Niyati Nathanael


A trip to the glacier is planned.


It is midmorning of the twenty-fifth day of the first month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Southern Mountains - The Rooftop

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The Rooftop

Slippery — watch your step! It's bloody mayhem up here, masons flattening out the cavern-top to be a suitable surface for living… or at least working.

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There is a lot of work to be done and, with the candidates exiled to the North, there are lots of hands to do it. There are masons working, which means there are tools to be sharpened and hot drinks to be delivered to the workers. The later would be what Niyati is doing, pouring hot klah into mugs made of earthenware so that they're not great loss if broken. As soon as the task is done, the former Weaver passes the empty jug off to someone else to be carted down to the kitchens again before being set to the task she was actually here to perform. That would be the exciting task of running dull tools to be sharpened and sharpened tools back to be used.

After a solid day of not being allowed out of bed and force fed soup and other hot liquids, Nathanael is finally feeling like a real boy again. At least, the coughing as stopped, and any sniffling of the nose is just a byproduct of the chill in the air. So, of course, he chooses to go visit one of the coldest places in the weyr. He practicaly runs up the steps, skirting around those who use the narrow stairway, till he reaches the top. Puffs of white escape from his mouth as he hits the landing. "Sorry!" He has to dodge abruptly to miss a worker. There's a jar in his hands, but he doesn't seem in any particular hurry to get it where it goes. "A'lo Niyati!" A gloved hand is freed so he can wave as he skips closer.

Niyati grins, waving at Nathanael as he approaches. "All cleared for the cold? What are you delivering?" A nod is given to the jar as she places the 'to be sharpened' tools into the basket beside the smith doing said sharpening. "I imagine you were the only one eager to get back to these chores after being sick." She's been spared illness so far. It's either luck or exposure to so many things over the course of time.

"Aye!" Her attention in the jar in his hands abruptly reminds him that he has a jar in his hands. He looks down and curls his arms around it tightly. Nope, no falling will happen here. He jerks a hat with a colourful beanie upon it towards the Klah stand. "Was bringin' some more Klah Spice t' 'e Klahbark." Yes, it's a REAL NAME. "You ain't excited? I mean… we gotta work 'n all, but mayhap if'n we be doin' it right we can be gettin' out 'n seein' more. Like 'e glacier."

Niyati ahs and nods. "They'll appreciate that, I'm sure. Oh, I was when I came out. I got to help on the fireheights again. It gets cold but the altitude is thrilling! And then I was put to work doing this." Mention of the glacier earns a chuckle. "You know I can ask if you can come help us on the glacier tomorrow if you want. I'm going to be helping haul the ice back from cutting and, of course, keeping the thermoses going before and after." She gives a disappointed sigh. "They won't let me help with the actual cutting, which is the really fun looking part in the first place."

Nathanael's head tilts just slightly, but can't find any sarcasm in her tone. (Or he's just really bad at it.) Her offer has him almost bouncing in place, though he's careful to keep a hold of that pot. "Ye would? 'cuz they was thinkin' mayhap 's too cold 'n stuff t' be goin' out. But I ain't sick no more." Abruptly he plops down on the floor next to her. "Ye know, 'm thinkin' I might've seen a cave what's goin' right t' 'e ice!"

Niyati looks a little puzzled at the mention of it being too cold. "It's an ice hold. ALL of it is too cold, but the glacier isn't all that bad. You have to be careful for crevasses, but if you've recovered there's no reason for you to not be allowed. They let you up here and this is a bit worse, in my opinion." Nathanael's news is cause for both eyebrows to raise. "You did? Have you mentioned this to anyone else? I imagine you could use such a cave for freezing blocks into uniform sizes…"

"I ain't quite figured 'e logic." Maybe it's just that here at least head isn't that far away with Arlemond's pipes and ducts working to shift heat from the springs to much of the rest of the hold. As for her question, Nathanael shakes his head. "I was kinda hopin t' be 'e first t' be lookin' round…." Wistfulness there in his light tenor voice.

Niyati should probably be chastising, being the responsible adult and all, but she's not. Instead, she nods and even gives an understanding smile. "Well, I suppose you've told me so you have told someone. When you do go explore come tell me? That way if you go missing I can at least go looking for you or get help. Adventure is all well and good, but it's insanity if you don't have a safety rope." That said… "And when you've had your look I want to go see it. How exciting to find something no one else has seen! I wonder if you'll find one of those ice preserved corpses down there."

Nathanael nods. "Ye… could be comin' with. If'n he was wantin' too. Doubt 'e rider's'll be lettin' me be goin' off without watchin' careful." THAT is the downside to this whole candidate business. Nathanael is pretty much use to running wild so long as he showed up on time for chores and never slacked. His eyes take on a rather speculative gleem. "Rope. 'n proly some've 'em ice picks. What else ye think I should be bringin?"

Niyati takes off her mitten to tick off the list on her fingers. "Rope, spiked shoes, water, and your firelizard so that if anything happens you can send for help." She seems pleased with the offer and, after a moment's though, nods. "I'd be happy to. In fact, I'll grab some climbing spikes and a mallet just in case we have need. I'm always doing strange jobs so no one will really be surprised." Really, she volunteers for everything weird.

Nathanael's head bobs at each item on the list. His own mental list is being made. "Betcha I could be findin' most've that 'n Renalde's stores. He got it jus' like 'e ones at 'e weyr." With that Nathanael pushes himself back to his feet, cradling that jar of Klah Spice. "Y be gettin' me ont' 'e glacier group, 'n I'll be seein if'n some'un'd be takin' us. Deal?"

Niyati nods. "Deal. I've made friends with some of the crew- knowing how to knit scarves double layered will do that- so I'll let you know later. Then you'll have to be up before sunrise. If it's too bright out there you're as good as blind and those goggles are impractical." The sharpened tools are placed in a basket and she moves to deliver them again. "At least you know enough to dress in layers. Just wait until you see it. It's lovely out there." And cold. Really damn cold.

Nathanael grins. "Ain't got no problem with risin' early. Boats was always goin' out afore 'e sun was risin'." When Niyati moves off, Nathanael will also take him self in the opposite direction to take that jar to where it belongs. "I'll be seein' ye ma'am!" There a distinct hop in his step now though, with the PRomISE of adventure on the horizon.

Niyati glances back and chuckles before she sets about delivering the tools and taking up those in need of repair and sharpening yet again. She may have missed out on siblings, but at least she's getting a little of the experience now.

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