Doji, Naomi, H'rik, A'lira, Raktraeth, Wendryth, Kyprioth


Naomi takes a trip down memory lane and meets a few of the new weyrlings and their baby dragons.


It is midmorning of the first day of the fifth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Training Grounds, Igen Weyr

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"Every dragon's normal is different. Each one is as unique as their rider."


Weyrling Training Grounds

Here, a wide and spacious field, devoid of all but more of the glare of ubiquitous, fine white sand of Igen: not even a blade of grass dares lift its head against centuries of clumsy draconic antics. To one side, ever-present firestone bins are set, kept supplied by many a hand, while agenothree tanks line the curving angle just outside the barracks, primed and ready for use. Very often, a glimpse of classes in session or dragonets at play may be caught under the open sky under the watchful eye of diligent Weyrlingmasters and older dragons.

It is the thirty-first day of Spring and 84 degrees. It is a bright, sunny day.

How long has it been since the latest set of dragons hatched? A day? Three? More than that? You probably shouldn't ask one of the weyrlings. Things have kind of been a blur of food/clean/oil/muck/sleep/repeat. Right now Raktraeth is not being fed or cleaned or sleeping and the tiny behemoth brown is up for a mini-adventure which means heading out to the training ground doors. Or trying. Doji actually runs into her lifemate as he freezes up as soon as his head crosses the threshold. « It's so bright! Maybe I don't need to go outside. » With those nervous words, a little critter runs through the mind, ducking into the safety of a hidden burrow in some tree roots. The girl sighs. "You can't just stop right here, Trae. And you'll get used to how bright it is." She attempts to nudge him gently, but the dragonet is still frozen for the moment.

Who really keeps track of that kind of thing anyway? Naomi certainly doesn't, letting the days continue on in their way as usual after the whole event. Today, however, she happens to pass this way for one reason or another and recalls that there are newly minted weyrlings in the barracks. Her gaze shifts to the familiar area, though she's a few Turns removed from it, memories flooding in to her days as a new weyrling. The sight of the young dragonet by the barracks has her curious, one eyebrow lifting even as she leans onto the fence that separates the field from the rest of the weyr to observe.

Cajoling may be called for if Doji actually wants to move Raktraeth from the middle of the doorway. Sure, he's still little and that particular door has been designed with the size that the weyrlings will soon be getting to in mind, so he's not completely blocking everything, but doorways are not for lingering. The girl gives another sigh and scoots past his side, out into the sunlight herself. "It's fine. and you haven't been outside. You need to stretch out your wings a little." And possibly the girl needs to see sunlight herself after being inside the same for walls for the past who knows how many hours? It might have been the words or it might have been Doji leading by example, but Raktraeth does decide to actually move now, hesitantly at first, picking up one of those massive (proportionally) feet and plopping it down, then the next. Hey! This is movement! He can do it! And starts moving his feet a little faster, although lumber would probably still be a more accurate term and lets out a happy bugle. « I'm going outside! » Announced to anybody and everybody nearby, in case they didn't actually notice that he was in fact, outside.

If Naomi's own Aionedyth had been anywhere nearby, he may have had a word or two for the brown dragonet. As it is, that particular brown is lounging about on his ledge. Asleep, most likely. Instead, Naomi is left to her own devices, one corner of her lips curling into an amused smile at the sight of the lumbering dragonet and his happy bugling. Had her own Aionedyth been so clumsy as a little one? She could barely remember, given his size and grace now. Should the weyrling look her way, Naomi will eventually offer a nod, but until then? She's just a quiet observer.

It took him a while to get moving, but now that he is, it doesn't look like Raktraeth is going to be stopping any time soon. The bugling continues as he trots around, stopping slowly to hop in place a few times, inspecting as the sand shifts beneath his feet. « Oh, that's not at all like inside! » And with that revelation, he's going to stop all forward momentum. Now it's apparently time for digging. « How deep does this go? Is there anything under it? » It's a mystery that he must solve, but digging in sand is only so fruitful considering the pile keeps sliding back down into the hole. He's undeterred for now. "I… uh…" Doji doesn't know how to answer that, but now that he's out and occupied, she does have some time to glance around to see who all else is outside this morning. Eventually, Naomi is spotted and the wingsecond gets a rather hasty salute from the new weyrling.

Though Naomi can't quite hear the dragonet's thoughts without the assistance of her own dragon, it's doubtless that she can at least get an idea of what's going on in that curious mind. The wingsecond's lips twitch as the dragonet then attempts to dig through the sand. At the sight of the salute, Naomi raises her hand to offer the weyrling one of her own before indicating the little brown with her chin. "You should let him know that it's nothing but more dirt below," she provides helpfully. No doubt others before him have tried to find out as much.

Good thing Igen has all this sand in the training grounds instead of actual dirt. If it was dirt, all those curious young dragon diggers would have left a bunch of treacherous ground. Naomi's words have Doji nodding and turning back towards the little brown who stops digging to stare intently at the girl. "Trae, it's just dirt under there. And more dirt…. Yes, forever." The fact that it's forever dirt and not anything fun, has little brown head drooping a bit, until he catches sight of two of his blue brothers over there playing tag not too far away. Sadness and lack of fun mysteries is forgotten. He's given another bugle as he lumbers over to join in the game, although they little blues are much faster. He's going to have to catch up before he even gets a chance at joining.

Naomi is leaning casually over by the fence that separates the rest of the Weyr from the training grounds, simply observing the antics of the new dragonets and their riders. Her gaze follows the young brown as he goes to join his brothers, yet more amusement flashing behind her eyes if not in the rest of her expression. "I forget how much energy they have," the Parhelion wingsecond comments idly as she watches the trio over on the other side of the field. "And how small they are, at first, though yours looks to be a bit larger than most."

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp! « ONWARD, HO! » Wendryth is not subtle about his entrance, not at all. The bronze comes stamping out of the barracks, one foot thumping down, then the next, over and over like pistons. « HOY! RAKTRAETH! » Wendryth spots his brother-in-arms and sets his course towards his brother, picking up speed. He's quick enough that H'rik, some way behind, has to get moving to keep up, the tired-looking man breaking into a light jog, flicking a hand in a wave to Doji.

"How much energy until they have absolutely none at all," Doji smiles, also watching closely as Raktraeth is following after his smaller siblings, but they're just too fast for him. It's alright though, cause Wendryth has joined him, and the brown gives a bugle for his bronze brother. « Wendryth! Have you seen this sand? It goes on and on forever! » Taproots break through the ground, going deeper and deeper into the earth, searching for water, nutrients, and whatever else it might find. She gives a wave, which ends in a yawn to H'rik. "And yes, he is a bit larger. Broad." He's a bulky little thing, and the new brownrider has a smile of pride at him because of course she thinks he's perfect.

Oh, it's time for an airing, is it? Kyprioth is down with that; he loves the sky and the sand and the many new things out in the wide, wide world. He leaps in Wendryth's wake, tail high and wings slightly unfurled, the scent of dogwood rich in his mind as he reaches the other dragons. Behind trails the patiently amused figure of A'lira, hands tucked in his pockets, face serene beneath his dreadlocked hair. That gentle gaze sweeps the group gathered on the Grounds, takes them all in as though he's not seen them in Turns, and may never do so again. There's H'rik, and Doji and — a new face! Naomi gets a little more scrutiny than normal, and a smile is spared for his four-legged digging machine. There's sand everywhere, being dug up. Fortunately, he's aimed away from the humans, or they'd be buried. His head's mostly under the level of the hole's opening, leaving only two crimson headknobs available to the curious eye.

"Enough until they fall asleep, and then wake up to do the same thing all over again. That'll go on for a few months." Whether or not Doji's question was rhetorical, it gets answered by the practical Naomi anyway. Her gaze shifts to the barracks entrance as more dragonets join the fray, watching curiously still, until it lands on the other weyrling that follows behind. A nod for him, though he should be saluting her, but such a thing can be forgiven by one like Naomi. Some others? Maybe not so much. Or he just hasn't spotted her yet. "Nothing wrong with that," she comments in reference to the brown's stature. When yet another weyrling pair joins the rest, Naomi offers him a nod as well, expression a bit more stoic now that there are more observers.

Wendryth returns Raktraeth's bugle, though his is distinctly more squeaky, despite his size, like a bugle player getting to grips with his instrument. The mist of his mind is brilliantly-lit, still obscuring something deep within it, but golden with morning's light as he greets his brown brother. And- « KYPRIOTH! AH-HAH! You are searching, no? » He wants to see what his other brother is doing, but there's also Raktraeth and the curiosity that is the never-ending sand. The mist of his mind roils, curious. « Perhaps our brother Kyprioth will discover where it ends! » He's slowing down to stop now, thank Faranth, but that takes some time, and much creaking of legs. H'rik puts a hand on his dragon's shoulder. Close to Doji and Naomi now, the dark circles under his eyes are probably more obvious. "Hey," he says to his fellow Weyrling, while Naomi gets a little nod, polite but tired - the thought of saluting slips his mind. Her Wingsecond knot has not gone unnoticed.

« If he is searching, we should help him. » Raktraeth wasn't far from Kyprioth's excavations, so it only takes some minor adjustments before he's going to join the other brown on the other side of the hole. Teamwork is dreamwork, guys, and his trunklike legs are great for shoveling. Doji nods towards Naomi. "It seems like they're already awake a little bit more." Or they've just figured out more of how their limbs work so they can get further and into more trouble in those hours where they aren't passed out. Wednryth's rather unique bugle get a headtilt from the girl. "Is he… supposed to sound like that?"

« Yes! Many hands make light work! » Always happy to help, Wendryth starts up again, trundling over to where Kyprioth is digging away so enthusiastically. Raktraeth is another natural excavator, but Wendryth isn't quite so quick - his movements are stiffer. Though he does have big paws, so they can move big chunks of sand. Just a lot slower than his brothers. H'rik hasn't gone to join his dragon, letting him have his fun while he talks to Doji and the rider he doesn't know. He has a fond smile for his dragon's weird bugle as he looks lovingly over at the dragonet. "I dunno what they are supposed to sound like." Raktraeth, presumably. "I figure his voice will grow with him, right?"

A'lira sees that knot, on second inspection; now the grit of sleep's out of his eyes with a swipe of a hand. He'll salute Naomi properly now, in range to speak in a conversational tone. "Ma'am." He acknowledges quietly, crossing his arms now over his chest as he watches after his enthusiastically — if inefficiently — digging dragon, great brown paws throwing sand everywhere. He squints and rubs at his ear, then swings a glance at H'rik, brow arching high. "Mm. One wold hope so." For the sound's a bit… jarring, to say the least. And he will, indeed, say the absolute least about odd behavior, all things considered. Kyprioth will, indeed, lead the way into happy dirtiness for all.

It is apparent that the little brown of Doji's has already forgotten what his rider told him not moments before about there being nothing but dirt below the sand, but such is the nature of a dragon's memory. They're sure to tire of the digging at some point… and they'll be the ones to fill the hole back up. The thought amuses Naomi as she continues to watch them, her gaze shifting to Doji when the girl asks a question and then to the others as they answer her. Naomi nods in acknowledgement of A'lira's salute. "Every dragon's normal is different. Each one is as unique as their rider," comes Naomi's thoughts on the matter. Then, "Naomi, rider of brown Aionedyth. Well met, weyrlings," an introduction for the newer weyrlings.

You don't have to be quick to be efficient at digging. Raktraeth has a system alternating using one foot, then the other so something is always moving. Being in the sand and dirt just feels RIGHT for this earthy fellow and the rich scent of fresh loam will reach out to touch his brothers minds. AT least his pile of sand and dirt is mostly all in a single pile so it shouldn't bee too difficult to push back in, unlike Kprioth's. "Maybe. I mean, people have voices that deepen over time." Doji will concede that that makes sense and then Naomi's doing introductions. "Oh, well you know I'm Doji. Brown Raktraeth over there is mine." Healer apprentice no more.

Wendryth is just on the edge of Kyprioth's spray zone, but he doesn't seem to mind or perhaps even notice the sand and dirt showering against his burnished hide. As for his rider, introductions are being done, and he offers up his own, simple as it is. His new name still sounds foreign on his tongue. "H'rik, and Wendryth is my bronze, over there." What isn't hard to say is his dragon's name, it coming out with the pride of a new dragonrider. A'lira had got a look at his comment on Wendryth's bugle, but Naomi's reassurance clear his expression to a happier one.

A'lira smiles gently at H'rik's glance. "As I stand here hopin' that one — " Kyprioth, who is now belly-flopped in his giant hollow " — stops thinkin' whinin' in my ear is the best way t'get fed, I got no criticism." He grins again, then turns his attention to Naomi. "I be A'lira, he be Kyprioth." The brown is indicated again, with a certain wondering pride: hey, the unexpected happened, and as nervous-making at it is, how can one not find a dragon sprawled on the sand like a giant puppy anything other than charming? Dogwood drifts over the minds of his brethren, encouragement to feel the sand upon their hides twining like green vines right through. «Come.» Doji's shoulder is bumped by A'lira's fist, very gently. "Think you got a real good one there. Got some plannin' ability to him."

For Doji's comment, Naomi simply looks thoughtful as she glances over at the dragonets again. It's clear enough that she stands by what she says; what the weyrlings think of it is their own. As for the introductions, she offers each of the weyrlings a nod in turn as they give their names, along with their dragons. This particular rider remembers well those looks that new weyrlings get with their newly bonded and can't help the slight curl of her lips at the sight, though the rest of her expression remains relatively neutral. "Weyrlinghood can be tiring, but it'll get better," Naomi offers as she straightens from her lean of the fence. "I've got to continue my patrol so I'll leave you weyrlings to it." There's a nod to the trio before the brownrider's strolling away from the grounds.

Doji gives a salute to the wingsecond as she makes her departure. At this point, after the sevens and sevens of candidacy, it's gotten to be a reflex now. No thought required. Once the rider has left, she relaxes ever so slightly to be surrounded by just peers again. And Raktraeth is in his element now, also with quite the little burrow hollowed out. « This is nice. It's cool on my belly. » That smell in the woods after fresh rainfall? That's what he's sending right now. "Some planning, yeah. But you missed when he froze in the doorway because it was so bright outside and he said he didn't think he needed to go outside after all." There's a little bit of an eyeroll at that, but it's paired with a very affectionate smile towards the brown.

H'rik forgives A'lira easily enough. He's super tired, and maybe a little oversensitive because of it. BUT he can also watch his dragon lovingly, and the sight of his dragon is enough to make him forget any perceived slights. "Wendryth…" The bronze's hide, only recently oiled, is already getting dirty from his contribution to the digging. H'rik massages his forehead with his hand. "I can't keep up with this guy, I swear." And to his dragon: "C'mon Wendy, enough of that." There's reluctance in the bronze's body language as he stops digging, and he meets H'rik's eyes. The mist of the bronze's mind darkens as there's some private conversation, but then he steps away from Kyprioth and Raktraeth, and their nice wallows. "I can sense another oiling come on," H'rik says, but he doesn't sound too upset as he heads over to lead his dragon off - after all, it's more time together.

A'lira laughs. "Confused, was he?" He waves to H'rik, still watching his puppy-wriggling brown, then rolling his eyes with fond exasperation. "And I jes' oiled 'im, too." Hmmph. "Shoulda known I ain't even gonna keep this one clean for long."

"It wasn't what he expected and so he wanted to go back to what was familiar. Or something." Doji shrugs a little. He might be in her mind, but she still doesn't fully understand the inner workings of Raktraeth yet. Right now though, he's cozy and just going to stretch out in his little sand wallow, wings spread out to absorb as much sunlight as possible. "Nope, we're always going to be cleaning them. But a little bit of sand might be good, right? Exfoliation?"

Exfoliation. Only Doji would come up with such a thing. But, since it's a good answer, A'lira will go with it. But he's also dying to have some food and klah in his body before he starts considering the very sand as having nutritional value, he coaxes his baby up out of his sand-wallow and towards the barracks. "I gotta go eat. Just let him ou here to get som-a his energy gone so's I could eat in peace." Or relative peace, because who hasn't seen the longing stares he gets?

Doji nods. She fully understands the need to run down some dragonet energy although Raktraeth isn't anywhere near as bad as some of his siblings. Right now, he's doing a very good impression of a plant over in his wallow. "Go on. I'll try and clean this up a bit since he's not moving anywhere soon." There's shovels around, since there's always mucking to be done. One will be claimed and as the last weyrling left of the dirt moving trio, Doji's going to make a good effort to try and put the area back into relative order before waking Raktraeth up for a bath if he doesn't wake up for food first.

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