upon a midnight dream, someone had the great idea to get out of Igen and go to Southern for a steak in the immediate temporal proximity of Vedziyath's flight. This is pure rehabilitation for R'kyr, but… why exactly is Dhazkyth in the waters of the docks, his head draped over the closest point of mooring like he's just another ship in the lineup? You'd think R'kyr would know by now not to let him go about his own business.

Dragons in water, nothing is exactly ringing alarm bells to Odesse and the four dolphins swimming in with her this evening? It's not like any of them can immediately tell that lurking bronze isn't a Southern dragon and they definitely don't know that he can be an asshole of legendary proportions. Nope, they'll just carry on about their business which for the dolphins involves a ton of flips and a good bit of squeeing. You gotta announce your presence after a long hard day. The blonde meanwhile is just going to haul herself up onto the floating platform that houses the dolphin bell, a faint tolling happening as the platform shifts with the addition of new weight.

Dhazkyth turns his chin, the better to examine these … whoa. « Whoa what the fuck are these mutant fish creatures?! » In all honesty, one wouldn't be amiss in mistaking him for Dhioth, from far-off — he favors his grandsire in coloration and length if not mass, though closer inspection yields a far different dragon. That comment, of course, is for Odie: deadhead Dhaz feels zero remorse in breaking common social proprieties. It's like breaking the fourth wall, except with more confused looks rather than laughter! « Did you conduct mad-ass experiments on these fuckers to get them to look so… what's wrong with that one's NOSE? SHIT! Do they all look like that?! »

Odesse actually isn't as surprised at hearing a dragon talking directly to her as one might think. Do you know how much Taliveth loves the dolphins? Because Odesse certainly does. There is a snort for the oh so eloquent query about her friends, but the dolphins don't really have any fear and seeing as Dhazkyth is looking at them, they're going to swim closer around him, circling and a couple even going to try and tickle at his belly. Opo splashes some water towards the bronze with some more squees. "You play?" And she's going to do a tailwalk backwards for a bit. Come on, play with them, Dhaz. "They're dolphins. Not fish." The dolphineer will even give an eyeroll which might not be completely evident with the darkness and the distance, but the body posture and tone that comes with it is pretty clear.

There's a combination: Taliveth, Dhazkyth, and dolphins. Scary. « Holy FUCK it SPOKE TO ME! » Dhaz flails upwards and back, rearing up in a jerk of surprise, his eyes whirling superfast. SUPER. FAST. « WHAT THE FUCK. IT » the mutant fish « JUST WALKED BACKWARD. ON WATER. »

<Igen Weyr> Raktraeth senses that: Dhazkyth unleashes a barrage of !!!!!!!!!, though it's far removed — he's somewhere distant. There's the weird mishmash: radiation, Jesus, and a fine grilled tilapia dinner plate. Oh look, it has rice pilaf. go figure. so surprise. much unexpected.

"Not it. She!" Opo's just going to through that correction out there. "I'm Opo." And since her tail walking was such a hit, she's going to do it again, only this time she's going to end in a flip because dolphins are fucking showoffs, which gets a chorus of clicking laughter from her podmates who then add their own acrobatics to the mix from all around Dhazkyth. "Ye spoke to 'em first." Odesse is just going to point out as she wraps her arms around her knees and watches the flailing dragon, giving a quick glance around for any rider but since none seems apparent, she'll just focus back on the water.

Dhazkyth is half up out of the water, his wings briefly flailing to give him more space upward. It's a sight — he's a big guy — and when he crashes back down the surge is high enough to flood over the docks proper. There's not a whole lot of people around to complain, but it sets all the ships around them to rocking. « Opo? What the fuck kind of name is Opo? » He means it kindly, really, the way he leans his nose out inquisitively — like a highstrung horse, ready to touch noses with another beast and then run off squealing.

And considering the docks are higher than the floating bell platform, Odesse is getting swept off her seat by the sudden surge of water. Good thing she was able to toss herself in the right direction so she went past the end of the docks instead of into one of those pylons. That would have hurt. She is still spluttering a little bit as she resurfaces though, treading water. As long as Dhazkyth's nose is within dolphin reach, Opo's going to just go for reaching out to touch the inquisitive nose with her own bottlenosed snout. BOOP! And then squee! "Ain't nothin' wrong with Opo's name." Odesse is kinda defensive about that even if the dolphins are getting distracted by checking out the dragon that's checking them out. They're probably too busy plotting what sort of game they should play next to take any offense about names. "What's yer name anyway? 'N where's yer rider?"

o sorry odesse. Dhaz is a little awkwardly big to be trying to do anything fancy, but he does come sidling up to the woman. Stay in the comfy water or climb onto some strange and volatile dragon? THE ANSWER IS OBVIOUS. The bronze is momentarily thrown YET AGAIN by the squee. « What the fuck was that? » why is everything expletive laden? « That sounds like a magical goat getting assfucked by Eyzaroth's! » sorry opo. CONVENIENT that he neither gives his nor his rider's name. super legit.

You know what? For some reason the woman that spends the majority of her working day in the water seems perfectly fine with staying in the comfy water instead of climbing on this strange dragon's back. No offense, Dhazkyth. And Odesse isn't even going to dignify that question with a response. Just some serious eyebrow raising going on for that imagery. The four dolphins however will give PLENTY more examples of just what exactly a SQUEE is. Especially as one of the males decides he's going to go for jumping over the enormous bronze (good thing most of him is in the water, like an iceberg).

« shit, now I'm an obstacle in a water herding dog expo, » Dhazkyth tries to turn around quick enough to catch one of these weird talking mutant fishes, but y'know, they're as slippery as Aquaman. « Dhazkyth, » he finally says to Odesse. And then he really LOOKS at Odie, slanting in closer and closer. « Oh. Hello. » uh hi dhaz?

Oh, so that's the game they're going to play now? Tag is always a favorite and those slippery, slippery dolphins are pretty good at it. In fact, they're confident enough that they'll even tease and taunt the bronze. Odesse will nod as the dragon finally gives his name. "Odie." And as he starts slanting in closer and closer and then adds the leering in, she's just going to swim backwards a little bit. Space. Space seems like a good idea.

We'll just go ahead and state here that it's a good thing that Dhazkyth doesn't know wtf a dolphin is or has no concept of how horny a male dolphin can get, 'cause by boy George would it be ON. « Have you ever thought about having kids? » seriously where are you going with this dhaz, come on, wrap it up. His tail lashes in the water behind him abruptly, possibly causing some mayhem to those poor 'phins. But he's not so concerned.

The dolphins will roll with just about any new change that comes up, so the ones that are closest to the lashing tail just end up jumping over it. And jumping over it again. Dhazkyth is now a dolphin jump rope in addition to being an obstacle course. The bronze's newest question has Odesse stop in her backpaddling and to just tread water and stare for a moment. "What the fuck?" The woman may be having a bit of an existential crisis. Why is this strange dragon asking her questions her mom normally badgers her about. Or would badger her about if she hadn't gotten disowned.

« Listen you aquatic cardio freaks, you can stop every once in a while. It's good for the heart. » Doesn't stop him from lashing his tail again to see if they do it again. And he cranes a look back over his shoulder to see, too, TOTALLY playing it cool. « I'm serious. You have great genes. Just look at those cheekbones. You'd have beautiful kids. » For once, Dhaz sounds 110% serious. Maybe Odie's mom roped him into doing this!

If dolphins could snicker, they'd totally be doing that right now. As it is, there's just some whistling sounds coming from them now. And they're definitely not stopping their fun. Two dolphins are now jumping over the lashing tail, one from each direction and somehow not colliding with each other mid-air. They got skills. "What the fuck?" Odesse is just going to repeat herself again. "I haven't even made full journeyman yet 'n now I'm gettin' random dragons talkin' 'bout kids." And her having them. This is addressed more to the air and rhetorically than being addressed to Dhazkyth himself. The cursing was totally for him.

« At this rate we could go on the road. » The traveling aquatic circus: docked Dhazkyth and the dog and seapony show! « Listen, » nothing ever good comes after a dragon says listen, « Listen. If you ever need a guy, not saying that you would need a guy, I mean look at you, damn. » He's more preferential to Odie than the green he just flew less than a day ago, go figure. He's a sick and twisted individual. « But if you do. I've got one. He's not really the best, but you'd have great looking kids. » THEM CHEEKBONES. At least he hasn't brought Mr. Fluffy into this conversation.

"Ye'd have a problem goin' on the road. They need water." Odesse will give a laugh for that. Unless Dhazkyth meant to only go to seaholds, but the seaholds are very familiar with the dolphins and their antics, unlike desert shelled dragons apparently. But back to the main topic at hand and Dhazkyth's attempts at breeding uberchildren, that confession actually has her snort. This was a first. "Thanks for the offer?" She sounds really unsure about that, but what else do you say to a dragon offering to set you up with their lifemate? "But I already got a couple guys. 'N not wantin' to be a brood mare was why I ran off to join a craft in the first place."

« There's gotta be some kind of … fish road. » Maybe if someone would take Dhaz to school, he'd get all the water vernacular. (He's got the puns, that's half of it, right?) « You're welcome. » Then he lowers his nose into he water and blows bubbles at her. « But none of those other side-hustles you got goin' on have me. » There's such smugness, SUCH SMUGNESS, that it requires a rainbow bursting into existence behind him. (thx mr fluffykins!!!!!1!!)

"Fish? Fish this way!!!" Oh, and looks like playtime is over because Dhazkyth just reminded the dolphins that they should totally go find their dinner. So they're off to follow the currents to wherever the closest school of fish is and it's soon to be chow time. Odesse at least can take the bubble blowing in stride. Dolphins blow bubbles all the time, although Dhazkyth certainly blows a lot more of them at once. "Nah, but does yer rider even know yer trying to set 'im up? At least the others, I know it was the riders that wanted me."

« Oh, I'm not saying he'd want you. But you could be my MILF any day of the week! » Dhazkyth's mental laughter stays here even as he snakes his way deeper into the water after the dolphins. « But if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go watch this documentary on fish cannibalism. I think it's going to be FASCINATING. »

The dolphins are totally going to do the thing where they herd the fish over to their friends by making a net of bubbles. Damn right it's going to be fascinating. And brutally efficient. There's going to be a fish slaughter. Odesse is just left shaking her head at the strange bronze and then with everyone else swimming away, she's going to head to shore and see about scrounging up her own dinner. Preferably not raw fish tonight.

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