Nevik, Nathanael,Kultir,Linden, Niyati, K'ane, Br'er, Renalde


A small conversation in the Secluded Alcove. (Whatever, it was a pillow fight. Where was Nika when we needed her?)


It is the seventy-third day of Summer and 25 degrees. It's really damn cold out.


Secluded Alcove: Southern Hold

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Secluded Alcove

A place to knit and sew and drink klah and have a reprieve from everywhere else. It is cozy. There's a hearth here that is kept blazing and cheery, keeping the room warm despite its far distance from the hotsprings. One side of the room is filled to overflowing with throw pillows nearly two feet deep — it makes sense, because the other side has scraps of cloth and stuffing and sewing implements. People come and stitch pillows to toss to that side, kept contained by a low stone ridge; kids like to play in it. Otherwise there are couches and throws and the quiet murmur of conversation.

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Ice Hold, indeterminate chores, they're done though, and so Nathanael has gone EXPLORING. And you know what he found? A freaking room full of PILLOWS. Which means, of course, that SOMETHING is going to go down. Right now Nate is totally hidden under a pile of those pillows just WAITING. Out of sight. WAITING.

There is a logic in having a healer, one who has been trained to stitch up people, to sew up some pillows. However, someone should have made certain that all healers, even the former apprentices, have some skill in stitching. Now, however, Nevik was sent to 'help'. Ever since the egg-touching a few days ago, he's not been quite right; more jittery. Other candidates have noted that he's had nightmares ever since, waking up screaming in a not-so-quiet yelp. So, allowing him to get out of sight and work on something simple was at least, conceptually, a good idea. The rusty-haired youth walks into the room in a state of near fatigue, his steps slow and lethargic.

Linden is here for chores, even though he can't really sew…at all. "Hey, Nevik," he greets quietly as he steps forward to sit beside his fellow Candidate. "Doing alright?" Been hard to miss those nightmares, and that jitteryness.

Kultir is a bit at a loss here at the new Hold since he's more used to doing the trapping and other rather more physical chores than what the Candidates have been doing. The young man is wandering the remaining rooms, exploring and seeing just how many furs he can remove until he's down to just a sweater over his tunic and the thicker trous that are lined with wool for warmth. Finding a room full of pillows, he chuckles and shakes his head in amusement. Catching sight of Nevik and Linden, he nods slightly as he gets closer, long legs plowing through those pillows piled all over the floor. "What's going on, guys?" He peers in concern at the young Healer, the boy not being as steady as he had been during the beginning of their Candidacy and wondering if someone might be twisting the kids tail.

Oh look, pillows to be made. It's just the sort of thing that Niyati finds relaxing. "Nevik, you should find a pillow or three and take up one of those benches. I'm not trying to be unkind, but I wouldn't trust a stuffed wherry to you right now for pre-roast trussing." She sets upon her stitching lazily while watching the others settle in. Kultir gets a wave before she goes back to her sewing. "Nevik needs a nap."

"Roast wherry?" That's all K'ane hears, popping up around a corner with his hair a'muss and that damned purple sweater stretched fluffy over broad shoulders. He looks like he just tumbled straight out of bed. Or maybe straight out of some hot springs — that hair looks damp, on a second look. A little hopeful, his voice, slanted Niyati-ways as he scans through the formerly-quiet little tucked-away corner.

This is the MOMENT that Nathanael has waited for. The MOMENT. They are all there. Standing and RIPE for the danger which lurks under mounts of cloth and fuzz stuffing. With a "AHHHHHHH!!" Nathanael rises from his concealment and begins to pelt the other candidates with pillows. He's not really aiming, it's more of 'put stuffed objects in that general direction' uh, sorry K'ane?

Nevik was -just- about to take that suggestion and find some pillows and a bench. Yup. He was already thinking about how good sleep would feel and how soft those pillows would be under his face when *BLAMMO*, reality just decided to intercede. Nathanael's sudden appearance, one would presume, should have sent Nevik running out into the wintry terrain scared out of his mind. Three nights of little sleep, terrifying visions of being shot and chased have left their mark. He remembers crawling out there on the snow - an arrow in his shoulder and a twisted ankle. Every inch was a struggle but he had to get away from the 'thing' that was chasing him. The 'thing' has been made manifest and has sprung out of the pillows to get him. Nevik's usual, near-girlish shriek is replaced by a near feral howl as he dives at Nathanael.

Linden yelps - yes, yelps - when Nate explodes from the pillows. Then there's a laugh, and "NATE!" and Linden is ducking, flinging pillows back in his friend's direction. And maybe elsewhere. PILLOW FIGHT.

Niyati raises an eyebrow at K'ane. "Swimming in your sweater agai—-oof." That would be the sound of a pillow meeting a Weaver's face. "Nathanael, you're going to pay for that." The pillow she'd been working on is set aside in favor of grabbing some of the smaller, more weighty things to hurl in Natahnael's direction. She might be grinning. Maybe. She's also not the best aim in t he world. And then it starts to get real with Nevik and she just gapes at the Healer candidate. "Well… really…" And then there's another pillow to her face.

There's a pillow straight to K'ane's crotch before he realizes what is happening. It may just be a pillow and a soft impact but he still half-bends in instinctive protection, glowering and snatching at a follow-up pillow that's aimed straight at his FACE. A bit of a pause as he straightens and stares after Nevik. To Niyati, conversationally: "That happen.. often?" He aims the pillow in his hand for the back of Linden's head. LAUNCH.

Nathanael totally didn't expect that reaction, and he totally backpedals (which works better when you're not in a pile of pillows) and lands flat on his back in said pile. It's like quicksand, and Nathanael disappears underneath it while throwing ONE LAST MISSILE out to try to deter Nevik. Oh, and he's giggling. Like crazy.

You know those slow motion action movies? That's totally what Linden does when K'ane's pillow hits him. Complete with pinwheeling arms and the "Nooooooo!" Poomf. He's lost in the pile.

Kultir half-turns at the sound of K'ane's voice and chuckles softly at the comment Niyati starts to make but before he can say or do anything, a pillow thwaps him in the side of the head. Yup, the side that was turned to where Nathanael erupted from the pile of pillows. That impact, as soft as it was, still makes him stagger a bit in the uncertain footing of the pillows but he's grinning as he turns toward the Seacrafter. Snatching up a pillow, the ex-tracker flings it just as Nevik launches himself toward the other boy. Oooo, nice tackle, dude! Another pillow is snagged from the pile and grins with mischief as he sends it flinging toward Niyati, a second one following soon after that might just hit K'ane if he isn't careful.

Niyati shakes her head. "Nevik's usually so… timid. To the point of annoyance, really. He's like a living whisper." Still, there are pillows to throw and since Nathanael started this, she's going to toss them in his direction. That is, until Kultir decides she's a target, then she's picking up ammo and flinging them at the other candidates as fast as she can. Somewhere in all of this, she's started laughing. "You are going to pay for that…"

As Nathanael submerges within the small pool of pillows, Nevik has jumped in soon after like a rescue diver - sort of. Struggling and wyrming his way through the piles of downy fluff and such has robbed him of the sudden burst of fear-induced energy. There was a moment, a brief one, when Nevik really wanted to get his hands on the 'thing' that startled him but it was short-lived. However, with all of the pillows scattered in the pile it's difficult to see where he's gone. He's in there somewhere…but where?

Linden claws his way out of the pile and, when no one's looking, starts flinging pillows again with a laugh, and then a dive, back beneath their surface.

Nathanael like like a moster from the DEEP. Deep in the pillows. There is, of course, movement that suggests where the the seacrafter is, and really, with the pillows only two feet deep he can't stay hidden for long. He's up again once Nevik's arms have MISSED him, and begins to fling pillows as hard and as fast as he can. AT everyone. And anyone.

"MAN DOWN," K'ane's friendly bellow when Linden pinwheels into the pillows. Then he's hit right in the mouth by Kultir's pillow and shoots INJURED eyes to the tracker. He thought you were on the LIGHT SIDE man. So he takes the most prudent act and hides behind Niyati. Is that a "NEENER!"? … maybe.

Kultir's amber eyes shine with delight as pillows fly, snatching them up and flinging them at any exposed human form though he does keep his feet still so he doesn't step on those pillow-diving kids. "Oh? What are you going to charge me, Niyati?" Another pillow is grabbed and flung, taking another on the shoulder before flinging another. A bark of laughter is given at K'ane's injured look, not entirely light over here as there's been too much dark in this fella's life. Eyes continue to glitter as he circles the Weaver and the bronzerider till he can get a clean shot on the rider, pillows are flung before he's turning to find a new target.

Great swimmer Nathanael may be but he is not the only thing in the deep sea of pillows. Fear the ripple of suede throws. A pair of hands snake up from behind the tow-headed seacrafter and grab at him to pull him down. However, the hands don't quite find purchase with his jerkin, rather with his britches. So all that are pulled down, back into the soft and comfy depths of the pillow-pool are that of Nathanael's trousers. *SLUMP* Yup, boy got pantsed. A second later, Nevik emerges behind and to the left of the potentially bare-bottomed land.

"Don't make me angry. You won't like me when I'm angry!" It would work better if K'ane wasn't *laughing*.

Linden peeks up just in time to see Nate get pantsed, and the Istan falls back into the pillows, bursting out laughing.

Pantsed and a second later Nathanael is hit at the same second by both one of Linden AND Kultir's pillows. Giggling overtakes him completely and he slumps down into the pillows utterly unable to throw another one for LAUGHING.

Niyati makes for another pile of pillows, tossing them at whatever moves until she's left leaning back against one of the benches. It may be the first time that she's ever laughed to the point of her sides aching but she still has enough energy left to peer into the pillows. "Nevik? Are you alright?" You never know, he could be asleep in all of those pillows. K'ane's neener is given the strangest look before she starts laughing all over again at the sight of the pants Nathanael. "Another moon shines…" But she can't finish the words.

"Dammit woman, you were s'posed t' be my shield…" K'ane's socked by one of Kultir's pillows and instead of doing anything useful with his life he turns and LAUNCHES himself at the hunter, fully intending on taking this friendly brawl straight for the pit of pillow-fighters, should the hunter not dodge his TACKLE.

Nevik strides out of the pile of pillows with a near haughty expression on his face. Surprise -him- will ya? He offers a nod to a few people and then answers Niyati's question with a simple, "Yes." But then there's a quick slide over to a nearby bench so that he can escape the rider's lunge. Something snaps in his brain. Yup. Has to be. Nevik wouldn't… dragon-pile on…a rider? As soon as K'ane dives after Kultir, Nevik turns to dive after K'ane. This could be bad - or funny and bad.

Linden yelps when the diving folks almost squish him, the youngest candidate scrambling out of the way only to double over in laughter again and have to fall against a wall to keep from sprawling.

Seldom heard laughter rolls from Kultir in a low rumble with occasional slips into giggling as if he is younger than he is. Pillows are thrown, caught and impacted somewhere on his body. Unfortunately for the ex-tracker, he's turned away from the Weaver and bronzerider as he concentrates on pelting the other three boys as long as they are visible. "Oof!" The tackle ends with the young man caught up with the bronzerider, a pillow in had and wriggling to turn onto his back to bap the older man with his pillow-bludgeon. Bap, bap, POOF! Feathers fly in a downy fall of indoor snow as the seam pops on that abused pillow.

Nathanael pulls himself up out of that pillow pile in time to see Nevik launch himself at the dragonrider. Another pile of giggles as Nathanael pulls his pants up and secures them. "CANINE PILE ON K'ANE!" And the littlest (in size man) is jupming right after Nevik.

Awwwwwwwwwww shee-it. Kultir's damned WRIGGLING means that K'ane ends up faceplanting into the pillows instead of onto Kultir directly (probably a good thing) when Nevik and then Nate PILE ON TOP OF him. "AARrrrrrrrrreoiwfffffkth-th-th-th," that last bit is him spitting feathers.

Some people just want to do their hidework, guys. (Preferably in places minus a) puppies in the gnawing stage and b) weyrmates grumpy due to previously stated point.) Br'er wasn't expecting to come in on a bunch of MISCREANTS flinging pillows at each other. He's got his cup of klah and his stack of records and everything! Booted feet carry him around the corner - and he pauses. "What the fu -"

Look. The males are putting themselves neatly in the same general location. There are pillows within reach. She'll just take the time to toss them into the pile while she catches her breath. "Children, the lot of you," She accuses, though her laugh makes it sound like a term of endearment more than an insult. Let's hope that the last pillow she tosses doesn't get TOO close to Br'er's burden. That might get messy.

Linden is just over here against the wall laughing and gasping for breath.

K'ane surfaces long enough to flail one brawny arm enough to send a pillow flying at Br'er's FACE.
"OMPH!" Nathanael is pelted by pillows thrown by Niyati. Off of the K'ane pile he rolls, and into the deep pile. Upwards he surges, and is just going to start RETALIATING. But at the wrong person. LINDEN is giggling. LINDEN gets a PILLOW. (Which strangely looks like a penguin. Who had that much time? Seriously.)

Nevik is seen, whapping a rider -or who he thinks is Kultir and just happens to be a rider, about the body with a pillow in the great pile of guys. He's completely ignorant of other eyes walking into the chamber, other people watching other than perhaps his fellow candidates. And then it hits him. There's that moment when the fun is suspended for a second or two and no one's certain if it will continue in the next breath or if it is over…and then K'ane throws a pillow at Br'er and the pillow-whomping is revived.

Kultir looks up from where he's managed to wriggle out from under that tackle and laughs aloud at the pile-up atop K'ane, rather glad that he didn't get caught up in that pile since he much prefers pillows. Glancing toward Niyati at her laughing accusation, he grins as he struggles to his feet and flings one of those pillows she's so carefully tossing back into the pile. "Aww, mmmaaaaaaa—aaaahhh!" He offers that little-boy whine as he turns to find a target that isn't piled atop K'ane. Ooo, two targets, now who to go after. Paperwork and klah? Naw, not Kul, he's not going to be cleaning that up. Pillow is flung at Linden where he laughs against the wall. "Come and get it, Linden."

Linden ducks his head and just laughs more when Kultir hits him. Clutching his stomach, the candidate laaaughs and laughs and laughs some more.

"Oh FUCK YOU." Br'er just ruined that hidework: having a pillow hit you accidentally (Niyati) and on purpose (K'ane) will do that to a man. "THIS IS A NEW SHIRT." Oh, nevermind, of course he wasn't upset about the hidework. His clothing is spoilt! His hair is imperfect! Thus Br'er throws one pillow back (at Niyati) and… throws his mug (still partially filled, mind you) at K'ane. Seriously, guys >:|


Who the heck wears suits at an ice hold still in the process of being built? Apparently, Renalde does. He is dressed SMARTLY with a hankerchief(shove it Linden) in that pocket of his. "Excuse me rider…" His voice breaks out calmly and he steps in front of Br'er… and gets Klah. To that suit.

The sight of K'ane lunging out of the quicksand pile of pillows could almost be heroic: a big man, teeth ferociously bared, emerging from the underground (of cloth and stuffing) like he is a phoenix rising from the ashes, or some norse warrior of yesterage coming to pillage the shit out of some poor villagers. And then Br'er's cup hits him right on the side of the nose and he goes toppling backwards with a genuine-sounding "FUCK."

You'll put your eye out! Someone, somewhere, is hearing an old Nan chastize them for playing 'too rough'. Yup. And K'ane is the first, possibly the second casulty. Once someone appears to be hurt, like possibly really hurt, Nevik stops whapping and throwing pillows to have a look. "Are you alright?" he asks in a seriously sober tone.

"Oh, shit. Sorry, so sorry, I didn't see you -" Br'er, klah-stained, ruffled, is all remorse. Not at K'ane: he isn't even LOOKING at the bronzerider, that's how much he doesn't care about K'ane's feelings. But Renalde? Renalde gets a groveling apology. That's such a nice suit!

Nathanael has the perfect view of EVERYTHING. The pillow to Br'er. His ruined shirt. Renalde's ruined suit. The cup hitting K'ane. Everything. His hands come up over his head and he collapses right there in the pile, pillows poofing up to his chest and giggles until tears begin to stream down his face. K'ane'll be fine. He's like a ROCK. This, of course, means that he's not throwing pillows.

Niyati can't help it. When the pillow hits her- in the FACE- she gives a little warcry (it's seriously more like a girly Hai-ya. Stop laughing) and flings the pillow back at the sweraing rider. Then, with the attack once more on, she scrambles for more pillows to throw in multiple directions, one of which explodes on impact due to shoddy stitching. It's when K'ane curses that she stops to look at the rider with a horrified expression. "Oh this is going to be bad…" Nathanael gets an 'it's all your fault!' look before she glances back at Renalde. "We're all in /so/ much trouble…"

Renalde looks a little bit like an ICE STATUE right now. Down those ice blue eyes move downwards at those spots. The hankerchief is pulled from his pocket in one smooth movement and they are DABBED at. "Rider." His voice is smooth. "I will accept your apology for thrown Klah." And even offers Br'er the handkerchief afterwards (not that it is helping much on his own klah splatters) Icelike his eyes will move upwards to look at every. single. candidate. And K'ane. Silence. Watching.

"MY DOSE. YOU BROK-ED MY DOSE." Or not. K'ane's straightening up, gingerly probing at his nose and staring at the nearest person — who happens to be Nevik. "Is it swelling? It's swelling, iddinit." His voice sounds resigned (and nasal) rather than, like, accusatory. Br'er. Oh Br'er. D:<

Br'er takes the handkerchief with a gracious nod. Sotto voice: "I don't start pillow fights, bronzerider." Unspoken, but terribly clear: BUT I FINISH THEM.

"The good news," Nevik begins, "is that we have plenty of ice to put on it to bring it back to mostly normal. I don't..think it's broken. Here, let me check." Without warning or much thought he reaches up to lightly pinch the bridge of the rider's nose, if he's not pummeled to the floor in the process. Should the nose be broken he might end up being pummeled anyway. The arrival of the serious folk has definitely killed the playful mood of the moment and now it's time to get some things cleaned up and tend to the wounded. Did Nathanael even pull up his pants?

Nathanael is crying. Just… Crying. Gasping for air, can't breathe, about to die crying from laughter. Hopefully he actually gets some air soon.

GRUMBLE. GRUMBLE. With the wounded affront of a big cat who just got his nose bapped, K'ane grumbles a thanks to Nevik, plugs his BLEEDING NOSE with the back of his hand and strolls out with the stiff-legged wounded affront of a wet cat. If he mutters something at Br'er as he leaves… well…

You overhear K'ane mutter, "… gonna fuckin' … … for this, you … … greenrider, don't you even think … a … I'm … forget this." to Br'er.

Niyati edges toward the door. "I could… go get some ice." She's even looking all innocent. It's working, right? Right? A glance is given to Nathanael and she looks a bit relieved to find that there is no moon showing at the moment. "I'll just go get that now. Do you want anything else for it, Nevik?" At least she's not declaring that the boys started it. Even if they totally did. Oh but now K'ane is leaving and there's no out.

"Bring it on," says Br'er, to K'ane's departing back. With considerable dignity, he hands Renalde's ruined handkerchief back.

Nevik glances over to Niyati and offers a quick, "Make sure he gets to the healers…" noting the woman's desire to escape the scene. With that he turns his eyes to Br'er and Renalde and does his best to look like he's cleaning the pile of pillows up a bit. Yup. Just a candidate here. Nothing to note. Move along.

Finally it percolates through Kultir's head that there are no pillows flying anymore, even though he's got one grasped in both hands as he straightens and glances around. Br'er with the ruined tunic and — gulp — Renalde with the klah-stained suit takes the humor right out of the whole day. "Oh boy …" He mutters to himself and drops the pillows onto the pile and looks rather chastised beneath that ice-cold look the Headman is giving them.

The icy silence from Renalde lasts for another MINUTE. Then he is bending to pick up a pillow that has settled at his feet. He squishes it in his hands for long seconds, and then finally breaks silence once K'ane has left the room. (DON'T THINK YOU HAVE GOTTEN OUT EASY K'ANE.) "I had hoped that perhaps these antics might have been reserved for those with less responsibilities." He just called ya'll children yo, "but as I have been proven INCORRECT I will make myself very clear. I am SURE that each of these pillows will be put back in place, and the spilled Klah cleaned before you leave." That pillow in his hands is tossed away so that he can accept tha handkerchief from Br'er. An upraised eyebrow as Renalde points his gaze to where there are UNFINISHED pillows still. a HINT. ALL OF THE PILLOWS GUYS. He points an elegant finger at Nathanael. "And get that boy some water before he hurts himself." With that LACK OF CHASTISEMENT, Renalde turns on his heel and is also GONE. "Wingsecond, why don't we go find a new shirt for you."

Did you notice Br'er, despite having totally escalated things by way of thrown ceramic, is getting off with no punishment? Remember this, children. You just got a lesson in how to live the good life. "Oh, thank you, Headman -" And he, too, is gone.

Niyati heard Nevik, but her hand is slapped over her mouth as soon as Renalde begins to speak and as he walks away, she bursts into fits of laughter. It's completely uncontrollable. So much so that she slides down to sit amongst the flung pillows as she wraps her arms about her midsection, not even trying to stifle them anymore. "That… That…" But whatever she's going to say is lost and she's left helplessly giggling with tears threatening to follow.

Someone does, at some point, get Nathanael some water. And Niyati. And a bucket to scrub up the klah. There may be a few more PAUSES where pillows get thrown. Because seriously. This is a freaking ROOM FULL OF PILLOWS. What else are they suppose to do?

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