D'wane, Alyna


Alyna thinks she has found proof of some foul play when it comes to the refugees and brings it to D'wane who is not feeling good.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Hallway, Southern Weyr

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A connection between the bowels of the weyr and the heart of the leadership, this hallway sweeps along a majority section of the inner section of the weyr: the residential quarters. Glows light the way, but little adorn the rough-hewn walls. It is a place of transition, not a place to linger.

A hallway is neither here nor there, a place of transition. They're certainly not designed for anyone to remain stationary for too long, but yet here D'wane is. Somewhere in between the War room and the living caverns, the big man has decided that it was time to not be moving for reasons currently known only to him. It's quiet for now, so the mountain of a man isn't too much of a living barracade as he leans up against the wall. Nice stone, cool stone. He certainly seems like he's had a rough night. Or morning. Or turn.

The diminuative form of Alyna, dressed in her riding leathers, blond hair pulled back in a messy runnertail, appears round a corner in the hallway, ice blue eyes darting and narrowed as she is obviously searching for someone. Under her arm, strangely enough, are a couple planks of wood that she is clutching onto with a white-knuckled grip. When her gaze falls upon D'wane she can't help an "AHA! There you are Sir!" With a little too much enthusiasm, she seems to be both excited and extremely irritated at the same time. "I need to show you something!"

D'wane's eyes were closed with his head up against the wall, so Alyna's approach towards him, although heard, was trying to be ignored as someone hopefully just passing through. Unfortunately for him, that wasn't the case. At the sir, he does turn around, slowly and crack open one eye. If Alyna was expecting eloquence, she found the wrong man. The first word (sound?) out of D'wane's mouth is "Huh?" There's a double take at the pile of wood that she's carrying. "It's not another sharding bookshelf, is it? I didn't break any more!" No matter what Mayte might say!

"Bookshelf? What are you talking about?" Alyna frowns in irritation as she shakes her head, she does look down one end of the corridor and then the other, just being a little extra paranoid for a moment before she looks back at the big man, "No, this is about that boatload of refugees. I was there when they landed, and I had a sneaky suspicion that it was all too convenient them springing a leak like that right next to that usualyl deserted cove. So I went back to look at their boat, and I think I've found proof that they sabotaged it themselves."

"Bookshelves. Don't touch them if you know what's good for you." D'wane gives a big solemn nod with that, wincing slightly. Movement is not good. He'll go back to leaning against the wall as he eyes Alyna and the wood, wincing at the mention of the refugees and that horrible mess that's been dropped upon them. Again. "What did the smiths say?"

Alyna raises one thing pale eyebrow at the bronzerider and gives him a quick once over. "You look like shit. You're not coming down with that stomach thing are you?" She takes a not so subtle step backwards. When he mentions the smiths, she looks at him blankly, "I didn't go to the smiths, I came and found you. Since my Wingsecond said I should." There may be a tad more irritation in her voice than seems warranted as she rolls her eyes in extreme exasperation, "Do you even care or not? Cause I am sick of being brushed off but rookies as if my 12 fucking turns as a rider amounts to shit." Her face flushes red now as her icy blue eyes flare with irrational aggravation.

Funny she should mention that…. because D'wane totally feels like shit at this particular moment if the leaning up against the wall, and the unusual paleness and the occasional shivering didn't give that away. He does make an effort (and it is an effort) to straighten up when she calls him out though. Appearances and what not. The blank stare is met with an eyebrow raise followed by a scowl when she says she did NOT contact the experts. "You f—" He catches himself, wiping his face with his hand and taking a moment. "What in Farnath's name does twelve turns of riding at Igen let you know about boats? Did Thread cause it to sink? You think something is fishy with a boat, guard it and send for a sharding woodsmith! Or seacrafter. OR anyone that knows boats. You don't dismember it and take it to your Weyrsecond. Did R'zel actually tell you to bring it with you?" If so… R'zel's going to get a lot more words. A lot of them.

"I didn't dismember it!" Alyna puts down the planks now, because with the way her anger is quickly rising in her, causing her to visibly bristle at his counter. "Those planks were already pulled off the boat when I went to examine it. And I'm sorry, but I don't need to be a fucking woodsmith to notice that where the wood had split and they were taking on water, there are tool marks on the INSIDE right where the break occured, but not the outside. How can I tell which is the inside? I'm glad you asked, because of the fucking barnacles on the outside! Any idiot could figure this out if they would take a moment to fucking look." She pauses only for a breath before continuing her rant, "And It's not R'zel you have should have a talk with, it's Vani, if she would have actually taken fucking charge that day instead of passing the buck, maybe this would have been discovered a whole lot earlier." With one deep breath, she regards D'wane with a fierce look on her face as she tacks on for good measure. "Sir."

Maybe D'wane is trying to hold his tongue, or maybe he's negotiating with his stomach for the moment. Either way, his mouth is shut for another minute with a hand raised in that universal 'quiet' sign. "I prefer not to take the words of idiots when I have a crafthall full of experts that can be called upon to offer their advice when we need it. Go get one of them and have them investigate. Because there are many tools and some might also be used to try and fix a leaking boat and I don't know enough to know the difference and frankly, neither do you. Also, since you're so interested in that sharding boat, I will speak with Vani and let her know to replace some of your sweeps with guard detail. If you have complaints about your leadership, try writing them down and submitting them instead of yelling them at anyone you corner in a hallway." Because really, he might be the weyrsecond, but he's not up to this at the moment. The clutching at his stomach does not look good.

"Fine, I will." Alyna says icily as she picks up the planks of wood again and tucks them under her arm, mouth pulled into a firm line. "I'll go to the experts, I'll fucking guard the boat even, anything to prove I am right about this." With an almost mocking salute, she sneers at the bronzerider, "Maybe you should take your own advice and see the experts for what is ailing you Sir." with one final huff, she turns on her heel and stomps quickly, and loudly, down the hallway.

Whether D'wane sees the healers or not is an adventure for another time. Now that he's not being harassed in hallways, it's a dash to the latrines for him. No tossing his cookies on anybody's shoes today if he can help it.

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