Renalde, Arlemond


Renalde and Arlemond make plans for how best to use the new Hold's heat for the expanding structure.


It is afternoon of the twenty-second day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Mountains

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Here lies an area stamped out in a neat square, laid painstakingly with cobblestones often slick with frost. Westward lies the great expanse of the ice fields, and eastwards the familiar lowing of the Hold's handful of beasts: but southward rises the dark-grey monolith of the cavernous entry to the Ice Fields proper, open-facing and airy. Steps lead down instead of up, for the way into this hold is the way into the earth itself.

It is the twenty-second day of Summer and 28 degrees. It's really damn cold out.

Quite a bit of work has been done in the depths of the caves where the unfortunate K'ane had found his hot springs. Mostly because it was one of the few warm places in the entire sharding pseudo-hall. Renalde had finally caved (get it?) and diverted people from other areas to here, and is here himself more often than not also. A table has a sketch of all of the plans upon it with stones holding down each side of the hides. "Perhaps three rooms." He's not talking to himself though, but to Arlemond. "There ought to be enough space to use some of this warmth to do more than just heat water."

Arlemond's bluff hands are spread on the drawings, head slung between his shoulders and looking as much at them as through them envisioning the cavern's future state. "Depends on what you want the rooms for. I can see as many as," he squints, "Six possibly seven if they're small." He moves the stones and flips to a page showing a detailed cross-section of the largest part of the cavern, "But no FEWER than three," he indicates the vast expanse, "In this environment we shouldn't span more than that." He folds the supple vellum down and replaces the stones, "Heating water is VERY promising, Headman. You should see the experiments some of my Journeymen are doing with steam from these springs."

"I am thinking economy." Renalde's tone is precise. He still doesn't like the man beside him, but he knows what he is doing, and so the Headman is not going to make his dislike apparent. "If a way can be found to use this heat in other areas of the hold we will be able to import less coal and wood down the road. Ice will pay for a great deal, but cost savings must be found."

"Larger spaces are harder to heat evenly and tend to waste more energy if there are -and there will be- leakages." It's not a disparagement of Arlemond's skill at his Craft, it's a practicality. "Tell me what you want these rooms to house and let the activity dictate the space. Trust me when I say that I don't want half of our footprint to be given over to fuel supplies." This Hold was going to be a Cathedral of Ice and Stone. He could SEE it.

"We want a gathering place. Baths, of course. Perhaps a sauna." What, Renalde? Wants a place people can gather and sit naked together. Seriously, someone check the water. "If we could extend the heat into a room to keep records it would be excellent." His finger traces the plans before him as if drawing invisible wall lines. "I would like to keep open flame away from the written pieces."

"Mmm, flame tends to have an undesirable effect on written pieces," Arlemond utters this deadpan, eyes scanning the plans. "Humidity, too." So. He just has to figure out how to strip the humidity out of the steam. NO BIG DEAL. That or harness it.

"We will be building upwards." Renalde sketches a finger along the lines. "Faranth only knows we have little shortage of cave systems. I leave figuring out how to make the most of this heatsource in your hands Journeyman, I have been assured you would be the best to make the most of it." Renalde cocks an eyebrow at Arlemond. Go on. Show how EFFICENT you can be.

"Smithcraft will squeeze every jot of heat out of this that we can." The Journeyman's brows raise, "Is there a reason you want to build upwards?" He frowns down at the surveys and sample data, wanting to hear the Headman's rationale despite the redflags it raised. Arlemond and the corps of Smith's entire job was to say 'yes' and figure it out.

Renalde will flick up a few fingers, "One, the miners have claimed a good portion down below, though, of course, we will have some of that. Also, we will require firehights as well as a place large enough for the Watchrider and his dragon to rest."

Still frowning, Arlemond's hands plane out over the vellum, sweeping across the drawings as if he likes the feel of it under his palms (Hint: He does). "The steam itself may be a solution." He squints up, as if assensing the passing of time through the very stone. "I'm due to meet with the Minecraft soon, what areas is the Hold claiming so I can design around the both of you?" He unrolls a delicate sheet of transluscent paper, lain over the plans and begins to sketch.

Tracing a finger along the paper Renalde will explain what the cave system has to offer, as well as what each space might be used for. Many have already begun to be carved out or built up, such as the resident areas, and some already work in the crudest of fashions, like the kitchens. There is still a great deal of work to be done, but in the end, what might have been a small hold will be truly something to be seen and admired by outsiders. After all, Renalde is in charge of putting it together. He'll not let anything but perfection happen.

Sketching as the Headman explains The Plan, Arlemond begins roughing in lines for several spaces and, on another sheet, adjacency diagrams; What are adjacency diagrams? GLAD YOU ASKED. You want the kitchens next to the dining hall for instance. And the stores next to the kitchens but remote from the dining hall. The residences should be clustered together and near the latrines and dining hall but remote from the kitchen. Et cetera. Et cetera. Ad infinitem until the adjacencies -the requirements of those who will live in and use the space- themselves begin to assert a sort of pull on the spaces and forms that emerge. And so, under Arlemond's hands, the bones of the new Hold are fleshed out at Renalde's direction. The two confer for the better part of the next candle and, many design problems discovered and worked around, part to their separate duties.

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